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• Friday, 25 December, 2020
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The Illinois, Applegate and Bear Creek rivers, and associated valleys, define this AVA that stretches from the Miskito Mountains to the California border. The Applegate Valley, located about 25 miles to the east, is warmer and dryer and Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot dominate.

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Scroll down for a comprehensive list of RogueValleywineries and click “map view” to access the advanced winery search. During Oregon’s COVID-19 freeze for on-premise winery experiences, check out ways to experience your favorite RogueValley Wine Country wines at home with our up-to-date winery hours & offerings listing.

Pebble stone Cellars focuses on their acclaimed tempranillo, pioneer, Cabernet franc and pilot Gris as well as other varieties. In 2018 the Ellipses opened their tasting room, with visitors sampling the wines and enjoying live music every Sunday afternoon.

Sip your new favorite wine and nosh on wood-fired pizza at Giselle Cellars, set on a gorgeous property next to the Rogue River. Gather around the fire pit or bonce court at 2Hawk Vineyard and Winery, powered by solar arrays and other natural viticulture techniques.

The Tuscan retreat-inspired Dancing Vineyards was named Oregon Winery of the Year in 2017 by Wine Press Northwest, noted for their chardonnay and pilot noir. LongS word Vineyard is also a family farm and a landing zone for local hang gliders and para gliders, so guests on the tasting patio are often greeted with the spectacle of colorful wings as well as friendly flocks of chickens, geese and sheep.

Located just 5 miles from downtown Ashland Oregon, Irvine & Roberts Vineyards offers stunning views and acclaimed wines. Linger around the fire pit at Dana Campbell Vineyards, with tasting room views of Pilot Rock, Mt.

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The region is 225-miles south of Portland and 55 miles from the Pacific Ocean It extends to the California border. This is the driest and warmest of southern Oregon’s wine producing regions, with many areas exhibiting a Mediterranean like climate.

The corridor between Medford and Ashland in the south resembles a large bowl that traps heat resulting in elevated temperatures. Cooler climate varietals like pilot noir, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay are more often found in the western portion of the RogueValley and on select north and east facing slopes at elevation.

Soil types range from alluvial sand and gravel to metamorphic rocks, marine sedimentary bedrock and decomposed volcanic. Soil texture ranges from quick draining sandy loads to hard clay.

The area between Grants Pass and Medford is generally lower in elevation and warmer than the Applegate or Bear Creek Valleys. Del Rio Vineyards produces a rosé from grenade (2017) that, at an average price of $13, represents an outstanding value.

The resulting wine is very floral, with pronounced strawberry and raspberry aromas and crisp acidity. Del Rio’s pilot exhibits hints of forest floor, along with red fruit notes of dried strawberry and sour cherry with medium acidity.

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This is a different style than the typical Willamette Valley pilot, lighter, less floral, with less aromatic complexity and intensity but very drinkable. Brook Horse Wines are produced at Pheasant brook Vineyards and feature a range of Italian varietals, including nebbiolo, mangroves, concerto, Barbara and primitive.

The Primitive (2013) is produced from vineyards at 1300 feet ASL, and features strawberry notes, and dried herbal and potpourri aromas with medium acidity and ripe well-integrated tannins. The resulting wine exhibits a layered complexity of herbal and dried floral potpourri notes, along with elements of citrus, green fruits and just a hint of tropical fruit while still maintaining a brisk acidity.

It features blue and dark fruit, especially plum and prune, with medium acidity and well-integrated ripened tannins. It offers distinctive red and blue fruit, but without the jasmines typical of warm climate pilot noir.

It’s petite Sarah (2015), a consistent medal winner in competitions, offers big, ripe red fruits with a hint of milk chocolate, with medium acidity and a structured, pronounced tannin backbone. Combined with different elevations, a diurnal swing of 40 to 50 degrees F and persistent afternoon winds, which slow down ripening, the region can grow a variety of both cool and warm climate grape varietals.

Among the region’s more outstanding wines are pioneer, tempranillo, various rosé blends and, surprisingly, pilot noir. This is a full-bodied, complex pioneer that shows floral notes of white flowers and honeysuckle, along with elements of citrus and stone fruit and a hint of apple and pear.

