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The Rogue is a typical melee DPS class, relying mostly on stealth and cunning to attack their enemies from the shadows. They wield blades and daggers that they used to attack the mobs from the shadows.

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Rogues can be either Assassin or Whisper knife, both are DPS oriented. The purpose of our class guides is not just to show you a build that you can copy and use on your character, but to show you a base build and teach you the mechanics and stats of the game, so you can understand and play your class to its fullest capabilities.

When getting enchantments, always get the ones with the stats you are lacking in with your gear, boons, etc in mind. For example, if you’ve capped CRT with your gear and boons, don’t get azure enchantments for your offense slots.

Cavalry’s Warning Combatant’s Maneuver Artificer’s Persuasion Gladiator’s Guile Survivor’s Gift Survivor’s Blessing Barbarian’s Revelry Brutality / Dominance for Power, or alternatively any other with stats you need.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our NeverwinterRogue Assassin guide, please leave a comment below! More info about the Rogue class can be found at The Never winter Reddit.

The Lost City of OSU and Raven loft expansions saw Rogues dishing out massive amounts of damage in Eve thanks to buffed powers, improved gear, and fresh theory crafting. After years of being a fun-but-mediocre option for Eve, Rogues had finally snuck into the top tier of damage dealers.

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But nothing in Never winter lasts forever, and the massive class rebalancing that came with The Heart of Fire expansion saw Rogues knocked back down the DPS ladder. Nerfs to Whirlwind of Blades, Courage Breaker and Shadow of Demise sliced 40-60% off the old Executioner build's damage output.

Once there was only one viable path, but now Rogues in Never winter will need to switch between situational builds to remain effective. One of Cryptic's the most important goals with the recent Trickster Rogue changes was to make all three feat paths more viable.

Heroic feats: Action Advantage (3/5 points, or 5/5 if you're human), Weapon Mastery (3/3), Toughness (3/3), Cunning Ambushed (3/3), Endless Assault (3/3), Scoundrel Training (2/3 points, or 3/3 if you're human) and Disciple of Strength (3/3) Scoundrel feats: Bloody Brawler (5/5 points), Press the Advantage (5/5), Back Alley Tactics (5/5), Savage Blows (5/5), Low Blows (5/5), and Skull cracker (1/1) Saboteur feats: Flashing Blades (5/5 points), Shady Preparations (5/5), and Knife’s Edge (5/5) Passive powers: Invisible Infiltrator and Infiltrator's Action (IA) (make sure to use the off-hand class feature for IA) Encounter powers (single-target fights): Lashing Blade, Smoke Bomb, and Impossible to Catch Encounter powers (multi-target fights): Dazing Strike, Smoke Bomb, and Blade Flurry Daily powers: Lurker's Assault (for single target) and Whirlwind of Blades (for multi-target) At-will powers: Sly Flourish and Duelist's Flurry Artifact powers: Soul Sight Crystal (for single target) or Vigil of the Devoted (for multi-target) Mount powers: prioritize Artificer's Persuasion, Artificer's Influence, and Protector's Camaraderie Drop Smoke Bomb and use Duelist's Flurry to extend the Skull cracker mark as long as possible, which also triggers the buff from Low Blows.

Open with a stealthed Whirlwind of Blades followed by Smoke Bomb to get the benefit of Low Blows. The nerfs to Smoke Bomb and Whirlwind of Blades have reduced Executioner's multi-target effectiveness, but the Saboteur path has powerful tools for clearing the trash mobs.

The Saboteur build uses Shady Preparations, Knife’s Edge, and One with the Shadows to dramatically shorten your encounter power cooldowns. This increases the uptime for AOE attacks like Smoke Bomb and Dazing Strike, allowing you to chain-daze mobs while you pump out damage.

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Heroic Feats: Action Advantage (3/5 points, or 5/5 if you're human), Weapon Mastery (3/3), Toughness (3/3), Cunning Ambushed (3/3), Endless Assault (3/3), Scoundrel Training (2/3 points, or 3/3 if you're human), and Disciple of Strength (3/3) Saboteur feats: Flashing Blades (5/5 points), Shady Preparations (5/5), Knife’s Edge (5/5), Gutter born (5/5), Ambushed's Haste (5/5), and One with the Shadows (1/1) Scoundrel feats: Bloody Brawler (5/5 points), Press the Advantage (5/5), and Back Alley Tactics (5/5) Passive powers: Invisible Infiltrator and Infiltrator's Action (make sure to use the off-hand class feature for IA) Encounter powers: Dazing Strike, Smoke Bomb, and Blade Flurry Daily powers: Lurker's Assault and Whirlwind of Blades At-will powers: Sly Flourish and Duelist's Flurry Artifact powers: Vigil of the Devoted or Wheel of Elements Mount powers: prioritize Artificer's Persuasion, Artificer's Influence, and Protector's Camaraderie This lets you activate more encounter powers, which in turn refills your stealth bar and feeds the cycle.

