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• Friday, 11 December, 2020
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As an Archer Rogue, for your DragonAgeInquisitionbestRogue Equipment Amulet slot, you’ll want Malika’s Guard. This Amulet provides a ton of Attack and Dexterity at the expense of flanking bonus, which doesn’t matter very much for Archers.

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You can find Malika’s Guard in Crestwood after completing the Flooded Caves. Just return to the town with the Deft Hands Inquisitor Perk unlocked and find it in the locked house.

For your second ring slot, whether you’re a Dual Wield Rogue or an Archer Rogue, the best -in-slot ring is The Hand That Cuts, which increases Critical Damage by 20% while also contributing to the set bonus you get with the other Trespasser accessories. It’s only available at the very end of the game in the Trespasser DLC, in the Abandoned Château area.

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You can also follow the Bright Rock Media YouTube channel for periodic updates on what's going on with the site. Dragon Age Inquisition: Best Armor & Accessories Skip to content For today’s post, I’ve put together a list of the best armor, helmets, belts, rings, and amulets for each class in DA: Inquisition.

This makes the battle master crafted armor the best choice with its 2 utility as well as 2 upgrade slots. This belt increases your attack speed when health is below 50%, making it ideal for Reader warriors.

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The Superior Battle master Mail and Coat are slightly behind the refined, losing only 2 crafting materials (total of 16 versus 14). The revered defender helm unique and schematic are pretty close, but I would use the unique because of the slightly higher armor, and because past a certain point, increasing your constitution isn’t that important for tanks.

For tank warriors, reducing cooldown times is by far the best Amulet effect, as it will allow you to taunt more often and never run out of guard. The Skirmisher hat has 2 more offensive stats if you use a tier 4 crafting material, but you lose out on 9% magic defense and higher armor, so this choice is pretty close.

The ring choice for ranged rogues is less obvious and depends on your particular gear and build. This amulet is a new addition with the ‘ Relics of Thetas ‘ items, and provides you with a large attack boost, dexterity, and also a frontal defense stat while reducing your flanking damage.

This amulet is only good for archer rogues because unlike their melee counterparts, they don’t rely on flanking for a large portion of their damage. As such, this amulet is a massive DPS boost for a ranged rogue, despite the -50% flanking damage stat.

For mages, the newly-added ring of doubt is by far the best choice; in fact, I would argue it’s the most powerful item in the game. This ring has two major effects: a chance on hit to taunt all enemies within 8 meters, and increased MANA and stamina regeneration rate.

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The nice thing about using this amulet on a mage is that you can ignore the taunt effect since you should always be as far away from enemies as possible. Scroll back to top We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Rogues are a fun and dynamic class that rely on stealth and cunning to get the upper hand on their enemies. Rogues are the only class that can unlock doors, and their ability to pass by enemies undetected is essential when setting up the battlefield.

Retained from previous Drainage games, the Double Daggers skill tree is back. Dual wielding Rogues take advantage of this skill tree, which focuses on dealing high levels of damage as quickly as possible.

While abilities in this tree are aimed at dealing high damage, the upgrades offer some versatility in specializing in taking down individual wounded opponents, or dealing lighter damage on larger groups of enemies. Combining it with Deathblow and its Thrill of Victory upgrade creates a Rogue that hits hard and fast.

In stark contrast to the dual wielding Rogue, archers are long-distance fighters whose arrows cause debilitating effects and damage groups of enemies. Unlike the Double Dagger tree, all the abilities and passives in Archery are worth acquiring.

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Archer abilities can deliver debilitating blows, but can also focus on disabling the enemy and creating advantages for other members of the squad. Traps make something of a return in Inquisition, though the system is nowhere near as detailed as in Origins.

Sabotage skills support the Rogue's propensity at taking down individual enemies. Talents such as Hook and Tackle with the No Escape upgrade are helpful at dealing with enemies that move quickly across the battlefield, such as Despair Demons.

Caltrop modifies the environment and makes it less agreeable to enemies, giving the Rogue the advantage. Tempests specialize in elixirs that give the Rogue tactical benefits in combat.

