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Saddles increase speed and reduce drain rates on cores and stats. Saddles in Red Dead Online differ from the ones in the single player portion of the game.

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At the base level, saddles are necessary for riding and calling your horse. If your horse is not saddled, it cannot come to you from the stables, and you’ll be left to ride shamefully across the wild west with Scrawny Nag.

Every 15 seconds on a fully bonded horse, you can press the soothe key to regain some stamina bar. If you have the hooded stirrups and a higher tier saddle, you will have nearly unlimited stamina.

The only saddle that adds three bars of speed and acceleration, reduces the stamina drain rate by 35%. It is not the only saddle that adds a drain rate reduction, but the only one that can also have the stirrups added.

Considering how early it is unlocked and that it does not cost gold, it makes it the best saddle available in Online. There are a couple of downsides to the Nacogdoches Saddle : the core drain rates are pretty poor.

The second is a matter of opinion: the saddle is ugly, and the few good color options it has done not make up for the terrible pattern and design. On average, the core drain rates are very good, and their stamina regeneration remains one of the best.

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They are not the Nacogdoches Saddle and will not decrease the stamina drain, but you will not notice it with the use of Hooded Stirrups. They’re all top tier saddles, regardless and, depending on your preference, worth the cost.

Paired with the Hooded Stirrups, it is a worthy contender to the Nacogdoches Saddle. It only adds the standard two speed to your horse, but it is a beautiful saddle that happens to be very good.

Once the Hooded Stirrups are added, the stamina is still nearly unlimited with most saddles. While the Nacogdoches Saddle is the best in Red Dead Online, if stamina is your main concern, worry about the stirrups more.

This saddle is one of the better-looking ones, preferring a scenic design over an unusual pattern. It is one of the best -looking saddles in the game with an understated black, red, and gold design.

As with all the saddles, the stamina drain rate is negligible when paired with the Hooded Stirrups. It does have the best core drain rates of the saddles, saving some money on horse feed.

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It looks great on every horse since it relies on accessories more than color or design. Like the horse for the Trader role, the saddle is well-rounded but doesn’t excel in any particular area.

It’s also a good-looking saddle that doesn’t clash with any particular horse breed or coat. However, Special Saddles are preset, cannot add stirrups, and already have them equipped.

The Bear Dakota Saddle is good if you have the gold for it and like the design. It is slightly worse than the Fletcher Saddle when it comes to stats, but you will save money by not needing to buy stirrups to go with it.

It doesn’t have the best design of the Special Saddles category but has a good regeneration rate for the price. Its drain rates are comparable to the higher priced role saddles.

Guides Q&A Trophies Reviews Media Images Videos And the combo-stats are not as good compared to the special built-in saddles (at low level).

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Once you get into the high 60s/low 70s, the improved saddles unlock, and that's when you can really go to town buying the best saddle with the best stirrup (the covered shoe one, whose name escapes me ATM as well). It makes little difference which one you want: the most important stat is stamina drain rate, and they all have 50% which is as high as it goes.

The other stats are small changes, -2% here, +4% there, picking the one you like the look of is honestly more important. I think it’s called the high plains cutting saddle, that or the alligator ranch cutter.

The core drain stats aren’t really that important, eating may be annoying but hay is cheap and you have to do it anyway. As you rank up you can get stirrups that have up to +2 bonuses on speed/acceleration and up to -50% stamina drain improvement.

I’d get one when it lets you get +1 speed and then wait til you can get the best one with the -50% stamina drain. The prices, even on these special saddles, aren’t really that high, by the time you get to that level it won’t even notice.

PSN, Steam, Origin, Wii, and Apple Gamekeeper ID: SaffahhCurrently playing: RDR2, FF Record Keeper I'm sitting right now at a little over $500 in my wallet, and a 3-star bootlegger run soon to do, which will give me enough to get the last camp theme that I still lack, the Collector one.

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In fact, let me make a list of the things I want to buy, not counting, of course, the new stuff once it's available, and any weekly drip feed items that get added for a limited time to the clothing store that I might want to pick up while it's available. Later, when I've got the time to do this, I'll try and put costs from the game in an update, so I know how much money I truly need to earn to get what I want.

Collector camp theme The remaining Crimps outfits that I don't already have Four new stable stalls (one is extra, for the upcoming horse. A turbofan horse a Missouri foxtrotted horse A white Arabian, unless there's a great deal on black Arabians, because I hate spending gold.

I'm kinda been a little honeying for the other top tier color kladrubar. Lancaster repeater collector variant skin (I don't like the bounty hunter bolt action rifle, so I won't use it.

I also don't use the pump action shot gun ever, and I don't even have the sawed off shotgun, so I don't care about the variant appearances much.) I think I'm done with buying bounty hunter outfits, but maybe while they're still on sale I'll have a quick look at the colored variants to see if their any that I really want to have.

The bounty hunter eye patch A gun belt flask I have one of the rings, but I still need the other one. For the horses, the Arabian or second Kladrubar plus the cougar saddle would probably be the lowest priority to buy of almost all the items on this list.

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The stats for horses and saddles aren't all that they're cracked up to be; once you've maxed out your horse bonding, most of the performance is about the same anyway unless you're literally in a race or drawn-out combat with someone, and even then, the differences aren't usually as big a deal as they're made out to be. I imagine that the Collector will be nerfed as an easy source of money, so I'll continue to slow walk the trader role and do moonshine runs as my main source of income.

100% Heroism Rating : Maxing out your Honor carries benefits including major discounts at most merchants (up to a whopping 50%), access to unique outfits, and a higher Random Drop rate for more valuable items like jewelry when looting the dead bodies of hostile enemies (such as rival gang members). Averted in the Patch 1.21 version, in which almost the entire Van her Linde gang walks around or sleeps in their nightclothes all through the night until early morning.

You'll need to activate some dynamite to get inside, where you can find a unique knife and a mining helmet. Absent-Minded Professor : Marko Tragic from the “Bright Bouncing Boy” series of side missions.

Drinking too much and passing out on dangerous areas, such as rivers, snow or desert only results in you waking up nearby like usual, instead of death. Acoustic License : It's quite easy to have a conversation with someone while you are both on different horses thundering down a hard dirt road, sometimes even in the midst of gunfire.

As well as some rather old-fashioned ones that will seem unusual to modern players (Hosea, Micah, Josiah, Kieran, etc.) Dutch used to live by this code but by the time of the game, hers been consumed by his need to get back at those he feels have wronged him and destroys his gang in the process.

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Pretty much everyone in the gang pays dearly because their devotion to Dutch causes them to stay in a bad situation way longer than they should have. Sadie and Charles are the only active members of the gang at this point who survive the first game and Mary-Beth, Tilly, Rev.

There is no social safety net and a lack of education so very intelligent people like Arthur get forced into violent crime because there are no other legitimate opportunities for them. Modern medicine doesn exist and therefore things that would be easily treatable today will kill you in an agonizing fashion.

Even if you live in a poor or middle income country today, your quality of life is better than it would be for most of the characters in this game. Breaker : Cougars and panthers are ambush predators who can deliver a One-Hit Kill to the player when they pounce.

However, if you are first thrown from horseback (which is likely even on a fully bonded horse when a cougar/panther is close), they seem to get confused and do not pounce right away. Notably, this does not happen with other predators like wolves and grizzly bears, who can and will attack you immediately after being thrown from your horse.

Consequently, the first game's Winchester and Henry repeaters were renamed “Lancaster” and “Litchfield” for the second installment; it's possible those companies raised trademark issues. Should someone attempt escape, they would need a means of transportation back to the mainland where they'd be defenseless in swamps infested by alligators and Night Folk.

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Naturally, you need to break John out after he's captured during the failed bank robbery in Saint-Denis. Uncle is rarely found without a drink in his hand, Karen becomes one later in the story and, in the Epilogue, is presumed to have drunk herself to death.

Played For Laughs in one of the most memetic missions in the game, where Arthur takes Lenny to a bar to calm him down. The gang's bank robbery in Saint-Denis at the end of Chapter 4 was meant to be the last job before leaving the U.S.

But as soon as the robbery kicks off, the plan quickly goes downhill once it's revealed the Pinkerton's were one step ahead of them, capturing Hosea and completely surrounding the bank. The last part of the game involves Arthur doing everything he can with what little time he has left to give John and his family a future.

If the newspapers in 1907 are to be believed, the Wapiti Indian reserve had no oil under it after all, meaning that all the suffering the natives there went through was entirely pointless. All-Natural Snake Oil : Present as a consumable item which actually does something, refill your Dead Eye meter.

However, the song was written in 1899 (when the game takes place), and was a Tin Pan Alley hit in New York that same year. However, the arrangement contains blues elements, which wouldn't enter popular culture until the World War I time frame, and the singer's vocal style is more appropriate to the 1940s.

