Best Rogue Spec Shadowlands Pvp

Danielle Fletcher
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
• 17 min read

15 Weapon master Premeditation Gloom blade 25 Night stalker Subterfuge Shadow Focus 30 Vigor Deeper Stratagem Marked for Death 35 Soothing Darkness Cheat Death Elusiveness 40 Shot in the Dark Night Terrors Prey on the Weak 45 Dark Shadow Alacrity Enveloping Shadows 50 Master of Shadows Secret Technique Shrike Tornado While the above table provides a generally accurate overview of the viability of talents, some finer points are discussed in the sections that follow, and we recommend you read those for a deeper understanding. This will give you more time to do more damage, rather than having to spend Combo Points on Slice and Dice.

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This talent will make Shadow Dance an even stronger cooldown. The increased damage and control you have while Shadow Dance is active make Subtlety Rogues very powerful.

You can use Marked For Death and get a full Kidney Shot on your kill target or for crowd control. Elusiveness is an all-around solid choice, and the best talent in this tier.

This makes it, so you can not only reduce the cooldown of Shadow Dance, but you get a second charge of it as well. This is crucial to maximizing your control and damage throughout an arena match.

This will allow you to regenerate Energy quicker while you are in Stealth or while Shadow Dance is active, increasing your sustained damage. The top three choices are the most useful, but can be replaced with other PVP talents depending on your team's goal.

Cold Blood instantly deals 10% of the enemy players' health when you use Cheap Shot or Shadow strike. This is a good offensive cooldown and a great ability when using your burst rotation.

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The enemy healer will not be able to heal, and you will easily secure a kill while Smoke Bomb is active. This is not done often, but you can use Smoke Bomb on your healer to prevent enemies from crowd controlling them.

This gives you strong abilities that increase your survivability from Soul binds, and a great damaging cooldown, Echoing Reprimand. At the end of this path, you will have gained more damage from Reverberation and Combat Meditation.

Conduits are passive buffs that you can use to fill empty slots in your Soul bind Trees. Deeper Daggers makes Eviscerate increases your Shadow damage after using it.

Perforated Veins makes Shadow strike increase the damage to your next Backstab. This can be useful for increasing your burst damage when you are generating Combo Points with Shadow strike.

Recuperate makes Slice and Dice heal you over time. This is great for increasing your survivability, as you will often have Slice and Dice active while using your burst rotation.

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Cloaked in Shadows gives you a shield when you enter stealth. Quick Decisions reduces the cooldown of Shadow step and increases its range.

Prepared for All is a versatile Conduit that helps reduce the cooldown of some important defensive. This makes it so Vanish reduces the cooldown of your other abilities by 20 seconds.

This increases your Critical Strike chance for a few seconds after Stealth breaks. This gives you short windows to do large amounts of damage to enemy players.

15 Master Poisoner Elaborate Planning Blindside 25 Night stalker Subterfuge Master Assassin 30 Vigor Deeper Stratagem Marked for Death 35 Leeching Poison Cheat Death Elusiveness 40 Internal Bleeding Iron Wire Prey on the Weak 45 Venom Rush Alacrity Exsanguinate 50 Poison Bomb Hidden Blades Crimson Tempest While the above table provides a generally accurate overview of the viability of talents, some finer points are discussed in the sections that follow, and we recommend you read those for a deeper understanding. For example, you can use Marked for Death for an instant Kidney Shot on an enemy.

Just make sure to use Feint before you think you are about to get stunned or when the enemy team uses their burst cooldowns. This gives you an additional Bleed and makes Kidney Shot a very crucial stun to use on your main target.

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This will make it, so you will rarely run out of Energy, as you should always be hitting an enemy that has poisons on them. This is a solid talent to increase your sustained and burst damage.

The top three choices are the most useful, but can be replaced with other PVP talents, depending on your team's goal. The enemy healer will not be able to heal, and you will easily secure a kill while Smoke Bomb is active.

This is not done often, but you can use Smoke Bomb on your healer to prevent enemies from crowd controlling them. System Shock reduces the enemy's movement speed by 45% when you use an Envenom with 5 Combo Points on a target with Garrote, Rupture, or any lethal poisons.

