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Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 17 January, 2021
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For a pure damage class such as rogue, there’s always one question at the back of their players minds: which spec is the most powerful right now? While certain specs vary in strength depending on what type of gameplay the players is doing, there are roles that they stand out in.

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Knowing that, we’ll look into which rogue spec is the beset for Battle for Zeroth. For a pure damage class such as rogue, there’s always one question at the back of their players minds: which spec is the most powerful right now? For players interested in raiding, World of War crafts flagship Eve mode, Assassination rogue is one of the best choices.

Assassination is the highest single damage melee class in the game right now Poisons and bleeds allow damage to tick away even when the player must move for mechanics such as Wrong’s Reverberating Slam As it is with all rogue specs, Assassination has access to great sustain and survivability options such as Crimson Vial to restore health, Evasion to dodge melee strikes, and the ever-powerful Cloak of Shadows to both avoid taking magical damage and drop harmful effects such as King Rastaban’s Deathly Withering. Rogues in general make up around 8 percent of high level PVP as of 8.1.5 according to World of War graphs, with the highest number being Assassination.

Assassination in PVP shares many of the benefits as they do in raiding, but also bring unique utility for dealing with other players. Shadow step allows a player teleport behind an opponent and Sprint lets them escape should the fight turn south.

Assassination has unparalleled crowd control, with over three options to stun enemies and interrupt spell casting. With trash being just as much of a threat as bosses, Mythic Plus added the need to get though dungeons in a limited time.

Because of this different skill are needed than traditional raiding and this lets Outlaw break Assassination’s total dominance for the bestroguespec. This allows them to excel in dealing damage to multiple enemies, which Mythic Plus is chock-full of.

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Rogues have access to Shroud of Concealment, allowing the entire Mythic Plus group to skip partially challenging or excessive trash. It has neither the AOE that makes Outlaw dominant in mythic plus or the consistent damage that lets Assassination be so strong in PVP and Raiding.

Subtlety offers both options for AOE and single target damage, though fails to excel in either. A child of the sun, being raised in California, Sara loves all kinds of storytelling with a soft spot for video games in particular.

It's great for PVP and early expat content, such as dungeons and island expeditions. From sims and personal experience, it seems like sub does slightly more single target damage.

The CC aspects are quite nifty in BGS, been tinkering with a decent rotation. Night blade is good for slowing down heals and a number of abilities that spam combo points.

I might tinker with that in my next round of playing in PVP, but it is great for leveling. I've taken down targets that required 3 people (in the quest description anyway) with little effort in Sin.

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You may stumble on a rotation with the right stats that suits your playing style and bursts high damage numbers. I usually keep a gear set for each talent on hand. Was in a group with a 305ilvl outlaw rogue last week and that fool was doing 20k AOE compared to my 9k.

Was in a group with a 305ilvl outlaw rogue last week and that fool was doing 20k AOE compared to my 9k. Very high ST and strong AOE burst with secret technique.

But paladin in BFA is a bit boring. This question applies both to PVP/PVE. But paladin in BFA is a bit boring. This question applies both to PVP/PVE.

With master of shadows talented, sub feels really smooth, and the lack of haste makes it playable over the other 2 specs. I use Mid and Exsanguinate for PVP for some heavy burst face melting I still enjoy sub and outlaw but the sin play style is my favorite so far.

Was in a group with a 305ilvl outlaw rogue last week and that fool was doing 20k AOE compared to my 9k. Especially with the high density of trash requiring quick stuns and interrupts.

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Sub is usually supreme on single target early on with outlaw always being the cleave king then sin comes in towards the mid to end of the PAC as the single target champ. I’m having a TREMENDOUS amount of fun right now on Outlaw, see what you prefer and run with it.

Sub will reign supreme when infested comes out for M 10+ if groups play towards subs play style of letting mobs be live to get full combo eviscerate every other spell. Sub pulls ahead slightly on ST boss but as soon as there is Cleave outlaw wins.