This ability deals massive damage across the battlefield, and particularly on the Rogue's main target. Activation of Thousand Cuts is often enough to halve the life bar of dragons and other bosses, or even take them out completely in one go.

The general concept of the Assassin remains the same, where the Rogue specializes in stealth and taking down individuals with ruthless efficiency. The Assassin's Focus ability, Cloak of Shadows, is useful as its effects stretch across the entire party.

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Artificers drop traps and mines across the battlefield, and make the environment more hazardous for enemies. This specialization is more of a support role than the offensive Tempest and Assassin, and its abilities and passives are aimed towards better teamwork.

The Artificer's Focus ability is Hail of Arrows, which is limited to Rogues who use archery. Try to align the Rogue's weapon with their specialization: single blade daggers would be best for an Assassin, while a Tempest may make good use of dual-blades' wide reach.

Also, important is having a mage in the party equipped with Barrier to add a layer of defense. Adding another Rogue to the party is a good idea, ideally one who has a different weapon set to the Inquisitor.

Era is a great option for a dual wielding Inquisitor, especially with her Tempest specialization. While acquiring the best weapons may be more of a priority, acquiring the DragonAgeInquisitionbest armor is an important step in maximizing your characters’ potential because every piece of armor not only provides more defenses bonuses, but gives you the opportunity to equip higher offensive stats for your characters.

The only helmet that competes with it is the found (not crafted) Stone Stalker Mask in the Trespasser DLC, but it’s not as good. It gets 9% magic resistance, but it’s not itemized well, splitting 18 stat points into 9 Cunning and 9 Dexterity.

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Superior Skirmisher Hat Armor: 37 17 Dexterity (Snuffer Skins) 64 Health (Veil Quartz) Then, you need to visit the Hissing Wastes Merchant, which can be found by warping to the camp in the center of the map, riding directly West, and falling in the hole in the canyon.

The Hissing Wastes Merchant has a chance of selling the Superior Prowler Armor Schematic, but to reset its wares you have to warp to another zone, fully close and restart the game, then travel all the way back to the Merchant. To finish off your DragonAgeInquisitionbest armor for Rogues, you’ll want the Prowler Armor Arms schematic and the Hunter Coat Legs schematic, both of which provides additional utility slots.

For the most part, attributes are vastly inferior to direct bonuses (Attack, CRT Chance, etc). However, Rogues are a special case because Dexterity gives both Attack and CRT Damage, which are both useful stats.

Veil Quartz drops from Frost back Basin Fade Rifts and a few nodes can be found throughout the zone. In that case, you’ll want +5 Guard On-Hit (Fade-Touched Silver ite) and 5x Hidden Blades (Fade-Touched Plush Fustian Velvet).

If you’re using Dual Wield Daggers, you get an extra Masterwork slot for your second weapon. More reliably it can be found in the Rift loot pile slightly southwest of the Kuldsdotten Swamp camp in Frost back Basin.

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Fade-Touched Plush Fustian Velvet is randomly dropped by Red Templar in Empire du Lion. More reliably, it’s available in the eastern chest in the temple in northwest Frost back Basin, locked behind a floor tile puzzle.

It can also be found randomly in Obsidian deposits, the best place being the Crow Fens in the Exalted Plains. Your DragonAgeInquisitionbest armor won’t be complete without a Masterwork, so be sure to keep that in mind when you’re building them.

The best helmet for Warriors is the Revered Defender Helm, which is acquired by beating the final boss of the Deep Roads. If you don’t have the Descent DLC, your next best option is the Superior Senator Helmet purchased from the Hissing Wastes Merchant for 1279 gold.

Superior Senator Helmet Armor: 37 20 Strength (Ice Dragon Bone) If you have the Descent DLC, the found version of the Revered Defender Helm is going to be the way to go.

To acquire the Superior Battle master Armor, you need to unlock the Inquisition perk “The Short List” in Connections and then visit the Hissing Wastes Merchant, who can be found by riding due west from the center camp in the Hissing Wastes and then jumping into the canyon. To reset the Short List item available at the merchant you have to zone into a different area and fully close and reopen the game.

