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Maria Garcia
• Sunday, 27 December, 2020
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While this has evolved, from lifting rocks and stones, to using high tech weightlifting bars and weight plates, the core concepts remain the same. Let’s take a look at the two basic components in today’s weightlifting world.

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In its simplest form, it is a long metal pole, and weight plates of various sizes are slid onto the bar. In today’s world, however, this is a complex, highly machined piece of steel, designed and engineered to support hundreds of pounds of weight, flex as it is picked up off the ground, and stress as it is dropped from height after the lift.

Ancient Greek pictorials show men lifting large stones with holes cut in them as handholds. Having these gives you access to an exercise to improve your strength, flexibility, muscle tone, and overall health.

In this article, we will be reviewing ten different weightlifting power rack versions, all manufactured and/or distributed by Rogue Fitness. We’ll also highlight the best features of these racks, their costs, and assign them an overall rating based on quality, value, and performance.

This section of the article will take a quick, high level look at ten different power racks sold by Rogue Fitness. Further on in the article, we will look into detail at each of the racks, and make some recommendations on which might be the best fit for the consumer.

$ (4.9 / 5)4 Rogue R-3 Power Rack Available in a standard or short version to accommodate ceiling heights. $$ (4.7 / 5)8 Rogue Bolt-Together R-3 Assembly required, but allows for easy maneuvering in small spaces.

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$$$$ (4.6 / 5)Prices are based on the standard configuration power rack, with no extra customization. The Conversion Kit (#10 above) is $ by itself, but if you purchase one of the two compatible squat racks the total price moves into the $$ bracket.

Powerlifting at competition level consists of two basic weight lifting techniques. Each of them starts with the weight on the ground, so there are no benefits to the powerlifter in using a rack, other than cross-training with different lifting movements.

Weightlifting normally consists of using heavier weights for repeated movements, until muscle failure is reached. The goal of weight training is body toning, not large muscle development.

A weight rack can be very helpful for this type of workout, and can even enhance safety, if the individual is working out alone. Many of the same weight movements can be used by powerlifters to improve overall stamina and strength, but that aspect of lifting will not be our main focus here.

Second, as you look at options available with the racks, most of them offer plate and bar combinations. The inside dimension needs to be wide enough where you can work both comfortably and safety within the confines of the rack.

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Bolting down the unit, will obviously limit your flexibility in moving it between locations, such as outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter. In Westside spacing, the area where you will perform bench presses has the holes spaced one inch apart for greater flexibility and comfort in performing the lift; the distance between the bench and the bar can be adjusted based on your individual measurements.

On upper end racks, you will see numbers assigned to these holes to help you make sure the pegs and bars are set at the same height inside the cage. Some weightlifting racks will use 1/2-inch bolts for assembly; top-end, heavy-duty models may use 1-inch hardware.

Every rack needs some type of peg system where various shaped holders will be placed to rest the bar. Lower end racks may use an L-shaped bracket, where the bar rests on a 90-degree angle, like the letter “L”.

If you are a competition or serious weightlifter, buying a base rack from your local department store is not going to be right. On the other hand, if you work out only on weekends, you probably don’t need an expensive weight rack system.

Or will your unit be in an ambient temperature environment, where the steel coating becomes a more major consideration? You now should have some idea about how all these individual features and specifications fit together to comprise a weight rack system.

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Because this information has been at a fairly high level, it is also important to drop a notch, and take a look at each of these ten racks in more detail. In the next section, we’ll look at overall impressions of the system, the advantages and strengths of the rack, and any disadvantages or missing features that could affect your purchase.

First Impressions: This economy matches up many of the features from the other “R” series rack, with a $$ price and a 5.0- star review, so it would seem like a no-brainer purchase. It comes with standard skinny and fat grip pull-up bars, J-cups, and a set of four pegs for resistance band training.

A 52” x 52” footprint gives plenty of work area, without taking up a ton of space, and the unit is just over 90” tall. Pros: A good utility rack, without a lot of features, but certainly versatile enough for the novice or experienced lifter.