A typical fight will start with Whirlwind of Blades from stealth, followed by your artifact power and Smoke Bomb. Blade Flurry is a strong finisher: its high damage and action point generation will set you up for another daily to refill your stealth bar and lower your cooldowns.

If you use stealthed encounters and dailies when you have them, good things will happen, and you'll find your way into an efficient rhythm. With the right buffs and good timing, an Executioner Rogue can take a big chunk off a boss's health bar.

Heroic Feats: Action Advantage (3/5 points, or 5/5 if you're human), Weapon Mastery (3/3), Toughness (3/3), Cunning Ambushed (3/3), Endless Assault (3/3), Scoundrel Training (2/3 points, or 3/3 if you're human), and Disciple of Strength (3/3) Executioner feats: Arterial Cut (5/5 points), Vicious Pursuit (5/5), Death knell (5/5), Last Moments (5/5), Shadow born (5/5), and Shadow of Demise (1/1) Scoundrel feats: Bloody Brawler (5/5 points), Press the Advantage (5/5), and Back Alley Tactics (5/5) Passive powers: Invisible Infiltrator and Infiltrator's Action (make sure to use the off-hand class feature for IA) Encounter powers: Lashing Blade, Smoke Bomb, and Impossible to Catch Daily powers: Lurker's Assault and Whirlwind of Blades At-will powers: Sly Flourish and Duelist's Flurry Artifact powers: Soul Sight Crystal or Vigil of the Devoted Mount powers: prioritize Artificer's Persuasion, Artificer's Influence, and Protector's Camaraderie Use your artifact power: Soul Sight Crystal is best but Vigil of the Devoted works well if you're using Lurker's exclusively.

The best way to deploy these builds in group context is to use Executioner for boss fights and Saboteur for clearing out the trash mobs. Scoundrel's flexibility makes it great for solo play, but in dungeons it's not as effective as a blend of the two builds.

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I’ve given my best attempt to make this guide as easy as possible to read, understand and navigate. I cover every aspect of the Rogue for both veteran, returning and even new players alike.

Others prefer to just select whichever class they feel cosmetically has the best appearance. For those interested in mainly cosmetics, please note that there are many customization options later in the character creation process.

Options like hairstyle, skin color, height, build, etc. The races just offer differences in general appearance, such as Sun Elves having pointy ears, and Tie flings have horns.

I’ll list below all the races with the most beneficial bonuses in an easy-to-read table. 3% Increased Damage. Grants +2 To Any Stat More Info DragonbornPremiumYou receive 3% more healing.+1500 Critical Strike.

3% Increased Damage. Grants +2 To Any Stat More Info Half Oilfree+5% Critical Severity10% Movement Speed Upon Entering Combat.+2 EX / +2 CON or STR More Info TieflingFree+5% Damage To Targets Below 50% HP10% Chance on Receiving Damage To Reduce Enemy’s Attacks By 2.5%.+2 CIA / +2 CON or INT More Info Wood Free+1500 Critical Strike20% Resistance To Effects That Slow Movement+2 EX / +2 INT or WIS More Info Humane+250 Combined Rating/A+3 To Any Ability Score More Info (Outdated) Top Choices for DPS Increase. Although free to choose their own path, they often embody the values of their ancestors: honor, justice and a respect for life.

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In terms of getting the best option, the Metallic Ancestry Dragon born unfortunately falls into the top spot. It has virtually no difference to the regular Dragon born race in terms of actual increase to your damage output.

Why Choose This Race: Despite the scaly, slimy appearance of the Dragon born, it has some of the best Racial Abilities available for any DPS class, not just the Rogue. With increased damage, Critical Strike and additional Ability Scores, it doesn’t get much better than the Dragon born.

If you don’t mind either spending the money, or waiting for a month or two for the TAX to process your order, I say sure. From their orc blood, half-orcs inherit great physical strength and toughness.

