Best Rogue River Jet Boat Trip

Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 12 December, 2020
• 11 min read

A Discovery Tour is a complete Oregon experience, packed full of spectacular scenery, meaningful history, wildlife viewing, and thrilling jet boating with 360’s of course. A perfect way to make lasting memories with family and friends in a stunning natural setting.

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All ages are welcome with the back rows reserved for families with babies, the elderly, or those that are pregnant. Larger groups than listed may want to take advantage of our Discovery Park Experience or “Fun Runs”.

Ticket purchase requires a 50% deposit at time of booking, with remaining balance paid on day of tour. Each Discovery Tour starts at Novella State Park where the first 1 hr 15 minutes on the river is spent exploring upriver, with the turnaround point being Rattlesnake rapids below Dodge Bridge.

You will then make your way to the one of a kind Discovery Park for a 45-min layover with time for bathroom breaks, optional adventure activities, our famous souvenir arrowhead hunt, picnicking, or just plain relaxation before getting back on the boat to finish the rest of the tour. Snack food including ice cream, drinks, wine, beer/cider are available for sale at the Discovery Park Gift Shop.

Canoe/Pedal Boat or Fishing pole rentals are not included with ticket purchase but may be added once you arrive to the Discovery Park. Fishing opportunities: The Discovery Park is home to Lake Rogue Better.

Select the BOOK NOW button to check availability/prices and DISCOVER Oregon’s Famous one stop Adventure Experience- loved by locals and visitors alike! *Oregon State Marine Board regulations, Ages 12 and under are required to wear our provided Type 1 Life Jackets.

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Experience Oregon's top cultural attraction with our exhilarating yet historically rich Discovery Tours on the beautiful Upper RogueRiver. Just outside the Medford-Central Point area, you are transported to days past with the stunning natural beauty of the iconic Table Rocks, wild life viewing, quiet celebrity retreats, along with learning the local Native American history and lore.

Throw in 360's, private river island exploration, & souvenir arrowhead hunting, and you have the perfect outing for all ages in your group. Also included in your tour is a 45-minute layover at our Discovery Park for picnicking, optional canoeing & fishing bass on Lake Rogue Better, souvenir shopping, or just time to relax taking in the beautiful lake and riverside views.

Ice cream, light snacks, wine & beer also available for purchase, or you can bring your own picnic. Imagine a summer snow-globe, start with the stage set on the river, just beyond u see a little island full of beautiful people soaking in the sun, people kicking’ it on paddle boats and kayaks while others try casting a line to catch a friendly fish (true story even the fish are friendly and on certain nights they sing back up).

On the main island there's a nutritious and delicious food truck, ice-cold adult refreshments, corn hole for the active inhabitants, misters and hammocks for the peps that just want to chill, this little utopia even has a special spot in the port a pot, when ya shake this summer snow globe love from the jet boat adventure crew whirls around...what a wonderful little world. The entire trip from beginning to end, very informative of the area, very fun boat trip, guaranteed to get wet on this beautiful sunny day, Discovery Park was set up very nicely, with plenty to do, but time was limited there.

Seeing parts of the river and hearing history about our hike was an amazing time! The driver still had time to do a few spins which made it fun for the grandkids.

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Once at the park there were a lot of options to take part in. My granddaughter had a blast jumping of the float that they had in the middle of the pond.

The driver took a different route back so there was some different scenery and still managed to get in some spins. A perfect way to spend a hot sunny afternoon.

A potentially good trip, but the boats are as packed as an airplane and there was no attempt to enforce the company's requirement for masks. Enjoyment was greatly reduced by concern that I could wind up dead.

Returning in a month with our active duty daughter who will be visiting ROM San Diego. So much fun, beautiful, spectacular sights only seen from a boat.

Huge shoutout to Kevin, the captain, grandson of original owner. We chatted briefly with him at lunch, petted his dog TOO, and gave him a sixty dollar tip.

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All the staff in the store were awesome also, along with his single crew mate. RogueRiver rafting in Oregon is one of the most exciting, enjoyable and adventurous trips you’ll take.

But in order to tell a good near-death rafting story, we’ll have to back up a little. Scenic, beautiful, and exciting, the Rogue river is tucked into the mountains of southern Oregon.

The RogueRiver Valley boasts some of the best summer weather, easily accessible outdoor recreation areas, and has wide access to many outdoor activities like biking, hiking, fishing, wine tasting, zip lining and of course … whitewater river rafting. The course of the RogueRiver winds its way through the mountains all the way from Lost Creek Lake just Southwest of Crater Lake, through Gold Hill then Grants Pass, at times even flowing North, until it goes through the southern Oregon Mountain Wilderness and finally empties out into the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach.

From experience, it’ll take you about 8 hours to drive to the RogueRiver from the Bay Area in California. RogueRiver weather is perfect for hiking, biking, lazy wine tasting or cooling off on a river rafting trip.

And that quickly dissipated by noon, giving way to beautiful sunshine and green mountain views. Tony’s will even cook your self-caught crab for a couple bucks, and you can eat it right there.

