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Rogues often initiate combat with a surprise attack from the shadows, leading with vicious melee strikes. When in protracted battles, they utilize a successive combination of carefully chosen attacks to soften the enemy up for a killing blow.

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Rogues must take special care when selecting targets so that their combo attacks are not wasted, and they must be conscious of when to hide or flee if a battle turns against them. If you’re looking for more detailed info on any particular Rogue spec, whether leveling or for Eve or PVP, then see the links in the contents section, just below.

Still, all it takes is a little of dedication and some gaming skills to stand head and shoulders above the crowd. A couple of days later the Rogues received a little love from the Devs and were one or two-shotting everything with their Ambushes.

So did Warlords of Drano, Legion, Battle for Zeroth, a ND And probably every other expansion in the future. Blizzard is doing a mostly decent job of class balance these days, so get down with the new abilities and then sneak up and kill something.

Back in Warlords of Drano Liz decided that various classes had too many abilities. To that extent, a bunch of abilities is removed completely, such as Redirect, Disarm Trap, Shadow Blades, and others.

There hasn’t been a similar ability hacking since, but who knows what the next expansion brings? Hit, Expertise, Resilience, and Reforging all bit the big one.

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Also, there are some tertiary stats, still working in BFA, such as Leech, Avoidance, Speed. The Stat Squish went live in Warlords and was unchanged in Legion.

If you don’t want the experience of being ranked while leveling, just keep War Mode off, and you’re good. Turn it on if you like PVP and take advantage of the +10% experience bonus.

Glyphs and Perks died in Legion and are still dead in BFA. You’ll also find your way into another realm entirely and meet up with various groups of entities.

Finally, and everyone who has War Mode activated will most likely agree with me on this one: rogues are one of the better banking classes in the game. We not only possess the tools to avoid an attempted bank and survive quite easily, but are also pretty good at returning the favor.

Look into the Spy add-on to keep an eye on potential player enemies. Speaking of banking… Subtlety is still the spec of choice for PVP, but Outlaw is quite viable and Assassination isn’t bad at all.

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Outlaw doesn’t care, but likes one hand weapons because they hit harder than daggers. Gem slots are uncommon these days, but go for: Agility and your best secondary stat.

Stamina scrolls are also pretty cheap on the Auction House or from someone with Inscription. One nice change in Shadow lands is in acquiring the Allied Races, such as Mechanizes.

Night borne requires the Legion expansion Mag’heir Orc, Kandahar Troll, and Gulper, Requires Battle for Zeroth expansion. Void Elf requires the Legion expansion Dark Iron Dwarf, KUL Iran, and Mechanize, Requires Battle for Zeroth expansion.

Each will also come with Heritage Armor and other goodies, in addition to various racial traits. If you have the latest WoW expansion you will have potential access to all races.

Alliance: Humans (for the escape and a little extra damage) and Night Elves (Shadow meld) Horde: Orcs for the Blood Fury and stun resistance, Blood Elf for Arcane Torrent (removes buffs) and Energy restoration. You get to choose whether your will join the Horde or the Alliance, once you leave the starting area.

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Andean can, with a quick strike of their Quaking Palm, stun an opponent for 4 seconds. Your Inner Peace gives you improved Rest XP, making for faster leveling.

The Human Spirit : You gain 2% more of all secondary stats (Haste, Critical Strike, Mastery, Versatility) from all sources. A small damage increase and improvement to energy regeneration.

And since you are skilled at Diplomacy you have a 10% faster rep gain with everyone than does any other race. Useful at times, especially if you want the perks that come from “Exalted,” such as access to the various allied races.

This removes all poison, disease, curse, magic, and bleed effects and reduces all physical damage taken by 10% for 8 sec. You are also an Explorer and Archeology research finds more fragments faster than others.

The Dark Iron Dwarf Rogue Your Fire blood removes all poison, disease, curse, magic, and bleed effects, just like your Dwarves “brethren,” but your ability increases your primary stat (Strength, Agility, Intelligence) by 600(!) You’re a tunnel dweller and Dungeon Delver, and you’ve learned how to move 4% faster while indoors, plus your people have the Mole Machine : While out or doors you can summon a Mole Machine that tunnels through the earth and can pop you up in a variety of places.