Tie flings are scattered through Fern, littered geographically in a reminder of distant times when devils and demons exerted an active influence over the lands. Why Choose This Race: While both “Ability Scores” and “Infernal Wrath” are fairly poor bonuses for a Rogue, Blood Hunt makes up for it with a fairly similar bonus to the Mod 15 Fire Arc hon (though unfortunately it was reworked in Mod 16), which was a popular choice in its day.

The noble houses of these dark elves are in constant conflict, vying for power and the favor of their evil goddess, Loath the Spider Queen. There is no place within Menzoberranzan society for such draw and when discovered are branded as renegades, outcast from their house, and exiled from the city.

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There are six ability scores total, and they contribute to different statistics on your character depending on the class you play. You first select your Ability Scores upon character creation, and it’s important to set it correct the first time around, as it costs Premium Currency (Zen) to reset the initial rolls in the future.

Typically, most classes only focus on 2 Ability Scores (or “Attributes” as they’re often called), as later on as you progress through the game, you only receive 2 points at a time, each at Level 10, 20, 40, 50, 70 and 80. For a Rogue, there are a few different ways you can set your ability scores.

StatDescriptionOpposed ByAccuracyDecreases your enemies chance to deflect your attacks. DeflectionDeflectionIncreases the chance that you will ignore a large amount of incoming damage. AccuracyArmor PenetrationIncreases the percentage of defenses ignored when attacking an enemy. DefenseDefenseDecreases the damage taken. Armor PenetrationCritical ChanceIncreases the chance that you will land a Critical Hit with an attack or healing spells. Critical AvoidanceCritical AvoidanceDecreases the chance that your enemy will land a Critical Hit against you. Critical ChanceCombat AdvantageIncreases your damage when attacking an enemy from an advantageous position. AwarenessAwarenessDecreases your enemy’s damage when being attacked from combat advantage. Combat AdvantagePowerIncreases your damage and healing. N/Action Points (AP)Increases the rate at which you gain action points. N/Recharge SpeedIncreases how quickly your encounter powers recharge. N/Companion InfluenceIncreases the stats shared from your companion to you. N/Critical SeverityBonus damage dealt or healing done on a critical hit. N/Movement SpeedIncreases how quickly you run. Enemies have a base of 18’000 – 40’000 Armor Penetration, Accuracy, Critical Avoidance and Awareness.

Enemies have a base of 68’000 – 90’000 on Critical Strike, Combat Advantage, Defense and Deflection. However, as long as our stats are above the enemy’s Low Ratings, you should see a return or benefit, even if it’s a small amount to begin with.

Paragon Paths are groups of powers and feats that can be used to customize your character’s build. They consist of having no cooldown, but significantly lower damage compared to that of an Encounter or Daily power.

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They are generally used in situations that require more than a basic attack, and have cooldowns ranging anywhere from 9 to 20+ seconds. The Saboteur, Scoundrel and Executioner feat pathways no longer exist unfortunately.

IconNameEffectTriggerFeat TypeTacticsIncreases your Action Point Gain by 10%N/Class FeatureOppressive DarknessWhen you have Combat Advantage, your powers deal an additional 20 magnitude damage to the target. Combat AdvantageClass FeatureToxic BladesEncounter/Daily Attacks Apply A OpenCounter/Daily PowersParagon Feat Master of ShadowsStealth Drains / Regenerates 50% Eastern/Paragon FeatDuelist’s Expertise+0.5% Damage Per Second, 15 Stacks Max. Master Duelist grants 15% Damage For 10 Secondary AttacksParagon Fatback Alley Tactical Up To 10% Damage Based On How Few AP You Have. Low Action PointsParagon Foreshadow’s FlurryAttacks Have A 5% Chance To Spawn Shadowy Figure That Uses The Final Combo Of Duelist’s Flurry AttacksParagon Feat.

If you use it directly after Deft Strike, you’re behind your enemy, and when you use Assassinate from behind your target, it deals 25% Bonus Damage. Additionally, by waiting those extra seconds, your party (and self) has had time to buff up and can make your attack much stronger than your first ones.

I prefer to just spam Duelist’s Flurry, but Gloaming Cut hits nice as well. I also like to Stealth, Duelist’s Flurry, then Lashing Blade.

