Best Rogue Keybind Setup

Daniel Brown
• Tuesday, 01 December, 2020
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The ability to correctly use skills such as Vanish, Evasion, Blind and Kick, along with the fast nature of Combo point generation and usage requires a robust set of keybindings for a rogue. The veteran Assassination Rogue’s keybindings will reflect the need to maintain the Rupture rebuff while focusing other finishers onto Envenom.

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In a PVP scenario, the usage of abilities such as Blind or Kick will make the difference between success and failure, so go ahead and look at these optimized keybindings. In case of special circumstances, the rogue will use Killing Spree or Blade Flurry to dish out more damage.

Although not often seen in PVP, Combat Rogues have access to the same utility skills as the other specs, so the keybindings should not only focus on damage. With this Subtlety Rogue keybindings, you can expect to greatly increase your skill at playing a rogue, so expect to Shadow step to enemies to Shadow dance, Sap and Cheap shot many people at once as you have complete control over the fight and dish out incredible Ambush and Backstab damage.

I have been playing my rogue a bit lately and use 1-5 for combo point generators and E and R for finishers. Now we have SND, so I put that on T. It’s really messing me up, and I have to relearn my muscle memory.

I use 1 for stealth, 2 for my main generator, and then 3-5 for symbols, shadow dance, and shadow blade. I have a decent amount of options for key binds, but I’m just trying to play with how to do my rotation optimally and have access to my utility.

All my arena 123 binds are on z × c. All defensive are on v Q and shift q are kidney and focus kidney R is mobility F is evil Shift f is rupture Ctrl f is dance. I use mostly shift for the letter keys that I can reach and a couple of CTRL.

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It just makes stuff a lot easier without having to use modifiers, since I tend to fat-finger as it is. You can also put symbols, shadow dance, and shadow blade into a macro that will pop anything that's off CD.

It's worked for me so far to help me learn, although I know the more experienced players keep a separate Shadowdance-only button up as well. If you use bartender4, I would keep all 3 on a small bar near your macro button, so you can track their CDs.

You either want to MID kidney dance macro shadow strike TIL 4-5 CP then evil. You want to cheap shot as you get to the end of your CP so that fat evil gets juicy with the prey on the weak modifier.

You should be running subterfuge for anything PVP related and even just world questing. The main way to do damage in open world as sub is to get as many eviscerates inside stuns due to the prey on the weak talent.

I know its personal preference, but I would put buttons you press all the time on 1 to 6, which would be generators and finishers (in both ST and AOE). The rest of the customizable buttons or ones with alt/shift modifiers can be used on CDs, Utility, consumables, etc.

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I've work as a professional game tester, and I've been over 2500 rating in arena, so I thought I'd share some of these keybindings with you. In World of Warcraft, proper keybinding can improve your gameplay a lot.

Sadly, the game does not properly explain the concept of key binds. So for the fans who are interested to know the keybinding in World of Warcraft, we have brought a guide to help them out.

Basically, a key bind is a sort of shortcut to use an action. If you click spells, there will be a substantial cumulative loss in the number of abilities available for combative use.

Admittedly, it can be tough to play with new key binds for players used to the old settings. For instance, you can avoid clicking abilities until you get accustomed to the new arrangement.

If you use a spell more frequently, then it should be closer to the movement keys, and vice versa. Start by making a basic change, which will aid movement and release two important key binds.

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’S” can possibly be used as a key bind for “Move Backward” or “Back peddle.” Quite a few players suggest doing away with it altogether and using it for any spell instead. However, there are many scenarios in Eve where you need to make minute adjustments to your positioning.

If you use some of these key binds, you may have to move their older functionality to another key. Most key binds open up different menus, which are generally not used in battle.

Those include covenant abilities, extra action buttons, combat potions, and trinkets. That is because most of the time, your thumb will be on the Space bar and not really pressing any of the function keys.

First key bind abilities as a “combo” by hitting the modifier. Spells generally used with modifier key binds include defensive or offensive abilities with exceptionally long cooldowns, utility potions, or spells.

The first one is the classic five or six-button mouse, with two extra buttons on the side and one just behind the scroll wheel. MMO mice add more than twelve available key binds, and are thus quite popular.

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Whichever kind of mouse you use, some key binds will be universal while others will be exclusive to MMO mice. However, remember that binding anything to F4 and using ALT as a modifier is a bad idea.

The key binds vary depending on the size of the keyboard. For example, I use the Logitech 213, which its size is “medium”.

I recently saw a post on “scroll wheel or hotkeys” so I decided to make this thread. Don't use scroll wheel, you are never going to be good at PVP especially UHC or skyward.

1 – 1 (weapon) 2 – 2 (rod, snowballs, eggs) 3 – 3 4-4 5-5 6-6 7-7 8-8 9-9 f5-k Optimize Zoom Z-C I recently saw a post on “scroll wheel or hotkeys” so I decided to make this thread.

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