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• Wednesday, 23 December, 2020
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I’ve been on classic for so long I’m kind of going into shadow lands blind. Really the DPS bonus won't make a difference unless you are pushing high keys or World First raiding.

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Technically orc IMHO since they nerfed arcane torrent, and you can’t cannibalize in stealth anymore on UP. I’m not sure what’s swimming highest in Eve at the moment but that’s even more irrelevant- the difference is always tiny and situational.

This will allow you to go over the 300 Weapon Skill cap at Level 60, which will further reduce your chance to miss an attack or get blocked, dodged, or parried. Lastly, you will get the Racial passive Mace Specialization, which does not benefit Rogues, since you will be using either Swords or Daggers.

For PVP, Dwarf has access to Stone form, which removes all Poison, Bleed, and Disease effects, while also increasing your armor for the duration. This is incredibly powerful, letting you remove Rend from a Warrior, a poison effect from another Rogue, such as Crippling Poison, or removing other Dot effects in order to safely Stealth with Vanish without it getting broken shortly after.

You will also gain the other Racial Find Treasure, Frost Resistance (which will be useful in Panoramas in later phases), and Gun Specialization. Night Elves have the Racial cooldown Shadow meld, which passively increases your Stealth level.

Gnome is the best choice for Alliance PVP, due to their Racial Ability Escape Artist, which helps you get out of any movement impairing effects, such as Entangling Roots or Engineering Net Traps. Gnomes also have access to Arcane Resistance, Expansive Mind, and Engineering Specialization.

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With reputation of being shadowy assassins and with gear style of ninja, rogues will definitely be attractive to many players, and you might be one of them. Anyway, before you start your journey as a rogue, you might want to explore more about races that have the best abilities to combine with these masters of stealth.

Gnomes are popular rogues due to the size of their body, especially in PVP where they can be tricky to spot or focus. However, compared to the other races, gnomish racial are simply not good enough for the rogue class.

This bonus does not give gnomes any advantages over other races with engineering skill once they hit its maximum of 300. At last, active ability known as Escape Artist is the only one that can be useful, if despite everything that we mentioned, you decide to play as a gnome rogue.

When activated it will remove any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect, which can be pretty handy, especially in PVP situations. In most cases this passes unnoticed and with short cooldown of 1 minute this ability can truly guide you in surviving.

As a night elf rogue, you will naturally be gifted with high points of agility which is rogue’s main stat, but even with this bonus you might want to skip this race once you find yourself in front of the character creation screen. First, let’s mention their active ability Shadow meld, which allows you to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence.

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While it can be lifesaver to other elvish classes, for rogues it is meaningless since they train stealth at the very beginning of leveling. Passive skill known as Wisp Spirit, which transforms night elf into a wisp upon death increasing movement speed by 50%, is handy to have due to the distance between graveyard and corpse that can be pretty long on the Classic WoW.

It does not have important role within PVP borders but in some dungeons, especially in the Temple of AHN’Quirky can make a difference. Some players would put dwarves rogues much closer to the number one since they possess one of the best racial for PVP.

This visual bonus is actually nice one to have. Treasures like chests can bring you some decent gear while leveling and also some materials which can be sold. The last racial ability of the dwarves is Stone form, which activated will make your character immune to bleed, poison, and disease effects.

With the cooldown of 3 minutes and lasting of 8 seconds, this one is definitely one of the best racial for PVP that classic WoW has to offer. For your rogue, human race will provide some decent racial for both Eve and PVP.

If you want to know the reason why these two are good skills to possess, you must understand term “Glancing Blows”. In short, the higher your weapon skill is in comparison to its target’s defense the more damage you will do through these glancing blows.

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Skills that we are speaking of are reason why some people consider humans to be the best melee race for classic wow, at least when it comes to the users of swords and maces. Last racial skill of humans is Perception, which will dramatically increase your stealth detection for 20 seconds while activated.

It lasts for 10 seconds and has cooldown of 2 minutes, which makes this ability fun and also good, especially in PVP. Thanks to this ability, many players will decide that forsaken is the best race for their rogue, especially if they are diving more into the world of PVP.

At full health the speed increase is 10% with a greater effect up to 25% if you are badly hurt when you activate Breaking. In combination with rogue’s ability Slice and Dice, it makes a great pair of damage dealing improvement.

