Best Rogue Jump Rope For Double Unders

David Lawrence
• Friday, 22 January, 2021
• 9 min read

One of the obstacles that holds people back from mastering doubleheaders is the choice of rope used. The WON Nation Speed jump rope is one of the most popular options.

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Best For: Beginners who want a quality jump rope for learning doubleheaders but don’t want to spend a fortune. The RPM Fitness Speed Rope 3.0 Session is made for serious athletes (and the high price reflects this!).

The handles are 6-inch machine-molded hollow aluminum with knurled contoured grip. Note that the Fitness 3.0 rope comes in “Session” and “Competition” versions.

While the FitSkuad jump rope certainly isn’t the most elite (and not something you’d want to use for competition training), it performs well on all fronts. At nearly 6 inches, the handles are good for all hand sizes and maintaining control.

A double ball bearing system helps provide smoother rotation of the jump rope. They will start to wear down eventually but are pretty durable for a cheap CrossFit jump rope.

Best For: Beginners looking for an all-around quality double under rope that won’t break the bank. It costs a bit more than your standard quality ropes, but most athletes think it is worth it because of the dual ball bearing head which is really smooth.

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The handles are compatible with 6 other cable types offered by the company. The foam grip is a nice touch for people whose hands tend to cramp up.

I’m including this CrossFit jump rope last because it’s the lowest quality of all the ones listed here. You’ve got two sets of collars for adjusting the length, smooth bearings, and a rubber-coating cable that holds up even during abuse.

A double under is a jump rope exercise in which the rope has two complete rotations beneath your feet during the course of one jump. Doubleheaders offer an intense workout which improves balance, endurance, strength and even cognitive function.

According to a Kannada University study, sprint speed can be enhanced by performing doubleheaders. These ropes are generally sized too long, have handles with poor grip, and produce too much friction to get adequate speed.

Cross Fit Doubleheaders Ropes: With CrossFit, the goal is endurance. Standard jump ropes usually have dinky handles made out of plastic.

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It is worth it to pay a few extra bucks for a contoured grip with padding– especially if you plan on spending significant time mastering doubleheaders. These keep the handle tight, so the cable doesn’t start sliding.

Make sure you choose a jump rope which has some sort of rotating mechanism for the cable. I don’t know of any jump rope company which sells just replacement rotators for their handles.

It stays fixed in this position as its rotates, so you consistently have the rope coming out. Unfortunately though, side mounted jump ropes aren’t suitable if you want to use the jump rope for any crossovers or jumps where the hands aren’t strictly held at the side.

CrossFit jump rope cables come in different thicknesses, materials, and with coatings. Cable Thickness and Weight (aka Speed) Jump ropes for beginners are generally made out of a thicker wire and/or have a coating around them.

The extra weight and thickness of these cables make them much slower. They are much easier for beginners because they provide tactile feedback as they hit the ground.

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Beginners will generally want a cable coated with PVC or nylon. The coating provides you with better tactile feedback as the rope hits the ground, allowing you to perfect your doubleheaders.

Collars can be used to hold the jump rope in place on the handles, so it doesn’t slip. As you progress, you can usually fit any smaller cable into your existing handles.

Sizing your jump rope correctly is the most important thing you can do for improving doubleheaders. As a beginner, the jump rope will be a bit longer and have more clearance over your head.

Beginners: Elite SRS Fitness recommends leaving 8 to 12 inches of clearance over your head. Intermediate: 4-7 inches of clearance provides a nice balance between speed and control.

Advanced: David from Paradise CrossFit says that 1 inch of clearance while maintaining perfect form is ideal. To size your jump rope properly, you’ve got to pay attention to form.

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This way you don’t accidentally take off too much rope Have someone watch you jump during your first test. This ensures that you are using proper form, which is important for getting the rope length correct.

After weeks of researching and years of testing in the gym, we found the best CrossFit jump ropes around. There’s a reason that RX Smart Gear is the official training rope for USA boxing and wrestling (among others).

Made of 100% lightweight aerospace-grade aluminum, the contoured handles prevent slippage no matter how sweaty your hands get. The recently added fingertip knurling gives you more speed control and whip accuracy.

Even when our hands were slick with sweat, a dose of chalk made the handles as drippy as our favorite barbell (the Rogue Chan bar powder-coated in black, if you were wondering). The handles are also built with a dual bearing system that allows the cable to spin freely without tangling.

As a side note, bare cable can also whip, which hurts like crazy and leaves red stripe welts if you miss a jump. Two Hi-Precision cartridge ball bearings in each handle let the rope spin freely.

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Plus, the wide ends of the handles help you keep your grip while swinging the rope. The coated steel ropes all arrive at 11 feet in length, which is fine for taller athletes.

But, occasionally the screw will loosen up and fly off in the middle of a workout. This lets the rope fly out of the handle and leaves you wandering around the floor, feeling around for a tiny screw.

One of the most important double -under skills is the ability to control the speed of your rope. Thicker cables provide more tactile feedback and are more responsive to hand movement, easing the learning curve for newer jumpers.

Length: Adjustable Pros: Cable spins slowly, giving beginners a chance to learn to time Cons: Too slow for intermediate and advanced athletes Premium, drippy handles sport a fast-clip system that lets you change out cables easily.

Most speed jump ropes come with cables that weigh 1-2 ounces with minor variances depending on length and coating. But the best way to measure is to stand in the middle of the rope and pull the handles straight up as high as they’ll go.

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Bare steel cables are faster, making them better for speed jumping. Cables are less sturdy and go through tens of thousands of repetitions sliding against the ground at high speeds.

During the workout, users will notice fatigue in the shoulders and upper back. Additionally, the lungs and heart will get a good workout as the reps stack up.

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