Best Rogue Pve Spec Shadowlands

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• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
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Elusiveness 40 Dirty Tricks Blinding Powder Prey on the Weak 45 Loaded Dice Alacrity Dread blades 50? Dancing Steel Blade Rush Killing Spree Talents can be freely changed when out of combat and in a rested XP area (such as an inn or a capital city).

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We have decided to list a “cheat sheet” of sorts below, however, to help with a quick set-up that should be just fine for most encounters. The build is the standard choice for most encounters, focusing on dealing high and sustained single target damage.

The two builds suggested above are generalized versions that do not account for individual encounters in the current raid tier. We have a boss-by-boss breakdown of talent choices as well as tips and tricks only Outlaw can pull off on our dedicated Raid page.

Mythic+ oftentimes requires a very specific talent setup that mixes single-target and AOE to perform well on both bosses and trash. Weapon master Quick Draw Ghostly Strike Tier 1 talents focus on improving Combo Point generation.

Weapon master is simply inferior to Quick Draw in terms of raw DPS. Retractable Hook Hit and Run Tier 2 talents focus on improving your mobility.

Acrobatic Strikes is a good choice on cleave encounters as it also extends the length of your Blade Flurry. Deeper Stratagem leads to a slightly slower rotation (as compared to Vigor) but your finishers will gain increased effectiveness and damage.

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Elusiveness is technically the best talent in most situations, but requires you to be extremely proficient with Feint usage and very aware of incoming damage. Iron Stomach is by far the best choice for leveling and solo content, as it improves your self-sustainability noticeably.

Dirty Tricks Blinding Powder Prey on the Weak Tier 5 talents focus on improving your crowd control utility. Dirty Tricks removes the Energy cost from Cheap Shot, Gouge, and Sap.

Prey on the Weak causes targets afflicted by your Cheap Shot or Between the Eyes to take 10% increased damage from all sources for 6 seconds. Prey on the Weak is the strongest option in this tier, as it allows you to increase everyone's damage by 10% for 6 seconds, on stainable enemies.

Dirty Tricks has practically no instance Eve usage as you are unlikely to use any of the abilities it affects during the fight. Loaded Dice Alacrity Dread blades Tier 6 talents offer finisher modifiers.

Loaded Dice makes activating Adrenaline Rush cause your next Roll the Bones to grant at least two buffs. Alacrity causes finishing moves to have a 20% chance per Combo Point to grant 2% Haste for 20 seconds, stacking 5 times.

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Alacrity is the best choice in raids and dungeons, provided you are able to consistently maintain your stacks for most of the encounters. While Loaded Dice does help reduce the random aspect of Roll the Bones a bit, it currently lags too far behind Alacrity to be competitive for damage.

Dread blades is a solid option due to the amount of burst damage you can deal during its duration, but still performs worse than Alacrity. Dancing Steel Blade Rush Killing Spree Tier 7 talents focus on shifting the play style in new directions.

Blade Rush charges you towards the target, damaging all of nearby enemies, and generating 25 Energy over 5 seconds. Killing Spree is affected by Blade Flurry and will hit nearby enemies for 100% of the damage during it.

Killing Spree is mediocre in damage and the forced movement can put you in perilous situations however, so use it with care. Dancing Steel is only helpful for ease of use, as you should already be able to maintain close to 100% uptime on Blade Flurry.

In this section we will rank the PVP talents best for leveling and doing solo / small group Eve content. Take Your Cut causes you and allies within 8 yards to gain 15% Haste for 8 seconds after you use Roll the Bones.

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It is fairly good, since it acts as a mini- Adrenaline Rush and has decent uptime when you are questing in the open world. Boarding Party makes Between the Eyes increase the movement speed of all friendly players within 10 yards by 30% for 5 seconds.

Maneuverability makes your Sprint suppresses all movement impairing effects, thus helping out a bit with mobility. You can use Pistol Shot repeatedly to generate Combo Points while this buff is active if you are low on Energy.

Mechanics of fighting with furious and cruel enemies require a decent amount of damage per second (DPS) in order to knock down the villain. Shadow lands brought significant changes in the mechanics of most classes, so it is time to sit tight and enjoy all the information your leprechauns collected for you.

If you don’t succeed in something after this guide, we will be happy to boost your experience for the cheapest price: just drop us a line in the shop after you get familiar with our Shadow lands DPS rankings! Prestore can grant you the best and cheapest service with the in-game activities: challenge and win the first patch raid with Castle Natalia boost, participate in Shadow lands Mythic Plus Dungeons give a good slap to the tyrant with our Sire Denaturing Kill carry or become the champion of Tower of the Damned ordering Toughest boost from our shop.

Mages are classical ranged damage dealers that were in favor of players for many expansions as one of the most powerful DD. Arcane Mage: depends on MANA resource management, likes bursting enemies with powerful abilities, though, extremely immobile and primarily good with single targets.