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A Mafia boss in the 19th century Deep South seems ridiculous, or Rock star trying to inject more GTA into their Western. However, New Orleans, which Saint-Denis is based on, did in fact have significant Italian organized crime all the way back in the 1880s.

Skinning a small animal quickly and cleanly with just your bare hands may seem ludicrous, but it's completely possible in real life. Stashes of money and items can also be found out in nature, such as in tree stumps and crevasses.

Amazing Freaking Grace : Aboard a dilapidated houseboat in Blue water Marsh is a phonograph that plays the harmonica rendition of the song. Arthur's self-deprecating nature, grumpy personality, pessimist attitude, and occasional bursts of anger might indicate Depression (then known as Melancholia) but it's never said outright.

Micah is quite likely a sociopath: He lacks empathy, is manipulative, and backstabs anyone without a second thought. The player can learn in Chapter 6 that he once tried to lure Jack, a little boy, away from camp, implying that he might be a pedophile.

The gist of it seems to be it was going well until they got into a shootout with the Pinkerton's and Dutch killing an innocent civilian named Heidi Account. Dutch speech that can be found in Horseshoe Overlook makes it sound like he knew it was going to be a bloodbath all along but the question is why he would have thought that.

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You can find Dutch wanted poster at his camp at Strawberry, suggesting hers been planning to sell Dutch down the river the whole time. He also wears a white hat which is usually saved for the good guys in Westerns; however, this could also be a hint that hers working with the good guy Pinkerton's who are trying to get Dutch.

A lot of Dutch Sanity Slippage is left open to interpretation but it seems like a recent thing. It seems like he and Mary were together for quite some time, he tells Mary-Beth that she put a lot of years into him even though she knew head probably never be able to get married.

He seems to have made some sort of Deal with the Devil with Herbert Moon to survive the cholera outbreak. For example, the Carbine Repeater (modeled after the real life ) is about 30 years past it's prime by 1899, and the Volcanic pistol was an obscure museum piece from before the Civil War.

Meanwhile, the Semi-Auto Shotgun (modeled on the real life Browning Auto-5) was patented in 1898 but wouldn't be produced until 1902, with the in-game being a post-1950 example based on the reload animation note Examples of the Auto-5 produced prior to 1950 required the bolt release button to be held in order to insert rounds into the magazine. An update during the period introduced a two-piece shell lifter, allowing the magazine to be topped up without requiring the bolt release to be held.

The actual Mariano 91 was a much longer rifle than the in-game model, which is copied directly from the infamous “Lee Harvey Oswald” version. The “Open Range” era quickly came to an end with the invention of barbed wire in the 1870s and was all but completely dead by 1890.

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Barbed wire is extremely rare in the game and farmers leading herds of sheep through open land is a common random encounter. Milton and Ross introduce themselves as Pinkerton agents acting as lawmen on behalf of the U.S. government.

By 1899, bison were reduced to a tiny population while wolves were intentionally hunted to extinction in the real life analogues of the in-game locations where they spawn. In Chapter 6, it is possible to overhear Dutch talking to himself at camp where he seems to be running through a game of chess in his mind.

The KKK can be encountered, but the original incarnation of the Klan had died out in the early 1870s, long before the game starts in 1899, and wouldn't be revived until the release of The Birth of a Nation (1915). An Arm and a Leg : Powerful weapons, such as shotguns, can tear limbs and even heads apart.

At that point, you are free to explore the entirety of the game world as well as complete any side missions and challenges which remain. Animals Lack Attributes : Averted with horse testicles that react to changes in temperature.

Animal Motifs : Arthur has one in the form of either a stag or a coyote (often mistaken for a wolf) depending on his honor level. It first appears among the cluster of its fellow animals while he is recuperating and dreaming toward the end of “Blessed are the Peacemakers”, appears again as he is dreaming while on Guard at the end of “Welcome to the New World”, and reappears when he is diagnosed by the doctor and during important cut scenes as an omen of his own mortality for the rest of the game.

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Standard arrows will silently kill a human enemy with a single headshot. Improved arrows, intended for use on large game such as cougars and elk, will silently kill human enemies with a vital shot.

Anti-Frustration Features : While Arthur is responsible for feeding the gang, the player is in no way forced to do so. However, it's worth mentioning that failing to keep the camp fed will result in poor interpersonal relationships with them, which in turn may lead to Arthur missing out on side missions with other characters.

As with its predecessor (and GTA V), if you fail a sequence enough times, the game will helpfully allow you to skip it. You can use your most powerful gun, and even if you have to shoot the animal multiple times the pelt will still be impeccable.

In the final mission you're supposed to use dynamite to flush Micah out so Sadie can get the drop on him, but nothing in game tells you to do this, and trying to shoot it out with him gets you killed. Unlike in Rock star's previous attempt at the system, ignoring Arthur's basic needs isn't fatal.

Instead of draining his health, once the cores are empty you'll only suffer from small penalties note An empty health core lowers your health and health regent, an empty stamina core lowers your accuracy and stamina regent, and an empty dead eye core stops Dead Eye from regenerating by itself and slightly affects accuracy In addition, while in San Andreas you pretty much had to stop whatever you were doing and head to a restaurant when CJ got hungry, Arthur's needs can be satisfied by just purchasing or hunting various consumables and using them from the ever-present inventory. While animal corpses left on the ground or on your horse will eventually rot, everything in your satchel is safe, meaning you don't have to worry about that perfect squirrel carcass or that food you cooked but put away, as neither will go bad if you leave them sitting in your inventory.

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A high Honor Arthur downplays it, still being an outlaw but one who avoids needless criminal activities and frequently helps those in trouble. A low Honor Arthur plays it up to the point of being a Nominal Hero, with the only thing separating him from outright evil characters like Cold O'Driscoll and Micah is his being honor-bound to Dutch and his gang.

Most of the gang, including Arthur, will be dead or have run away by the conclusion, and even more are Doomed by Canon. By the conclusion of Red Dead I, the only gang members left alive are Jack, Sadie, Charles, Tilly, Mary-Beth, Pearson, Ireland and Swanson (Karen is unknown).

When Arthur gets really sick with TB, his health and stamina cores actually empty faster than when he's healthy. In the beginning, seven members of the gang go to the oil field, but upon arrival Dutch takes John, Bill and Javier to distract the military from another location so that Arthur, Sadie and Charles can save Eagle Flies.

The trio is then joined by six braves... most of whom die by the time the group reaches the bottom of the hill and starts fighting; any survivors will likely also perish or disappear in all the chaos. The most egregious example occurs in “Horsemen, Apocalypses,” where, despite the gang's hideout being attacked, several members (Micah, Bill, Javier, Lenny) are inexplicably missing, and their absence is never addressed afterwards, which is made all the more jarring by the fact that they have camp dialogue concerning the attack.

“Revenge is a fool's game”, a rule the gang goes by to discourage their members from taking things too personally. This culminates in the final mission in the game, an act of revenge by the surviving members of the gang against Micah for his betrayal and his (possible) murder of Arthur.

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During his initial time in the city, Arthur gets robbed by the children, and they even lure him into a back alley and surround him with weapons. The Artifact : One of the campfire songs present in the game is the real word “Ring Dang Dew”, except the mention of “New Orleans” is replaced with “Of' Bordeaux”.

“New Bordeaux” was the beta name for Saint-Denis, the game's New Orleans stand-in, before being changed in development. If he died before the change was made, it makes sense why this oddity was kept In the epilogue, most pictures of John in the pause menu depict him with his normal hair, but in gameplay his hair is a Palette Swap of Arthur's that naturally parts to the opposite direction.

The info card for Wallace Station claims it's in Marino, but it's actually in West Elizabeth. The 2016 map shows it was not a late addition, but appears to have been heavily castrated from what was originally planned.

Arthur appears to not be interested in changing his ways, even if he is starting to doubt Dutch. Artificial Atmospheric Actions : Fish are prone to beaching themselves if you stand near bodies of water for long enough.

For example, during the recurring encounter where you can shoot the leg irons off of an escaped prisoner or the one where you rescue a woman tied to the back of the horse, you are necessarily holding your drawn weapon. When the “encounter” script ends, the person you just rescued may panic and flee from you due to your drawn weapon despite you having just helped them.

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You are then presented with several options, such as apologizing, threatening, or insulting the fisherman, and your actions determine what will happen next. Additionally, how the fisherman reacts to those options depends on your Honor rating as well as your personal appearance.

Again, the dialogue system allows this situation to be defused peacefully or violently, depending on your actions. You may occasionally happen upon a buck with its antlers entangled with another, with the latter having died some time before (likely from exhaustion), or a wolf pack fighting with a bear over a kill.

Artificial Stupidity : The whole level of interactivity with NPCs won't stop enemies from standing right in the open during gunfights. First, only about 10% of people who get infected ever develop the disease and generally speaking if you make it two years without showing symptoms, you're in the clear.

Of course, he does die after receiving a hard beating and sharp blow to the head, so the TB may have simply left him too weak to survive that. In real life, horses cannot carry true albinism due to Lethal White Syndrome.

