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• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
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This gives you strong abilities that increase your survivability from Soul binds, and a great damaging cooldown, Echoing Reprimand. At the end of this path, you will have gained more damage from Reverberation and Combat Meditation.

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Conduits are passive buffs that you can use to fill empty slots in your Soul bind Trees. Deeper Daggers makes Eviscerate increases your Shadow damage after using it.

Perforated Veins makes Shadow strike increase the damage to your next Backstab. This can be useful for increasing your burst damage when you are generating Combo Points with Shadow strike.

Recuperate makes Slice and Dice heal you over time. This is great for increasing your survivability, as you will often have Slice and Dice active while using your burst rotation.

Cloaked in Shadows gives you a shield when you enter stealth. Quick Decisions reduces the cooldown of Shadow step and increases its range.

Prepared for All is a versatile Conduit that helps reduce the cooldown of some important defensive. This makes it so Vanish reduces the cooldown of your other abilities by 20 seconds.

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This increases your Critical Strike chance for a few seconds after Stealth breaks. This gives you short windows to do large amounts of damage to enemy players.

You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! The dot will surprise you with how much DMG it deals in Eve over longer fights, and on shorter ones you can cheese the charge refunds for more buff uptime.

It sims terrible on patchwork stuff but in real game situations you can make it work and be competitive. Plus if you’re playing Nero it’s the long game when that 7-13% AGI buff scales.

Syrian is still great with the potion, adding wonderful survivability. Night FAE’s Soul shape adds some pretty great mobility.

You can use it for mobility, but it has a trait that makes it do a 6s AOE blind which gives you a pretty decent CC. However, when we reach renown 30, it can get a trait that makes you immune to CC and even adds healing onto of the shield.

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Yemeni is still a better choice for PVP, and if you want to get defensive you give up a potency conduit for the fear. Having a fear go off and CC enemies for 4.5 seconds every 60 is a lot better IMO, especially if you’re constantly getting trained by better melee classes.

Flag: The dot will surprise you with how much DMG it deals in Eve over longer fights, and on shorter ones you can cheese the charge refunds for more buff uptime. Compared to ER it doesn’t match damage wise even in Eve.

Toughest is much easier to do with Syrian and Nero purely because of the burst least with sub rogue. Sin rogue is pretty pointless to play right now due to low DPs.

I hate the blue man cult…not enough to eventually give into a broken skill, but enough to jump ship the second it was brought down to the level of some others. Renown catch up isn’t that bad, I might miss out on some soul ash from mission tables not putting time into any 1 sanctum really yet but who cares.

The covenant system sucks and this is basically a paid beta right now. Flag: Renown catch up isn’t that bad, I might miss out on some soul ash from mission tables not putting time into any 1 sanctum really yet but who cares.

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Though I have a feeling down the road Blizzard will remove the punishment for coming back to a previous covenant. Flag: The covenant system sucks and this is basically a paid beta right now.

The Yemeni buff is great for long Eve fights assuming Asia rogues are more on par DPs wise. Well us beta testers knew that system lands wasn’t ready to ship months ago and not even now.

Nina Soul bind and conduits are real good, Sepsis gives a decent chunk of max health and 20% mastery for 30 seconds, and Soul shape is good for kiting for re-stealth with some added healing. To do this you need a valid hiding spot where they cannot be clearly visible.

Usually this means being behind a solid object, in a shadowy area, or behind mist or fog. Light fog gives you disadvantage when trying to see a hiding enemy.

Even if your allay detects a hiding rogue, the best they can do is tell you their location. If your torch doesn't illuminate them move closer, so they are at least in dim light.

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If you can't get rid of the fog, there's not a lot you can do to make things harder. Applying practically any condition will make it difficult if not impossible for a rogue to hide.

Normal sight: just like a normal human Blind sight: see in a radius, cannot be obstructed by anything Dark vision: see in the dark True sight: like dark vision, but it works on magical darkness, you can see through illusions, invisibility, shape changing, and transmuted forms. You can do this by increasing your Wisdom score, taking a class that lets you apply your proficiency bonus to perception, taking a feat to grant you bonuses to wisdom/perception.

You can also acquire a familiar or ally who is talented at perception. They won't know if you have spotted them or not, this may force them to hide again, wasting a (bonus) action, or be in a risky situation.

By taking Rogue 3 the player can select the Inquisitive archetype, allowing them to Search as a bonus action. If you have a summon or familiar, then they may be able to communicate the hiding enemy's location to you if they can see them.

There probably isn't infinite hiding places, the rogue will want to stay where they have advantageous terrain. If you can restrict the rogue to an area (rig the door of a building to jam shut) then they have a huge problem.

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When they attack or make noise their location becomes known, you can now easily fire off a spell or move towards them without concern. One simple counter method is to ready an action to search for the rogue if they try to hide.

Walk just around the corner, then ready an action to attack as soon as the rogue is in range. The curious rogue will be forced to come in to range only to be slugged in the face.

You can also move in to cover, into fog, into shadows, etc, just the way the rogue does. Fight them in an open plain where they can't hide.

You can still attack them and target them with spells, you just have to guess their location, and you have disadvantage. There is plenty you can do against a hidden target without ever doing anything to counter their ability to hide.

The most frustrating thing for a rogue is to see all their handwork gone to waste because the enemy simply doesn't care. An open field will give a ranger the clear line of sight and distance they need to eliminate a rogue before they can do anything.

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You can also put the rogue on the back foot, even in their ideal terrain. Keep on the offensive and force the rogue to spend their actions reacting to you instead of playing cat and mouse like they would love.

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