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• Sunday, 24 January, 2021
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Since superheroes made their appearance, the rogues' gallery has regularly been part of their adventures. After that, whenever a hero's most common adversaries got together, they were coined as a rogues' gallery.

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It's true that Black Adam has been a part of this Shazam Universe group at one time or another. The one that appeared in the Saturday morning cartoon Challenge of the Super Friends.

For many superhero fans, the Legion of Doom was the first place they saw villains like Captain Cold, Black Manta, and Solomon Grundy. While other Legion of Doom's were more menacing, this version is the one that still remains in many people's minds.

During its appearance in the premiere of the Legion of Super-Heroes Baxter run in 1984, the LSD had its most powerful lineup. Rogues galleries tend to match the levels of the heroes they battle.

Despite having powers created by technology or accident, the members of this group are basically street-level hoods. Even their leader in these situations, Doctor Octopus, doesn't want to rule the world all the time.

Meanwhile, criminals like Electron want to pull off the right heists to comfortably retire. Of course, you remember dastardly criminals like Doctor Dome, Colonel Pool, Mr. Aqua, and The Spider.

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In addition, you could never forget the King of Zing, Big Beaver, and, um, Pinkeye. Well, technically, they were created by those who have written Plastic Man stories over the last seven decades.

Before Spider-Man built his own group of rogues, Barry Allen did so at the start of the Silver Age. For instance, Captain Cold was once a member of the Justice League.

While not all of them have turned over a new leaf, many of Flash's opponents have decided crime really doesn't pay. Even an anthropomorphic, cigar-chomping duck transported to Marvel's Earth-616 has his set of regular villains.

In the end, Howard's rogues gallery makes Spider-Man's villains look normal. The Fantastic Four's villains, most of them created during the Stan Lee-Jack Kirby run, are unique among the others on this list.

These are heavy hitters like Mole Man, Doctor Doom, the Puppet Master, and Galactic. Frankly, people like the Mandarin and the Crimson Dynamo are incredibly dangerous.

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Some examples of these include Firepower, Whiplash, Living Laser, Titanium Man, and Obadiah State. To be honest, we're not sure how Iron Man would react if he came upon a lowly criminal with a simple gun.

However, at its core are some of the strangest villains who can't seem to live in a world without The Dark Knight. The reason they still remain is simple: they're as psychologically messed up as Bruce Wayne himself.

He began his career as a stringer, covering school board meetings for a local paper. Since then, Rich has written millions of words for both online and print publications.

Rich was also a podcaster, hosting “The Daily Author” for nearly 300 episodes. Rich is an avid comic book fan who once braved the world of San Diego Comic-Con.

A hero can definitely be defined by the villains they bring to justice. Some of their villains even steal the spotlight at the end of the day.

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You really can't have Batman without the Joker, Wolverine without Sabre tooth, or Superman without Led Author. The collection of villains each superhero has is unique and drives the superhero each day to put on their costume and go out and fight crime.

But which superhero has the best rogues' gallery ? We bring you some of today's best superheroes and their top 10 villains, ranked by the fans.

Take Nova and She Hulk, for example; two heroes with the potential for greatness that failed to achieve sufficient popularity during their initial runs. We’ve immersed ourselves in villainy and tales of dastardly deeds in order to rank 15 of the greatest rogues galleries in comics.

Her costume and colors are instantly recognizable and both the 70s TV series and her recent appearance in “Batman vs Superman” have kept her in the public eye. Members of the public would no doubt be able to link Led Author with Superman or any number of villains to Batman or Spider-Man, but the chances of them doing the same with Wonder Woman are slim.

Even her main villains in the comics -- including Cheetah, Circe, Doctor Psycho and Giant -- don’t have the name recognition of other DC Universe bad guys. The presence of Howard on a list such as this may seem odd -- many of his villains are the definition of throwaway, after all, and it’s very unlikely that the Space Turnip will ever be the focus of a Marvel crossover event.

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Foes such as the Space Turnip, Dr Bong, Winky Man and the Kidney Lady may not have incredible powers, but they’re the perfect adversaries for Howard. It may come as something of a surprise to see Marvel’s merry mutants in the lower half of the list, particularly when many of their foes -- Sabre tooth, Magneto, Mystique and Apocalypse -- have been prominently featured in comics, films and animation.

Mystique, Sabre tooth, White Queen, Marrow, Magneto, Toad, Frenzy and Sebastian Shaw have all fought alongside the X-Men; Avalanche, Dark Beast, Mastermind, Pro and Harry Leland are among those to have been killed in recent years; the Blob and Mesmer are two of the numerous mutants to lose their powers as a result of M-Day. The first decade of Daredevil appearances saw him fighting enjoyably campy foes such as Leap-Frog, Stilt Man, Gladiator, The Owl and Mr Fear.

