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A Modifier, also known as a Prefix, applies permanent changes to an item's statistics. All modifiers added by the Calamity Mod can be obtained through normal means, including Crafting, Grab bags, NPC shops, and natural world generation.

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Like other classes, the player's current rogue proficiency level and the stats gained from it can be viewed by purchasing a Rogue Level Meter from the Goblin Tinkerer, and the proficiency gain rate will be boosted if it is equipped. Depending on the armor worn, the maximum Stealth value can vary between 50 and 130, though it is able to be boosted further through the use of accessories.

It initially takes exactly 3 and 9 seconds of inactivity to achieve full Stealth while standing still and moving respectively, though this can be significantly shortened with certain accessories. The following stats are what are granted when at maximum Stealth, listing the lowest max of 20, a typical player's max of 150 (ARIC Tesla armor and an Eclipse Mirror), and the highest possible max of 190 (ARIC Tesla Armor, Eclipse Mirror, Dark God's Sheath, and Silencing Sheath). Note that once at maximum, every point counts toward +0.67% rogue damage instead of +0.5%.

Several rogue weapons have unique stealth strike effects, listed below. Weapon Stealth Strike effect Acidic Rain Barrel Bounces off walls up to 3 times.

Adamant ite Throwing Axe Summons three homing lightning bolts from the bottom of the screen. Alpha Virus Travels slower but builds up plague seekers over time.

Ashen Stalactite Becomes larger, travels slower, lasts longer, and breaks into damaging dust. Blood soaked Crashed Releases homing blood orbs on enemy hits which heal the player.

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Bouncy Spiky Ball Gains a larger damage and velocity boost after bouncing. Celestial Reaper Creates damaging afterimages which spawn in greater quantity as the original scythe hits more enemies.

Consecrated Water Creates two extra flame pillars on both sides of the original. Crystalline Clones split into four short-ranged copies and all daggers explode into crystal dust when destroyed.

Deep Sea Dumbbell Multiplies the damage by up to 650%, depending on the number of flexes. Deep Wounder Travels faster and further while trailing water behind it, additionally inflicting the Crush Depth rebuff.

Delphic Thunderbolt Travels farther and causes more lightning strikes to appear. Desecrated Water Releases 3-5 additional bubbles that inflict the Actor and Cursed Inferno rebuffs.

Eclipse's Fall Sticks into enemies instead of piercing, raining spears down upon its target. Fantasy Talisman Releases lingering souls while traveling, and more projectiles while attached.

Frost crush Valarie Throws three short ranged boomerangs as-well as a spread of slow moving, gravity-affected icicles. Frosty Flare Releases gravity affected snowflakes as it travels, rains down phantom copies instead of ice shards.

Gel Dart Ignores gravity, bounces more violently, and releases streams of slime as it travels. Ghoulish Gouger Releases a wave of homing souls on enemy hits.

Heaven fallen Star disk Constantly rains bolts of astral energy down as it travels. Hypothermia Fires a chain of ice chunks that explodes into more shards.

Icebreaker Causes cosmic explosions on enemy hit that do 1.5 times the weapon’s damage and inflict the Night wither and Glacial State. Infernal Kris Glows orange and explodes on enemy hits.

Infernal Spear Rains fireballs that are affected by gravity and deal 25% damage as it travels. Jaws of Oblivion Creates a large shock wave after hitting an enemy which inflicts the Crush Depth rebuff.

Orichalcum Spiked Gemstone Thrown dagger pierces infinitely and lasts longer. Phantasmal Ruin Releases spear clones instead of lost souls and at a faster rate.

Spear clones similarly home onto enemies, and fade away over time. Phantom Lance Maintains a constant velocity, and souls released always deal maximum damage.

Radiant Star Splits into six copies and emits a larger, lingering explosion. Sand Dollar Throws two at once and spawns coral shards on enemy hits.

Scourge of the Desert Is less affected by gravity, pierces much more, and gains 20% extra damage for each enemy hit up to a max of 200%. Sea foam Bomb Moves faster and explodes into 4 extra bubbles.

Boomerang Releases homing spores as it travels, and grants the Mushy buff upon hitting an enemy. Sky fin Bombers Throws three at once, with homing regardless of position and massive aura upon impact.

Slick Cane 1/15 (6.67%) chance for enemies hit to drop 1-3 gold coins. Spear of Paleolithic Travels slower but farther while releasing more fossil shards.

Tarragon Throwing Dart Causes a circle of eight thorns that deal 25% weapon damage to form around hit enemies. Terror Talons Throws a large, fast, accurate claw that pierces up to 9 enemies while dealing far greater damage.

Throwing Brick Shatters after hitting blocks and enemies, dealing damage over a large area. Totality Breakers Releases falling tar projectiles as it travels.

