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• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
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You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! In other words, they are a huge boost to your character's power and will help you survive larger pulls and kill mobs more quickly.

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Heirlooms cannot be traded or mailed between characters, or sold on the Auction House. In Shadow lands, there are significant bonuses for wearing multiple Heirloom items together.

To activate all the set bonuses, you will need to wear an Heirloom item in at least 6 of the following slots: For example, there are multiple Heirloom Cloaks that all fit the requirement for the set bonus.

This simply makes your Rested XP period last longer. 4 Pieces: Increases your health generation while out of combat, letting you recover quickly from tough fights.

5 Pieces: Whenever you level up, you activate a Burst of Knowledge, dealing AOE damage and giving you a 40% main stat bonus for 2 minutes. This simply makes your Rested XP period last longer.

The Alliance vendor can be found in the Hall of Explorers in Iron forge, and the Horde vendor can be found either in the Rogues' Quarter of Under city, or on top of the Grammar entrance gates. We have listed some stand-out ones here, but we encourage you to experiment and to pick Trinkets that fit your play style.

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You can equip two at the same time, it has a good amount of passive Haste, and it keeps you topped up when fighting enemies, reducing downtime. Infallible Tracking Charm simply does very good damage and is a great choice for the whole leveling process.

Generally speaking, the same recommendations go for Healers as DPS when leveling primarily through Solo content. You can choose to swap the Swift Hands of Justice for Discerning Eye of the Beast s to gain MANA when killing enemies instead of Health, since you have plenty of self-healing.

Generally speaking, the same recommendations go for Tanks as DPS when leveling primarily through Solo content. For challenging group content, you can use the Purified Shard of the Third Moon from Level 45 to 50, as its absorb shield can allow you to pull bigger packs in dungeons.

You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! This post will cover all three of the Rogue specs, including the optimal enchants.

In many cases the choices are the same, but if something seems odd then I’ve likely chosen it for a reason. Feel free to ask if you’re confused or care to offer other comments or suggestions.

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Agility > Mastery > Versatility > Critical Strike > Haste You will need to break into a 6th Street hideout in order to recover a Samurai bootleg recording.

You can find the gig on Cricket Street in the Charter Kill area of Westbrook. The hideout is actually an underground parking garage with multiple potential points of entry.

Some will require a good Technical skill, while others will rely on your Body stat, so hopefully, you have something in your build that can help you. There is a single guard in the room where the bootleg is stored, so you can distract them very easily using a Quick hack, then sneak in and take them out.

Drop the car off on the street below the walkway, then head up to talk to the client and give him the bootleg. This is hands down the longest video I’ve made so far because it was originally going to be a 3 part series, but with Shadow lands literally right around the corner I figured I’d just get all this information to you folks as quickly as I could.

^^ 0:03:14 Echoing Reprimand Overview (Syrian) 0:04:55 Serrated Bone Spike Overview (Necrology) 0:06:24 Sepsis Overview (Night FAE) 0:08:42 Flagellation Overview (Century) 0:10:24 Spec Discussion Overview 0:11:13 ASSASSINATION BEGINS HERE 0:11:37 Night FAE Assassination (Single Target) 0:12:25 Necrology Assassination (Single Target) 0:12:54 Syrian Assassination (Single Target) 0:13:37 Century Assassination (Single Target) 0:14:50 Night FAE Assassination (Mythic+) 0:15:50 Necrology Assassination (Mythic+) 0:16:24 Syrian Assassination (Mythic+) 0:16:36 Century Assassination (Mythic+) 0:16:57 OUTLAW BEGINS HERE 0:17:21 Night FAE Outlaw (Single Target) 0:18:33 Necrology Outlaw (Single Target) 0:19:07 Syrian Outlaw (Single Target) 0:20:07 Century Outlaw (Single Target) 0:20:57 Night FAE Outlaw (Mythic+) 0:21:56 Necrology Outlaw (Mythic+) 0:22:50 Syrian Outlaw (Mythic+) 0:23:33 Century Outlaw (Mythic+) 0:24:12 SUBTLETY BEGINS HERE 0:24:39 Night FAE Subtlety (Single Target) 0:25:42 Necrology Subtlety (Single Target) 0:26:19 Syrian Subtlety (Single Target) 0:27:06 Century Subtlety (Single Target) 0:27:35 Night FAE Subtlety (Mythic+) 0:28:17 Necrology Subtlety (Mythic+) 0:29:48 Syrian Subtlety (Mythic+) 0:30:37 Century Subtlety (Mythic+) 0:31:33 Recap/Outro If you have any comments, questions or concerns, feel free to message me here or on my Twitter account for the channel @ZeraTheRedRogue.