Orcs are number one race that you should pick for your rogues, at least if you are going after every minimal detail that can be added to your advantages. From first two passive skills called Command and Axe Specialization, rogues do not have any upgrade.

This one actually would be great bonus to have, but we speak about Classic WoW where rogues can’t use any kind of axes. The first one, known as Hardiness, will provide your rogue with 25% additional chances to resist the stun effect.

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If you are interested in Eve content, please refer to our dedicated Rogue guide. When using this Racial in PVP, make sure to be mindful of the reduction in your healing effects, which lasts 10 seconds longer than the Attack Power buff.

Undead is another very strong choice for PVP, due to the Racial cooldown Will of the Forsaken, which can not only be used to get out of these status effects, but also to provide an immunity to them. Undead also have access to Shadow Resistance, which is useful against Warlocks, Underwater Breathing, and Cannibalize.

Trolls have access to the Racial cooldown Breaking, which has a niche of being most effective at low health. I’m planning to level a Horde rogue because I don’t have one on the Horde side, but I don’t know which race want to play as.

I’ve done some class trial characters and I liked Goblins and their rocket jump in arenas but is it much better to take another class because of their racial or can you just play the race you like the most without a big difference? I have heard people use orc for the attack power racial.

Personally When I was choosing I went for the troll for the haste buff. There is absolutely no point in choosing a race based upon the usefulness of the racial abilities unless you’re aiming for world first mythic raiding, top world m+ or getting r1.

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I’d probably play Kandahar Troll if I was picking racial, but I hate their looks, therefore I haven’t race changed… Also pretty good vs paladins (how) and all other stuns.

You can dispel blessing of protection with it and secure a kill but that happens too rarely to be better choice than orc. Rocket jump is great (my rogue is goblin) but to be honest if you plan to go in rated arenas above 1.6 orc is the race for you.

Voice: Lauren has a stun that's very handy when in trouble. They say you can jump off the tip of sarges’s sword and survive because of the passive fall reduction you get off class and race.

Me green zug me smash or self are good default rogue picks for horde. Trolls are a good pick as well because of their racial skill breaking.

As the title says, I'm wondering which race makes the best DPS rogue off base gear. Half-Orc: +2 dexes | +2 STR | 5% critical bonus damage Wood Elf: +2 dexes | +1% CRT chance Halfling: +2 dexes | +2 STR Half-Elf: 1% critical bonus damage I realize they most likely have the highest chance of survivability solo for their deflection capability, but if I'm focused solely on end game DPS, I'm curious whether anyone has worked out the theory crafting of it all.

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They start in Halls/Janos section of the world, which has the of' knoll fang quest from Black Burrow... Basically if you go dorm you get Crush bone/Butcher/Unrest/ Mistook progression without even leaving Fayer.

If you go Barb you have Ever frost, Blackburn, Permafrost, and the Arenas. If you want to evaluate it based on wealth, you'll make a lot more one being a Barb, since the bandits and such in the Arenas + Perm/Black burrow is going to net you more coin and loot than Fayer or the black hole of Commons/RO/Oasis...

Some really like barbs, some really like Doris. Halfling is the 3rd choice, who has really solid starting stats in STR/STA/AGI/EX, but you're stuck in the black hole of Commons/RO/Oasis/Misty as your starting areas, and it won't get decent at all till you are levelled enough to get into Highways/Higher. Think I am going to go barb because I get slam and also can use hero bracers.

I would put points into STA TBH. Agnostic always the best choice when available, allows you to use DE masks to get into places like Eggo and group. Barb probably the best choice. 103/95/92/80 is a killer STR/STA/AGI/ex lineup, the low EX is almost preferable since you don't want to be a pro'n machine in the first place.

Originally Posted by Boat [You must be logged in to view images. Necked at night across Pithier, first one to make it across wins the race and gets clothes!seriously always like halflings for rogues.

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I think it all depends on how you want to play. If you want the best most Uber rogue for end-game, then yes go dorm or barbarian, all stats into STA. If you are more of a mid-game type of player then it really doesn't matter, and I would put more points into STR.

Truth is nobody will withhold you from a group because you are a human rogue and not a dorm. Granted, you'll be sharing it with your group, but it's a nice little gift.

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