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Hey, it is what it is, but I’m absolutely sure that with no experience whatsoever I can fly the passenger jet to Hawaii much better than the super experienced pilot. I’ve pretty much shied away from plane rides unless absolutely necessary and regularly put tens of thousands of miles on my vehicles, avoiding this one.

I have been known to wake up from a nap in the passenger seat and instinctively grab for the steering wheel. Needless to say, my wife booked the four of us, she and I and our two girls on a half day trip with the Orange Torpedo River Rafting company.

Nothing too crazy there, only when they try to test yanking up on the shoulder straps of my life vest, it slides up my chest and into my face. The hazards of too much pizza and beer, because my belly is simply pushing the vest up.

Nothing to be done there but get on the treadmill, and between life vest fitting and when we got in the raft, no significant changes to my body mass index were going to be made. We listen to a couple of good-natured jokes from our two guides, and then scream down I-5 to the RogueRiver launch point.

And you’ll be happy to know that the EME perfectly conveys that sentiment to a spouse who has dragged you to the jump-off point of a whitewater river rafting trip you’re not sure you want to go on. The guides line us all up for the obligatory safety briefing, jump off checklist, which I’m sure is designed to deter anyone who’s not completely bought in at that point.

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“If you’re pregnant, or can’t swim, or are afraid of water, or otherwise squeamish when you’re not in total control, please raise your hand, so we can get you a ride back in the van.” I give my wife my best EME glare, tilting my head a little for emphasis.

As if I needed to, because after about 10 years of marriage the Evil Married Eye is unnecessary, because the other person already knows … and they just don’t care. And then my wife tilts her head back at me, and the Evil Married Eye, aaaaaaaand my hand goes down as I realize I’m along for an uncomfortable “ride”, one way or another.

Bradley’s the cool-looking one in blue… And Bradley’s got that REI, all my river shit fits perfectly, sunglasses, shiny NRS helmet and matching NRS life vest, TEVA, new soft side ice chest, annoyingly calm kinda vibe, if you know what I mean. Bradley gives us the native lore history, RogueRiver facts and findings, and casually mentions that the last class IV rapid we’ll run is called the “Green Room” by the Native Americans of the area.

We see some deer along the shore and my youngest daughter makes a comment about when we go hunting, and I whip out the River rafting tree huggers don’t like that stuff” comment just loud enough that Bradley hears me. Bradley informs us that the highlights of our roughly 2-3 hour tour will be 2 class IV rapids.

I spend the lazy first third of the paddle trip explaining to my daughters, again, not to panic … no matter what. They try to have fun despite dad’s constant yammering and obvious nervous apprehension, causing him to fill the air with his own voice for comfort.

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So at every opportunity that Bradley authorizes, the girls are both out of the raft, cooling off and splashing fun. And then I practice hoisting them into the raft in textbook fashion by their shoulder straps.

My youngest daughter was bound and determined to get GoPro footage of our rafting trip. Her Nugget Falls footage gives you a little idea of what this rapid will be like to paddle through.

And this position is so you don’t hit any rocks head on, your feet can absorb the impact, and your arms can guide you. The second class IV rapid on this half-day trip down the upper RogueRiver, is Powerhouse.

So named, because it sits just downstream from a small power generating house on the bank of the river. And yet it could be just as easily named for the fact that it’s a deceptively powerful waterfall that dumps water at the bottom of it from multiple directions.

This creates an eddy and a swirling pool of powerful water that Bradley warns us not to underestimate. And the entrance comes up on us fast and Bradley’s shouting commands, and I’m gritting and puckering up, paddling and getting ready.

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You see, in yanking me out of the water, my shorts got pulled down around my ankles, and I’m laying on top of Bradley, out of breath and unable to move to get off of him, and I’m … buck naked from the waist down! So I sit on the side of the raft, still naked, and I start paddling like I’m escaping the rednecks in Deliverance.

And I’m adrenaline and hammering the water with my paddle and my wife and daughters are … laughing hysterically … at me. The two other rafts we’re travelling with have parked themselves about 20 yards downstream, and they’ve watched my whole “epileptic nudist” drowning episode.

And one of the guides holds up an extra shirt, motioning it at me like a handkerchief that he wants me to use it to cover up. The rest of the paddle is calm and chuckling and even I am in a pretty good mood.

And the wife is now getting the, Yep, I’m an ass, because that was a pretty good rafting trip look from me. And she gives me the knowing, You just need to listen to me more head tilt and eyebrow raise.

And without saying much else we all laugh at my good misfortune and as quickly as that, we’re at the disembark point and back to camp and our vacation. And if you’re ready for some great adventure to accent your next wine tasting trip to Central Oregon, here are some of the RogueRiver’s best rafting companies.

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This is the half-day rafting trip we went on, and I can say that, all in all, they were fun, knowledgeable, and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that their guide’s actions probably saved my life. Indigo Creek Outfitters has a similar half-day trip as the one we went on with Orange Torpedo.

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