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• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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ROBOT uses the color coding scheme which has become common among Pathfinder build handbooks. Rogues are the line from which Scouts are measured, and their Trap finding ability and affinity for stealth are fantastic.

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The Rogue's biggest problem is that they frequently cease functioning when situations make it difficult or impossible to use Sneak Attack. Base Attack Bonus: 2/3 BAD is difficult because many Rogues depend on two-weapon fighting, but flanking and high Dexterity can make up the deficit.

Debilitating Injury also allow you rebuff and enemy's AC, which can go a long way to compensate for your relatively low BAD. Rogues can do a lot of things, but even with 8+ skill ranks it can still be difficult to cover all the essentials.

Trap Sense (Ex): The bonus scales reasonably well, but the use is highly situational. This ability is fine, but Ninjas and Slayers can take it as a talent at level 11.

The Rogue is very frequently MAD, especially if the party has very few other skills and no Face. Ex: In light armor, Dexterity is absolutely crucial.

The Elf favored class bonus adds additional uses to the minor magic and major magic talents, but unless you really plan to use those talents it won't matter. Gnome: The penalty to strength hurts our damage a little, but small size doesn't hurt rogues much, and provides nice bonuses to Stealth, attacks, and AC.

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The slow speed also hurts a bit, but can be overcome with items, and careful positioning. Half-Elf: The flexible ability score bonus goes into Dexterity, but many of the other racial traits can be swapped out for more useful options.

The Fleet of Foot alternate racial trait allows you to overcome the slow speed, and the bonus to Perception is welcome on any character. The bonus to saves also helps improve the Rogue's weak defenses.

A bonus feat and an extra skill rank per level open up a ton of great options, and the flexible ability score bonus can go right into Dexterity. The favored class bonus grants additional Rogue Talents, which adds a lot of great options.

Hidden Hand (Combat): Especially useful if you multi class into Assassin or otherwise gain a Death Attack ability which s typically used during a surprise round. Reactionary (Combat): Initiative bonuses are great for Rogues.

Inspired (Faith): Since Rogues spend so much time using skills, you have a lot of opportunities to use this. Pick up a utility option like Mage Hand or Prestidigitation.

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Pragmatic Activator (Magic): If you're not a Face, but you still want to use UMD, this can get a a huge bonus by ignoring your 7 Charisma in favor of your high Intelligence. Life of Toil (Social): Bonus to a bad save.

Even Reflexes (Half-Elf Racial): The same effect as Reactionary, but doesn't take up your Combat trait. Acrobatics (Ex): Great to move around in combat without getting killed.

Bluff (CIA): Helpful for any face, and feinting is a nice way for melee Rogues to get some self-sufficiency in combat. Disable Device (Ex): Essential for Scouts who need to handle traps.

Knowledge (local) (Int): Useful for identifying humanoids and for plot stuff in some campaigns. Perception (Wis): The most-rolled skill in the game by a huge margin.

Bookish Rogue : Generally when you set your Minor and Major Magic talents, you select options which are important to your build. Dastardly Finish : Fear stacking can be very effective, but Rogues have very few mechanics to do it on their own.

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Talented Magician : The Elf can get just as many extra uses with two levels worth of favored class bonus. Shadow Strike : Usually it's a better idea to remove the concealment, but if your party likes to use effects like Fog Cloud, this can be a huge advantage in combat.

Combat Expertise : Not useful on its own, but it opens up a lot of other great options. Disengaging Feint : The Withdrawal action lets you move twice your speed, affects all opponents which threaten your current square, and doesn't require a Bluff check.

Disengaging Shot : This allows you to Feint, attack, then move all in one turn. Sneaking Precision : Critical feats aren't a good choice for Rogues.

Strangler : With 2/3 BAD combat maneuvers are hard for Rogues, making Grapple an unlikely choice. Two-Weapon Fighting : TWF Rogues have been a staple for a long time, and for good reason.

Improved Two-Weapon Fighting : 4 total attacks can mean a huge amount of damage. Greater Two-Weapon Fighting : With 2/3 BAD and TWF penalties, it's very difficult for a Rogue to hit with their third iterative attacks, so it's perfectly acceptable to skip this feat.

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You can dual-wield hand crossbows, but you will need to class dip into Alchemist or Witch to get something which allows you to reload while dual-wielding. Light Crossbow : A good ranged option, and it doesn't care about your Halfling Rogue's 5 Strength.

Short sword : A common choice for two-weapon fighting because you can use them in both hand and only take Weapon Focus once. Don't bother enhancing because you're going to get a Mitral Shirt pretty quickly.