Artistic License Chemistry : While Oleander Sage is poisonous in real life, its lethality is greatly exaggerated in game. Artistic License Geography : The inaccessible landmass southeast of Lemon causes all kinds of issues.

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Either way, in this universe Mexico and America connect to each other east of New Orleans, which is a bit excessive even when you take Space Compression into account. Artistic License Gun Safety : Some liberties were taken with how the firearms operate, but this is just standard fare for Rock star.

The Evans Repeater's reload animation sees the wielder cycling the action every time a round is loaded into the magazine. This is correct as the weapon's helical magazine does not have a spring follower, and feeding/advancing of rounds is done by cycling the action.

Of course, he's just joking and the situation is a comedic one... except he actually pulled the hammer back and had his finger on the trigger. The Navy Revolver reuses the reload animations from the Single-Action Army, even though it is clearly a cap-n-ball model rather than one that's been converted to load metallic cartridges.

As such, the reload animations shows the player character simply replacing the percussion caps without actually loading in new ball and powder. The Grand Theft Auto: Online iteration of this weapon makes this simple, wherein its reloads involve replacing the entire cylinder.

The First Klan was shut down by the U.S. Government in the early 1870s under the Grant administration and wouldn't be recreated until the 1910s (although a number of similarly brutal white supremacist groups remained in operation in the South), and their infamous hood and robes wouldn't be seen until much later. In one of the random encounters, a KKK leader notes that it's become much harder to operate due to the federal government, so they're probably a remnant.

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This is a legal impossibility in 1899, as the Anti-Pinkerton Act was passed in 1893 which prevented the USA government from hiring agents of the agency. Artistic License Ornithology : The bird referred to in-game as a “California Quail” as actually a Northern Bobwhite.

A rather inexplicable identification, given that actual California Quails have a rather unique and photogenic appearance compared to the relatively plain-looking Bobwhite. Little Egrets can be found in the swampland of Lemon, despite the fact that they are a largely Eurasian species that occasionally wanders into the eastern United States and has only recently established a population in the Caribbean.

Artistic License Paleontology : One of the game's points of interest is a compressed human skeleton completely fossilized in an exposed rock wall. Ascended Meme : You can find the skeleton of the Donkey Lady in New Austin just south of Armadillo.

Asshole Victim : There are arguably so many to count: Story mission character villains will actually die but Arthur doesn't kill them. Ambushes have a frequent case where they demand a toll, pretending to ask for help, or attacking on site and you respond with a bullet to their face.

Attack Its Weak Point : The highest level of Dead eye now shows a faint image of the target's vital organs, such as the brain. Automaton Horses : Downplayed compared to most video games, including its predecessor, but still present.

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Awesome, but Impractical : Dynamite arrows are the equivalent of having an RPG launcher in an old west setting. However, like other flammables and explosive weapons, target NPCs cannot be looted while animals will be “ruined”, meaning you can't skin them or get meat from them.

You'll reduce any man or beast to bloody chunks at close range due to the sheer stopping power of your pair of Hand Cannons, but the rate of fire and reload speed is very low, the recoil is utterly insane and the accuracy beyond very close range is poor compared to more moderate sidearms. Huge fish, while awesome to catch, aren't necessarily the best size to go for as only one can be stored on a horse at a time.

As such, it's better to go for several medium size fishes as they can be stored in the satchel and still sell for a good price. Robberies tend to be presented as a way to make quick cash in a short amount of time, but in practice you'll usually be identified in the act (even with the bandanna) which means you'll be spending a good chunk of what you've stolen to pay off a bounty.

Ax-Crazy : Bill Williamson is very much the same boorish psychopath he was in Red Dead Redemption, only he's on your side this time. Backstab : Sneaking up on a NPC with a knife drawn will allow you to perform a “Stealth Kill” in this vein.

Likewise, when possible, after running them over, or overshooting them, just simply skin or collect and break-down the animal afterwards, to prevent honor loss. Drawing their attention and wrath is considered a death sentence by most of the Van her Linde gang, including Arthur.

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They are also led by an incompetent Colonel looking for some last glory before retirement who even tries to have his actually competent second-in-command court marshaled and hanged for treason when he wants to sue for peace with the Wapiti. Discussed at one point by Arthur after fighting some of them when he finds one's ID card (a precursor to dog tags) and learns that he's just a “kid from New Jersey”.

Badass Bandolier : Buying one doubles the amount of rifle and repeater ammo you can carry. In a nice graphical touch, as Arthur burns through his ammo stock, the number of rounds visible on the bandolier goes down.

Badass Longboat : One of Arthur's clothing options are coats, ranging from waist length jackets to dusters and tailcoats. Justified as having washed ashore on an island after a botched robbery forced the gang to stowaway onto a ship that gets caught in a storm.

The player gets to play as John during the Epilogue, allowing him to earn a lot of money and acquiring every weapon available. Bait-and-Switch : The stranger mission “He's British, Of Course” has a circus performer duo (one of them is a “woman animal wrangler” named Margaret, who's a mustached man wearing a dress) missing several animals needed for their tour: a zebra, a tiger, and two lions.

Once the cougar and the (dead) dog are locked up, the performers ask you to look for their second lion at Emerald Ranch. Banana Republic : Guard, a Caribbean island belonging to Cuba governed by a brutal slaver.

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Battle Amongst the Flames : If you go for Dutch's money, then the knife fight with Micah can become this, as there is a wall of fires in the forest. Black bears will usually run away from you, but grizzlies won't hesitate to charge you and are one of the most dangerous animals present.

Belly Dancer : At the Theater Ruler in Saint-Denis, the vaudeville show hosted by Abridge T. Abington features both Antoinette Sanseverino, a fire breather/dancer who uses props set aflame, and The Mysterious Maya, a dancer who changes between dancing with a large python and a sword in her performances. Berserk Button : The half-black, half-Native American gang member Charles takes bison hunting very seriously.

So when a pair of cowboys massacre an entire herd of them and just leaves the carcasses to rot, he confronts them and guns one of them down without batting an eye. Arthur doesn't take too kindly to being called “pretty boy” and almost beats a guy to death for it in Chapter 2.

Beware the Nice Ones : A high honor Arthur is downright friendly, but he can gun down an entire enemy posse in the blink of an eye. Big Beautiful Man : Arthur can potentially become this if the player fattens him up by eating a lot of high calorie items.

Which makes it worse when he contracts tuberculosis and gradually wastes away, as you'll be unable to eat enough to keep his weight up due to the disease. Led by an aging patriarch and matriarch, respectively, both families are well past their antebellum prime.

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The Braithwaites in particular keep a mentally disturbed daughter locked up in a shed and stoop to kidnapping Jack when they realize the gang is attempting to Play Both Sides. Bilingual Bonus : Any time Arthur and John meet foreign people, they will usually speak with a mix between English and their native language.

For example, his rendition of “El Coyote” at Sean's rescue party is about how someone's personality is like a little coyote, which seems to personify about how said animal represents Arthur's Low Honor. Bittersweet Ending : Arthur is eventually diagnosed with tuberculosis, and Micah's betrayal of the gang results in leading each surviving member to their state in the first game.

Years later, John, Sadie, and Charles avenge Arthur by hunting down Micah. If Arthur has high honor, he succumbs to his disease and the wounds that were inflicted on him by Micah during their last fight, but he dies content that he lived a good life and helped the Mars tons escape with his last act, using his final moments to relax and watch the sunrise.

If Arthur has low honor but opts to help John instead of going for the money, then he dies knowing he was able to retain some dignity and having one last laugh at Micah's expense before he is dispatched via headshot. Black Comedy Rape : One Stranger encounter has Arthur pass by a house on the outskirts of Saint-Denis (New Orleans) where a totally-not-creepy hillbilly tries to lure him in with the promise of food.

Blamed for Being Railroaded : Arthur catches flak from his fellow gang members several time for botched missions over which the player had no choice but to go along in order to advance the story. Blasting It Out of Their Hands : You can disarm enemies by liberating them of their firearms with some good aim.

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One particular bounty that you must capture alive, Joshua Brown, will challenge you to a duel in a bid to escape, thus requiring you to disarm him in order to proceed. Similarly, Jamie Willis will attempt to kill himself when cornered and must be stopped by disarming him in this manner.

Gun upgrades can be purchased with parts made out of gold, silver, ivory, pearl, and ebony. Also serves as a gameplay mechanic as if you donut wash it off and try to interact with people shall be creeped out and try to avoid you/be suspicious of you.

Sadie also gets herself nice and blood soaked during her side mission where she and Arthur finish wiping out the ODriscolls, and she brutally stabs the one It's Personal with to death. The first and final robberies the player performs for the Van her Linde gang are train jobs.

A portion of “Mountain Hymn” (called “Moonlight”) plays when the gang travels to Horseshoe Overlook in the beginning of Chapter 2. Arthur himself dies to a combination of tuberculosis and injuries created by Micah at the end of chapter 6.

