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You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! Welcome to our Gearing Page for Subtlety Rogue, this section will help you find out which item pieces aim for to maximize DPS.

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Major changes to gearing up in Shadow lands are making sockets only able to pro or be applied to only six slots in total, which are helm, belt, bracers, rings, and amulet, along with the removal of War forging and Titan forging. It is currently unknown exactly how it works, but keep an eye out for world quests with item rewards.

Covenant items depend on your reputation and Renown levels, as well as your campaign progress, and cap out at 184. The downside of PVP gear is that they are very heavy on Versatility, but luckily for us Subtlety Rogues, it is one of our most desired stats.

Finality (Best overall for Raiding and Mythic+) Atari's Soul Fragment (Best one for single-target, falls off on AOE) Mark of the Master Assassin (Mythic+) Essence of Blood fang (Cleave) At this stage in the game, and despite the stat priority, there are so many variables and so many layers of optimization that you can apply to your character, that there is no way for a guide or anything else to tell you exactly what gear you should wear.

The website can help you choose optimal gear such as Legendarily trinkets and combinations thereof in a way that is tailored completely to your specific character. Simply select the raid and difficulty you are interested in, and Rainbows will take a while to figure out where you should spend your bonus rolls, and more.

This trinket list compares all current trinkets at various equal item levels, meant as a guideline to help prioritize upgrades, so care should be taken when assessing your own pieces should they vary in item level or bonuses. Agility; Versatility; Mastery; Critical Strike; Haste.

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Your Mastery is important as it increases the damage to your finishing moves. In general, Subtlety Rogues want to get trinkets that line up well with Shadow Blades.

Because this ability has a 3-minute cooldown, your trinkets can have a passive or on-use effect. Sinful Gladiator's Medallion is a mandatory trinket to have equipped at all times.

You will normally use this when you are stuck in crowd control and a teammate is at low health. Sinful Gladiator's Badge of Ferocity gives you Haste and has a 1-minute cooldown that increases your primary stat.

Sinful Gladiator's Insignia of Alacrity increases your Haste and has a chance to pro your primary stat. This is an overall strong trinket, as the stat will pro often throughout an arena match.

This Best in Slot list represents the best combination of gear obtainable from regular dungeons in Shadow lands and serves as a guideline for characters that have just hit Level 60. Because not everyone is a Mythic raider, PVP Gladiator, or clears Mythic+15 every week, this list is more of a guideline for the best pieces to keep an eye out when clearing Heroic and Mythic dungeons, and we recommend using Raid bots to sim the items you actually have available to you in order to find your best combination of gear, as well as which items to choose from your selection within the Great Vault.

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If you have a new piece of gear that you need gems and enchants advice for, you can find everything you need on our dedicated page below. War forging and Titan forging are no more; Corruption no longer exists; Crafted items can now be acquired with specific stats; World quest item level rewards no longer exclusively scale with your characters item level, but also your Renown level; Socket slots can only pro onto specific pieces of gear.

That means that even if your average item level does not increase, you will eventually be offered better rewards for completing a World Quest as you gain more Renown with your Covenant. Combined with the Crater's Mark II, you will be able to craft high-level items with perfect stats much more frequently.

You can also clear specific dungeons on both Heroic and Mythic once a week with a group of your choosing. In order to receive Honor, you simply have to partake in any PVP activity, whether it is fighting in arenas or battlegrounds, or finishing PvP-related world quests or killing hostile players.

In order to craft these, you will first have to find a legendary essence that you will then need to bring to the Rune carver inside Toughest, Tower of the Damned. With all the different layers of gearing that are currently available to players it pretty much impossible to cover all edge cases and individual recommendations in a guide.

Learning to use this tool is essential to maximizing your potential, as it is the only reliable way to get information on which piece of gear, enchant, gem or trinket is the best for your character. Simply select the raid and difficulty you are interested in, and Rainbows will take a while to figure out where you should spend your bonus rolls, and more.

