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Those RPG players who align with the dark and stealthy archetype need proper armor to match, and World of Warcraft rogues are no exception. Over the years, the development team released some incredible sets for the class with some of the most iconic dating all the way back to the beginning.

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For a time, this armor set fully embodied what it meant to be a dark assassin in World of Warcraft. It has a black and red color scheme, masked hood, and spike cauldrons that emit a dark aura.

It may be difficult to find an appropriate weapon to match the violet color scheme, but the Mythic recolor of the Bloodstained Ritual Theme comes pretty close. It comes with a unique, Rennaissance-era feathered hat, a large collar, a set of golden armor plates on the hands and knees, and a collection of extra blades on the chest and belt.

The set also includes large, bulky shoulder pieces, but they tend to clip with the oversized collar. Combine it with the Portal Keeper's Cincture from An torus and Vile Drifter's Foot pads from Matron Fortuna in her greater invasion point for the complete look.

The pieces in this set include the MANA Saber Hide Hood as a random world drop in Legion, Ancient Spell cloak of the Highborn from Doom Lord Kazakh in Hellfire Peninsula, and the Headhunter's Mitts and Slippers which both drop from Salvador dungeons. Purchase the base pieces of the set from the rogue vendor in Ice crown Citadel, then run the heroic version of the raid for Vanquisher's Marks of Sanctification.

For an extra pop, go for a weapon that really stands out such as the Shard of Azimuth, a glowing green blade that drops from Lillian in Black Temple. The eyes glow in an icy blue light while a black fog emits from the shoulder pieces.

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Each piece is purchasable from the Keeper of SHA'taxi Artifacts in either the Alder or Screen hubs of Saturate City for Fallen Champion tokens from raids. For the full look, go for the Girdle of Treachery from the Echo of Median and the Rapscallion Boots from the Shade of Ran, both in Marathon.

A set like this requires a weapon that looks just as dark and menacing, and the heroic recolor of the Elect rowing Dagger is a great option. For the full collection, obtain the Cinch of Sizzling Flesh from Growth and the Escape Pathfinders from the Fallen Avatar, both in Tomb of Sarges.

One of the standouts for rogues from the Mists of Mandarin sets is the heroic recolor of the Barbed Assassin Battle gear. The shoulders are adorned with giant spikes and the set includes a menacing facemask, making the wearer seem like a dangerous threat.

In the shoulders, helm, gloves, and belt exist small windows of glowing, blue energy, evoking the ancient past of the Mogul and the Andean. Some pieces drop from bosses on the Timeless Isle while others are bought from armor vendors at the Horde and Alliance Shrines.

For the full look, go for Damon's Belt of Darkness and Andean Roof sprinters from bosses in heroic Siege of Grammar. Each piece of the Death mantle set is earned from Vanquished Champion tokens from various bosses within Serpent shrine Cavern and The Eye in The Burning Crusade.

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Since the textures show their age, pair it with newer pieces that make it pop such as the Belt of Braided Vessels from IL'goth in NY'aloha. The Shadow Dagger, a random world drop in The Burning Crusade, is a subtle but impactful addition to the set as well.

The helm completely encases the wearer's head and the shoulder curls up into giant, sharp blades. Strike at your enemies from the shadow (in style) by using one of these transmit sets for Rogues.

This Regalia is from An torus and like a lot of BFA gear it is a bit more toned down than other sets, making you look like a dashing pirate or corsair. This set used to strike fear in anyone of the other faction back in the days of Vanilla, and is sure to bring out some nostalgia from old players.

All the colors are great, but only the Mythic version has a glow effect. The set looks great on any class but fits well thematically on Worsen Rogues.

The Alliance version is Dark wood Sentinel’s Guise which is not nearly as good but still looks good on Night Elves and can be combined with other pieces of gear to make some really cool Night Elf Rogue Tran smogs. The metal textures on all versions of this set from Hellfire Citadel are fantastic.

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The green effects on the Mythic version looks great with a lot of different weapon options. This set has some great pieces, especially the helmet, boots, gloves and the dark smoke coming from the shoulders.

Keller's Ritual Knife : Flame weaver Keller in Scarlet Halls, Gold Coins (Scarlet Halls and Malayan) Serrated Scale Shank : Springing the Trap (Korean Tundra) Strange Dagger : Crystalline Tender in The Nexus, Crystalline Keeper in The Nexus, Arctic Grizzly in Dragon blight ..., Frost steel Lockbox Whale Ripper : Prowling Work in Howling Fjord, Crystalline Keeper in The Nexus, Crystalline Tender in The Nexus ..., Frost steel Lockbox Short blade of the Ruby Ally : Wanton Warlord (Dragon blight) Emma's Lost Spell blade : Wanton Warlord (Dragon blight) Mandible Edge : Tortured Rifleman in Halls of Reflection, Hungering Ghoul in Pit of Aaron, Infinite Agent in The Culling of Rathole ... Twisted Reflection : Bitter Departure (The Storm Peaks) Necrology's Sacrificial Dagger : Cradle of the Frost brood (Ice crown) and Sindragosa's Fall (Ice crown) Jormungar Fang : The Slithering Darkness (The Storm Peaks) Mystic Fang : Winter Jormungar in Ulnar, Devouring Ghoul in The Culling of Rathole, Enraging Ghoul in The Culling of Rathole ... Ritualism's Blood letter : Time to Hide (Ice crown) and Time to Hide (Ice crown) Keller's Ritual Knife : Flame weaver Keller in Scarlet Halls.