They are extremely common, spawn on the coast just a bit north from Saint-Denis, and barely move. If you have a heavy rifle, you can just look for a perfect specimen, shoot them in the head and bring their skin to Saint-Denis for quick cash.

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Alternatively, if their bounty in the area is clear, they can go into town, and just greet people, pet dogs and cats, and their honor will gradually increase. In contrast, medium-sized fish are stored in the satchel and sell for a decent amount of money.

Bottomless Bladder / Nobody Poops : Averted in Chapter 2: while getting drunk with Lenny, Arthur has to go outside to take a whiz in private. On the plus side, if you have a few of those cool bandoliers and sunbelts, you'll be able to carry hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and that's just the regular stuff.

For a real-life example, the Special and Ultimate editions of the game give three guns for free at Gunsmiths (the Varmint Rifle, Pump-Action Shotgun and Volcanic Pistol) as well as 20% slower core reduction and other bonuses/discounts for the camp. Bullet Dancing : If the player chooses to shoot one of the two kidnappers in lieu of beating them up at the campsite during the mission 'Magicians for Sport', a cutscene will play of Morgan coming up to the remaining kidnapper with gun drawn, demanding to know where they took Ireland, and when the terrified man has trouble finding his words, Morgan decides to help him find his tongue by shooting repeatedly at the man's feet, making him dance around until he finally shouts out where Ireland was taken.

Bullet Time : Dead Eye returns from the last two games, crossing over with Super Reflexes. Bullying a Dragon : You're an armed-to-the-teeth One-Man Army who can literally be wearing the skin of a grizzly bear you killed with a knife, and those random encounter horse thieves and rival gang members will still try to rob/attack you.

Based on his interactions and the writings in his journal, he is clearly intelligent, introspective, cynical, and is haunted by many things in his past (with more added over the course of the story). Even a high Honor Arthur still participates in the gang's outlaw activities and believes in the philosophy instilled by Dutch.

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He's intelligent relative to the setting, highly charismatic, is extremely passionate about the gang, and has an intense drive and determination to live out his philosophy. He is, however, extremely self-centered and, while he claims the contrary and even acts on it when it benefits him, won't hesitate to sacrifice anyone or anything (gang members included) to get what he wants.

In “Trying Again”, for example, Jack tells his father John about how Arthur used to take him fishing before the Pinkerton's showed up (“A Fisher of Men”). Call-Forward : At one point, John makes the exact same pose with a sawed-off shotgun as he does in the cover art of the original game.

When John is holding Javier at gunpoint in Redemption 1, he says the following: “Now, I ain't the judge, but as it turns out, it's you or me. Much of the epilogue is spent on building and acquiring funding for the Mars ton ranch in Beecher's Hope.

One of the random conversations around camp is a 4-year-old Jack wanting to be a gunslinger when he grows up, something both Hosea and Abigail themselves object to. In the mission “Favored Sons”, Dutch informs the army men that have him and Arthur cornered that they can't fight nature, change, or gravity, before both of them turn around and plunge into the river below.

Dutch (Red Dead Redemption II): “You can't fight nature, captain. In one random camp event, Dutch tells Susan “There are two ways to argue with a woman.

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If you visit the place every few days, the painting will eventually be finished; once this happens, you can briefly see the Strange Man in the mirror. Bonnie Macfarlane is briefly mentioned in a love letter that can be retrieved off a corpse on a beach.

Nigel West Dickens is name-dropped in an article praising his wares in the final newspaper. Archer Fordham makes an appearance during the credits' montage, having tracked the Mars tons to Beecher's Hope with Edgar Ross.

Unfortunately, it overrides all other camera control (at least in free aim mode), so before you get the chance to fire back you'll probably be mauled by said animal or it's friends. Camping a Crapper : Combined with Nature Tinkling : During “Paying a Social Call”, you notice that one of the O'Driscoll decides to take whiz on a tree.

Unfortunately, this means that a single dishonorable deed, even if unintentional such as accidentally shooting a horse during a shootout, will cause your Honor to drop one level. Somewhat mitigated thanks to the Easily Forgiven nature of the game, as you can make it back up quickly by greeting some NPCs or by doing some catch-and-release fishing.

Unlike Dutch, or even the other gang leaders who have clear goals behind their disposable actions, Cold murders, steals, and rapes because he enjoys it. Cash Gate : One occurs in Chapter 2 when a main story mission to rescue Micah from the Strawberry jail results in a $300 bounty in West Elizabeth.

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Paying it off right away can be financially crippling so early in the game, but not doing so leaves you at the mercy of respawning groups of bounty hunters when in West Elizabeth. Cassandra Truth : Arthur can run into a crazed man in St. Denis that is distributing pamphlets describing the industrial revolution's potential effects on the environment.

In the 'Wisdom of the Elders' quest line even after Arthur finds proof that the 'darkness' the town is experiencing is from lead and arsenic poisoning caused by runoff from a nearby mine and the Magical Native American who's been 'helping' them is a conman sent by the mining company to get the townsfolk to waive their right to sue, the people of Butchers Creek still believe their problems are supernatural in nature. The game is especially concerned with duties that stem from loyalty and how it can be a destructive, paralyzing force.

Arthur aggravates his sickness because of the love and responsibility he feels over his gang, particularly the Mars tons and the women; John mans up to retire from gun slinging out of loyalty to his wife and son. Bill and Javier refuse to entertain the idea that Dutch can be wrong, which feeds his obsessions; Arthur, Hosea and John don't stand up to him out of loyalty until it's too late.

Redemption : Arthur has made some very bad choices in his life that inevitably come crashing down on him. He's been an outlaw for as long as he can remember, he's ruined his relationships with the only people he cares about outside the gang (Mary and his son, mostly), and he's got a nasty temper.

His actions here also are an echo to I where John similarly finds it in his own death for Abigail and Jack's makes. It's implied that Jack was able to live a normal life eventually, which is the crux of what both Arthur and John wanted for him.

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Arthur's hair and beard grow in gameplay, and you cut both to specific styles, and even apply pomade. Depending on how much you eat, Arthur will also either lose or gain weight that affects your stamina.

Chekhov's Gun : One of the earlier, routine missions ends up having some bigger implications to the story. Cherry Tapping : You can intentionally use weak weapons like the Varmint Rifle to torture and humiliate enemies.

They factor into several missions (typically needing to be avoided), are decently well-equipped (even having police wagons), and seem to be infinite. City Slicker : Albert Mason is a photographer out to capture the beauty of the Old West's wilderness before it is spoiled.

As seen in the recurring encounters, he is utterly clueless about the dangers posed... Josiah Ireland is a pseudo member of the Van her Linde gang and is much more at home scamming other city slickers than gun slinging in the untamed west. Clairvoyant Security Force : No matter how far out into the wilderness you are, witnesses to a crime can report it to the law within a minute.

Patrols will then swarm the roads during the search phase seemingly from thin air. Climax Boss : Micah serves as the final enemy Arthur will have to fight before, depending on his honor, he either succumbs to tuberculosis or gets murdered by him.

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Bullet holes and knife slashes can appear after taking those types of damage. If you survive an attack from a cougar or grizzly bear, claw marks may appear on your back.

Coins for the Dead : At the very beginning, Davey Calender dies from his injures sustained in the Blackwater Massacre after the Van her Linde gang has reached Colder, and they have to put two coins on his eyes as an assurance that the dead have to pay The Ferryman before they can move onto the afterlife. Collection Side quest : Numerous examples, including dinosaur bone locations, certain perfect animal specimens, certain bird feathers, and more.

Many of the Challenges also play out similar to this trope, such as collecting one of every kind of herb/plant in the game and breaking one of every wild horse breed. Combat Pragmatist : Excepting cases where it is required by a mission, you are perfectly free to draw a knife or gun during a fist fight and use it.

If an enemy closes in on you, you may find your character striking them with a gun stock or Pistol Whipping them. Other situations may involve you forcing the barrel of a rifle or shotgun into their torso and pulling the trigger.

If you are taken down by a grizzly bear, you'll have a brief window where you can draw your knife and stab the beast while it mauls you, potentially getting it to back off or killing it outright. Commonplace Rare : Aside from Moonshine, which can be bought from a fence, nearly every other crafting ingredient needs to be harvested in the wild.

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None of them are items that should be rare or unusual, but you can't even buy a book from the bookstore in Saint-Denis. Examples including going hunting or fishing with a specific companion, playing games like poker, dominoes, or five-finger fillet, or going on unofficial missions to rob stage coaches, homesteads, or livestock.

Naturally, another factor that can cause them to become unavailable is if the quest giving companion is killed as part of the story. While the robbery-based examples can earn you some money, they exist mostly to flesh out many of your fellow gang members who otherwise don't get much direct interaction with Arthur (and thus the player).