Final Thoughts: It’s difficult to draw firm conclusions based on the limited reviews. Features & Specifications : Available in eleven different colors, this rack has a giant 80” x 53” footprint, and comes in three heights from 90” to 108”, allowing for varied pull-up bar placement.

The standard, moveable J cups come with a high molecular weight plastic coating, and are rated at 1000 pounds. Laser cut numbers make hole alignment easy when placing the J cups.

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Final Thoughts: This rack is probably beyond the reach of even the most dedicated lifters, based on overall price and all the bells and whistles both standard and available as options. Two available depths, 21” or 41”, give the lifter flexibility in determining the inside usable area.

The 4.9 rating and lifetime warranty are a strong indication of the quality and durability of this rack. When stowed away, it takes up only 5” of space off the wall, which makes it perfect for a garage application where you still need the car inside.

Features & Specifications : Constructed from 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel, with 5/8” hardware, this is a heavy-duty unit, at either 63 or 190 pounds, depending on the depth configuration chosen. Pros: This unique design allows the lifter the functionality of a standing weightlifting rack, without permanently committing the floor space for one.

A heavy-duty hinge and pin system lock the extended unit in place without excessive movement during lifting. An optional stringer system is highly recommended by Rogue to facilitate mounting on the wall.

The unit is fully functional, but there are not a lot of options available for it, such as dip stations and plate storage pegs. Final Thoughts: This rack is an excellent combination of design, functionality, and flexibility.

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For those lifters with space limitations, they can still have a good quality, basic weightlifting rack. Pros: A $$ price and a 4.9 rating combine to make this a desirable rack for the novice or experienced lifter.

The expand ability of this rack allows you to start on a basic level, and add functionality over time. Having a shorter version available could make this attractive to a wider market base.

Cons: While the base configuration weighs in at 200 pounds, the unit must be bolted to the floor for safety and security. Some reviewers expressed concern about the tight interior depth for doing squats; others claim it is not an issue.

Functionality and specs are similar to the R-3, with some additions like a second pull-up bar and standard resistance band pegs. Features: This weightlifting rack has a 53” x 53” footprint, and is constructed out of 2” x 3” 11-gauge steel, 5/8” hardware, and a black powder coating finish.

Plastic coated J cups, pegs for resistance bands, and safety pipes and pins all come as standard equipment. The expand ability of this rack allows you to start on a basic level, and add functionality over time.

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While it does not have the “shorty” version available like the R-3, the overall dimensions of this unit make it usable for most home gyms. Cons: Even with fifty pounds additional weight, floor mounting is still highly recommended for this unit.

With heavy-duty construction featuring 3” x 3” rails and 5/8” hardware, this is a solid unit, built for a long usable life. Rogue recommends that the unit be mounted to the floor unless a stabilizer bar is added.

The unit has a 49” x 49” interior dimension working area, and comes in a black powder coating finish as standard. Pros: From a quality ranking perspective, this is another 4.9 rated unit, and a price still in the $$ range.

This unit has several options available for upgraded equipment and features, which can be added over time to prevent the initial “sticker shock”. This rack comes with very heavy-duty construction, solid weight and footing for stability, includes a lot of bells and whistles, with capability for more.

Big enough for squats or any interior lift, and tall enough for most to do dead weight body hangs from the pull-up bar without touching the floor. Laser cut numbers on the hole spacing make matching heights across the unit simple and efficient.

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Rubber coated foot guards protect flooring and prevent any movement during rack usage. This rack is compatible with many other Monster accessories, including dip stations and plate storage pegs.

Final Thoughts: This is a solid unit, but starting to sneak up there in the price range. I see this rack more in the realm of gyms and weight training rooms, not individual homes.

First Impressions: This, along with the wall-mount unit we looked at earlier, is another modified version of another rack; in this case, the R-3. Of this unit is that it is shipped assembled, ostensibly so you can more easily maneuver it up a tight staircase or low ceiling area.

Pros: The unit features everything you need in its standard configuration, including pin and pipe safety bars, J cups, and resistance band pegs. A $$ price and a 4.8 rating combine to make this a desirable rack for the novice or experienced lifter.