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As more testing and improvements are available, you will also be able to find generalized versions of simulations in the dedicated sections. You should try to acquire the Pollock Insignia legendary power and craft it onto the leg-slot, ideally with a Haste and Critical Strike missive.

The list below shows the best piece of gear for each individual slot that can be acquired in dungeons before Castle Natalia opens. Furthermore, the below pieces are considered ideal for raiding, and not necessarily for doing dungeons or other types of content.

23 Nov. 2020: Page updated for the Shadow lands release, added gear acquisition overview and dungeon Bis list. For Horde your choices are Orcs, Trolls, Forsaken, and Blood Elves.

For the Alliance you have the choice of Gnomes, Night Elves, Dwarves, and Humans. Choose carefully because you will be spending A LOT of time and money on this character.

You can find all the racial skills and starting attributes on the race page of your choice. As of patch 3.0.2 you can't get 12 dodge chance on cloak as it now requires a level 35 or higher item.

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In battlegrounds there are many useful, witty, and downright ingenious strategies and tactics for rogues. One nifty gear-related technique is to enchant a pair of boots with swiftness and pop those on when you have the flag, also pop a swiftness potion and time your 'Sprint' cooldown, and you often fly past the opponent team.

One part of mastery of level 19 rogue thinking is understanding timing, distance, and the expiration of crowd control abilities. A lot of rogue thinking is watching other players in stealth and waiting for the right moment.

Rogues have abilities to handle multiple opponents (with crowd control like Sap and Blind or disarming abilities like Dismantle) and it's good to be able to Tab between characters quickly. Awareness of when a sap or blind will be up makes you a more efficient rogue.

Ramsey black label is a Consumable-Drinkable buff that rogue twinks always get drunk off because of the stamina increase. That consumable can be found in Caverns of Time (using a high-level alt) or occasionally purchased off the Auction House.

A hunter can wing clip, back away, concuss, sick pet, and create distance between a target. If there is, for example, a cluster of 2-3 opponents, if you place a distract so that one of them turns around, the other 2 will often continue onward.

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Usually, with proper timing you can exploit this extra space by delivering a sap and then waiting a bit until the original cluster continues even more (creating even more distance) and then open and kill the target. So often, while rogues can accumulate many killing blows and capture flags with ease, at times, it's those very subtle things (like disorienting a flag-bearers protectors, enabling other teammates to than recapture the flag from that now-exposed flag bearer) that make the rogue class great.

Unfortunately, those subtle things do help create team victories, but they aren't recognized by in-game achievements or even by other players, however, it's very rewarding to execute those subtle advantageous team-manuveurs...and of course, it's also incredibly rewarding to accumulate killing blows, honor kills, and flag captures! You should be changing your weapons depending on the opponents and using a slightly different Talent Build.

The best way to maximize your Garrote damage is to use an Agility Build from the equipment and enchants named above. Have your add-on dual equip Cruel Barbs both with the +15 Agility enchant.

General Strategy: The general strategy in arena is for the Rogue to gain the initial advantage (via Stealth) and then to maximize DPS to quickly defeat an opponent. Mages will spam AOE, players will hide in places to prevent you getting a sap and the opponent will move in an anti- rogue formation.

Because of this it is best to use a Subtlety Build built around Stealth and Garrote damage This add-on will automatically fill a movable action bar with all consumables in your inventory, including engineering explosives, health potions, food, bandages, etc.

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If you get the proper equips and enchants, it's gonna cost up to several thousand Gold. Popular Alliance choices are Night Elf, for the extra agility, and Human, for Every Man for Himself.

Popular Horde choices include Blood Elf and Undead. Every race has its advantages and disadvantages, and your choice should be based largely on your play style.

Blood Fury is nice for increasing your attack power and can give you the extra boost you need to take down other players. Will of the Forsaken will remove charm, fear, and sleep effects on you, making for a potent combination versus Warlocks alongside Shadow Resistance.

Cannibalize is a nice way to restore health without sitting down to eat, using a potion, putting stress on a healer, or running to a Rejuvenation power up. Breaking is a useful ability that will increase attack speed by amounts that vary depending on how badly injured the troll is.

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