This can lead to you looking more threatening than intended when approaching a neutral stranger if you go to holster after hopping off of your horse but instead draw another gun. During missions, if you linger too long by, say, looting bodies, your fellow gang members will tell you to hurry up and repeat what you are supposed to do next.

One of your fellow gang members, often Dutch, will try to get your attention to start the next mission and sometimes resorts to outright yelling “Arthur, get over here!” After at least one mission, if you take too long before reporting to Dutch Charles will track you down and ask you when you're coming back to camp.

Continuity Nod : In the original Red Dead Redemption, there are mentions of a massacre that took place in 1899 in Blackwater city, which killed many, lawmen and criminal alike. This event was the reason Landon Ricketts decided to flee to Mexico, and may have killed one of Bonnie Macfarlane's brothers (who died in 1899 from a headshot).

The fact that Dutch's gang is on the run after a botched robbery in Blackwater implies they caused it, accidentally or not. Several pre-order and Special Edition bonuses are themed after Nero Paris, a playable Mexican region from the previous game.

In the first game, if you had John Mars ton fight wolves with only a knife, one thing he might shout was, “How do you think I got these scars!?” This game features an early mission where Arthur and Javier go searching for John who it turns out got attacked by wolves, and thus got his scars.

Similarly to the above, a few lines from the previous game (and the eye patch on one of his optional outfits) implied John was blind in an eye. One other thing he mentions is how you can't fight gravity foreshadowing that he's going to jump to his death, rather than be shot by John.

Here in the prequel Dutch makes a similar speech, while he and Arthur are at gun point by a host of lawmen and makes a similar allusion to gravity; except this time there is water below him, and his submission to gravity actually saves his life rather than ending it. Continuity Snarl : In the first game, John at several points describes himself as being only “semi-literate”, and he and Abigail rely on their better-educated son to read complicated documents.

Also in the first game, John implies that no one in his gang cared about him and left him for dead first chance they got in this game Arthur Morgan uses the last days of his life to ensure the Mars ton family can have a chance to escape and live a better life. In II, said ferry job happens just before the game even starts, and while it's mentioned that John did take a bullet during it, he still manages to escape with the gang.

It's unlikely she was born before Jack since John has issues believing Jack is his kid, and she cannot have been born after the gang breaks up since Javier knows about her note In I, he taunts John by yelling something along the lines of “I hope your wife and children rot in hell!” However, using the “sleep” function in Beecher's hope may trigger a cutscene of John and Abigail making small talk on the bed, and once the game returns they both are in their underwear regardless of what you were wearing beforehand implying they had sex.

Venturing out to New Austin in the epilogue (which, it should be noted, is completely optional, save for a single story mission that takes place near the state's outskirts in Hannigan's Stead and one side quest in Rio Bravo) makes no real sense, as John implied in Redemption 1 that he's never been in the area, seemed unfamiliar with the Macfarlane Ranch and Armadillo, and needed an escort to Fort Mercer. Similarly, Uncle was about half a head shorter than John in the first, but appears to be the same height or perhaps even taller in two.

In addition, the gang very rarely sends all of their fighters out at the same time, usually going out in pairs or in groups of four. Dutch attributes their success against such disparity in numbers to their familial bonds, which give them greater motivation to fight over the thugs who are only in it for the money.

If you die during a mission or otherwise fail, you get the option of returning to the last “checkpoint” so that you don't have to start from the beginning. In both cases, any corpses in the immediate area DeShawn, so you won't be able to loot them (if human) or skin them (if animals).

Perhaps the most painful thing about continuing is that you lose any pelts and animal carcasses stored on your horse. This includes Legendary animals, however, their pelts will automatically go to the trapper for crafting, you just lose out on the money you would have gotten for selling them.

They typically take place relatively close to the gang's camp or the nearest town. For example, one of Strauss' Chapter 2 debt collection missions sends you into the mountains north of Strawberry.

Another Chapter 2 side mission, “The Noblest of Men, and a Woman”, has you track down four retired duelists who all live far from Valentine. Fun fact, horses are unable to carry true albinism, making The Count (literally) impossibly cool.

He's in his late fifties, but has plenty of cunning and experience as an outlaw during the golden years of The Old West. Corrupt Corporate Executive : Leviticus Cornwall is a railroad, oil, and sugar baron who didn't get that way by being nice.

Cowardly Books : Some enemies will attempt to flee once you've either wounded them or have killed enough of their comrades. Hides are the most common ingredient, but teeth, claws, feathers, antlers, horns, fat, and glands are also used for some items.

Fully averted with non-hostile NPCs and most non-large animals, who tend to collapse and bleed out very shortly after just one, maybe two center-of-mass shots. As long as you are connected to Social Club, you'll receive an in-game email from “vanderlinde@eyefind.com” with a picture of a location inside.

From there, you'll find a Golden Double-action Revolver from a chest, and performing 50 headshots unlocks it in Dr II. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass : Despite being The Alcoholic, suffering from lumbago, and coming across as rather simple, Uncle shows occasionally that he can still handle himself in a gunfight.

The group will also claim lofty goals but upon closer look, don't follow up with them which definitely applies to Dutch at the very least (especially if you believe he was Evil All Along). As far as he knows, Mary's husband Barry is thought to be alive and his son, Isaac, is long dead.

It's not until Chapter 4 when Dutch starts losing it that he tells her to give him some time to save up some money, tie up some loose ends, and then he'll leave for her. As part of the gang's Roaring Rampage of Rescue of Jack, they wipe the floor with every person present and then burn the place to the ground, again without a single casualty.

Cutting the Knot : An option for opening locked containers, generally performed with the stock of a gun. Dating What Father Hates : Mary's father despised Arthur, and he's a big part of why they broke up.

As seen during Mary's mission in Saint-Denis, her father is a broke, drunken lout who doesn't have room to talk. You can find his body with no explanation in New Austin laying in the middle of the road just past the church outside Armadillo in the epilogue.

A Day in the Limelight : Companion missions allow you to interact one-on-one with your fellow gang mates. Death by Irony : Arthur draws beautiful sketches of places and wildlife in his journal, to the point where his fellow gang member remark upon his artistic ability.

Death by Racism : Each of the KKK random encounters end in this fashion, even if you don't involve yourself. The racist eugenicist in Saint-Denis is so hated by the rest of the town that you can kill him in broad daylight without repercussions.

After recovering the items from the foreclosed home of an old man who turns out to have been a former slave catcher, you can kill him on the spot and actually gain honor. Death by Woman Scorned : When you visit Road Farm, you can examine the bloodied corpses of a husband-wife couple inside the house, and if you follow the Trail of Blood outside, it will lead to the corpse of another woman holding a machete and a revolver, with a letter she had on her.

It seemed that the latter wouldn't take his advances sitting down and slaughtered them both with the machete in retaliation before heading back outside and turning the gun on herself. And in the ending, if he doesn't kill you already as long as you're in High Honor mode, the tuberculosis definitely will while you're watching the sunrise.

Death of a Thousand Cuts : Crossing over with Cherry Tapping, this can be performed using the Varmint Rifle. Unless you're scoring headshots, it will take about half that magazine in order to bring down human opponents.

She admits that she no longer cares whether she lives or dies, and keeps throwing herself into dangerous situations as a bounty hunter as a result. Decapitation Presentation : Done in Chapter 4 by the O'Driscoll with Kieran immediately before launching an assault on Shady Bell.

As mentioned before, Dutch is a terrible leader: he may be charming and charismatic, but his poor decision-making skills combined with his Sanity Slippage eventually lead to all gang members either dying or abandoning him. Dutch seems somewhat aware of this, but his thinking never advances beyond “just keep pulling off heists”, none of which make even close to what they need, so they're trapped in the same futile cycle.

It's made abundantly clear that he abandons his old ways mostly out of love for his family and a sense of debt towards Arthur. As a result, every time you leave the ranch to do something more interesting than milking cows and shoveling manure, you're accidentally screwing up Jack's psyche by being a Disappeared Dad.

Hosea and Dutch both write off the Grays and the Braithwaites as dumb hicks who won't catch on to their attempt to play them off against each other to let them get at a rumored fortune of Civil War gold. When John meets with him in the epilogue, he can find a letter showing that Moon ruined his relationship with daughter after she decides to marry a Jewish man.

Her violent nature is a consequence of some serious emotional trauma (it's heavily implied that the O'Driscoll raped her after killing her husband), with the terminally-ill Arthur outright stating that she and him are “more ghosts than people.” It eventually reaches the point that she tells John in the epilogue that she seeks out dangerous situations because she wants to die.

She gets a bit better by the final mission and end credits, where she decides to leave for South America and find some measure of peace. Sure, he may not have had a choice in the beginning, but his acceptance of being the “bad guy” leaves him feeling pretty shitty about himself.

Reading his journals reveals that he is also under a lot of stress and that he feels that he can't help prevent everything from spiraling out of control. After he finds out he's dying, then he's wracked with guilt; desperate to make what amends he can, having realized that all he's done has not been worth it.

