Best Rogue Yugioh Decks

Bob Roberts
• Thursday, 07 January, 2021
• 8 min read

With a wide variety of cute monsters in their arsenal, Sylvan's are a great archetype with plenty of high rarities to bump up their aesthetics. Gameplay wise, Sylvan's seek to mill Plant monsters, with their effects activating in the graveyard.

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It’s a special feeling when you take down the likes of Blue-Eyes & Lifeworks with level 2 Beast type monster. Raccoons may be regarded as pests in general society but in Yugo, they’re both cute and powerful.

With fairly non-existent ATK/DEF stats, you’ll rely on controlling the field and shutting your opponent out. Based around flipping monsters on both sides of the field face-down, cards like Ghost rick Night prevent your opponent from doing anything in return.

Any XYZ monsters will lose their materials, but it just works so well as the flip-down effects don’t target. More control based, a pure Natural deck is a great starting point for any newer or more casual players.

Even their boss monsters are cute, such as Natural Dragonfly which can accrue a rather high ATK stat. Returning to the deck when they’re destroyed by your opponent, Adolph monsters are certainly unique.

You can mix frogs with Paleozoic's for an incredible meta deck, at a small price. Freeborn Frog (featured above) comes back every turn, even multiple copies if you resolve their effects at the same time.

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Making them prime candidates for tribute or Link summoning, if you want to play around with your own strategies. By themselves, Fluffs are easily the most cute, wholesome archetype in the entire game of Yugo.

However, paired with Edge Imp cards, they do turn into Frightful fusion monsters. Oh, and some other cards to that you probably don’t need, but makes a Red-Eyes player feel good.

Domain Monarchs are a deck that’s quite a few years old now, though certainly benefiting from a few new toys and changes. Can compete meta and easily rogue.

2021 Post December ban list Dragon link Not as resilient against hand traps, but can still end on 5 interruptions consistently The last duelist I had to face wielded an actual meta deck, one that would perform well in a national tournament.

If you’re just returning to the game and are interested in the competitive scene, this list will tell you 10 decks you can use to perform in tournaments. Like swapping Infinite Impermanence for Effect Paler can reduce the price by hundreds.

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Just be aware, budget options aren’t as competitively viable as non-budget cards. Crusade’s use their link climbing capabilities to easily summon Equifax (pictured), there you can use World Crown to negate an extra deck monster’s effect, or tribute it's using Equifax’s effect.

The release of Savage Strike introduced Sub terror Guru, which is now carrying the entire archetype on its back. Fans love Burning Abyss for how long its stuck around, no matter how much the meta changes.

Milling is a huge focus of this deck, with all Burning Abyss monsters having strong destruction, recycle, disruptive or search effects. Sea’s Light adds exceptional draw power, but it prevents you from activating any other spells/traps for the rest of the duel.

This is fine though, fitting perfectly with Burning Abyss monsters that can special summon themselves if you control no spells/traps. Orbital Hydra lander is another perfect addition, milling more cards and destroying another to boot.

Summoning multiple bosses every turn is quite realistic, Burning Abyss is so fun to play both with and against! Despite having their main boy Autograph Sorcerer being hit by the ban-hammer, Pendulum Magicians are still going strong. They’re arguably one of, if not the hardest deck on this list to use.

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You basically try not to use your main monster zones, instead you want to grind your opponent out of the game (using the many powerful Sky Striker spells) and then OK when the time is right. Such a mixture of swarming and beat-down is great, although a high degree of skill is required to destroy/negate the right cards.

Very similar to pure Sky Strikers, this version relies on a more conventional “beat-down” play-style. Adding more hand-traps will prevent your opponent from being able to play Yugo, especially when you combine them with the likes of Evenly Matched.

When the Salamangreat archetype was first released back in the Soul Fusion set, they had no impact on the game whatsoever. The release of the Soul burner structure deck changed everything, introducing a variety of new cards.

Combined with the already released Cybersex support, Salamangreats are now the best competitive archetype in the game. Other support such as Salamangreat Roar are crazy good, being able to negate almost anything with a spell speed of 3 as it’s a counter trap card.

People play everything in Modern, and there’s a lot of fun involved in digging through the various published lists. Justice Renames took sixth place at the SG Modern IQ in Centerville with an archetype straight out of 2016.

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We’ve all gotten accustomed to having our lands blown up by Red-Green Panza, but MTO player robbit_hatman took the Modern League by surprise by piloting a Nay aversion of the deck to a 5-0 finish. One of Panza’s biggest weakness has been card advantage, and robbit_hatman seems to have thrown in a smorgasbord of these card-advantage engines to see what would stick.

Vandal blast is obviously great against Merfolk’s arch-nemesis, Affinity, but I’m puzzled by the inclusion of the lone Blood Moon. Azores seems like a great card against midrange matchups and aggro mirrors, as she hits fast and hard and can’t be removed profitably other than through a Path to Exile.

This next list by MTO player Atomic is as close as someone gets to Commander in Modern: Colorless Band Chord. The specific card choices are interesting: We have one copy of Meddling Mage, Dauntless Bodyguard, and even a Spell stutter Sprite.

Dominatrix’s very own Sheila, Voice of Plenty makes an appearance as well, but nothing caught my eye quite like the three copies of Mystic Snake. Otherwise, the deck plays the standard Band Midrange cards we expect to see in a Modern list, and curving out into a three-drop after a turn one MANA dork is always going to be a powerful start.

The final list in today’s article is Black-Red Death’s Shadow from MTO player Estella. The deck also plays four Claim // Fame to be able to return every creature other than Street Wraith to the battlefield.

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I’m always a fan of proactive strategies in Modern, and this list does just that by aggressively beating down and having that extra reach via its burn spells. Out of all the archetypes in Duel Links, none have resonated with me more than Silent Magician.

The immunity to spells making me laugh at any E-con or even more hilarious to watch, Super Rush Headlong? Now, let's take a quick look at the deck I use, then I'll talk about the essentials, highly recommended and optional cards.

This is Silent Magician LV 8, the boss monster deck, her effect is that she is immune to spells, simple. This includes the obvious like E-con and Forbidden Chalice, but also immune to destruction from cards like Super Rush Headlong and being tribute with Souls Exchange.

Her drawback is the summoning requirement, but that's no big deal really, unless you brick. While it seems weak, and certainly can be at times, pairing its trap prevention with spell immunity is rather powerful, meaning monster effects will likely need to be used to defeat Silent Magician.

I use Wall of Disruption because I don't want to deal with Ice Barriers or Natural toking me. These are going to be cards I personally use and just explaining my thought process behind them.

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This is to simply make use of dead cards, like Level up after you have Silent Magician LV 8 out, or back row in you hand that you don't want. I like to just have a little back row removal, just to be on the safe side, but if you think that Exiled Force or Man-Eater Bug is better, go for it.

I just feel that a bit of draw power adds to the consistency of the deck. I don't have E-con in this deck because I personally don't face Cyber Angels often enough to run it.

I like Restart as it makes getting LV 8 out turn 1/2 easier, but I will try My Monster Cards when I eventually get that skill. Overall, I think this deck is a pretty fun one to use, but can sometimes lack in consistency, but you will cone to learn that is a running trend with me.

I do not suggest using Silent Magician to rank up beyond getting to Platinum, but if you just want to let that go and have fun, go nuts. I would also like to mention that this is a relatively budget friendly deck, the rarest card being Silent Magician LV 8, which you only need to run 1 of, but I like a second one, just in case.

You only need to invest gems into the Echo of Silence mini-box to make this deck, the rest of the cards you can fill in with level up rewards and drops from legendary duelists.

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