For Daily Powers, use Bloodbath for multiple enemies if you really have to and Shocking Execution for a single target. Just remember, Stealth on Lashing Blade only and never on Deft Strike or Assassinate.

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Of course, pop your Artifacts and Mount Combat Powers just prior to a big flurry of attacks. Most bonuses only last for 10-12 seconds, so try to make the most of those small moments with big buffs.

When running Ariel, I would switch Deft Strike with Wicked Reminder. Boons are a bonus buff granted to your character that generally are earned through Campaign Completions.

It does not matter which campaign you start with first, you will still have to earn your way up the tier levels regardless. Boons are designed to further compliment your stats, so the majority will be fairly optional.

Useful BoonsIconDescriptionRanksBlood Outrank 1: Decreases target’s awareness by 500 per rank for 10 seconds. 3 Useful BoonsIconDescriptionRanksSevere CriticismIncreases Critical Severity by 1% per rank.4Call of PowerIncreases Action Point Gain by 1% per rank.4Quick TurnaroundIncreases Recovery Gain by 1% per rank.4 Useful BoonsIconDescriptionRanksCaptain’s TrainingIncreases Power by 250 per rank.5AccuracyIncreases Accuracy by 250 per rank.5Necrotic BulwarkIncreases Hit Points by 1000 per rank.5Necrotic MasteryIncreases damage and damage resistance versus undead by 1% per rank.5 Useful BoonsIconDescriptionRanksKnight’s TrainingIncreases Power by 250 per rank.5Combat AdvantageIncreases Combat Advantage by 250 per rank.5Dino BulwarkIncreases Hit Points by 1000 per rank.5Dino PowerIncreases damage and damage resistance versus Dinosaurs by 1% per rank.5Simple SupportIncreases Companion Influence by 2% per rank.5 Useful BoonsIconDescriptionRanksSquire’s TrainingIncreases Power by 250 per rank.5Armor PenetrationIncreases Armor Penetration by 250 per rank.5Demonic BulwarkIncreases Hit Points by 1000 per rank.5Demonic MasteryIncreases damage and damage resistance versus Demons by 1% per rank.5Marathon RunnerIncreases Movement Speed by 2.5% per rank.5 Useful BoonsIconDescriptionRanksRecruit’s TrainingIncreases Power by 250 per rank.5Critical StrikeIncreases Critical Strike by 250 per rank.5Cultist BulwarkIncreases Hit Points by 1000 per rank.5Cultist PowerIncreases damage and damage resistance versus Cultists by 1% per rank.5 Stronghold Boons are determined by the Level of your Guild, the Boon Structures your Guild Leadership have chosen, and the Rank of those Structures.

You may only choose one Offense, Defense and Utility Boon at a time, but you can switch between them easily without a retraining token. In all honesty, I even have those questions myself still to a degree, but I’m always trying to find the best of the best for not just you guys, but myself too.

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In addition, most guides do not cover what gear to use as a stepping stone towards endgame, or how to obtain it. Full Gear Set For Beginners Upon reaching Level 70, you will unlock a quest you can pick up in Protectors Enclave, on the table behind Sergeant Knox.

It’s very easy and takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and will grant you all the following gear / enchantments (stats are not listed): IconNameSlotEnchantment Under mountain Mask Headache Enchantment, Rank 8 Under mountain Vest ArmorRadiant Enchantment, Rank 8 Under mountain Gloves Armada Enchantment, Rank 8 Under mountain Dagger Main HandAzure Enchantment, Rank 8 Under mountain Stiletto OffhandDark Enchantment, Rank 8 Under mountain Boots Femtoradian Enchantment, Rank 8 Under mountain Necklace Newark Enchantment, Rank 8 Under mountain Ring of Light Signature & Dark Enchantment, Rank 8 Under mountain Ring of Dark Ingredient & Dark Enchantment, Rank 8 Under mountain Sash WaistAzure Enchantment, Rank 8 Under mountain Shirt Shirttail Enchantment, Rank 8 Under mountain Pants TrousersRadiant Enchantment, Rank 8 Broken Mirror Secondary Artifacts/A Bad Luck Charm Secondary Artifacts/A Tarnished Locket Secondary Artifacts/A Silver Link of the Companion Only No Rune stone Harness Loops of the Companion Only No Rune stone Mountain Tags of the Companion Only No Rune stone Gear for Endgame Stepping Stones These are some gear farming suggestions to help get you moving towards endgame.