Ten years on, with Daredevil fighting for his life against Ninjas, Bullseye and the machinations of the Kingpin, the tone of the comic had changed drastically. This was undoubtedly the right move for Daredevil, helping to differentiate him from Spider-Man, while the darker tone gave creators more leeway to explore the psyches of flawed or dangerous characters such as Bullseye, Kingpin and Typhoid Mary.

The Owl is a good illustration of how the series developed over this time, evolving from a run-of-the-mill bird-themed villain into a crime lord with a truly vicious side. It’s a delicate balancing act that most team books tackle by featuring villains who cover all the bases, and by mixing up the power levels of their members.

Over their history, the Justice League has faced off with a huge variety of villains, both those specific to the team and those that more commonly plague individual members. Characters such as Daresay, Starr, Desert and Amazon can see their effectiveness vary depending on the writer, but they have been reliable recurring foes.

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In villains such as King the conqueror, Korea and the Free Supreme Intelligence, the Avengers have been pitted against genuinely formidable foes. The reason these stories can be so successful is that they are interspersed with smaller battles against foes such as Gravity, the Grim Reaper or the Masters of Evil.

Rumors and speculation surrounding the upcoming Avengers movie suggest that it will be epic in scale, and more cosmic than the first two films. Most of the others that are primarily associated with Cap -- Baron Zero, Armin Zola, Machine smith, the Serpent Society, Crossbones and Hydra -- date from the Silver Age or beyond.

Early Thor stories, before the Agrarian side of his adventures came to the fore, saw a number of villains introduced; everything from time travelers to bank robbers. In later years, the cosmic side of Thor’s adventures came to prominence, allowing a greater focus on characters such as the Eternal and Ego the living planet.

The Superman originally introduced in 1937 couldn’t even fly, with this reduced power set allowing him to be pitted against a variety of bank robbers and mad scientists. Hence, the reason why, when John Byrne rebooted Superman in 1986, he also empowered him, making it more feasible that less powerful villains would cause him problems.

But beyond Led, Superman has so many great villains: Bizarre, Metal lo, Brainier, Mongol, The Parasite and Mister Mxyzptlk, to name but a few. Fans of superhero comics rightly argue that they are more sophisticated entertainment than many people assume; at the same time, it’s undeniable that there’s a certain guilty pleasure to be had in watching two big guys beat the tar out of each other.

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The Hulk frequently declares that he is “the strongest one there is,” and over the years, he's enjoyed nothing better than demonstrating this fact to Marvel villains and heroes alike. Of’ Jade Jaws has tangled with pretty much all of Marvel’s heavy hitters over the years, but there are some that have a special place among his enemies.

Except the Leader, few of these bad guys are going to be winning any prizes for brainpower, but they don’t need to when their appearances are so consistently entertaining. With the new Dr Strange movie hitting theaters and introducing movie-goers to a relatively unknown Marvel hero, viewers may be treated to a new kind of villain fight.

The visuals for these characters also set them apart from the crowd, whether it’s the flaming visage of Dormant, the awe-inspiring grandeur of Eternity, or the air of creepiness that surrounds the dark lord of the dream dimension, Nightmare. The series -- particularly in the early episodes -- had something of a “villain of the week” feel to it, and there was no shortage of characters from the comics that could be included.

Captain Cold, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, Gorilla Gr odd, Professor Zoom, Pied Piper, The Trickster: all have been adapted, with no doubt more to come. Captain Cold and Heatwave have been successful enough to spin out into the “Legends of Tomorrow” television series, and the rogues in the comics have been equally well-received.

As you’d expect from a character that has been around for almost 80 years and has appeared in thousands of comics over his time, the size and breadth of Batman’s rogues gallery is stunning. Some fans may prefer the dark tone of the modern-day Bat films to the camp fun of the 60s TV series, but it’s undeniable that the larger-than-life villains featured there helped bring them into the popular consciousness.

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While many of his greatest foes stem from the classic Lee/Ditto run (such as the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Mysterious, Electron and the Lizard), later creations that have become iconic villains include Hobgoblin, Venom and Carnage. Spider truly has a rogue for every occasion, with darker characters like Carnage being balanced out by fun foes such as the White Rabbit.

The recent “Superior Foes of Spider-Man” was a delight, with its focus on lesser-known Spider-Man villains, proving that there are a wealth of great characters beyond the big names. Despite this exposure to the superhero world, Gary has yet to develop superpowers, unless you count his ability to drink countless cups of tea.

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