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Fire mage: receiving critical hits with Hot Streak grants you the opportunity to burst damage insanely. Arc and Fire are not so suitable as Frost.342Covenant Shifting Power Night Fae cFAEnant class ability empowers your damage and reduces all cooldowns.342 You may want to get these items not only for pragmatic reasons but because of aesthetics.

The recommended cloth raid set resembles the Plague Doctor of Medieval ages. As a ranger with bow and arrows, Hunt is not as obvious as you may think: this class is complex and diverse, because in one spec you can be ranged and in other you can go melee.

Shadow lands made our level 25 tier talent Survival Tactics a bit nerfed: now it can occur only once in 30 seconds. Activity nameDescriptionSurvMarkBeastOverall Class rateGlobal Eve Interesting gameplay and safe skills.

Good for locals and ordinary quests.455Mythic+All of them require good and experienced control over character, and in small groups it may be harmful243Castle Nathria Nataliaark Hunt is extremely suitable for its burst potential, but Surv appSure to be totally useless.154Covenant Death Chakram NecChakracNecrologylass ability is a great damage dealer and Focus generator for all subclasses.444 Warlock characters were conventionally wow top damage dealer class during many expansions. Take the Destruction spec and turn all your Soul Shards resources into something like Chaos Bolt.

The variety of your possibilities is insane, if you pick Warlock as a class, and even though it is reworked nearly every expansion, you may still end up as a top tier DPS with it. Demonology Warlock: uses demons and portals to hit the enemy and cause synergy with the skills this subclass possess.

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Destruction Warlock: quite hard-to-play spec that relies on precise timings and depends on cooldown (like Summon Infernal). Shadow lands brought many changes to the talents we have, but the most unusual is Ritual of Doom skills that requires you to kill one member of a party to summon a Doom guard.

Shadow lands changes make you use a new skill to spend the Soul Shards resource called Malefic Rapture that damages enemies according to how many Dots you have cast on them. Activity nameDescriptionDemonDestAffliOverall Class rateGlobal Eve Comfortable gameplay on quests and immerse damage.545Mythic+DefinDefinitely the bestlass (Affliction) for Mythic+ Runs and raids with the DoT bDott.245Castle Nathria (Nataliafliction can guarantee good AoE on enAOEes with DoTs, andDotser specs are also capable of bringing high damage.345Covenant Scouring Tithe Kyrian covenaSyrianss ability allows not only to deal massive damage, but also gain insane number of Soul Shards.345 Rogues cannot be called Shadowlandsbest dps, though, at soDPspoint of WoW history they were inevitably dangerous melee enemies.

Assassination Rogue : best spec for newbies chars because of quite clear mechanics and slow pace of learning. Bases on gaining and spending Combo points on skills that deal bleeding and poisoning damage over time.

Shadow lands bring new level 45 tier talent Alacrity that increases your haste for combo points you have along with some other minor changes. Shadow lands made some changes among which the rework of Between the Eyes' skill that now increases CRT chance against enemy and not giving a stun.

Activity nameDescriptionAssassinOutlawSubOverall Class rateGlobal Eve Don’t get any problems with world quests. Thanks to bursting damage and stealth445Mythic+Outlaw now has an impressive amount of burst and DoT.DotCastle Nathria Nataliautlaw Rogue is quite okay at raids, but low AoE is nAOEthe best for Nathria.Nataliaovenant Serrated Bone Spike Necrolord cNecrologylass ability damages hard and also gives good DoT555 Druids characters are gifted with the possibility to choose among four specs.

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Feral Druid: makes enemies Dot in the form of bleeding and relies on finishers broadly. Typhoon moved to the baseline abilities section allowing your subclass to use it regularly, and some talents were also reworked.

Balance Dots got nerfed a bit and overall weak damage from both.33Castle NatNataliaaid)Balance druDr least has some AoEAOEeful for the raid, but feral is quite a bad choice.23Covenant Ravenous Frenzy VenthyCenturyant class ability is the best for both druids as it enhances all his key weak elements.44 The most important thing we should say: everyone now can become a Death Knight in ShadowlandShadow lands. An especially useful one is Rune of Unending Thirst that grants you a perfect boost during leveling in Eve and additional healing.

Frost DK: comfortable DPS spec for newbies that is focused on raising undead minions and freezing your enemies spending Rune power. Unholy DK: quite well damage dealer that uses Dots on its enemies and massive AOE to be useful in raids.