Infernal Forged Armor Master Expeditions Level 80 • Under mountain Completion On these runs, you have a chance to drop epic gear from bosses.

Runic Etchings are earned from Master Expeditions. N/Garage of Belief Intro Quests Completely participating in the Rage of Be, you can earn lots of currency to exchange with Jump for “Jump Bags”. These bags have a high drop chance of Epic 1225 Item Level gear.

Map Guide Endgame Gear IconNameSlotWhyHow To Acquisition Guard’s Raid HatHeadHighest Stats. The Infernal Citadel Stealer of the Star’s HidesArmorThe Equip Bonus makes it best in slot.

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Star dock Expeditions Lion Guard’s Raid GlovesArmsThe Equip Bonus makes it best in slot. The Infernal Citadel Lion guard DaggerMain Handiest base damage.

Tower of the Mad Mage Lion guard StilettoOffhandHighest base damage. Tower of the Mad Mage Infernal Forged GaitersFeetThe Equip Bonus makes it best in slot.

Seals of the Fallen Engine Master’s Bottleneck Best Artifact Set Bonus available right now. The Infernal Citadel Bypass Gold RingRingThe Equip Bonus makes it best in slot.

Tower of the Mad Mage Striking Ring of the MasterRingThe Equip Bonus makes it best in slot. Tower of the Mad Mage Whip of the ErinyesWaist Best Artifact Set Bonus available right now.

The Infernal Citadel Ebony Stained Raid ShirtShirtThe Equip Bonus makes it best in slot. Master Expedition Infernal Forged Assault TrousersPants Best Stats.

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Seals of the Fallen Modifications are bonuses that are manually added to your gear. Artifact Weapons however do come with automatic Modifications that can be changed or upgraded with Astral Diamonds and/or Cubes of Augmentations.

IconTypeSlot(s)Top Choice To Acquire / UnlockArmor Pithead, Armor, Arms & Feet Major Power Armor Kit +1Professions / Auction HouseJewelNeck, Waist & Ring Major Combat Advantage Jewel +1Professions / Auction HouseModificationArtifact Weapon (Main Hand)Enhanced Duelist’s ExpertiseCubes of AugmentationsModification (1)Artifact Weapon (Offhand)Powerhouses of AugmentationsModification (2)Artifact Weapon (Offhand)Critical SeverityCubes of Augmentations Enchantments Disclaimer : Please read the Stats tab before investing into any of the Enchantments listed below. Enchantments are a magic stone you used to grant additional stats and effects to your gear / character.

Standard gear and equipment come with either an Offensive, Defensive, Utility, Overload, Armor or Weapon type Enchantment Slot. Beginner Choices & Why Early on, expect to have some difficulty reaching your Stat Caps.

Tip : You can easily trade out Enchantments of equal ranks amongst fellow players in Protector’s Enclave. This makes it critical to focus only on the Radiant Enchantment at endgame for all slots available.

It’s not hard to reach beginner caps, so I always recommend players to start with the enchantment set up they’ll use for Endgame and upgrade the right ones from the get-go; saves your time, resources and Astral Diamonds in the long-run. IconEnchantmentRecommended Domain StatSecondary StatRadiantDefenseHit Points/AN/ABrutalDefenseN/ADefenseHit PointsArmor Enchantments only pop up on Armor-type gear (chest piece) after Level 60 in some cases, but generally at Level 70.

You can only ever have 1 equipped; Bark shield is a must-have as you work towards harder, more challenging content in the game. Likewise to Enchantments, I always encourage players to choose Artifacts that best suit whatever they currently have at their disposal.

Basically, whatever best compliments your character’s current level of progression within the game. However, it’s important to not upgrade anything temporary past an Epic (Purple) Quality level, as you lose 60% of whatever Refinement Points you invest into Artifacts.

Below, I’ll list Artifacts of interest, however, I would wait until at least mid-May before upgrading anything past Epic unless I specify otherwise, as many functions are still being fiddled with by the Developers and are subject to change without warning. It’s wise to choose an Artifact Power that will benefit and compliment your character’s needs.

You will receive an estimate of 30-40% of your Refinement Points back depending on the artifact’s current rank. Disclaimer : I did not include the Journals despite them being the Best In Slot as they cannot be currently obtained by new players.

