Best Rogue Home Gym Setup

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Rogue makes very nice stuff and if you buy on Black Friday (which I did), you can save a good chunk of cash. One-stop shopping also helps save on shipping costs (along with Black Friday).

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For the purpose of this exercise, I'll focus on necessary pieces of equipment, and I'll sprinkle in some nice-to-haves that can really round out your space. I don't advocate for blindly building an entire home gym with Rogue equipment because it's easy or because they're marketing geniuses (which they are).

There are other companies out there who make equipment that is just as nice, if not nicer, and at prices that are just as comparable, if not cheaper. Peruse through this site, shoot me an email (adam@garagegymlab.com), or follow me on YouTube & Instagram.

Due to its size and general design, this unit is sturdy enough to avoid being secured to the floor or a platform. Aside from these unique advantages, it offers a few traditional benefits including Westside hole spacing, a pull-up bar, and of course a nice selection of Rogue attachments.

If you own the SML squat stand, you can also buy the HR-2 conversion kit to transform them into this half rack. In my opinion, this is one of the besthomegym options regardless of manufacturer because it offers a small footprint, and it's extremely versatile.

I personally advocate for the bolt-together version because you can get a bit more interior depth (30 vs 24), it ships regular UPS, and it's not welded. This rack is constructed with 2×3 11-gauge steel, it's been tested at over 1,000 lbs without concern, and it offers Westside hole spacing.

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It doesn't include Westside hole spacing, but the keyholes on the side are really awesome, and I hope Rogue is going to start taking advantage of them soon. Like racks, Rogue offers a number of bars ranging in price and spanning different uses.

In short, it's a terrific bar that's headlined by an aggressive knurl and a stiff shaft. This is another wildly successful and popular bar among home gym owners.

This is a multipurpose bar that is suitable for general fitness, Olympic lifting, or powerlifting. Starting at $282, the Ohio Bar is another excellent value-conscious option that performs extremely well.

It's a 28 mm 10-needle bearing bar that offers excellent spin and whip. This bar is made of stainless steel, making it a great option for those who train in a humid environment.

This is Rogue's most economical bench option, and I've owned it for a couple of years now. The bench is a little taller than I'd like at 18, and adding a Thompson Fat Pad to it basically renders it useless (in my opinion).

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At 17.5 tall, it's a nice height, and it also offers a small pad gap between the seat and back, which is great. The bench also offers wheels for easy transportation and a separate spotter deck can be purchased and attached.

These are modeled similarly to the Ivanka OM Series plates but at a fraction of the cost (~$55 savings on the pair). If you're a competitive power lifer or if you lift a crap ton of weight, these are a great option.

These training plates are black, but they include colored lettering and bands around the outside for easy identification. This probably won't make much of a difference in a home gym setting without extreme use, but it's an upgrade pick nonetheless.

They're spec'd the same as these training bumpers, but they are fully colored with white lettering. The above section is really all you need to outfit your Roguehomegym, but they're a few popular pieces that I want to touch on to really amp up the possibilities.

The foot base is fully adjustable both vertically and horizontally, making it useful to all sizes. Although the GOD is on the larger side, it's a very versatile piece that many people, myself included, love.

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You can read my article here on the amazing benefits this bar offers. It definitely takes up some space, but to some, it's a Godsend with its reputation as being excellent for low back rehab/rehab.

Of course Rogue also sells Concept 2, Schwinn, and Assault conditioning products, so you can also look into those and still technically have a Roguehomegym. Rogue makes very high quality gear that performs well and lasts a very long time.

While there are some great value buys from Rogue, a lot of their stuff is on the expensive side. If you read my article on this SWAT officer's home gym, you'd know he bought everything from Rogue right out of the gate.

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Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team, and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes. Exercising in a small home or apartment where space is limited can be tough, but it’s still possible (and even easy)if you have the right tools.

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“When you’re stuck at home it’s easy to get lazy and fall into an unhealthy routine,” says Matt Williams, a NASM-certified personal trainer from Los Angeles. Williams, who has hosted live workout classes on his Instagram page this year, says you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment.

It’s half an inch thick, which the company says can comfortably cushion your spine, hips, knees, and elbows while you’re practicing yoga. The mat is made out of a double-sided, non-slip surface to help you avoid falling, and a moisture-resistant technology that makes it easy to clean.

The rope comes with a nine and a half foot cable, which can be adjusted using four Velcro binders, so it’ll be comfortable to use for most adults. Rowing machines work your arms, chest, glutes, and legs by having you repetitively pull on a handle attached to a magnetic wheel while pushing against a pair of pedals.

Stationary bikes work your arms and legs by replicating a bicycle ride at different levels of resistance. The bike has a built-in LCD screen to show your speed, distance, calories burned, and how long you’ve worked out.

It’s super quiet, pairs easily with a phone tracking app and comes with adjustable resistance levels, to slowly increase your workout as needed. TAX’s All-in-ONE Suspension Training System can give you a full body workout, with straps that fit inside a desk drawer.

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TAX says its system can teach you to use seven foundational moves: push, pull, plank, squat, lunge, hung, and rotate to work every part of your body. We’re recommending this one from NordicTrack because it’s full of smart features designed to help alleviate some pain points you may encounter on an indoor run.

Large start and stop buttons make it easy to begin and end your workout at any time. The machine also has a 3.5 mm audio jack, and a pair of stereo speakers, so you can connect a device to it and listen to music.

This treadmill was designed to work with fit’s Interactive Personal Training system, which requires its own membership. Members gain access to a series of on-demand workout programs, which let professional trainers lead you through guided exercises.

These training sessions adjust the speed and incline settings on your treadmill automatically to create a full workout. At 73 × 35.8 × 67.5 inches and 203 pounds, this treadmill is the largest piece of home gym equipment in this list, but it has wheels on its back for easy movement, and can be folded up for storage.

It’s small enough to tuck under your bed or desk, and we’ve started taking some calls while standing on it too, to get in a few extra minutes of exercise. New workouts are added weekly, and are designed to help beginners get into better shape while providing a challenge if you’re already fit.

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Instructors can also give you information, like telling you what your heart rate should be at specific points in your workout routine. Holding a medicine ball while you exercise can help work your arms and core, whether you’re twisting, lifting, or balancing on it to augment your push ups.

AmazonBasics’ medicine ball is made out of textured rubber, which makes it easier to hold when you’re sweaty, and more comfortable too. This foam roller from Triggering gives you plenty of surface area to roll out your joints, and can be used on everything from your legs and quads, to your stomach and back.

A good foam roller can help increase blood flow and ease tension after a workout, or just a particularly stressful day of work. This set includes access to a free online instructional video library on foam rolling best practices from the experts at Triggering.

It’s normal to feel sore after a workout, but you can alleviate some of that pain by using Therapy’s Elite Massage Gun. The massage gun comes with six attachment heads and two interchangeable batteries to make sure you’re prepared for all your muscle recovery needs on the go.

Choose from a variety of classes, from cardio to stretching, all taught by motivating instructors that are surprisingly supportive, even separated by a screen. It’s a dazzling screen too, with a vivid touchscreen display, built-in speakers and the ability to see everything from your reps to heart rate and more.

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