Toxic ant Twister Throws two at once, with faster speeds and dust particles releasing in their path. Urchin Stinger Sticks into the target and releases damaging bubbles that float upwards.

This knife acts as a boomerang, ignores immunity frames and pierces indefinitely. Valediction Causes three typhoons that deal half the weapon’s damage on enemy hits.

Rogue accessories and armor will not boost throwing damage nor critical strike chance. Accessory Source Effect Hard mode Visible on Character Abyssal Mirror Crafted at a Hard mode Anvil Increases stealth regeneration by 30% while standing and 20% while moving, Grants a slight chance to evade attacks, releasing a cloud of lumen fluid and ink bombs that damages and stuns nearby enemies, evading an attack grants a lot of stealth, and has a 20s cooldown.

Bloodstained Glove Dropped by The Perforations Stealth strikes have +10 armor generation and heal for 1 HP. Summons a red lightning aura to surround the player and electrify nearby enemies.

Press Q to consume 25% of the player's maximum stealth to perform a swift upwards/diagonal dash which leaves a trail of lightning bolts Coin of Deceit Crafted at an Anvil Rogue critical chance is increased by 6%. Corrosive Spine Dropped by Aquatic Scourge Grants 4 defense and 10% movement speed.

Rogue attacks inflict Poisoned, Venom, and releases toxic clouds. Dragon Scales Purchased from Bandit Causes all rogue projectiles to create a slow fireball as it travels, stealth strikes create infernos on projectile death, after Sharon has been defeated the player is granted 10% increased movement speed and acceleration.

Grants a small chance to evade attacks in a blast of dark sun light that inflicts extreme damage, evading an attack grants full stealth and has a 20s cooldown. Electrician's Glove Crafted at a Tinkerer's Workshop Stealth strikes summon sparks on enemy hits.

Stealth strikes have +30 armor generation, deal 10% more damage, and heal for 1 HP. Ethereal Exporter Purchased from Bandit Grants different boosts that vary with the environment.

10% rogue damage but reduced life regent Feather Crown Crafted at a Sky Mill 15% increased rogue projectile velocity and stealth strike causes feathers to rain down on enemy hits. Filthy Glove Dropped by The Hive Mind Stealth strikes have +10 armor generation and deal 10% more damage.

Mirage Mirror Crafted at a Tinkerer's Workshop Reduces enemy aggression outside the abyss. Moonstone Crown Crafted at an Ancient Manipulator 15% increased rogue projectile velocity, stealth strikes summon lunar flares on enemy hits.

Nanotech Crafted at Dragon's Forge Rogue projectiles leave behind nanoblades as they travel. Plagued Fuel Pack Dropped from Plague bringer 5% increased rogue damage.

Press Q to consume 25% of the player's maximum stealth to perform a swift upwards/diagonal dash which leaves a trail of plagued clouds. This effect has a 3-second cooldown before it can be used again Psychotic Amulet Dropped from Possessed Armor Boosts rogue and ranged damage and critical strike chance by 5%.

Raider's Talisman Crafted at an Anvil Increases rogue damage every time the player critically strikes, stacking up to 150 times and a total of 15% increased rogue damage. Ruin Medallion Crafted at a Hard mode Anvil Stealth strikes only expend 50% of the player's max stealth, 6% increased rogue damage and increased rogue critical strike chance.

Sand Cloak Dropped from Desert Scourge +1 defense and 5% increased movement speed. Press C to consume 25% of the player's maximum stealth to create a protective dust veil which provides +6 defense and +2 life regent.

Spectral Veil Dropped from Signs Press Z to consume 25% of the player's maximum stealth to create a perform a short-ranged teleport and render them momentarily invulnerable. Thief's Dime Purchased from Bandit Summons a coin that revolves around the player and steals money from enemies.

Vampire Talisman Crafted at a Hard mode Anvil Rogue projectiles grant life steal on cries. Venerated Locket Purchased from Bandit 10% increased rogue damage.

Appearance Set Head Chest Legs Sum Bonuses / Effects / Notes Cost / Source / Crafted At Empyrean armor 0 20 0 27 0 24 0 71 32% increased rogue damage and critical strike chance 26% increased movement speed +20 max life Immunity to lava Immunity to Cursed, On Fire! , Cursed Inferno, and Chilled Set Bonus: Imbued with cosmic wrath and rage when you are damaged.

Rogue attacks spawn Empyrean Stars which home in on enemies. Melee and Throwing attacks create Empyrean Blast explosions on hit.

Ranged attacks spawn Empyrean Fire sparks which fall to the ground and linger for a few seconds. Magic attacks spawn Empyrean Orbs that home in on enemies or heal the player (similar to the Specter armor).

The Calamity Mod modifies some vanilla potions including Flasks to grant rogue -based effects. Holding a spiky ball increases rogue critical strike chance by 10%.

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