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When activated, this skill gives Lancer increased movement speed, quieter footsteps, and immunity to reveals for a limited time. To make matters even better, her passive (Elusive) allows you to instantly reload your active weapon, effectively diminishing any downtime during your offense.

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Her 24S SMG delivers blisteringly fast rounds that can quickly overwhelm foes in 1v1 duels, while her Striker 8×10 is particularly deadly when used to aggressively push enemy positions. Scorch brings the heat to any team comp and her flaming hot rounds can make short work of even the hardiest of foes.

Overheat is one of, if not the most powerful ability in the game as it allows Scorch to set her enemies on fire with both her melee weapons and firearms, dealing damage over time. Combine this with a few incendiary grenades and the armor from the Headstrong perk, and you have a nightmarish Rogue that can quickly close out many a game.

Don’t be fooled by this Rogue’s support classification, as Dahlia boasts one of the strongest kits in the entire game. Dahlia’s Danger Close ability enables her to team up with an ally for the duration of a round, allowing her to pick them up whenever they get knocked down.

Not only does Buddy System give players tremendous amounts of versatility, it also serves to create a lot of interesting team synergies and strategies. If that wasn’t enough, Thalia’s Objection SMG boasts an insanely fast rate of fire and can down enemies within seconds, making it extremely overpowered in close-quarters fights.

Saint completely gets rid of this danger and can save allied players from even the most hazardous situations, often transforming what would normally be clutch scenarios into game-winning victories. Hired Studios/First Watch Games lethal duelist that provides a decent intel and kill potential to her team.

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Robin’s Ballistic Knife can be thrown onto any surface and detonates when enemies are near, dealing damage and instantly notifying your team of their presence. Being able to see nearby enemies on your radar allows you to always be two steps ahead of them, creating scenarios where you can win gunfights on map awareness alone.

While the overhead effect from Stem Pack won’t make up for poor aim or positioning, it will give you the added tackiness needed to turn 1v1 or 1v2 situations in your favor. The Grit Passive allows CAAC to dodge roll and gain increased health when downed, giving him excellent survivability even when he is at his most vulnerable.

Lastly, his SKL-6 shotgun and D40-C SMG make for some blisteringly fast close-quarters kills, so always be on the lookout for aggressive flanking opportunities. Hired Studios/First Watch GamesPhantom is one of the hardest Rogues to master, but the one-shot kill potential is worth the time investment.

Even if you do manage to secure a couple of kills, Phantom’s first-person view (when scoped) does drastically limit your overall vision, often leaving you vulnerable to enemy fire. Positioning and good map knowledge is key to your success, so if you’re willing to put in the time, then Phantom can be an absolute beast on the battlefield.

While By’s Vile Poison ability offers some of the best zoning potential in the game, you’ll need to have a decent read on your opponents. Pair Vile Poison with an incendiary grenade, and you have a lethal cocktail that will shred through even the tackiest Rogue’s health.

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As a result, By can often find herself on the losing end of most 1v1 duels should she fail to land headshots or make use of her Vile Poison. Anvil excels at blocking off-key choke points with his Barricade and can even stop ordnance with his Active Protection System.

This Rogue also has access to the MIX Maw LEG and C4, giving you plenty of opportunities to aggressively defend and snag those all-important eliminations. Being able to deploy cover when planting the bomb or reviving a downed teammate can be the difference between a loss or a victory, so try to save this ability for when you need it the most.

On paper, Anvil’s ability may seem incredible, but most high-level players either destroy it or simply bypass the barricade altogether via flanking behind him. Lima’s MIRV Launcher is great at forcing opponents out of cover and into the open, while his passive reveals any enemies that he downs to his team.

Unfortunately, the explosive rounds from Lima’s grenade launcher take a few seconds to detonate, giving his enemies more than enough time to avoid the AOE blast. His Barbed Wire Grenade can effectively cordon off popular entry points, and it does reduce the enemy team’s movement, but in Demolition, most players will simply head on over to the next objective.

However, his Gadget Up passive does allow Trench to carry either two Active Protection Systems or two Tear Gas Grenades, which is great for reducing incoming damage hindering your enemies’ ability to aggressively push onto the objective. His DMR also has a great deal of long to medium range kill potential, but Trench is sadly let down by his overall versatility.

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If that wasn’t bad enough, you have to be fairly close to your enemies before you can use the Hack ability, which can often force you into scenarios where you get caught mid animation. RogueCompany is a third-person multiplayer shooter made by Hi-res Studios which plays in a 4v4 Search and Destroy format, offering exciting engagements and tactical gameplay.

Each Rogue has a different loadout, including weapons, grenades and perks which can be bought in-game through earning cash each round. The best rogues to use in RogueCompany all have great weapons and abilities, able to deal high damage in any situation.

