Best Rogue Vanilla Macros

Maria Johnson
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
• 11 min read

You can also use it to keep track of your completed quests, recipes, mounts, companion pets, and titles! Many spells were renamed and much of the scripted command functionality has been modified.

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This macro takes into consideration your Shadow Dance ability. You might find yourself in a situation where you have two offhand weapons with the same name but different poisons on them, and you want to switch between them quickly.

Cos won't remove physical Dots such as Rend or Gouge, so it's not foolproof or as useful when up against Warriors or other Rogues. AutoPartyButtons add-on adds a single button that automatically puts Tort on the tank.

Step 1: Create a blank macro named Tort Step 2: Create the following macro named as you please, for this example Stott Target the player you want to set as your Tricks of the Trade recipient and use the set macro (Stott), you will see a chat log message confirming the macro worked.

This is a simple macro that will trick of the trade your tank without losing your target. Note that it won't work if you're trying to pop it because a mob is targeting you, of course.

Here is the Macro I'm using today (20 February 2012) make sure you don't accident remove any of the ; in the macro and that the poisons name starts with a big letter, for example (D)early (P)poison I set one up for each of my poisons and keep the macros handy, especially for PVP.

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The possible poisons can be further expanded via , for a total of 4 on one macro The last line will click the “OK” button when it asks you if you want to replace the poison that may already be on the weapon. Please verify; I think I have the theory correct, but have no rogue of high enough level to test it with.

One Button All Five Poisons applied to MH, OH, or thrown weapon slots macro This is a further variation of the above One Button Poison macro that allows you to choose between five poisons and your MH, OH, or thrown weapon slots #show tooltip will switch icon to correspond with poison being applied Remove “ 18” from the third line if you do not have a mouse with back and forward buttons.

This is a simple one-click macro that applies Deadly Poison to you're offhand. Activates Cold Blood just before using Eviscerate or Ambush (if stealthed) Cold Blood does not trigger Global CD, so both spells cast at the same time.

Activates Hunger for Blood Initializes a Timer on your screen with a 1-minute countdown After 1 Minute has passed, plays the “WONG” as people call it, Level Up Sound Closes the Timer Works as of 3.3.5 Can likely be used for any buff with a short duration, that one might forget to renew mid battle. (Warrior's Shouts, DKs How, Warlock's Wiretap Glyphed Spirit Buff) Only one timer may be up on your screen, to my knowledge.

In spec 1 if grouped (party or raid) and in combat, casts Envenom This works really well with a 5-button mouse also. This macro is useful for helping a tank establish or maintain aggro during a pull.

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Hit it twice, and you'll Tort the tank while Killing Spreeing everything else, without losing your target. A line similar to “/use Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood” may be added to the end of the macro to boost the power of your Killing Spree to maximize effectiveness, as long as the used item or spell doesn't trigger CD.

Activates both finishing moves in one button using the modifier shift to choose which one. The default image should be question mark, so it will show the tool tips for the finisher you are about to use.

Slice and Dice will always be default without holding shift down (unless you replace it with another finisher). Great for PVP or a raid when fighting a boss to keep doing DPS without the burst damage.

This macro is just like the one above it except it is more ideal for solo killing or doing burst damage against a boss if he/she is close to death. Also, good for PVP for burst scare damage or fast kills of clothes.

Envenom is default to show and as mentioned above holding shift down will allow you to use Eviscerate. If you use the question mark icon then the image will match the finisher you aim to use so there is no confusion.

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Having both macros will allow you to use fewer action slots for other items or skills and use the one you want at any given time. With this macro if you look at the icon using the question mark the icon and tooltips for Expose Armor will be default, pressing and holding shift will allow use of Eviscerate and see the tooltips and finally pressing and holding the CTRL button will allow you to use Envenom and see the tooltips.

Note: If you fail to cast Ambush (not in right position, tank pulling mob out of range as you ambush) the macro will still switch your weapons, and you must reapply your Stealth macro. Useful when you start to pull aggro from the tank, as most Rogues do at some point.

This macro allows for high burst damage while keeping the opponent stunned. Works best with and as they allow for two Ambushes with the reduced energy cost.

This macro stuns the target, quickly damages them for around 6000 health at 80, and then opens them for attack. Similar to Backstabber, but focuses on interrupting spells and bringing in high damage, very effective against healers.

This macro can be used in PVP in general and is useful if you want to stay with your fast main and offhand : Dismount and drop into stealth if you are not flying, but do it anyway if you have an enemy target.

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Lacking a conditional test for how far above the ground you are, this seems the best balance of combat function vs. going splat from an accidental, high altitude key press. Many favorite level 60+ rogue trinkets can be used to provide 10-20 second buffs (attack power, CRT rating, or haste) which are on different 2 min cooldowns.

