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• Sunday, 22 November, 2020
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You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! In addition, we now have a revamped Leveling guide, complete with detailed information on XP, mounts, add-ons, consumables, tips, and more.

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Leveling a Rogue can always feel a bit sluggish due to the inherently slow generation of resources which will improve as you level up and gain access to new passives and abilities that improve your Energy and Combo Point generation. While not having access to these benefits from the get-go might make the initial stages of leveling feel a bit boring, you will immediately notice whenever you gain access to some of the more powerful abilities that make your rotation feel smoother and more fluent.

Rogue also gains access to some of the most powerful defensive in the game, which translates very well into its ability to finish quests that ask you to kill enemies that have high health pools or that would usually require a group of 2 or 3 people to defeat. Out of all three Rogue specs we recommend Subtlety as the best choice for leveling.

It also has the best self-healing toolkit out of all the Rogue specs, so you do not have to take a break to sit down and regenerate your health as often. While its AOE damage is not quite as good as that of the other specs, it is only trailing behind by a small margin, so you can easily pull multiple targets at once and still be healthy enough to immediately jump into the next pack of enemies.

As you level up you will gain access to a variety of maintenance buffs that freshen up the play style as well as several mid-range abilities that allow you to pull and damage enemies from further away. It has very powerful AOE, high burst damage and lower cooldowns on most of its defensive abilities.

Assassination will feel the most sluggish since it relies heavily on passive abilities that boost its resource generation. If you would like to get more comfortable leveling as Assassination we recommend jumping into the spec at level 40 since it has gained most of its important abilities by then.

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Be sure to familiarize yourself with every ability in your toolkit, so you are as well-prepared as you can be for the journey to max level. At Level 3, you unlock Cheap Shot alongside Stealth.

At Level 4, you unlock Fleet Footed which permanently increases your base movement speed by 15% as well as reducing the falling damage you take. At Level 5, you unlock Sprint which increases your movement speed by 70% for 8 seconds.

It lasts for 60 minutes when used and has a chance to deal damage whenever you strike a target with your melee attacks. Pick Pocket has a chance to steal Lockboxes that can contain similar items and a small amount of gold.

It further decreases the amount of falling damage you take, allowing you to jump off of ledges, cliffs and roofs from roughly three times the height as other classes without taking a single point of damage. This can be incredibly useful to stop patrols from running into you while you are already engaged in a fight, as well as turn mobs away from you so you can safely stealth past them on your way to your objective.

At Level 32, you unlock Shiv, which is a single-target ability that applies a stronger version of your current non-lethal poison to your target. These players can move while stealthed without breaking it, but they can be detected much easier by hostile targets.

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Use it in conjunction with Distract to allow your entire group to stealth past enemies you do not wish to fight. Targets afflicted by Numbing Poison have their attack and cast-speed reduced by 15%.

13 Jan. 2020: Added note about new Boa tokens introduced in Patch 8.3. 2019: Fixed poor wording on Subtlety Honor Talents.

If anyone could maybe give me suggestions to which spec is the best for leveling it would be great! Probably outlaw, since sub is a clunky broken tool…Asia involves dots which means you won't get the most out of the class meanwhile outlaw is a pirate which has no dots to manage, so you will always do your maximum potential damage.

Overall it's the perfect spec for leveling that feels extremely smooth. Sub is sadly no longer viable at endgame (thanks Blizzard) but it’s still my go-to spec for leveling.

Healing in stealth is a godsend and so is being able to close the distance on enemies, especially in contested questing zones where AOE classes and tanks steal all the mobs and kill them before you can even get to them. But to get through the Legion and BFA content quickly, I did a lot of outdoor stuff (daily assaults, class hall quests, war campaign quests) and Outlaw isn’t very good at that.

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The main strength of Outlaw is Blade Flurry and AOE damage, but that can’t be used very well as you’re solo leveling, since you’re so squishy. As a DH, paladin, or warrior tank I was able to easily kill 10 mobs at once in outdoor areas while leveling, but as an Outlaw rogue, doing more than 3 would have me end the fight nearly dead.

Not trying to go over the top, but I was setting up to level my gulper rogue up on patch day. I think mark of the Satyr is still good for neck, but for weapons I am getting mixed results.

Neck: Mark of the Hidden Satyr Shoulder: (Greater) Tiger Claw Inscription Back: Gift of Critical Strike Chest: Peerless Stats Pants: Iron hide (just because I love stamina, but you can get any of the agility/CRT ones) Weapons: Elemental Force x2 Is it a night and day difference or just a good idea if you have gold to throw away.