She wields a submachine gun which deals insane damage and has little recoil, perfect for close-quarters combat. Combining her ability and powerful SMG with smoke grenades which can block off lines of sight, allowing her to weave around the map at ease puts Lancer in the top category in the Rogue Tier List.

Her passive ability of being able to reload whilst rolling, unlike anyone else, is incredibly useful, cementing her place at the top of the best Rogues to use. Saint is an important cog in many teams and comes to the launch of a ranked playlist and esports scene; he will be crucial to most sides.

For those who prefer reserved gameplay and can control aim over long distances, Saint is your man. It offers players a free shot at an opponent if they are behind cover, as Saint can quickly pick them up.

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Dallas’ ability to locate the highest scoring player on the enemy team for a period of time, each round, is incredibly powerful. Her loadout is perfect for someone who is just starting, allowing a lot of variation with a choice of an assault rifle or submachine gun as her primary weapon.

Her ability to plant an explosive throwing knife on the map is great for closing off lanes of attack to focus elsewhere and can also down someone upon impact. Her passive ability keeps Robin off the radar, meaning she can be effective to players who either want to flank or post up and hold angles.

Robin is a great all-round Rogue, and it’s clear to see why she’s a popular choice as one of the bestrode characters in RogueCompany. Lima is an all-round damage master, with a solid assault rifle or powerful submachine gun to choose from.

His cluster grenade can have devastating effects, great for cleaning players out of a specific area. He doesn’t necessarily excel in a specific aspect of gameplay, which is why he isn’t ranked higher, rather a solid all-round choice capable of destruction.

Her sniper is slightly slower than The Fixer's but has more ammo in the chamber and can be upgraded to have an infinite bullet falloff, meaning she is better at longer ranges. Her ability also allows a margin for error for phantom as she can disappear into a cloud of smoke if caught in the open.

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By popping the cloud, she can retreat and block off sight, whilst it highlights any players within it for the whole team. Phantom is often a great pick on larger maps, but less effective on tighter playing fields.

The fire deals quick ticks of damage over time and is perfect for eliminating players that peak lanes and try to dip away with their lives. Her ability, whilst visually great, is actually rather ineffective though, which results in her being so low on the Rogue Tier list.

Adding fire damage to her weapons makes for a bit of a better punch, but it does require her being up close and personal, otherwise, opponents will roll behind cover. He lacks any forgiving should he peak and miss, with no smoke grenade or equipment to help remove himself from a sticky situation.

His ability is rather indifferent and fun though, as he pops on his heat signature glasses and can thermally detect players. This offers a second chance to players using CAAC, a great way to begin the game and learn the ropes.

However, the poison is bright green and glaringly obvious, causing no stun to players as they remove themselves from the cloud. The only reason she isn't higher is that players controlling Thalia will need to understand every other teammate's passives to be effective.

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His ability is a barricade, which can come in hand when defending bomb sites, but he struggles with being so visible, and in any close divinities he’ll likely be outgunned unless you’re extremely accurate. If you’re looking to hold down just one street, posting up with a barricade and a shotgun can be an effective technique, but he doesn’t come in as one of the best Rogue characters.

It's merely his abilities and equipment that let him down, meaning he earns the unfortunate accolade of being at the bottom of the Rogue Tier List. His ultimate is also the worst of the pick, as it simply casts barbed wire on the floor in an attempt to slow players down.

For this guide, we will be going over the best characters to buy in RogueCompany based on a few different factors. Starting off with Talon, as part of the Intel class, he is a very balanced character with abilities that are fitting for Demolition and Extraction.

This works great when guarding the objective to see if there are enemies coming from a certain point or if they are at the bomb. Overall, Talon can be a worthy Rogue to buy if you enjoy the Demolition-type game modes.

Lancer is not the unique character in the game, but what she does have can help win fights unlike any other. Her primary ability allows for increased speed, quieter movement, and staying hidden to reveal for a duration or until firing.

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This character was basically made for flanking which can help in pretty much all game modes. The ability Elusive makes it so every time you dodge roll it will reload your weapon.

This makes reloading so much faster and puts you in a less vulnerable position, so you can just unleash the clips of your SMG on any opponent that comes your way. She currently holds the gun with the fastest fire rate in the game making her extremely deadly in close-combat.

This works with her main ability which allows her to link to an ally for a round to be able to revive them when activating within 30 m. This makes Dahlia definitely worth unlocking since it allows you access to a component of each Rogue in the game.

This means you’d be able to gain passives like Lancer’s to reload when rolling, The Fixer’s to slow down enemies when damaging them, or CAAC’s increased health and ability to dodge roll when downed.

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