This is to switch to your highest DPS, the slowest dagger to Mutilate, then back to your standard sword. Note: Only thing with this is that switch weapons invokes the Global Cooldown.

This will Backstab if you have a dagger in your mainland, or Sinister Strike if you have a fist weapon. This is useful for situations such as the Flame Wreath in the Shade of Ran encounter where you have to spend prolonged periods in front of a mob unable to move behind it to Backstab.

Just click your fist weapon on your bar and then Sinister Strike a few times while you wait, so you don't waste energy. Note: The action bar changes while Stealth is activated.

This will Ambush your target if you have a dagger equipped, and Cheap Shot them otherwise. The last line will then switch back to your other weapon directly after ambushing.

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Important Note: If stealth is broken before you ambush it will not automatically switch weapons back. If you click the button macro while not stealthed it will switch back for you.

Since every press of the macro will reset the 20-second timer you can easily get “out of sync” with the Ghostly Strike cooldown. Imagine it takes you 10 seconds to kill a target after which you move on.

This means that attacking a new target within the next 20 seconds would NOT result in a Ghostly Strike opener even though cooldown is ready. Note: This macro will not function as intended if you are using higher-rank poisons and do not include rank numbers.

The game's API looks for that specific name when you don't use a rank (“II”, “III”, etc. To avoid this, you can also use bag slot ID numbers to force the macro to always use whatever poison you put in that bag slot.

Another alternative you can use, one that don't need clicking the weapon to apply your poison, is shown below: This one will apply poison to either weapon depending on which mouse button.

This lets you Blind mobs/players without changing target but simply by hovering your mouse over them. Because your cursor is being used to select a target, you will need to have this macro bound to a key.

The drawback is that if you <> the secondary target with your cursor then your current target will get the Blind. Dismount and Stealth : Nothing fancy, replace “Swift White Steed” with your own mount name.

Change “Bow of Love” to your actual ranged weapon of course. The Expose Armors macro currently doesn't come out very reliably, Cheap Shot is 100% working if you mash it, very weird.

If you use this macro it will Stealth you and Pick Pocket your mob netting you a few extra silver and the occasional Locked Box. Without the /in 1 the auto-loot-default setting is returned to 0 before the pick pocket completes, defeating the whole purpose.

This will select the most close target, and Sap then auto loot pick pocket, This macro will equip your throwing weapon & cast Deadly Throw (requires two button presses, about a 1-second delay due to global cooldown).

If your pick pocket gets resisted, you break stealth and aggro the whole group. Almost guaranteed pick pocket even in laggy situations and on moving mobs.

When nearing a target you want to gouge, so you could for example open with minor CC, you will Stealth Cheap Shot should you suddenly leave combat just before you get in range for Gouge. Do note that this macro is most useful for rogues without Improved Gouge and with Dirty Deeds, which is common to hero or PVP assassination builds.

This casts your trinket and Blade Flurry in one Mashable macro. The first click will re-equip a dagger if the main hand isn't a dagger, and the second click will equip a sword if the main hand isn't a sword.

However, this make sure that it will only equip the main hand w/ the dagger you specify while stealth, preventing an accident of switching back to a sword/mace/fist weapon if press the button 1 too many times. This macro will swap the weapons equipped in your main and off hand.

These are a couple macros I found good for switching weapons on the fly depending on what you are doing. This one will equip a sword, mace, or fist weapon after executing a backstab or mutilate, so you can keep up DPS without fumbling around.

This one is in case your gouge misses, so you don't have to waste time using the previous macro switching back. This macro is explicitly for subtlety specked rogues and should be used primarily against boss mobs.

You can open up for about 600 damage every 2–3 seconds without pulling excessive threat away from your tank. Note: Subtlety specked rogues aren't considered a Eve spec.

You can sneak around stealthed while spamming this button, and it will instantly target then sap your opponent if you see him/her first, allowing you to casually start off with an opening move. Note: the “stop auto attack” option MUST be checked for this macro to work.

This will allow you to expose armor, but the angle of sight stops the use of an attack. This is a macro for when you select a new target and have no energy to Sinister Strike (or any other main attack: Hemorrhage, Mutilate, Backstab) it will start to Auto Attack in one button.

If this works correctly you will see their portrait and MANA bar on the lower left-hand side of your screen. If you want to change this for one specific person simply but their characters name where it says “focus”.

This is a cast sequence set up to cast 6 ambushes on your target over a span of pressing this little button a few times, you must be in stealth to start it properly and best if used with premeditation b4 u begin the macro for maximum slice and dice time. Note: this is really only practical on bosses, or when someone else is holding aggro on your target, it doesn't take all that long to pull it off and your DPS will skyrocket, if specked into sub its highly possible that they will all be cries which is always nice.

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