Perfect offensive and defensive possibilities for quests.55Mythic+Both subclasses are quite okay for M+ because of DoTs Dotsa variety of single target damage.44Castle Nathria (Nataliaost is slightly better for the Raids mostly because of the good combination of AoE and sAOEle target damage.43Covenant Swarming Mist Venthyr covenCenturyss ability allows Death Knight to deal a good damagegood damagectivity Eve dodge the enemy.44 Warrior char was almost “canonic” tank-y ccanonhough, even two specs of it are damage dealing. The secret of a warrior lies in the correct way of managing its resource, Rage, and the right choice of your dealing damage pace.

Fury War: fast-paced damage dealer with many abilities to gain resources and relatively short cooldowns. Spell Reflection returned in Shadow lands significantly raises magic defense and makes the spec more universal.

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Rework of Mastery Deep Wounds now grants significant bonus to the damage for your target. Activity nameDescriptionFuryArmsOverall Class rateGlobal Eve Fury is easy to learn and funny to play, while Arms is still a difficult class.53Mythic+Both subclasses have not enough damadamagedpared to other DPS for m+.33Castle NathriaNataliaLow tier DPS because of either low variety of damage (Fury) or complexity and difficulty to control encounters (Arms).22Covenant Condemn Venthyr cCentury class ability grants bonus to the damage on those with more than 80% of HP or lower than 20% of HP.44 Shamans are quite a popular and effective class for those who want to feel better in Global PvE .Eve.

The new expansion brought some nerf of our Dot, though, Elem received good burst AOE damage skill changes. Activity nameDescriptionEnhElemOverall Class rateGlobal Eve ENH Sham is difficult to learn class, while Elem is easier for quests.24Mythic+EnhENHs now more combinations that are applicable in M+ encounters.43Castle NathriaNataliaThough both have quite decent AoE, thAOEcannot guarantee the same damage as some melee/range competing classes.33Covenant Chain Harvest Venthyr coCenturyclass ability gives powerful kinda AoE to shaAOEs.55 Windwalker MonkWind walkerble to play and mobile DPS that focuses on balanced use of its two resources, Chi and Energy that need to be applied in order to maximize the effect from abilities with cooldown.

Havoc DH: universal and simple-to-pick DPS that have decent damage on single target as well as burst and AOE. SP are popular for their powerful Dots and multiple forms that buff the damage dealer a lot.

In Shadow lands, Shadow Priests were massively reworked, and now they require a more experienced play frame, but the possibilities have grown a lot. Retro Pal: quite immobile damage dealer that is popular among players for its simplicity and possibility to give significant buffs to its allies.

DPS SubclassOverall Eve Mythic+Castle Natalia (Raid)Covenants Spec DifficultyFinal Verdict Frost Mightier 3Tier 3Tier 3Tier 2Tier 3Fire MageMightierer 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 2Arcane MageTieMightier33Tier2Tier 3Surv HuntTier 2THunterr 5Tier 2Tier 4Marks HuntTier 1TierHunterTier 2Tier 2Beast HuntTier 1Tier 3Hunterer 2Tier 2Demon LockTier 1Tier 4TiLocker 1Tier 3Destruction LockTier 2Tier 2TierLockerTier 2Affliction LockTier 1Tier 1Tier 1TiLockerTier 1Assassin Rogue Tier 2Tier 4Tier 4Tier 1Tier 4Outlaw 4Tier2Tier 2Tier 3Tier 1Tier 2Su2Tiere Tier 1Tier 1Tier 2Tier 1Tier 1Feral1Tierier 3Tier 4Tier 2Tier 3BDutiesDruTier 2Tier 3Tier 3Tier 2Tier 3FroDutieser 1Tie3Tierer 2Tier 2Unholy Duties 1Tier 2Tier 2Tier 2Fury WarDutiesTier 3Tier 4Tier 2Tier 3Arms WaWartierTier 3Tier 4Tier 2Tier 4Enh ShaWartierT3TierTier 1Tier 3Elem ShamShatterer 2Tier 2Tier 1Tier 2Wind MonkTier 1Shatterer 4Tier 2Tier 3Havoc DHTier 1Tier 2TMonsterr 1Tier 2Shadow PriestTier 2Tier 1THearier 12Tiertri PalTier 2TierPriestlierer 21Tierbrowser does not supportSaltierdeo tag3Tier We have decided that performances in Mythic+ and Castle Natalia raid are more important for DPS, so their weight in the final rating was higher.

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It can be seen that the best Castle Natalia DPS are SP Priest and Affliction Lock, while they also are joined by Subtlety Rogue and Fire Mage for top damage in m+. Conquering this content may be extremely challenging, so we recommend you to ask us for help: Prestore can grant you the best and cheapest service with the in-game activities: challenge and win the first patch raid with Castle Natalia boost, give a good slap to the tyrant with our Sire Denaturing Kill carry or become the champion of Tower of the Damned ordering Toughest boost from our shop.

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Covenants Guide World of Warcraft Shadow lands brought multiple features that have already completely changed the way we play.

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