Best Rogue Power Rack For Home Gym

Brent Mccoy
• Sunday, 17 January, 2021
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When you want to add weight lifting options to your home gym, the first thing you should consider is safety measures. They are designed to provide you with a full range of weight lifting exercises.

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We have tried to include all the aspects you should keep in mind before buying a Rogue power pack. The first thing is the strong weight capacity, all the Rogue fitness power racks are made of 11-gauge thick steel, which is strong enough for performing heavy exercises.

You won’t want to choose your favorite power rack but find that it can fit in your room. Another thing you should keep in mind is that check out the warranty policies, that way you can enjoy extra benefits that the Roguepowerrack provides.

We will share with you the bestRoguepower racks that cover your needs most and will discuss the essential factors that suit them below. Being compatible with a wide range of accessories, it takes up minimal floor space.

The same 90 inches height may not be a great choice for low ceilings home. As some people say, the pipe and pin safety systems are junk; you should consider those default spotters before buying.

So it can be folded nearly flat, leaving a wider space for your garage or home. Due to its compatibility, it lets you add extra accessories that you may need for a full-body workout.

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If you are on a budget, the Echo RE-3 is a great pick for you with still Rogue’s trademark durability and quality craftsmanship. Weighs only 160 pounds with a footprint of 53 x 32, RE-3 is the most affordable power rack in terms of both cost and space.

Comes with band pegs, a fat or a skinny pull up bar, and J cups Quite compact and strong enough with 2×2” steel Quite less total frame weight compared with other Rogue power racks. With a height of 90.375, it is a great choice for tall people, if you have enough ceilings' clearance.

The power rack comes with four band pegs, a pair of J cups, a pin/pipe safety set, and a fat or skinny pull up bar. Surely, you can get upgraded racks at this price, if the color does not bother you.

Easy to set up and install So many available colors to choose from Compatible with monster lite series and other accessories Quite compact and can fit in a comparatively smaller space It is built with a combination of highly durable 3×3” 11-gauge steel and 5/8” hardware of the Infinity R-4.

It provides various color finish options for customers and features like stabilizing back-nameplate, Slinger-compatible cross members, and so on. You can build on with multiple accessories, additionally for its easy customization.

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Rogue RML-690C power rack provides enhanced safety features that prevent dropping accidents. One of the biggest advantages of RML-690C is that it does not need to be bolted down to the floor to give stability.

The sheer size of the power rack may make it quite unsuitable for home gym Takes up a little more space than many other home gym racks 90” height may not fit in all residential ceilings Although a Powerbank is an essential part of a ‘ home gym, ’ it is not quite a cheap thing to buy.

On top of that, this rack is also available in 10 different colors for you to choose from, However, if you are a beast who is going to be throwing around 500 lbs on the regular you should consider the anchor kit which is available.

The negatives on this one are the price tag and the fact that it has a rather large footprint at 76×49. If you have the money and the room then this bad boy will likely be the crown jewel of your home gym.

Not made in the USA Uses 12 gauge steel Holes may not go up high enough for some people The Power Cage Squat Rack delivers high quality at more of a homeowner price range than our top selection.

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This power rack is made using 2x 3 11 gauge steel with a matte black finish. It doesn’t necessarily need to be bolted down either, sandbags will also work if you don’t want holes in your concrete.

This rack comes with 2 sets of J-cups and safety pins as well as a sleeve mechanism for enhanced stability for squats and the bench press. On the negative side for this one, it doesn’t come with any attachments like our first 2 selections, most don’t though.

Very stable Shipping is free Includes plate storage pegs Rogue appears again on the list with another, less expensive model.

It is made of 3x3 11 gauge steel and uses 3/4 hardware, so you know it can handle some serious weight and not even flinch. Rack 48 is very well-built, sturdy, and has a better look than our second choice, it also has a bigger price tag at around $1310.00 as we write this article.

It’s not glamorous, but it will work just fine for most people and leave some money in your wallet. If you are after a rack that will take up as little space as possible as the Track Folding Powerbank made by Force USA would be the way to go.

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It is made from 3×3 11 gauge steel tubing, so it can handle the heavy weights and take a beating. There are some attachments you can get to go with it is as well like a landmine attachment, spotter arms, dip horns, monolift system along with storage shelves and storage add-ons and many other accessories.

If you like the power rack we have in first place on our list but don’t like the price tag this would be a great alternative. A big rack with lots of attachments and accessories at about half the price.

This one is actually what they call a half- rack, it has a slightly different design as you can see in the picture, but it still functions the same as a power Reich would. The BD-58 also features some of the best plate storage on the list, and you don’t have to pay extra for it.

Moving further down the list we have another budget-friendly power rack made by Sunny Health and Fitness. There is a 1000 lb weight capacity for this cage which is pretty high given the price.

Another bonus is that there is also free shipping on this rack, which makes the price even better. The T-2 comes with J-hooks, pin and pipe safeties, a pull-up bar and weight plate horns are all included.

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This model has a max weight capacity of 700 lbs making it perfect for a home or garage gym. A power rack is a rectangular metal cage that is made to hold your barbell when you are lifting weights.

However, there are foldable power racks that are comparable to the squat stand space-wise and even have a smaller footprint when they are folded up. For me, the power rack is a much more versatile option than the squat rack and is the clear choice if you aren’t sure which one to choose from.

I have been lifting weights since 1989 and one thing I know for sure is that most pulley systems for home gyms totally suck. If you are looking to get a pulley system you can do it, but I would go with one that is high quality like the ones made by Rogue or someone else who is very reputable and known for making high-quality equipment.

Buying a cheap pulley system and expecting it to be nice is like buying a steak from the clearance aisle at Walmart and expecting it to taste like filet Mignon, it’s just not going to happen. If you want a pulley system spend the money on a good one or don’t do it at all.

I consider myself to be on the frugal side but this is one area where you will need to spend the money, or it will be a complete waste. This list doesn’t even include the exercises that you can do if you buy a rack with attachments and modifications.

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Also, you don’t really get a true free weight experience when you use a Smith machine. Especially if you are in an apartment and are wondering if you can get away with having a power rack on your carpeted floor.

If it is at your own discretion you could use sandbags to weigh it down and keep it stable, but it all depends on which make and model you have as to how effective that will be. Sandbags can work, but it depends on the model, when in doubt bolt it down for safety.

A good rack will last a long time, probably longer than you plan on using it. We have given you a nice variety of choices above with something you are sure to like depending on your budget, ceiling height and lifting needs.

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