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You also have a bit of Arcane Resistance, and so take 1% less damage from the stuff. The Mechanize Rogue Hyper Organic Light Originator summons a couple of images of you to distract your foes.

Master craft : You function as a personal Blacksmithing Anvil, Cooking Fire, and Mining Forge. Skeleton Pinkie : Allows opening of locked chests and doors at your current level x 5, so at level 100 you can unlock chests that require 500 skill.

The KUL Iran Rogue Wind up, then unleash your mighty Haymaker upon your foe. Doesn’t hurt much, but does stun then for 3 sec and knocks them back substantially.

Your Child of the Sea ability lets you swim a bit faster and hold your breath longer than anyone who is not Undead. Unfortunately it does not give you free trade skills, just a boost to the ones you actually learn Many generations of seafaring experience have earned you the Rime of the Ancient Mariner ability, and so you take 1% less from Frost and Nature damage.

There are the achievements to earn KUL Iran: A Nation United and Tides of Vengeance The Night Elf Rogue Shadow meld : Activate to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence.

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Any threat is restored versus enemies still in combat upon cancellation of this effect. Against certain spells, if you have wonderful timing, you can S’meld after it’s cast and thus dodge it.

Touch of Elude gives you a bit more (1%) CRT by day and Haste by night. Transform into a Wisp Spirit upon death, increasing speed by 75%.

Nothing like a bit of Void energy added to your attacks, right? You can activate this, then change direction, hit it again, and be back to the original spot.

You take 1% less Shadow Damage from your Chill of Night racial and your Ethereal Connection gives you cheap Void Storage and Transmogrification. Then your Dark flight activates your true form, increasing current movement speed by an additional 40% for 10 sec.

And your innate Viciousness increases critical strike chance by 1%. The Orc Rogue Enrage (Blood Fury) to increase your Attack Power every 2 min.

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The Troll Rogue Breaking increases your Haste by 15% for 12 seconds, one a 3-minute cooldown. Generally useful for Rogues, since it reduces cooldowns and gives you faster resource regeneration.

The Voodoo Shuffle gives you a nice 20% reduced duration of movement impairing effects, such as snares, slows, etc. You’ll be chopping up lots of beasts while leveling, so this is a nice bonus.

These are achievements to earn Kandahar Troll: Kandahar Forever! The Blood Elf Rogue Your Arcane Torrent removes one beneficial effect from any nearby enemies (8 yards) and restores some of your Energy.

Naturally your Arcane Affinity gives you +10% to the Enchanting skill. The Undead Rogue Your Will of the Forsaken removes fear, sleep, and charms.

Your Touch of the Grave is a passive ability that will add a small amount to your overall damage and self-healing. Just go full zombie mode and eat the brains of what you kill.

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The Goblin Rogue Can Rocket Jump forward and away from, on into, stuff. Note that any effects that slow falling will be suppressed for 10 seconds.

Your relentless urge to try “Crazy New Things” gives you the Better Living Through Chemistry ability, which adds +15 to your Alchemy skills. Check your bank stash from anywhere, every 30 min, with your pack Hobgoblin.

The Nightbourne Rogue You can do an Arcane Pulse, which damages all nearby enemies and reduces their speed for 12 seconds. Note that this will break most “crowd control” effects you might have on those enemies.

Your love of lore and Ancient History give you +15 to your Inscription skill. The Mag’heir Orc Rogue Your Ancestral Call will boost a random secondary stat (CRT, haste, versatility) for 12 seconds on a 2-minute cooldown.

Your love of the open skies increases your mounted speed by 10% and your… Savage Blood : Since you are extremely healthy you get reduced duration of curses, poisons, and diseases (by 10%.) If you have a pet then it receives a 10% health boost through your Sympathetic Vigor.

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This is the achievement to earn Mag’heir Orc: Ready for War Rogue skills and talents are quite fun to play around with, all the abilities will likely remain in common use due to the simple requirement of variety to remain viable as a rogue.