This is great for keeping a mobile target from kiting your damage or to peel for teammates that are in trouble. This is also a good choice to play when your main target is the enemy healer.

Maneuverability makes Sprint suppress all movement-impairing effects for 4 seconds when used. This is a great talent versus teams with multiple slows.

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Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 1:38 Gearing/Stat priority 6:30 Talents 19:30 Covenant 24:10 Opener Rotation/Outro From casual Papers to hardcore arena veterans, Skill Capped has helped thousands of players accomplish their goals.

You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! Before you use this and complain when smashing your face on the keys doesn't work, please read the rest of this guide, especially the spec breakdown at the bottom.

Controlling the tempo of a fight is the main utility of a rogue with modern levels of resilience and health. A geared and skilled rogue can still put out some impressive numbers, but that's not the primary function of the class any longer.

In its place stands the priority system, which is more rewarding to effective critical thinking and gut calls than repeating a single pattern. In this guide, you will not find a single chain of abilities that, when used against other players, will result in their death.

The only other spell to share that specific text (as opposed to the more common “Fear” effect) is Psychic Scream. More relevant to you, Sap is an “Incapacitate” effect, not a stun; the only other spell that comes to mind that shares this is Repentance.

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Resilience no longer reduces the chance you'll be CRT by enemies, or whatever it was in older iterations. Resilience is a defensive stat that reduces the damage you're dealt by enemy players and their minions by a pure percentage.

It does technically scale down, but only to compensate for the stat's inherent tendency to compound its effect. There is no soft or hard cap; more resilience will always provide a meaningful amount of resistance.

As of patch 4.3, with common player resilience levels around 4k, a 40% reduction in damage should be assumed. Prior to this change, it was suggested that rogues Shiv the buff off tanks after a burst phase, but this is no longer necessary.

In Cataclysm, was retuned, and it now increases your move speed by 70% for 8 seconds, on a one-minute cooldown. Knowing what other classes do and how each spec works is a critical part of learning to be effective in PVP, and some of that is what this page covers with its class-by-class priority guides.

I strongly encourage you to roam through other class guides and learn their toolkits and strategies. Positioning, surprise, and timing are critical to separating a great rogue from a good one.

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Along with those other three things, stealth provides survivability, damage output, and control options. If you can find cover, eating conjured food will quickly bring your health bar up, but it will remove you from stealth.

You still have three slows available to you through as a Subtlety rogue, as Combat, and the talent at level 30. Stuns and slows are of the greatest detriment to melee characters, but they're incredibly useful against all enemies.

Also, if you can stack it enough, the level 75 talent will stun for 4 sec(removed in Won). Melee characters generally have much higher avoidance stats and armor levels.

You can circumvent block and parry by positioning yourself behind an enemy, but armor and dodge will remain the same. Since almost all the rogue's moves are melee-based, this can easily throw off your timing if your stuns start being mitigated.

A carefully timed Kidney Shot/Gouge can mean avoiding an ugly chunk of . Against pure casters (and even paladins and other classes like Elemental shamans which rely heavily on spells), consider opening with a .

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Since Garrote silences the opponent for three seconds engulfed, (completely shutting down mages, priests, shamans, caster druids, and warlocks, ) you can think of it as a three-second Cheap Shot that costs 10 less energy and leaves a bleed on the opponent, as well as not interfering with your stun DR. In geared PVP, extended duels happen between skilled players that are both on their game.

What they may do instead is begun casting , since your kick will only lock them out of the fire tree (unless you're combat). There is a glyph available to reduce physical damage taken as well, but speaking of the baseline, your cloak won't do anything against a warrior.

In the past, rogues have been unstoppable killing machines that have only needed a few buttons to be greatly effective. A rogue used to be considered “good” if they could win a duel without popping a cooldown; today, that simply isn't possible against a similarly geared player with a base in their class.

As I keep mentioning, you should focus more on setting up situations for a win condition, rather than smashing your face against the keyboard to get a kill. As Restful shows in his video (linked below), in any kind of serious PVP, going for the throat isn't always the answer.

