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This quest rewards you with the ability to train and use Poisons, which is a key class component of being a Rogue. The quest line starts with the Shattered Salute quest, which becomes available from Sheath in The Cleft of Shadow in Grammar at Level 20.

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If you do, Taskmaster Fizzle will become friendly and offer you the Mission: Possible But Not Probable quest, which requires you to kill 2 of 3 different enemies and loot Gallows's Head, Silicic's Tower Key, and Cache of Anvil's Altered Mixture. At the top of the tower, you should find Grand Foreman Punk Gallows and his Lockbox, which contains Cache of Anvil's Altered Mixture.

In order to loot his Lockbox, you must kill him (since he is an elite, take advantage of Evasion, First Aid + Gouge and Health Potions). At Level 50, you can pick up the quest A Simple Request from any Rogue Trainer from any major city.

When you receive the Sealed Azure Bag, go to 28,50 and a Night Elf should teleport you (he will have a blue question mark above his head). The Azure Key drops from Orphan in Sunken Temple, making this a dungeon quest.

Once you kill Orphan and obtain the Azure Key simply go back to Davenport Manor and turn in the quest to Lord Coach Reinhold. From the rewards you get after turning in the final quest, Whisper walk Boots and Dusk bat Drape are unique items that have their own place in end gear sets.

Orcs can combine their Blood Fury trait to boost their damage output for finishers, and Hardiness lets them endure stuns from other Rogues and Warriors better. Whether you're new to the game, have only played during the expansions since Cataclysm, or are returning to Classic after a long time away, there are many things you should know before getting into the optimal paths for leveling from 1 to 60.

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If playing with friends or in a guild, don't be afraid to have them be on the lookout for weapon drops you can use that aren't Bind on Pickup. As a general rule of thumb, you'll want to either focus on swords or daggers as you level up, and your talent specialization should reflect that.

Utilize attacks like Gouge and Blind to nullify additional enemies while you focus on your main target, or distract a group before sprinting away to Vanish to fight another day. If you're not racing to 60, Stealth also allows you to fully explore dangerous areas to access loot that would otherwise be too troublesome to get to.

Herbalism and Mining nodes lying behind groups of mobs are now possible, and using Blind or Gouge can let you loot items and open chests that would normally be much harder to reach. Leveling with a healer like a Shaman or Paladin can be a huge boon, as you can benefit from a Wind fury Totem or the Blessing of Might to take down targets all the faster, and heal out of dangerous situations.

Important: There are two paths you should consider when choosing your talent builds for leveling: Daggers or Swords. Choosing to specialize in swords means you'll be forgoing position-based skills like Backstab to focus on whittling down enemies in rapid succession.

There are many more choices you can make when building out this tree that depend on heavily if you plan to be in a group, as talents like Remorseless Attacks will help much more if your team is constantly killing enemies. Follow this with 5 points into Precision to increase your hit rate, which is sorely needed in early levels.

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Get Blade Flurry, which is just as important for improving your damage and taking additional enemies on as it is for Swords, and follow up with Weapon Expertise for increased hit. Since we needed 5 points for Opportunity, you'll likely have to pass on Aggression and go straight for Adrenaline Rush for another damage burst on cooldown.

As a general rule of thumb, any skills and spells that become available between level 1 and 10 are worth picking up, if for no other reason than they won't put a big dent in your wealth accumulation by this point. Be sure to grab Vanish at level 22, as its incredibly useful for getting out of unwanted scenarios and avoiding death and a potentially long corpse run.

Similarly, getting Blind at level 34 has more uses in PVP, but like Gouge, it also gives you time to curb additional enemies, or bandage up in a tough fight. In fact, Sword Rogues can get away with using Sinister Strike to get 5 combo points before using Eviscerate, and later you can open with Garrote, and then activate Slice and Dice when you obtain Rank 2 before falling back into the pattern.

In addition to the standard rotation of Sinister Strike and Eviscerate, Dagger Rogues can use Gouge to stun an enemy and get behind them for another Backstab before returning to the regular moves. If an enemy is nearly dead, and you're at a full combo, you can spare wasting a 5 point Evisceration by using Slice and Dice instead to keep the speed buff active on your next target.