A bit on the Assassination Spec Sneak up and attack with poisons and bleeds. Plus, the Venomous Wounds talent returns some energy if the opponent is bleeding and poisoned.

This means, of course, that if you forget to apply your poisons (it happens) then this spec will be far less effective than otherwise. A bit on the Outlaw Spec You’re the only Rogue spec with any real “strike more than one opponent” abilities, other than Fan of Knives or Shrike Storm, though you’re far from being able to tank groups.

!” comments you sometimes see in chat were probably brought on by encounters with subtlety rogues. Not so hot for long fights, but pretty fine for banking players and mobs.

Numbing Poison (54) has a 50% chance, per strike, of slowing your opponent’s attack and/or casting speed by 15%. Poisons the target (30% chance to apply with each strike) over 12 seconds and additional applications deal instant damage.

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The caster takes poison damage every time they cast a spell. The main use for Lock picking is to unlock the various boxes that are found throughout the game, some of which may actually, on occasion, contain something interesting, such as healing potions.

Pick pocketing is a fun little skill that, like lock picking, can sometimes result in some interesting finds. Your Fence is summoned by a Secretive Whistle, which you will quickly find while picking pockets in Drano.

Summon the fence, sell your goods and gain… dingy coins. Same for Shadow lands, but with a bit of luck those pockets might contain items to improve your Crimson Vial potion.

Open up your macro created, create a new one, and add this code: The automatic pocket picking will result in several gold over the long haul as well as those items to sell to your fence.

The second one is great for wandering through an area of NPC enemies and picking the pockets of each one. Great for setting up ambushes, slowing flag carriers, keeping a mob out of combat in Eve, and so on.

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Causes no damage, stuns the opponent for 4 seconds, and takes you both out of combat. If the enemy takes damage or has any kind of bleed or DOT effect then that will break your gouge.

Distract is neither an interrupt nor a stun, but it does turn non-player opponents, for about 10 seconds, allowing you to slip past them or set them up for an attack. In PVP it will turn and stop an opponent, which will change their run or otherwise “distract” them, possibly setting you up for an attack or other action.

Opens your attack by stunning the opponent for a short time and generating 2 Cps. Interrupt spells and any damage to the target, as with Gouge, will break the effect.

It can stop a mounted opponent and doesn’t require stealth. With the Vigor talent you’ll have enough energy to do good work.

Hit, Expertise, Resilience, and Reforging are all dead, as are Multi strike and “Attuned stats.” At higher level keep the Star and start looking for more Agility.

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For Assassination and Subtlety it’s very nice, Outlaw prefers Haste. Versatility adds directly to your offense, any healing you do, and your damage reduction.

If you want to buy the best enchants, fund all of your alts, donate to the guild, etc., but don’t have the cash, then see what the Rigor Gold Add-on can do about improving your situation. The crafting skills are generally way too expensive, unless you have a good cash flow or a generous benefactor.

You’ll be able to make some useful stuff while leveling or for your leather or mail wearing alts. At 91, you can make item level 640 gear (see above, ) which is nice for starting raids or PVP.

Inscription makes all the glyphs, all the high level shoulder enchants, a few nice items for your caster buddies, and some misc items, including Fortune Cards. Engineering has a number of useful gadgets and may be worth the expense, but watch for side effects.

Drano engineering is easier, faster, and lets you make rockets, shields, and other useful items. Blacksmithing has a couple of useful weapons, but is a very expensive profession to level if you want those.

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It’s easier to buy the mats and hire a Blacksmith to make your items. Creator Blacksmithing will let you make item level 630 weapons.

If you need gems or enchants its much easier just to buy them from a crater or off the AH. Buy bandages and potions off the Auction House or from a Tailor or Alchemist.

Secondly Cooking combined with Fishing can ease the price of food while leveling should you feel like picking them up. Certain fish and some cooked foods sell well, so there’s gold potential here.

Rigor’s is an in-game guide, and it nearly automates the whole leveling process: you just pick your starting point, at any level, and the guide tracks which quest you’re on, tracks the quest objectives, and automatically advances and updates as you complete your tasks and quests.

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