Moon brook Spell blade : Worming Swift talon in Mount Heal, Twilight Element Warden in BlackRock Caverns, Twilight Obsidian Borer in BlackRock Caverns ... Clam Sucker : Bellies Await (Shimmering Expanse) Filet Knife : Something Edible (Shimmering Expanse) Gilead Slicer : Prisoners (Abyssal Depths) Swam plight Spell blade : Quicksilver in BlackRock Caverns, Worming Swift talon in Mount Heal, Ash'IR Sentry in Shimmering Expanse ... Sister Spell blade : Nether Fiend in Abyssal Depths, Gust Soldier in The Vortex Pinnacle, Faceless Watcher in Throne of the Tides ... Mirkfallon Spell blade : Nether Fiend in Abyssal Depths, Lucky in BlackRock Caverns, Buster in BlackRock Caverns ... Methane Spell blade : Polaris Drake bane in Peephole, Nether Fiend in Abyssal Depths, Stone core Magma lord in The Stone core ... Marla Spell blade : Twilight Abductor in Twilight Highlands, Venomous Skittered in Halls of Origination, Unbound Smoldering Elemental in Fir elands ..., Elements Lockbox and Zen'Vodka's Cache Thondroril Spell blade : Guardian Demon in Well of Eternity, Lubumbashi Spirit Warrior in Zulu'Guru, Wiki Lord ZIM'was in Zulu'Guru ..., Elements Lockbox and Zen'Vodka's Cache Black wolf Spell blade : Demon Containment Unit, Earth Warden in Halls of Origination, Air Warden in Halls of Origination ..., Mani Treasure Box (Zulu'Man), Elements Lockbox, and Zen'Vodka's Cache Sachet's Ornate Dagger : Sachet the Tactician (Album) Fin Carver : The Tides Turn (Korean Tundra) Ominous Dagger : Crystalline Tender in The Nexus, Crystalline Keeper in The Nexus, Dragonflies Metalworker in Upgrade Keep ...

Keen Woodland Shank : Where the Wild Things Roam (Dragon blight) and Wanted: High Shaman Blood paw (Dragon blight) Knife of the Duty bound : A Tangled Skein (Zulu'Dark) Levitating Dagger : Dakar Lancer in Tundra, Living Mojo in Tundra, Dakar Earth shaker in Tundra ..., Titanium Lockbox Parrying Dagger : Overlook Sentry in Salazar Basin, Dakar God Hunter in Tundra, Dakar Battle Rider in Tundra ..., Titanium Lockbox Shadow stalking Dagger : 25 0 0 from Drunk Stone speaker (A / H) in Kelp'their Forest, Drunk Stone speaker (A / H) in Kelp'their Forest, and Iris Moon dreamer (A / H) in Mount Heal Scavenged Rotor Blade : Regroup! Nether shard : 34 99 37 from Karate (A / H) in Nether storm and Paula'ATS (A / H) in Na grand Vi bro Dagger : Cutting Your Teeth (Blade's Edge Mountains) Shadow Dagger : Serpent shrine Spore bat in Serpent shrine Cavern, Gargantuan Abyssal in The Alcatraz, Ethereum Wave-Caster in The Alcatraz ...

Hook Dagger : Frugal's Void walker, Lupine Horror, Path'Along in Red ridge Mountains ..., Large Battered Chest (Wailing Caverns and Bloodiest Isle), Dollars' Booty (Northern Barrens), Dollar's Booty (Northern Barrens)... Grow Slayer's Ankle slicer : Fair Warning (Gorgon) Abandoned Dark Iron Jackhammer : Down the Goren Hole (Gorgon) and Down the Goren Hole (Gorgon) River beast Tusk Shank : Wanted: Hispanic (Salvador) and Wanted: Hispanic (Salvador) Tormented Dagger : created by Tormented Armament Dorian Dagger : Dire snout Fellow in Canaan Jungle, Go rebound Cauterize in Hellfire Citadel, From'car Dead eye in Salvador ..., Abandoned Cargo (Na grand), Unearthed Reliquary (Na grand), Holding Cage (Frost fire Ridge)... Saberon-Fang Shaker : Bone-Carved Dagger (Na grand) Mighty Dorian Dagger : Regular's Research (Na grand) and Regular's Research (Na grand) Munificent Dagger : created by Munificent Armament Turbulent Dagger : created by Turbulent Armament and Shared Turbulent Armament Shear's Culinary Chopper : Telugu in Lunar fall, Commander Do'an in Lunar fall and Frost wall, and Annihilation in Lunar fall, Routed Invader's Crate of Spoils, Invader's Forgotten Treasure, Invaders Damaged Cache ... Grandiose Dagger : created by Grandiose Armament Formidable Dagger : created by Formidable Armament.

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Wild Gladiator's Shaker : 5 Mark of Honor from Clad Dawnstrider (A / H) in War spear The page may take time to load completely, depending on the number of items to display.

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