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If you don’t have the Jaws of Hanson DLC, your next best option when it comes to DragonAgeInquisitionbest armor for Tanking Warriors is the Superior Battle master Mail or the Superior Battle master Coat, both of which can be bought at the Black Emporium for 20794. Either way, the Battle master Coat/Mail upgrade options are random drops from Tier 3 chests, so you’ll have to save scum for them.

Here is what the endgame DragonInquisitionbest armor options for a tanking warrior will look like with the Battle master Coat upgrades and high end crafting materials: It’s acquired after defeating the Ogre you fight when you first step foot in the Deep Roads.

If you don’t have the Trespasser DLC, the next best thing is the Masterwork Grey Warden Shield, which is found on a corpse in the southwest part of the Kuldsdotten Swamp and requires the Jaws of Hanson DLC. If you don’t have any DLC, your best option is the Shield of the Emperor, which is bought from the Black Emporium for 3273 gold.

Ice Dragon Bone Storm heart Veil Quartz Imbued Musket Hide Silken Nether Cloth Storm heart can be found early on in the Flooded Caves in Crestwood or later in The Emerald Graves.

Veil Quartz adds health, and you’ll want a lot of it for your Warrior equipment. Silken Nether Cloth is found in various loot piles around Frost back Basin.

Tank Warriors will also typically stack Guard On-Hit, but will also want to use their extra Masterwork slot for Fade-Touched Eve rite (randomly casts Walking Fortress, which provides invincibility). More reliably it can be found in the Rift loot pile slightly southwest of the Kuldsdotten Swamp camp in Frost back Basin.

It can also be found randomly in Obsidian deposits, the best place being the Crow Fens in the Exalted Plains. Your DragonAgeInquisitionbest armor won’t be complete without a Masterwork, so be sure to keep that in mind when you’re building them.

Which helmet is best in terms of DragonAgeInquisitionbest armor for Mages depends on what DLC you have available. It has 2 less stat points than the second best helmet (equal to 1% less attack power), but gets 9% magic defense and has higher armor.

The second best helmet for Mages is the Battle mage Cowl, which is bought from the vendor at Stone-Bear Hold in the Jaws of Hanson DLC. If you don’t have either DLC, your best option for filling out the helmet slot for your DragonAgeInquisitionbest armor for Mages is the Superior Seer Cowl, which can be bought from the Black Emporium for 1663 gold.

Once again, in order to buy this armor you need The Short List, an Inquisition Perk in the Connections tab. If it’s not, you have to travel to a different zone, completely exist and restart the game, then go back to the merchant.

Superior Battle mage Armor: 269 44 Magic (Silken Nether Cloth) 8 Cunning (Imbued Musket Hide) 64 Health (Veil Quartz) 16% Magic Defense (Silken Nether Cloth) Since ideally you don’t want your Mages getting hit, the defensive stats don’t matter as much, but health is always nice and mage armor has lots of cloth slots which are best filled with magic defense materials.

Dragon Webbing (1 Magic/1Willpower), Silken Nether Cloth (2 Magic) and ANVAR Twill (2 Willpower) all provide exactly the same amount of attack power, so they’re pretty much interchangeable. Dragon Webbing is the easiest to acquire since it can be bought at the Black Emporium and from the Deep Roads materials shop.

Silken Nether Cloth and ANVAR Twill both drop from various chests and encounters in Frost back Basin. Veil Quartz is found in Rift loot piles in Frost back Basin, as well as in a few deposits scattered throughout the zone.

The best Masterwork options for DragonAgeInquisitionbest armor for Mages is going to be either spell props from various materials or 10% reduced MANA usage from Fade-Touched Plush Fustian Velvet. Other good options are 100% damage Chain Lightning (Fade-Touched Silver ite) and Walking Bomb (Fade-Touched Dawn stone).

Fade-Touched Plush Fustian Velvet can be farmed from a chest in the northwest part of Frost back Basin that becomes available during the course of the main Jaws of Hanson quest. The MANA reduction Fade-Touched Plush Fustian Velvet drops off of Red Templar's in Empire du Lion.

Your DragonAgeInquisitionbest armor won’t be complete without a Masterwork, so be sure to keep that in mind when you’re building them.

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