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Irvine and Roberts also makes a similar pioneer (2015) with pronounced creamy citrus and white flower notes. Like the Ump qua Valley, tempranillo does exceptionally well in the RogueValley, especially when it is vilified in a fruit forward style.

The original 4 acre planting at Araceli Winery has in turn provided many of the cuttings used by other vineyards in southern Oregon. See also the tempranillo from 2Hawk (2015); a more robust wine, which leans toward black fruits rather than red and has a more pronounced tannin backbone.

Eden Vale Winery crafts a rich and bold Reserve Tempranillo (2008) from four different sites in the Applegate and Rogue Ava. The sites have very different diurnal swings, soils and elevation allowing the winery to create a layered flavor complexity.

This tempranillo also features more black fruits than red, and also offers a distinctive milk chocolate note. Other tempranillo from Pebble stone Cellars (2014) and Wei singer Family Winery (2014), all consistent medal winners, are also worth exploring.

Pilot slated for rosé is typically cropped at higher levels, usually 3.5 to as much as 4.5 tons an acre, rather than the usual two to three tons an acre typical of pilot slated for red wine production. One of the challenges of growing pilot noir in warmer southern Oregon sites is that to ensure that sugar ripeness and tannin ripeness coincide, sugar accumulation is slowed down by cropping pilot at much higher levels.

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In addition, grenade, which thrives in the warmer areas of the RogueValley, and tempranillo also make excellent, more robust rosé. These wines typically exhibit pronounced red fruit flavors along with ripe, well-integrated tannins, medium acidity and higher ABV.

In a blind tasting Rogue pilot noir is often difficult to distinguish from the Willamette Valley’s offerings. Despite the region’s Mediterranean like climate, pilot is the most widely planted grape variety in the RogueValley by a ratio of 3:1.

Dancing Vineyard s produces single clonal bottling of pilot noir grapes, as well as a multi-clonal cover blend. The northeast facing site, at an altitude approaching 2000 feet, is often 10 degrees F cooler than the valley floor.

Single clonal bottling allow consumers to appreciate the aroma and flavor characteristics of individual pilot noir clones. The winery’s multi clonal pilot blend, Septet (2016), consists of Dijon clones 114, 115, 667, 777, 828, as well as Board and Wädenswil.

The wine is distinctly floral, with pronounced notes of red fruits, especially strawberry, along with elements of cola and wood spice. See also their outstanding chardonnay (2017) which features citrus and green fruit and crisp bright acidity.

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Other pilot noir offerings worth exploring include Belle Fire (2015), a bolder style of pilot noir that is earthier, with more dried black cherry and dark fruit, as well as bottling from Irvine and Roberts. The result is a pronounced mineral core, with notes of gun flint and citrus wrapped around a brisk acidity.

Augustine also produces a lush deeply colored pilot noir (2015), redolent with aromas of raspberry and cherry. Their Sentience (2014) bottling is a heavily extracted Sarah featuring intense flavors of red and black fruit, along with distinctive milk chocolate notes.

The wine exhibits good structure with smooth, ripe, well-integrated tannins and notable acidity. Troop Vineyards, another biodynamic winery, produces a powerful concentrated blend of 62% Cannot and 38% Male called Estate Cover Pyrenees.

Like the Ump qua AVA, the RogueValley area offers a complex geological jigsaw featuring widely different soils, microclimates, aspects and elevations. Provence style roses, more heavily extracted with more pronounced tannin structure, could also emerge as the region’s signature wine.

Either way, like the Ump qua Valley, this is potentially a world-class wine region whose vinous evolution is just starting. The rugged, heavily forested RogueValley, surrounding the cities of Medford and Ashland in southern Oregon, is very much a frontier wine region.

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It’s a place where young winemakers with relatively little capital can dig in and try to make their mark on the American wine scene. Frost is rare, and harmful insects are a minor threat, making organic farming quite viable.

Net results: a popular Riesling “orange” wine made with extended skin contact, and terrific Fermenting, a white Sardinia specialty. Seeking a fresh opportunity, Herb Quad left his family’s successful California dessert wine business to found this RogueValley property and anointed himself President for Life in 2005.

Jack Day opened the East Medford tasting room in 2003 and, seeing good demand for the winery’s Bordeaux blend claret and Pilot Gris, he expanded the venture in 2006.

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