Elusiveness 40 Dirty Tricks Blinding Powder Prey on the Weak 45 Loaded Dice Alacrity Dread blades 50? Dancing Steel Blade Rush Killing Spree Talents can be freely changed when out of combat and in a rested XP area (such as an inn or a capital city).

We have decided to list a “cheat sheet” of sorts below, however, to help with a quick set-up that should be just fine for most encounters. The build is the standard choice for most encounters, focusing on dealing high and sustained single target damage.

The two builds suggested above are generalized versions that do not account for individual encounters in the current raid tier. We have a boss-by-boss breakdown of talent choices as well as tips and tricks only Outlaw can pull off on our dedicated Raid page.

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Mythic+ oftentimes requires a very specific talent setup that mixes single-target and AOE to perform well on both bosses and trash. Weapon master Quick Draw Ghostly Strike Tier 1 talents focus on improving Combo Point generation.

Weapon master is simply inferior to Quick Draw in terms of raw DPS. Retractable Hook Hit and Run Tier 2 talents focus on improving your mobility.

Acrobatic Strikes is a good choice on cleave encounters as it also extends the length of your Blade Flurry. Deeper Stratagem leads to a slightly slower rotation (as compared to Vigor) but your finishers will gain increased effectiveness and damage.

Elusiveness is technically the best talent in most situations, but requires you to be extremely proficient with Feint usage and very aware of incoming damage. Iron Stomach is by far the best choice for leveling and solo content, as it improves your self-sustainability noticeably.

Dirty Tricks Blinding Powder Prey on the Weak Tier 5 talents focus on improving your crowd control utility. Dirty Tricks removes the Energy cost from Cheap Shot, Gouge, and Sap.

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Prey on the Weak causes targets afflicted by your Cheap Shot or Between the Eyes to take 10% increased damage from all sources for 6 seconds. Prey on the Weak is the strongest option in this tier, as it allows you to increase everyone's damage by 10% for 6 seconds, on stainable enemies.

Dirty Tricks has practically no instance Eve usage as you are unlikely to use any of the abilities it affects during the fight. Loaded Dice Alacrity Dread blades Tier 6 talents offer finisher modifiers.

Loaded Dice makes activating Adrenaline Rush cause your next Roll the Bones to grant at least two buffs. Alacrity causes finishing moves to have a 20% chance per Combo Point to grant 2% Haste for 20 seconds, stacking 5 times.

Alacrity is the best choice in raids and dungeons, provided you are able to consistently maintain your stacks for most of the encounters. While Loaded Dice does help reduce the random aspect of Roll the Bones a bit, it currently lags too far behind Alacrity to be competitive for damage.

Dread blades is a solid option due to the amount of burst damage you can deal during its duration, but still performs worse than Alacrity. Dancing Steel Blade Rush Killing Spree Tier 7 talents focus on shifting the play style in new directions.

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Blade Rush charges you towards the target, damaging all of nearby enemies, and generating 25 Energy over 5 seconds. Killing Spree is affected by Blade Flurry and will hit nearby enemies for 100% of the damage during it.

Killing Spree is mediocre in damage and the forced movement can put you in perilous situations however, so use it with care. Dancing Steel is only helpful for ease of use, as you should already be able to maintain close to 100% uptime on Blade Flurry.

In this section we will rank the PVP talents best for leveling and doing solo / small group Eve content. Take Your Cut causes you and allies within 8 yards to gain 15% Haste for 8 seconds after you use Roll the Bones.

It is fairly good, since it acts as a mini- Adrenaline Rush and has decent uptime when you are questing in the open world. Boarding Party makes Between the Eyes increase the movement speed of all friendly players within 10 yards by 30% for 5 seconds.

Maneuverability makes your Sprint suppresses all movement impairing effects, thus helping out a bit with mobility. You can use Pistol Shot repeatedly to generate Combo Points while this buff is active if you are low on Energy.

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