A skilled sub rogue can essentially act as a tank, neutralizing and redirecting his enemies' attacks from his more crucial teammates. Taking on this unique role is the closest WoW has come to having a Mesmer class.

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Because of this reliance on the effect of your abilities rather than the damage output, this spec can be considered “viable” at competitive levels even without great gear. With the current model of PVP you'll still regularly be borrowing some tactics from the controller by necessity, but with more serious, consistent damage output.

This spec provides a great deal of damage through its poisons, bypassing enemy armor. As Assassination rogue, as opposed to Subtlety, there are certain things you have to give up in terms of mobility and defensive cooldowns.

, cooldown reductions through Elusiveness (depending on how you spec), and are the main ones. Each strike has a 50% chance of poisoning the enemy, slowing movement speed by 50% for 12 sec.

This also means that the 3-second silence from Garrote is more important than ever, completely shutting down casters without the threat of being removed. Every Human player has this ability as a racial, through , with an identical cooldown to the trinket (two minutes).

It is highly recommended that the trinket is your first PVP purchase if you're any race other than Human. While there are certain situations where it may be worth it to kite an enemy rogue through a certain cooldown (, ), don't forget that their energy is pooling and their Recuperate is ticking too.

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As far as defensive cooldowns go, is likely to be a better shot than , and obviously is your best friend. Remember that rogues can cloak any kind of DOT except a bleed, so it may be worth it to drop a cheap or (glyphed) if your opponent looks like they're getting ready to run.

The archetypal melee class, Warriors are especially weak to , as all of their damage comes through their weapon. They have a few defensive cooldowns that make it hard to manage them, but for the most part all of your control options will remain the same as any other melee attacker.

One method that is very successful against warriors is to employ all the Dots available to you, and then kiting him with Crippling Poison, dive-bombing occasionally to either incur large damage or go for the killing blow. Shadow priests are similar to warlocks in practice, with the notable exception of , as it's essentially a bubble.

Discipline and Holy priests are indistinguishable to us, and are fought the same way as every other healer: interrupt, stun, annoy. It's unlikely you'll actually kill a healer by yourself (presuming you're both geared and awake), but when the opportunity arises you should do your best to take it.

Many beginning players overlook the defensive abilities of the mage because it wears a dress. Any seasoned gladiator knows from experience that Frost mages are one of the most feared opponents one can encounter because of their nearly endless snares, slows, and stuns.

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Frost mages gain a huge damage buff against frozen enemies, so avoid this the best you can. With the fixes to Diminishing Returns, if you can survive the first 15 seconds of a fight, it's likely that you'll overtake them and kill them.

With the talent Blazing Speed can be chosen on level 10, you'll often see them running far faster than you, doing much more damage than you can hope to counter at range. Slows and stuns are your friends, as always, along with a Smoke Bomb if you find yourself backed in a corner.

Arcane mages are a rare breed these days, and they usually have little to offer in the realm of defensive spells. Druids will almost always fight in one of their forms: moon kin, cat, bear, or caster (sometimes using tree as well).

When fighting a druid in caster form, make sure to go into full suppression mode and try to prevent the most healing possible. Any druid worth his salt will most likely shift forms during combat; that's the strength of the class.

Expect every druid to use Nature's Grasp, which will afflict you with Entangling Roots on hit. Frankly, in PVP, Cat druids are the obvious Rogue counterpart, but with far fewer cooldowns, but having Dot, Heals and Hot.

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You can't disarm them, but you can still use Evasion to neutralize their damage and take them down with the greatest of ease. Bear druids have a high dodge chance and massive health pool, which you can't really do much about, but they often lack in throughput.

If you see a druid in tree form, do your best to control them by interrupting, stunning (let your run to its full duration if you can) and by putting a Smoke Bomb over the people they're trying to heal. Again, neutralizing a healer is much more important than banging on your keys, trying to burn down a paladin that's being healed.