The final nail in the coffin is if the player chooses to help John and has good karma, his last words will be “I tried. Deep South : Scarlett Meadows, a county of mixed hills and bayous that is run by two inbred clans who hate each other's guts.

Still marked by the Civil War, it is a place where lingering traces of the slave trade can be found. The state of Lemon in general, which takes heavy cues from Louisiana, complete with its own version of New Orleans, the city of Saint-Denis.

Delayed Diagnosis : Arthur contracts tuberculosis during the mission “Money Lending and Other Sins”, but isn't officially diagnosed until near the end of the game and ultimately passes away from his illness. Deliberate Values Dissonance : Just like the first game, the setting of II shows how different peoples attitude in the past were.

Racism is still prevalent during this time when anyone who is non-white is treated with hatred or seen as a savage that needs to be controlled or put down. An optional series of missions has Arthur assisting an inventor of a prototype electric chair, which he claims is a “humane” method of execution.

Arthur is out of the norm for the time period by unequivocally treating every woman he comes across as an equal and with respect. He can tell the girls at camp that he thinks that men and women are equal(y awful).

He even says in his journal that he doesn't like when men treat the women in their lives as objects without seeing them as their own people (specifically in the context about Mary's dad). He's also disgusted when Micah says in Chapter 4 that the girls owe the guys sex because all they do is sit around at camp all day.

Nowadays a rich woman like Mary would have a college degree and the legal protection to not have to listen to her dad. No one in the gang really has a problem with Lenny (who's black) having a crush on Jenny (who judging by Arthur's drawing of her was white) but it's implied that Hosea doesn't really mean that it wouldn't have worked out between them because of their similar names.

They wouldn't have been able to get legally married in a good chunk of the country (or even have sex in some places) as Loving vs Virginia, which repealed all anti-miscegenation laws, wasn't decided until 1967. The Supreme Court didn't overrule the federal law prohibiting same-sex sexual relationships until Lawrence v. Texas in 2003.

This game also pulls no punches in showing how hard women had it in a time in which they were still considered property/second-class citizens. Sheds a young single mom who cant read or write, John doesn want to take responsibility for her and Jack, and she was a prostitute in the past.

This is also a time before reliable birth control and legal, safe abortion so if she were to get pregnant again, shed be even further up the creek without a paddle. Luckily sheds got the rest of the gang to look out for her and Arthur goes out of his way to help her and Jack but if something had happened to them before John got his act together, shed be in an even worse situation.

Note Such as the man who is in love with his horse and the old man who believed his wife's corpse was still alive Here, the bunch you'll meet consists of, for example, a traveling freak show (which is a tweaked version of one cut from I), a Mad Scientist, a very camp plant collector, and two brothers who willingly subject themselves to violence and life-threatening acts to win over a girl they both like. Over the course of the story, Sadie becomes a badass gunslinger in her own right who seeks violent retribution against the O'Driscoll, though other characters note how much the violence has changed her, calling her a “ghost” at one point.

By the epilogue, Sadie has become a well-regarded bounty hunter, but has become so hollow that she casually tells another character she “wants to die”. She and her husband were wealthy folks from the city who decided to try their hand at rural life, only to find it harder than they expected.

After the husband's death, Charlotte expects to starve and die herself, but Arthur teaches her a few tips on surviving in the wilderness and eventually she settles into a not-unhappy rural life. Guns also deteriorate over time, either from soot from firing or via being submerged in water, snow, or mud for extended periods.

You have to either purchase gun oil or have a gunsmith clean them to revert their stats to max if this happens. Water, mud, snow, and blood can accumulate on his hair and clothes, eventually drying and fading away.

Arthur's skin bruises from being punched, bullet holes and cut/slash marks appear on his character model, and he gets sweaty from exertion. He also needs to eat and sleep, or he'll eventually become fatigued, which affects the regeneration of both health and stamina, and causes him to become dizzy.

The interaction system takes the previous lines into account, so you can first greet, then antagonize, and finally apologize to someone in the same conversation. Towards the end of Chapter 5, if Arthur gets near the place where Sadie is while other NPCs are around (sometimes sitting on the ground), a cutscene will trigger into “A Fork in the Road” when he starts having an uncontrollable coughing fit; while that's happening, NPCs will freak out and/or get up from their sitting spots and run for their lives.

Whistling for your horse too much in a short amount of time will actually cause you to run out of breath. The grapple move differs depending on the context; there are separate animations depending on if you're in front or behind the target, when running it turns into a tackle, and if the tackle is performed on shallow enough water, instead of the normal grab Arthur instead pushes the victim's head underwater and starts drowning them.

The last mission from Henri Remain gives you the option to either spare or kill Jean Marc Mercier. Come back a day or two later at that same spot and fish there and there's a chance you'll snag up a severed arm, which Arthur remarks is Jean Marc's.

Similarly, some stranger missions play different versions of their cutscenes depending on when they happen. An early Strauss mission takes Arthur to a man named Wrote, whose possessions include a unique, antique pocket watch.

If the clock is grabbed during the mission, it's put into the donation box alongside other items once you return the debt. Dialogue Tree : Arthur can chat with any NPC by aiming at them (with or without a gun on his hand).

The available options and the dialogue itself are affected by various factors, such as the current situation, location, NPC alignment, whether Arthur's gun is holstered or not, and even his appearance. There are a number of ways to trigger it, but the most common seems to happen when making a kill shot from an extreme distance.

In the case of a few animals, such as mountain sheep, they may have a stream of blood pouring out of them continuously until you interact with the carcass. In the spirit of the trope, given the game's physics engine, NPCs can be killed while sitting in chairs or leaning up against objects.

Also includes stirrup bonuses) as soon as you unlock free roam in chapter 2... and you only need to find a perfect panther from one of their few spawn points, make a clean kill, take the skin to a trapper before it starts to rot, and pay a small fee. The Legend of the East satchel takes about six hours to get all the skins you need but it's sure worth the work.

You could be setting up camp to sleep until the evening for a month in the real world before you get a perfect one to spawn but once you get it, you'll be able to carry 99 of everything which is extremely helpful. Dire Beast : The Legendary animals are all larger and more powerful versions of their standard brethren.

It may take a few visits to spawn, but you can obtain one as early as Chapter 2 once the stables unlock in one of the first story missions. It can be recognized from its snow-white coat and for being pretty much the only horse that spawns on the freezing climate.

Several powerful guns can be acquired early in Chapter 2 by performing the right side quests around camp and in the nearby First Town of Valentine. It alone makes many enemy encounters ridiculously easy, particularly O'Driscoll ambushes which combined with Dead Eye tend to end in seconds.

Emerald Ranch itself is within sight of several crossroads that are traversed frequently by stage coaches. If you hunt the legendary buck just north of Strawberry, you can craft a trinket at the fence (which becomes available a bit later) that spawns more three-star animals.

The medium and large sized animals can be lassoed and stabbed which guarantees a perfect pelt/carcass. A perfect deer carcass will fetch you $10 at the butcher/trapper and you can easily do three or four of them in the span of ten real life minutes.

You can get the legend of the east satchel (which by most counts takes about six hours of outside work to get) that holds 99 of everything not even halfway through Chapter 2 if you want. Though it costs $225 to get the leather working tools to update your satchel which can be hard that early on in the game.

There's a gold bar, worth a whopping $500, literally (not figuratively) just down the hill from the first camp in Horseshoe Overlook. If you know where every map and treasure is, you can complete all three chains as soon as free roam opens up.

In addition, finding all 9 treasures in the main game also completes the explorer challenges, allowing you to buy a set of equipment that boosts your max health from any trapper. Memorizing each location makes repeat walkthroughs a breeze as far as money is concerned, and even the camp upgrades can be covered with around 4-5 bars.

Disguised in Drag : The provocative French artist Charles Chateau goes undercover in incredibly unconvincing drag the chest hair and beard are a bit of a giveaway to flee town after making enemies of practically the entire population of Saint-Denis. Disproportionate Retribution : Strangers are very quick to resort to violence over mild slights and accidents, such as lingering too long in their wilderness camp or bumping into them.

Distressed Dude : At different points, you'll rescue Sean, Bill, and John for situations like this. Arthur isn't exactly above getting rescued himself as Charles, Eagle Flies, and Abigail can attest.

We'll elect a woman president, within the first ten years, of course, men are such judgmental prigs, you need us women to help straighten you out! If Arthur is played honorably through and maintains his maximum honor by the final part of Chapter 6 (aptly titled “Red Dead Redemption”), then his final ride, with “That's the Way It Is” playing beautifully in the background, may come across as some kind of college graduation ceremony, with people complimenting on his best behavior as if he were graduating from morality school summa cum laude (“with the highest praise”), even though he has only a short time before he dies from TB anyway.