24 hp, two +1 daggers, Gloves of Dexterity +2, 900gp, Chaotic Evil, Leather Armor (+2 AC) I put nearly all of my 108 skill ranks into regular rogue -type skills (bluff, hide, move silently, sleight of hand; along with spot, search, listen, etc.

I have also talked to my DM about possibly using a permanent poly morph later on in the game (level 12+ or so), and he seems to be okay with it, as long as it isn't too overpowered. I don't know what system you used for picking stats, but I would say for a powerful rogue you have them in the wrong order.

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For a general purpose rogue, I would say ex > CIA > con > STR > int > Wis. If you want a more combat focused rogue, drop chad own behind con and STR.

The 12 Wis (higher than STR or con) is unlikely to provide you with too much mileage. Prof. Little man flanks with his allies and stabs the crap out of folks until he can afford a ring of blinking (DMG 230) (27,000 GP; 0 lbs.).

After he's bought the ring --typically at character level 9, but maybe 8 if he's content throwing rocks for a level--his weapon of choice becomes flasks of either acid (PH 128), alchemist's fire (PH 128) (20 GP; 1 lb. One of the effects of the spell blink (PH 206) is to deny foes their Dexterity bonuses to Armor Class versus Prof. Lineman's attacks.

As he's employing splash weapons, Prof. Little man makes ranged touch attacks versus his foes. Splash weapons can inflict precision damage in Dungeons and Dragons 3.5.

Thus, at character level 9, while using the ring of blinking, Prof. Little man takes the full-attack action to make 4 ranged touch attacks that each inflict 6d6 points of fire or acid damage. At character level 15, he takes the full-attack action to make 7 ranged touch attacks that each inflict 8d6 points of fire or acid damage.

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Or to find cover or concealment and make Hide and Move Silently skill checks while he while quietly retrieves additional flasks from his Heard's handy haversack (DMG 259) (2,000 GP; 5 lbs. Note 1: The levels in blackguard (DMG 181-3) are to eek out those final +2 points of base attack bonus while A) getting class features, and B) avoiding an XP penalty for multi classing (PH 60)--if the DM enforces that rule--after the Professor reaches epic levels.

Beyond the ring of blinking and items that improve the Professor's ability scores, Armor Class, and saving throws, the Professor will want a melee weapon or two. A wand of flame blade (PH 231) (2nd-level spell at caster level 3) (90 GP/charge) creates an effect that's incompatible with the feat Weapon Finesse but nonetheless allows the Professor to make melee touch attacks for damage therefore inflicting sneak attack damage when the foe's susceptible.

Later, the weapon special ability brilliant energy (DMG 224) (+4 bonus)--considered overpriced by many--permits the Professor's attacks to ignore armor bonuses and shield bonuses to Armor Class, which, while not as good as a touch attack, allows him to employ the feat Weapon Finesse. Given the Professor's Strength, Small size, and the dearth of magic items in the DMG that grant an effect like the 4th-level CLR spell freedom of movement (PH 233) (e.g. the ring of freedom of movement (DMG 232) (40,000 GP; 0 lbs.

)), initially a scroll then a wand of freedom of movement is a good investment. Constructs, oozes, undead, plants, creatures with the incorporeal subtype, and elementals (Copies) are the creatures types in the core rules that are immune to the rogue's sneak attack damage.

Splash weapons can't deal precision damage in Pathfinder. An average of .5 more damage dealt per attack might not be a lot (1d3 versus 1d4), but there's usually no reason not to do such a thing.

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With weapon finesse and gloves of dexterity, your character should have little trouble hitting enemies multiple times per round even without a large enhancement bonus; you'll ultimately do more damage per round with these enchantments than with the +1's you'd otherwise get. I'd recommend stacking effects on your weapons to help you deal more damage on each hit; I'll go over a few you should or shouldn't take for various reasons.

Speed As long as you don't want to rely on allies giving you haste (or the limited duration on Boots of Haste), put this on only ONE weapon, since the effects don't stack. A Ring of Invisibility, along with Moves Silently enchantments on your armor, can help you get into position to execute that all-too-important string of sneak attacks you want to pull off.

The Ring does cost 20,000 GP however, and creatures with True Sight will see right through it, so Shadow enchantments on your armor may ultimately be more effective. \$\begin group\to Maximize your number of attacks: If you are not dead set on daggers you could dip into Monk for an additional attack via flurry of blows and do your two weapon fighting with unarmed attacks or Monk weapons (for example Kama's which you could style as curved daggerlike weapons if you like the image).

+1 Attack Per Round (on a full attack) +1/+2 to All Saves (depending on your LVL and the rest of your build) better Base Damage (1d4 instead of 1d3) improved unarmed Strike Monk Bonus feat \$\begin group\was a Rogue, probably the two most important tools in your arsenal are Sneak attack, and your list of skills.

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