Finding ways to improve yourself is always tough in a game like World of Warcraft, due to the nature of random drops. In addition, the notorious Barman Shaker is a low percent drop chance from killing Plugger Sparing in the BlackRock Depths dungeon.

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While the quest to obtain Poisons start at level 20, the difficulty can vary based on your faction. At level 16, Horde rogues are directed to Grammar's class trainers to meet Wren ix the Wretched located in The Barrens at the port called Ratchet.

Once you do, quickly turn around to find a high level elite parrot named Polly coming at you. Use the E.C.A.C to transform it into a regular level 18 mob and kill it, then return to get the Thistle Tea recipe.

The Alliance has a much easier quest line, starting with Mathias and the Defies in Storm wind, which will send you to meet an agent near the bottom of West fall. In particular, Dagger Rogues can take advantage of better positioning with Backstab and Ambush (so long as you don't gain too much threat away from the tank in charge).

Rogues also have a bit of crowd control in disabling a few adds when pulling group, but are mostly limited to Sap and Blind. With stealth, Rogues can scout out incoming threats and better dictate pulling enemies by spotting ambushes ahead of time.

As for Professions that craft items, Engineering is largely considered a must-have for Rogues looking to maximize their offense both in PVP or Eve. In particular, crafting Dynamite can help increase your damage output even more, and Iron Grenades can stun targets like pesky ranged Classes in PVP, making up for a Rogues' weakness to being kited.

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Back in Phase 1 and 2 of Classic we could jump into Molten Core with green quest rewards and do okay. But now in Phase 5, you’ll need to gear up to be accepted into later content raid groups.

We’ll focus on good gear from quest rewards and crafted items. That’s not to say you won’t have to work for it, the crafted items require a decent amount of gold to buy the mats.

This guide will help you gear up quickly and more easily, so you can join your guild and friends in raids. This is our only dungeon farm item in the rogue gear guide.

Kill the first trash pack in front of you, then head down the tunnel to the left. When you go back uphill need a side gate The Unforgiven will spawn with adds.

The boss has a stupidly high dodge rate, but otherwise isn’t a big deal with geared up guides. If you didn’t complete it while leveling it is worth going back for this cloak.

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Find a rogue trainer in a capital city, and they should offer you the quest A Simple Request. Ask your guild for help, there aren’t many Sunken Temple runs to be found in LEG channels.

The cloak is unique in the game, no other item offers fall damage reduction. You’ll just need to provide the mats, which will be a mix of buying from the auction house and farming.

This is a great piece, almost as good as an epic belt out of Molten Core. If this was a prepaid Bis rogue gear guide it would still make the list.

Get into a Zulu’Guru braid and loot a head (quest item) off of the five bosses with turn into animals (have priest or priestess in their name). If this was a prepaid Bis rogue gear guide it would still make the list.

Both quest series require you to go into BRS (10-man dungeon) and pick up an item in the egg room. If you have spare gold you can buy two of these from other players farming Dire Maul North.

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Take it if you aren’t familiar with Dire Maul North instances. Buy Girona: A Study on Stealth and Treachery from the auction house, it’ll be cheap, and you can’t farm it solo.

Go into Dire Maul North (picking the lock) and stealth once inside. Either way, it is a strong trinket, and given the lack of options in raids one that most rogues (myself included) still use.

The quest series are different, but both require you to go into LBS and kill the end boss. Even if you want to go daggers these swords are stronger starting options and are easier to get.

It is among the cheapest of the better enchants, and the extra heals will help with your lower health pool when taking raid level damage. Pick up The Perfect Poison quest in Scenario Hold, Splits.

Get into a ZG raid and loot a venom sac from the second boss (snake priest). Return to Scenario Hold and select the Reinhold Slicer as your reward.

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You can pick one up from the auction house if you have gold and want to skip getting into two 20-man raids. Pick up Doctor Theorem Kristin, the Butcher, then head into Schoolmate.

Skip Kimonos the Herald (bat boss who is summoned with Blood of the Innocent) and Janice Baron (in the catacombs filled with undead). In my guild, it wasn’t uncommon for a fresh level 60 to get a lot of their Tier 1 armor set in a single Molten Core run with some luck.

While some rogues consider it Bis at the start of Phase 5 it is a ton of work for a fresh level 60 to complete. If you’re inclined you could work on the Field Duty quests and get Earth strike as a strong trinket upgrade.

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