Best Rogue Names Ever

Maria Johnson
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
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Actual names have nothing to do with what person do and how they fight. I’d say it’s still possible to pick a name that fits both, it’s just more complicated.

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You ideally want to pick a name that has the right phonemes and sounds so that it evokes the class rather than outright states it. So you might use “ion” or “us” as word endings, like Tyrion or Magnus etc.

As CEDRAC says, OR, you can find a name that it’s going to be the character IC nickname. It’d certainly open up more possibilities regarding names than if you simply stuck to forenames.

I prefer to find a name that fits the race over the class… I also have a Dark Iron dude called Dag rim and an Orc named Narrow as well as a Lauren named Calm.

As a void elf naming conventions will be similar to Malaysians (self) but it seems by NPCs many rebrand themselves with new last names (it seems weirdly coincidental that all the self used to be self with shadowy stuff in their last names) Alternatively, pick a word, throw it into Google Translate to find something you fancy, then change said translated word a bit.

Law dude (Outlaw) Subdued (Subtle) Ass dude (Assassin) Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.

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The only cool rogue name I've heard is backstabbathI don't type “lol” unless I really laughed NO 1 LIKES MY COOL N AME IDEA Probably because it's not that good or original.

Banned I was in a BG a few nights ago with 3 rogues... Larry, Moe, and Curly. They fought well as a team, and I was having a hard time fighting them off as I was laughing my butt off the whole time.

What's the funniest, most clever, or even most outrageous name for a rogue you've either seen or used? Void Lord A thousand and one Night Elf rogues with the name Drift.

A thousand and one Night Elf rogues with the name Drift. Yeah, it's a bit like all the Self hunters named Pergolas (or some other variation).

Old God Our Mist weaver named his character Butt weaver. God dammit I misread the title I thought this was funny names in general.

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He slipped out of his royal garments, left eternity to enter time, divinity to wrap himself in humanity. The sea of glass, for the ocean of separation.

He left peace, and for the first time felt pain. Because the very hands that held the stars were now sentenced to wear my scars.

Often, a story is about good versus evil, where the heroes battle the forces of darkness over any stakes imaginable. Heroes risk it all to uphold the law, justice, honor, and freedom, or even just to settle a personal vendetta.

Some anime characters, though, stake it out on their own, make their own rules, and wander the earth to find their own niche. Some rogues in anime were always free spirits who made their own world, since they would not or could not fit in as a villain or hero.

Meanwhile, the powerful demon named Sesshomaru started out as a villain in Natasha, determined to slaughter his half-demon brother and inherit their father's great legacy. Leisure leans closer to being a true villain than Sesshomaru does, but overall, his slippery allegiances and self-interest certainly make him a fun outlaw to watch.

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Leisure's ultimate mission is to restore the China family and wreak vengeance on anyone who did it harm, and he joined Team Seven not to be a hero, but gain the power needed to make his ambition a reality. He hit a dead end there and joined Orochimaru to gain some serious strength, as of Naruto Shipped.

No, he'd much rather test his skills and get a thrill from stealing jewels, money, and even people or deadly secrets from banks, private collections, and more. It may be tempting to say that Neck is a hero, since she's the loyal little sister of the heroic demon slayer Janeiro, but not quite.

Many tend to be on the heroic side, though, and that includes the former Soul Reaper Captain Norwich Shirin of the Bleach anime. 110 years ago in the lore, Norwich was the esteemed head of Squad 2, and a noblewoman of the Shirin family.

Strictly speaking, the story of Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is rife with rogues and outlaws, such as the Homunculus Greed, Scar and even the Eric brothers themselves. Dr. Marco his a brilliant scientist who engineered the Philosopher's Stones, but he ran away in disgust after this work was done.

He became a simple healer at a peaceful town until the Homunculi dragged him back to Central, and Scar broke him out again. Now, the good doctor is risking his life to help undo the inhumane work he has done, and that is truly noble.

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As in Full metal Alchemist, many characters in Tojo's Bizarre Adventure operate independently and for selfish reasons, but most of them are clearly defined as heroes of villains. The vampire overlord DID, for example, had an array of elite stand users to employ against Jotaro's squad in Stardust Crusaders.

Tour abandoned the dragon wars of her home and ended up in the human world, and in gratitude for Ms. Kobayashi's kindness, became her housemaid at once. Tour has a human form, which she uses to make the world a better place, one vacuumed floor at a time.

Not by choice, though: the scheming princess Mine frames him, and he's banished from the king's court and kicked out of the four-man squad of heroes. Naomi fights alongside the demi-human Naphtali and Filo, and they save the world one village at a time.

During his travels, Naomi learns more about the world, gains new skills, and fights alongside different allies. About The Author Louis Keener (1804 Articles Published) I graduated from high school in Kansas City in 2009, then earned my Associate's in Arts in 2011 at MCC Longview, then my BA in Creative Writing at UM KC in 2013.

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