Cons: While the base configuration weighs in at 200 pounds, the unit must be bolted to the floor for safety and security. Some reviewers expressed concern about the tight interior depth for doing squats; others claim it is not an issue.

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I’m sure there are occasional instances where this rack might make sense, but I’m guessing the vast majority just buy the R-3. The combination of a high-end $$$$ price and, by Rogue standards, a low 4.8 rating would move me to push this one off to the side while shopping.

Features & Specifications : This rack has the same 80” x 53” footprint as the RM-6, the same 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel, but dropped to 5/8” hardware for assembly. Pipe and pin safety system, resistance band pegs, and bumper plate storage posts are standard.

Cons: There are no numbers assigned to the holes as in the RM-6, making alignment of pegs and safety equipment more difficult. Given all the weightlifting power racks offered by Rogue, this combination of high price and lower quality rating makes this a bad value.

Final Thoughts: Unless there is a big sale or some other event to stimulate demand, I don’t see this RM-6 “wannabe” being a good purchase. You can get a full-featured RM-6 rack for a couple of hundred bucks more, or drop to a 390 or 490, get similar functionality and specs, and save some serious money.

By doing so, you get more spotting (read as safety) options, and improved storage for you weight plates. Addition functionality, such as long and short plate storage pegs and a pin and pipe safety system are optional and at extra cost.

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Pros: This conversion kit lets you expand the functionality of your existing Rogue S-2 or S-3 squat rack. The purchase of optional features let you increase plate storage on this piece of equipment.

Final Thoughts: If you have the right Rogue squat rack in your equipment, and want to expand the functionality of it, then this conversion kit might be worth looking into. For the same or a little more money, you can get a full rack, with improved stability and greater features and functionality.

As we noted earlier, weightlifting goes all the way back to ancient civilizations, like the Chinese and Greeks. The Scots to this day have competitions over how far they can throw tree trunks, and circus strong men were among the earliest lifters.

In the late 1800s, more formalized weight lifting competitions began to evolve, starting in Western Europe. In 1932, five different weight classes for lifters were established, allowing them to compete with opponents of common size, across three specific lifting movements.

The original concept was advanced by Jack Balance, a very influential person in the early days of American fitness. Smith arranged to have a prototype built, and then managed to work it into a chain of gyms owned by Vic Nanny.

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We know from earlier discussions here that weightlifting and weight training are two different things. They want to gain strength, improve their overall fitness, and develop firm muscle tone.

It can increase heart health by improving aerobic capability, and lowering one’s cholesterol profile. The detailed review undertaken on these ten racks looked at both common and unique features and specification.

So, from this list, let’s get started choosing the west weightlifting rack choices. Customer A has been weight training for some time, and is getting ready to move up from his department store equipment into something a little further up the quality scale.

He feels a rack will help him meet his overall strength goals, and provide him safety considerations, as he typically works out alone. Customer B is a novice lifter, just getting started in the sport, and looking for a good value investment in a weight rack to help him meet his goals.

The best of” racks should be suitable for personal use, not just designed for the commercial gym or professional athlete. We will not, however, automatically exclude those higher end racks; if they provide the right mix of cost and value, they will be selected.

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Let’s begin this exercise by looking at the #10 rack on the list, the HR2 conversion kit. This one is pretty much the same machine as the R3 Power Rack, but it comes assembled, purportedly to allow for maneuvering it up tight stairways or in rooms with narrow doors or low ceilings.

Okay, an interesting concept, but is it really worth paying more than the standard R3 model, and then having to take the time to assemble it? It would be perfect for a garage application, or a multi-use room where you could not leave a full rack set up all the time.

I’d say this is probably not a great step-up choice for our experienced lifter, but could be a good starter rack given its $ price and 4.9 rating. Unless you are a professional or competition level lifter, or an elite athlete, the $$$$$ price of this rack is going to chase away most individuals.

This is a rack you would most likely find in a top end gym, or in a professional or collegiate weight or training room. Slight advantage Echo for having a deeper working area, but positive to the R3 for the different height availability.

Realistically, you could not go wrong buying any of these racks, and it was a very tough task trying to identify enough differences between them to pick the best of the best.

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