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If you’re a rogue with Shadow strike or a monk with Flying Serpent Kick, don’t use these abilities while facing away from the portal, as you may send yourself up a floor through your own attacks. For now, the best thing you can do is treat the exit portal like a giant AOE effect and focus your attacks on the guardian without exposing yourself to any fear or knock backs.

Pulling the bosses as far away from the portal as possible should also ensure you don’t have any problems advancing with your powers intact. Make sure to use CC’s on the Shades to stack the increased damage rebuff on them.

Cloak works on pretty much everything here, but it should be used to clear Obliterating Rifts that spawn after Expunge (Heroic and Mythic only). If assigned to a very far spot during the dance phase, use double step on friendly players into VanishShadowstrike to get back quickly.

Use Feint to reduce incoming splash damage and damage from soaking the boulders. Hold cooldowns until the first heedless Charge (1 minute into the fight) as the fight duration is around 5 minutes early on, which gives you two uses of Blades anyway.

Both the AMR and SIMC / Raid bots simulators are being worked on, so you can run all of your Shadow lands sims. You can edit any formula or rotation in the wiki, and the simulator runs based off your changes.

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Shadow lands sims (and gear optimizations) are fully supported for all DPS, healing for healers, and DPS+toughness for tanks. Shadow lands talents, spells, covenant abilities, soul binds, legendarily, and trinkets are implemented for every spec (including tanks & healers).

A handful of things need log data to verify (which is noted on the respective wiki pages (see screenshot below for example). You can download SIMC directly to run Shadow lands simulations now (beta server changes updated within a day), or choose the Nightly SIMC builds on Raid bots Advanced options.

Hotfix and patch data post-expansion launch is usually updated quickly (within a day) Sure, both AMR and SIMC/Raid bots still have work to do, bugs to find and fix, etc, but you can still use them to research some theories you might have.

For those of you who just want a quick answer on what to equip, try using Best in Bags to find the best items that you currently own. Or try the Upgrade Finder to see what dungeons you should run, or which raid bosses drop the best loot.

Try Best in Bags for optimized gear in 1 second, which you can export into an add-on and automatically equip everything. We run every necessary combination of gear, talents, conduits, etc, for each spec ahead of time.

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The Upgrade Finder works similarly, but instead it’s looking at items you don’t yet own. Restoration Shaman is an extremely flexible specialization that shines when healing groups of players that are clumped together.

They have a variety of unique tools to deal with otherwise deadly influxes of damage, such as Spirit Link. While mobility is not one of the specialization's strong points, periods of heavy movement can be handled by Spirit walker's Grace.

It is also notable that Restoration Shamans deal most of their maximum potential damage in the form of instants: Flame Shock and Lava Surge -enabled Lava Burst allow them to put out a respectable amount of damage while moving, without cutting into healing time. The new expansion also introduces new character customization options with Covenants and Legendary Powers, for which we have Shaman-specific pages that you can access below.

Restoration Shaman is staying mostly the same in Shadow lands and is still a fun specialization with lots of viable talent choices that affect your play style. Earth Shield was already available as a talent, and is now returning as a baseline ability, increasing our sustained single target healing potential, which is especially relevant in PVP and Mythic+.

Water Shield is also an old ability which returns in order to provide us with a small MANA regeneration increase, made more significant if you are being hit by melee attacks. Finally, the removal of Corruption in the Shadow lands preach means that you will likely be running much lower levels of Critical Strike and / or Versatility.

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Gameplay changes will come from the new borrowed powers in Shadow lands : Covenant Abilities, Soul binds and Legendarily, which are not available yet. Once you reach max level, it can be somewhat overwhelming to completely change the way you play by suddenly implementing many add-ons in a short space of time, especially if they have a heavy visual impact on your UI.

Rather than a fixed rotation, you will be using your flexible spell kit to adapt and overcome whatever the game throws at you. If you are an absolute beginner to the spec, but would like to learn the fundamentals of the class, recommend looking through the Spell Summary first, as well as the Easy Mode page linked below.

If you are already somewhat familiar with Restoration Shamans, you can head straight to the Talents and Rotation pages to jump right into more detailed information. In Shadow lands, once you are at level 60, you will be prompted to choose from one of the four major covenants: Syrian, Necrology, Night FAE or Century.

Legendarily are back with Shadow lands and you can pick from a large selection of powers to apply to special gear crafted by professions, and which can be bought from other players. Gearing can be hard to pin down, due to the huge number of variables that can affect your character's performance.

If you are finding your performance lackluster, but are not sure where you are going wrong, you can check out the pages below for potential tips, or answers to questions you may have.

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