Artifacts IconArtifactPurposeWhyStaff of FlowersPrimaryProvides a big rebuff/buff, recommended use before big flurries of heavy attacks. Wyvern-Venom Coated KnivesPrimary / SecondaryProvides strong rebuff, usually good to use in Ariel. Halaster’s Based ScepterSecondaryOffers HP and PowerErratic Drift BallSecondaryOffers HP and Power Trobriand’s RingSecondaryOffers Power and DefenseBook of Vile DarknessSecondaryGives Power & Needed for the Artifact Set Bonus. Arcturia’s Music BoxSecondaryOffers Power, Arm Pen, CA. All active bonuses were adjusted or changed and the entire companion window was re-designed.

Bonding Rune stones are extremely important to have, because they grant you a large percentage of your companion’s stats. In higher ranks of the Bonding Rune stones, they will multiply your companions stats for you, which is a large buff to your character.

Additionally, when you complete Star dock (Part 2 of Under mountain), you’ll receive a Alaska’s Family Jewelry Box which allows you to choose a Companion Gear Item of your choice! Personally I always recommend players to start off with Empowered Rune stones from the beginning, but understandably you may need others to help reach caps early on.

IconNameOffence StatDefense StatEnigmatic RunestoneCombat AdvantageCritical AvoidanceArcane RunestoneArmor PenetrationDeflectionProfane RunestoneCritical StrikeDefense Empowered RunestonePowerHit Points Recondite RunestoneAccuracyAwareness Augmentation There are different types of companions, but there is a certain type referred to as an Augment. Early on, I would look at getting something cheap such as a Black Ice Ion Stone; but at endgame the main 2 Augments I would suggest are the Burette or the Quasi.

Each player has 5 slots total that we can place our companions active bonuses into. In addition, we have a slot for “Companion Enhancements”, which are just smaller buffs available to use with our characters.

The higher quality and quantity you have a specific type, will increase your Bolster Value, to a maximum of 15%: I’ll list the companions I personally use, but please note that when you are starting the game, please consider choosing a companion that will compliment your base stats until you begin to achieve higher than the stat caps.

IconNameTypeMinimum RankStatsStats TypeDeepcrow HatchlingCreatureEpicPower (Augmentation)OffenceMinstrelFighterUncommonPower / AwarenessDefenseGhostInvokerRarePower / Critical StrikeOffence / UtilityMercenaryInvokerCommonPower / Combat AdvantageOffenceTamed VelociraptorBeastUncommonYou and any allies with a Tamed Velociraptor gain +1500 Power. Because of this, selecting a mount to purchase should be a delicate choice based on what it is your need and want for your character.

Additionally, Never winter is unique in that it encourages you to become creative with your mount set up. This allows you to mix and match bonuses, speeds, powers and visuals to your personal liking without having to sacrifice certain aspects of one mount for the sake of another.

Now, it should be noted, that only Epic & Legendary mounts offer these additional stats, referred to as “Equip Powers”. I also would recommend getting a mount that offers whichever stat you’re struggling with the most to fully cap.

If you mix the right set of insignia together (based by type, not by stat), you will receive a bonus to help you throughout your adventures. Some are offensive abilities that will boost your damage, others are party buffs that help your teammates collectively, and then there are the few that grant a bonus towards grinding for things like Refinement Points or Astral Diamonds.

Combat BonusSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3DescriptionArtificers PersuasionIlluminatedBarbedBarbedWhen you use an Artifact, reduce cooldowns. Gladiator’s GuileIlluminatedRegalEnlightenedMove faster when your Stamina is high. Assassin’s CovenantRegalEnlightenedEnlightenedDecreased defensive stats, increased offensive stats. Calvary’s WarningCrescentBarbedEnlightenedWhen you use a Mount Combat Power, receive a buff to all ratings. Grinding BonusSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3DescriptionWanderer’s FortuneIlluminatedCrescentRegalDefeating an enemy has a chance to drop Refinement Points. Traveler’s TreasuresEnlightenedEnlightenedEnlightenedDefeating an enemy has a chance to drop Rough Astral Diamonds.

My Build For Ariel I know there're already guides up and around for reaching Ariel Caps but as someone who doesn’t have different 1010 Item Level Companion gear at my disposal, nor any Lion guard Gear, nor a Triceratops, or any of that “deemed necessary” stuff along those lines; a lot of people ask how I managed to reach the caps for Ariel. Useful Links There’s a lot of useful websites, guides and information out there that I would encourage everyone to take advantage of.

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