He doesn't take too kindly to another crime boss, Dutch, setting up shop so close to his town and tries to have him killed in a set-up train station robbery. Doomed by Canon : What's left of the Van her Linde gang is destined to fall apart after a failed robbery.

Tumbleweed, the sole bright spot in the chaos that is New Austin, is destined to lie in ruins by 1911. Don't Go in the Woods : Tall Trees, the aptly-named coniferous forest west of Blackwater, is an absolute death trap.

It's used as a home base by the Skinner Brothers, a sadistic gang of ruthless psychopaths that loves to abduct travelers, strip them naked, torture them horribly and flay them alive before leaving their carcasses in massive, bloody piles by the side of the road. Especially in the early stages of the epilogue, it's nigh-impossible to ride through these woods without stumbling upon such grotesque horrors, or being attacked by the Skinner's yourself.

By 1911 the Skinner's seem to have disbanded or moved away, as in the original game there's nothing particularly dangerous in Tall Trees but the occasional bear or wolf. Downer Beginning : The story starts with the gang on the run in the mountains during a blizzard after a botched job in Blackwater.

They can't get to their stash of money, several gang members are dead with one captured, they're low on food, and they have the law hot on their tails. Dramatic Irony : Saint-Denis Mayor Remain thinks learning will make man “put down his guns, and start living a life of relentless purity” in 50 years.

Dropped a Bridge on Him : Sean is unceremoniously killed with a headshot not a minute into a main story mission. Kieran is captured off-screen and only a single gang member mentions his absence before his beheaded body rides into camp immediately prior to an O'Driscoll attack.

During the time period of the game, drinking alcohol and smoking tobacco were extremely common. Moonshine in particular temporarily maxes out and fortifies your health bar, making it a great item to take right before a big fight.

Arthur is the self-described “workhorse” of the Van her Linde gang, and it comes with the lack of respect one would expect. He is apparently the only gang member contributing to the camp food supply, and missing even a single day draws negative comments from Pearson and Ms. Scrimshaw.

With one exception, all the legendary gunslingers in the related side mission meet their fate with you in this fashion. Dummies Out : Under normal circumstances, the dinosaur bones quest can't be completed before the epilogue, since eight of the bones are located in New Austin, which Arthur can't access at all in the entire game since there's an invisible sniper that will kill him the moment he crosses the border.

The quest is meant to be completed by John in the epilogue, as he's the only one that can cross into New Austin unharmed. You can still get the glitch if you have the disk version, uninstall your file, and turn off Wi-Fi updates.

Data mining the PC version has revealed some odd character models that never appear in the game; An adult version of Princess Isabel (a kidnapped European princess who is alluded to several times but players were never able to find her in-game), a living version of Agnes Down (a ghost of her appears as an Easter egg in the game proper) and even a goddamn caveman (no-one knows what his purpose is/was). Most players don't think twice when using consumables such as alcohol or tobacco products which lower your stamina while increasing your health or Dead Eye.

Four are mentioned as dead or dying as a result of the Blackwater fiasco and subsequent escape before the game even starts. By the end of the game, Sean, Kieran, Hosea, Lenny, Molly, Susan, Micah, and even Arthur himself lie dead.

Additionally, the epilogue confirms that Strauss was captured by the Pinkerton's shortly after Arthur kicked him out of camp and died in custody off screen while Karen disappeared from the public eye and her status is officially unknown, with Tilly speculating that she probably drank herself to death. Hosea and Lenny are killed, Abigail flees, John is captured, and Charles leaves the group in order to draw off some Pinkerton's.

Of the five who escape on the ship to Guard, Javier is wounded and captured there, leaving the foursome of Dutch, Bill, Micah, and Arthur. Dying Town : Tumbleweed was crippled when the railroad was rerouted through nearby Armadillo instead, then suffered bandit raids and a cholera outbreak.

There isn't a single member who hasn't been subjected to some sort of terrible loss or abuse before falling in with the gang. He initiates dangerous missions including the assault on the Lemon Raiders HQ to steal a weapons shipment and a stagecoach robbery which is actually a trap set by federal marshals.

Unless you play at least some main mission to unlock things, you're stuck with a very limited selection of weapons (not ideal for forays into areas with predators or possible rival gang ambushes), certain items are locked (like the Fishing Rod), and certain vendors (like the wagon and horse fences) are not available. Earn Your Happy Ending : Due to the Prequel nature of the game, it is a Foregone Conclusion that the Van her Linde gang will break up through both internal strife and the constant pursuit of the authorities.

However, the epilogue reveals that Charles, Mary-Beth, Tilly, Pearson, Swanson, and Sadie were able to settle down and have satisfying lives afterwards. Also, Edith and Archie Downs if Arthur chooses to help them in the final chapters; they take his money and invest it to become the owners of a successful golf course.

Easily Forgiven : At several points during the main story, you'll shoot up entire towns and gun down dozens of lawmen. You will be wanted “Dead or Alive” afterward, but you can simply pay off your bounty at any post office with no consequences once you do.

Naturally, robbing and murdering outside where it is required for main missions causes your Honor to drop. However, you can regain Honor, right up to maxing it out, with simple activities such as greeting townsfolk or doing some catch-and-release fishing.

In-Universe : Bill at one point complains how any time he screws up, he gets chewed out while Arthur's fuckups are “One of them things” and he faces very little criticism. Spread them on the ground, retreat to a spot with a good view of the bait site, and wait as they attract animals.

End of an Age : As with the first game, a major theme running through this prequel is how the outlaws of the “Old West” come to terms with the encroachment of law and order from the East making their way of life increasingly impossible. The prequel hammers this theme even more than the first game, as it takes place when the gang is still active.

However, in a select few cases, it is possible to acquire better weapons before they would normally unlock by getting them off of certain dead enemies. Another is that it is possible to acquire a Bolt Action Rifle early by completing bounty missions, attending the subsequent hanging of the outlaw, and then gunning down one of the police guards at the gallows who may be carrying one.

To note: One such encounter involves two thieves attempting to open a stolen safe with dynamite. Equal-Opportunity Evil : The Van her Linde gang is easily the most diverse in the game, including several minorities and women.

Ethereal Choir : A reprise of “Unshaken” called “Crash of Worlds” plays in the background during Arthur's final moments leading up to his death; depending on what you do with his honor, it can be either angelic or sinister. Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas : Arthur keeps a picture of his deceased mother next to his bed.

Even Evil Has Standards : The Van her Linde gang will gladly rob anything they can make a dollar on and isn't above killing anyone who gets in their way. No matter how honorable you play Arthur as, the loan shark missions tend to be Kick the Dog moments for him.

The biggest and most tragic example is when Arthur accidentally kills a sick debtor, forcing the victim's widow to pay off the debt in his stead. Eventually Arthur cannot stand the misery such predatory usury is causing, and forcibly ejects the gang's loan shark from the camp, threatening to kill him if he returns.

Looting items from corpses often results in valuable junk, and robbing stores can give you more than many of the bounty hunting missions do. This is technically true; you can go to West Elizabeth before the game allows it, but you'll be faced by unlimited waves of Pinkerton's that will hunt and gun you down.

You can tie up a rival gang member, drop them somewhere that makes it easy to complete the challenge, and then kill them while they are totally helpless. Experienced Protagonist : Arthur is a veteran outlaw of the Wild West, third most senior in the gang behind only Dutch and Hosea, and is seen as a big brother/mentor figure by the more junior members, particularly Lenny and John.

Exposed to the Elements : A new gameplay mechanic involves your cores draining if you aren't dressed appropriately for the various environments and weather conditions. Extended Gameplay : Aside from the requisites of the Open World Sandbox genre like side quests and other activities, the game features a rather extensive Epilogue sequence focusing on John Mars ton, who gets Promoted to Playable.

Said Epilogue is a series of missions focusing around John and his family trying to go straight, and it ends with them building Beecher's Hope and paying it off with the money lifted from the Blackwater job. After the main storyline has been completed, the player is allowed to wander the world as John, or help take care of Beecher's Hope by doing chores.

Extremely Short Time span : The main story of the game takes place over a few months in 1899. You can, of course, take quite a bit more time than that to actually complete the story in-game, with potentially hundreds of days passing.

Although there was no effective treatment for TB in 1899 other than rest in a dry climate, “consumption” nonetheless was a disease which typically, in its latency period, took years slowly to consume its victims. Face Death with Dignity : Arthur in a high Honor ending, choosing to stay behind to hold off pursuers while the Mars ton family escapes.

Family of Choice : The Van her Linde Gang is this for Arthur, John and rest of the members, under the charismatic Dutch and Cool Old Guy Hosea. As civilization begins to spread through America, Dutch undergoes a slow Despair Event Horizon as well as his upcoming Freewheel Turn realizing all the good they did won't matter in the long run.

It ends in a massive betrayal as the gang leaves John for dead on Dutch's orders. You can give inputs on body parts to wash and make small talk, as long as you keep her happy.