Masterwork Buckler : If you're using a ranged weapon or doing two-weapon fighting, a masterwork buckler offers a cheap way to boost your AC if you're willing to pay the -1 penalty to attacks. Dark wood Heavy Shield : If you're in melee using a single weapon, a Dark wood Heavy Shield has no armor check penalty, so it's a cheap and easy way to boost your AC without cutting into your damage output.

For the same 9150gp for +3 Aramaic, you can buy 12 wands, netting you a total of 600 hours of mage armor. If you have a wizard in the party, buy them a pearl of power 1 for 1000gp, and they can get you hours/level of mage armor for essentially nothing.

Unfortunately you won't be able to go past +1 without your DM allowing you to enhance the weapon beyond its default stats, but without this your best bet is buying dozens of +1 daggers anyway, so you come out ahead either way. Sword of Subtlety (22,310 GP): Very pricey, but a +4 to attacks and damage makes this effectively a +5 weapons for slightly more than the price of a +3.

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Protection : A bit of extra AC is always welcome for melee Rogues. Cloak of Displacement : A great defensive option, but remember that it can't be used to hide in plain sight.

Sniper Goggles (Regular or Greater) : For ranged builds these are too good to pass up. +2 competence bonus for each sneak attack die is an absolutely ridiculous amount of extra damage.

Seriously, this item is so insanely good I don't think I would allow it at my table because the abuse cases are too easy. Dark vision PUB : Dark vision is essential when so much of your skillet requires sneaking around in the dark, but at hours per level duration you may be able to convince a party member to spare you a spell slot every day.

You can't Sneak Attack targets with concealment, so See Invisibility is a much better option than effects like Glitter dust which only allow you to locate invisible creatures, but don't remove their concealment. STR 10 Ex 20 Con 12 int 16 Wis 14 CIA 7 this is a ex slave who was brought up to be a gladiator.

For someone who does not have much human contact seems legit to have such a low charisma. Like a cloak boosting thief skills or scarf of resistance.

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Just want to go out of the norm and think outside the box and rules if allowed in the game. The rules you'd want to read are here: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic- items #...-Item-Creation The reason “scarf of resistance” (presumably neck slot) doesn't usually exist is because it costs 1.5x a cloak of resistance.

I hope I'm not really derailing the thread here but what race are you and what kind of point buy did you use? Granted those are not rogue specific but depending on your view of your character it might give some additional flavor (someone who always has the right tools for the job).

Other than that I'm not sure ... maybe the umbra collar for the shadow template would be sweet when you can afford it. Don't forget to buy MW items for your most important skills.

Using the item set synergy bonuses from 3.5 MIC, it wound up being awesome. Throwing out this out but for instance, take a lesser enchantment and craft onto an item of choice.

Or a cloak of resistance enchantment place on like other item like a hat or scarf. It's possible using the custom magic item creation rules that I linked in my original reply.

If caster level, spell craft meet the requirements and the and objects needed for a cloak of stealth feather fall (permanent use and gain stealth bones). The rules did not specify that and just wanted an opinion if that is legit and legal by the book.

If caster level, spell craft meet the requirements and the and objects needed for a cloak of stealth feather fall (permanent use and gain stealth bones). The rules did not specify that and just wanted an opinion if that is legit and legal by the book.

2000(continuous)x1(spell level)x1(cl ... unless you want a higher one)x4(multiplier for short duration) + 5^2 (skill bonus square) x 100 (base multiplier for skill bonus) x 1.5 (additional effect on one item) = 11750 g ... half for creation (that is if you don't need to pay a spell caster to get the spell cast too) Seeing that you could get a ring of feather fall and a custom item of stealth for a meager 4700g I'd talk to my DM about either reducing the price (though not to 4700 ... you still save a slot ... maybe 5800 would be appropriate) or just get the ring and custom item instead.

Just wish the rules give examples of how you put in that forum of an equation. I created a whole magic item set for a rogue /fighter in my game.

Sounds awesome, if you don't mind I say... some items you might like to share or are they just for private use? Caltrops, a good rope, a vest to hide weapons in, masterwork thieves tools.

In addition to that you can create your scarf of resistance with no extra cost. My goal is to get high AC, speed and stealth.

The typical items for that are: Ring of Invisibility (20k; items seem to be gauged individually), Ring of Protection (2k, 8k, 18k, 32k, 50k; formula is 2,000 * Bonus), Amulet of natural Armor (see Ring of Protection), magical armor and shield up to +5 (1k, 4k, 9k, 16k, 25k; formula is 1,000 * Bonus), Boots of Striding and Springing (5,5k), plus maybe an activated item that gives expeditious retreat. Additionally, you should cover your saves with said Cloak of Resistance (see magical armor and shields).

Another idea that conveys the topic of “bursts of speed so high that you cannot be seen neither targeted” is miss chance aka any items that emulate the spells displacement or blur and the haste spell.

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