Once considered the hard counter to rogues, hunters are a pale shadow of the doom they used to spell for those with daggers. Hunters are known for their defensive cooldowns, (which is often combined with a parachute effect to extend the distance) and , which is essentially a bubble to those of us not casting spells.

is no longer as potent as it used to be, as it doesn't prevent you from entering stealth anymore. It's possible to an enraged pet like this, but it's a big cooldown that is almost never worth burning for that.

and the ten-yard range on can help close the gap if shadow step is on cooldown. A common maneuver used by hunters is to place a flare, then put all their traps in the center and wait for you to make your move.

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Warlocks are possibly the easiest fight for a rogue post-TBC and the addition of Cloak of Shadows. The only things you need to worry about in particular are demon form and stay out of the purple circle they leave on the ground.

They have the ability to set up an instant teleport during a fight, but it's not much different from a mage blinking. You'll likely lose line of sight, but at that point you've successfully repelled your enemy, and it may not be worth pursuit in a battleground.

As a melee class, they're affected by Dismantle, and Evasion can prevent a good amount of damage. The best time to use Evasion or Combat Readiness (you probably won't need to cloak anything) is when their guardian is out.

Protection paladins have multitudes of cooldowns that heal them or reduce their damage taken, so try to line yourself up for one big shot at them. Save your big nukes for right after they've popped their bubble, and then try to get the most damage in as you can before they can heal it back.

The infamous is still widely used, and it is equatable to a rogue's kidney shot in its timing. It's either cast in preparation of a big attack, or used to cover one's tracks whilst running away.

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Shamans are very mobile healers, and keeping them slowed isn't enough to render them helpless by a long shot. Death knights in general can be pretty difficult for a rogue, but if you keep them managed, there's little they can do to you.

DK spec roles have been tossed around since their creation, but since Cataclysm dropped there's been little shift. Blood is the most common spec, but Frost looks to be on its way up, especially with the impending removal of Vengeance.

Typically, a Blood DK will deal some serious vampire damage with , often healing themselves for upwards of 20k and getting an absorption shield for more than that. For defensive cooldowns, they have , which makes them immune to stuns as well as reducing their damage taken for the duration.

Frost is a pure DPS spec with AOE elements built right into its rotation. Their ability to slow an entire enemy team at once is formidable, and their damage output is just as impressive.

Similar to a rogue, much of this spec's appeal is in its utility rather than damage, so it can be effective at surprisingly low gear levels. One thing Blizzard was successful with in Cataclysm was loosening up the trees to allow some subjectivity in most specs.

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Night stalker is a great boon to most rogues, because you want to be in stealth as much as possible, and that makes it much easier. Relentless Strikes helps keep momentum during combat, and it makes Recuperate net you only -5 energy.

Elusiveness adds a great deal of utility to my build, for obvious reasons. The attack speed reduction is also a godsend versus warriors, who I've been having trouble with recently.

I see many rogues take Premeditation, but I choose not to because HAT gives me enough that I can count on sitting outside of stealth long enough to bank up points on a target before opening. I've forgone taking points in Cheat Death because if I'm cutting it that close, it usually means I'm screwed anyway.

Many rogues forgo points in Sanguinary Vein because they don't use Gouge often or because they don't think their targets live long enough for it to be useful. However, with the glyph of hero, you gain another 16% damage added to the target with no change to your opening, and you can freely use gouge.

It essentially provides 6% resilience while recuperate is active, as well as adding a small increase to its effectiveness. Assassination has a couple good options for PVP, and I took full Lethality and partial Coup de grâce.

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Lethality offers throughput in abilities I use constantly, and Coup de grâce is just better than Ruthless Momentum ; it only counts killing blows, so it's especially hard to rely on in PVP. Quickening makes your recuperate tick harder along with the obvious speed increase (bringing you up to 126% run speed while stealthed), and Puncturing Wounds makes my Backstab CRT over 50% of the time, activating the glyph and refunding energy, as well as dealing ~35k damage.

When every backstab deals similar damage to an eviscerate, it makes it less punitive to spread the pain amongst several targets. While I'm sure there's better ways to set up my UI, I keep mine fairly rough.

My UI is a simple configuration of Bartender, Shadowed Unit Frames, TitanPanel, Recount, and every serious player's essential mod, Sexy map.

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