Faux shadow : Kieran is a captured O'Driscoll who sticks with the Van her Linde gang because leaving the protection they offer is basically a death sentence. Instead, he is captured by the O'Driscoll off screen in Chapter 4, killed, beheaded, and sent into camp as an example/distraction immediately prior to an O'Driscoll attack.

Those familiar with westerns might assume that he'll pop up later as an antagonist, but instead Arthur ends up helping the family when they need it, burying any potential revenge scheme Archie may have had. He is wanted for stage coach and train robberies from years in the past and carries a bounty of $25.

Law enforcement is very quick to deliver an armed response, even for non-violent or accidental offenses, such as vandalism or clipping someone with your horse. Unlike most games, however, you do usually get a chance to settle it peacefully, either talking them down or letting them arrest you.

Fictional Counterpart : The Wheeler, Rawson, & Co. Consumer Guide catalogs found in every shop is one to the Sears, Roebuck, & Co. mail order catalogs from the era, complete with the “Cheapest Supply House on Earth” and “Our Trade Reaches Around the World” taglines. Fictional Document : The game contains hundreds of notes, letters, and even some full-blown short stories in book form.

Their leaders are fighting it, both literally and metaphorically, with the local army colonel goading them into attack with actions like stealing their horses and burning their sacred sites in hopes of wiping them out for glory. Film Song : Setting Sun, a slow and melancholic western ballad, courtesy of Miracle of Sound Fire-Forged Friends : Notable in its complete aversion.

Arthur and the other gang members often finish a fight together only to immediately begin angrily bickering and accusing each other, especially when Micah is around, and even when friends save each other's life, there's rarely any fanfare or sentimentality beyond a quick “Thanks.” In the final game, it's one of the things that Reverend Swanson talks about at night around the gang's campfire.

Notable ones are the fight in Valentine's saloon shown in trailers, and the final confrontation against Micah Bell. Foregone Conclusion : As would be expected from a prequel: At the very least, Dutch Van her Linde and part of his gang (John Mars ton, Bill, Javier) will survive the events of the prequel, as they appear in the events of the first game set years later.

Arthur obviously wasn't seen in the original Red Dead Redemption or even mentioned as one of the men John needed to hunt down. Foreshadowing : One of the first things Dutch and his group do in the game is safe a woman from bandits... and accidentally burn down her house.

Just a harbinger of how the Van her Linde gang tends to make things worse despite whatever ideals Dutch preaches. When getting the tour from one of Bronte's Street Urchin drifters after arriving in Saint-Denis during chapter 4, Arthur and the kid pass by the doctor's office.

Related, Arthur will cough numerous times in cutscenes and in-game before he collapses toward the end of Chapter 5. There's also numerous times when Arthur seems unusually winded, which makes no sense since he's in excellent shape and in the prime of his life.

If the player takes a good look at Arthur's face before the mission “A Fork in the Road” (particular at the Barber's to shave his Guard beard), his unhealthy complexion alone should indicate he is very badly ill. Molly tries to ask Arthur at one point if he genuinely thinks Dutch loves her. This, as well as her constant whingeing and anxiety, seems to set her up as a classic Hysterical Woman for Dutch, and she's killed upon drunkenly admitting that she was the one who ratted them out in Saint-Denis.

In “The Battle of Shady Belle”, Agent Milton tells the Van her Linde gang, “You people venerate savagery, and you will die... savagely... all of you!” This foreshadows how some gang (like Hosea and Lenny) have met their bloody end, and the same could happen to Arthur if his honor is low.

Micah has been worming his way into Dutch's confidence to turn him against everyone else to make the gang easier pickings for the Pinkerton's. Speaking of Chapter 4, during the time you mingle with the party guests in “The Gilded Cage”, you can overhear one of the three women you need to serve drinks with speaking about her husband on his journey while he's sick, and wishing that he would die a quick death, and the other woman replies, “Tuberculosis is a strange disease,” a clear indication of what will happen to Arthur in the next chapter, since he got it from Thomas Downs two chapters ago and its latency period is getting a little weaker...

In the Stranger mission “Of Men and Angels”, Arthur tells Sister Calderon that all he wanted was a dignified death. Furthermore, her following sentence, “And the giant... wins, time and again,” foreshadows what Micah will do to Arthur if his low honor gets the better of him.

If Arthur has high honor, though, he will defy the odds and come out on top, albeit critically wounded by Micah in his final stages of TB, and thus pass on to his heavenly reward of redemption. While John finishes Micah off immediately afterwards, it's still Dutch's move that effectively ends the game.

Forgiven, but Not Forgotten : Prior to the events of the game, John left the gang for a year and then returns, welcomed with open arms by most. Eventually, Arthur starts warming up to John again after the latter is determined to get Jack back from Angelo Bronte.

However, any Splash Damage you cause, for example using fire bottles, dynamite, or by shooting explosive containers, can still harm and kill your companions. The rest of the Van her Linde gang are a group of outlaws who nonetheless view each other as a sort of family unit.

All except Micah, a violent psychopath who often goes out of his way to antagonize other members of the gang and otherwise act like a massive asshole. The only reason he's able to stick around is because he's a competent gunman, and he's wonderful at sucking up to Dutch, who goes through a steady decline as the game goes on.

In order to escape, the survivors from the heist group stow aboard a ship bound for Cuba which wrecks along the way. They end up on the island of Guard, a nightmare of a corporate police state run by a corrupt sugar baron.

They are captured, one is wounded, and then the survivors must aid the local resistance in order to secure passage back to America. Even while fleeing town, he claims that there's no difference between being loved and being hated, as long as he makes an impact.

The player probably understands the ending of the “Geography for Beginners” stranger mission, but it's clear that poor Arthur is very, very confused about the whole thing. Arthur notices that the baby really appears to be the man they interacted with earlier, and leaves the cabin confused about the whole thing.

Game-Breaking Bug : Multiple: There are reports of a few items (camera, lantern, fishing rod, throwing knives) disappearing from the player's inventory once you enter the epilogue. Exactly what causes it is unknown, but players have seemingly traced it to the upgraded bandolier which doubles your “long gun” ammo capacity.

If that happens, then they are better off starting the whole game over from scratch and hope they don't get the (very rare) honor meter glitch again with backup copies of their save files at hand to avoid getting a bad ending. Sometimes Saguaro, the Legendary Panther you need to kill for Master Hunter Challenge 10, will never spawn.

The former consists of a variety of items that restore health, stamina, or Dead Eye and are either store-bought or brewed by the player at a campfire. The latter consists mostly of actual food and drink, falling squarely into this trope, and consuming them increases one or two Cores, which govern the regeneration of the meter they're tied to.

In turn, the game begins to nudge the player to redeem him by allowing them to reach max honor. Also, once you get to Chapter 6, Arthur's journal gets increasingly illegible due to his handwriting as his disease progresses.

The entry about the “Dear John” Letter he gets from Mary in particular is pretty much impossible to read unless you use the text function. During Favored Sons in Chapter 6, Dutch and Arthur are running away from the US army and end up jumping off of a cliff into water.

Gameplay and Story Segregation : John starts off with whichever level of Dead Eye Arthur had, while in 1 he had to learn abilities already available here. None of the quest-givers seem to notice that it took 8 years to collect everything, and all the quest items are still available, with none having been found by the quest-giver themselves or any other agents the quest-giver may have.

Finally, when John does complete a collection quest, all the quest-givers act as if John had done the whole thing by himself; in fact, none even observe that they had originally given the quest to someone else, or question why a random stranger they'd never met before is mailing them the things that they asked another guy for 8 years prior. It's kind of a given, but it counts; you can put in 2,000... 5,000... 10,000... hell, 50,000 + dollars into the contribution box if you're willing and able.

The story will truck on with Dutch and the gang insisting that they just don't have enough money to escape the outlaw life. Between 1899 and 1907, the Mars ton family is constantly relocating thanks to John's inability to keep his revolver in his holster.

Health Tonics can be used to bring you back from brutal injuries, however no one seems to think of them when it comes to the story. Making this one more flagrant than most health item/story injury examples is that you can offer them injured Strangers during numerous random encounters.

The whole of Chapter 3 involves the gang working the Braithwaites and the Grays in order to find and steal a stash of gold each family claims the other has. But as early as Chapter 2 Arthur can find a letter from 1806 in the swamp near Saint-Denis from Lucille Braithwaite to Douglas Gray, the two had fallen in love and ran away to elope, stealing the gold in the process.

Certain collectibles don't spawn until you start their related stranger quest, so you can't have found them all by the time you first meet whoever needs them. No matter how many you have, Phineas will always be disappointed that you have nothing he hasn't got and asks you to send any full sets you may find to him through mail.

This gets to absurdity when John gets captured during a bank heist, put in a maximum security prison, and almost hanged himself. On top of the fact that Arthur will still get the usual jail and bail treatment if you surrender to Saint-Denis lawmen immediately after getting back from Guard or after the jailbreak mission, during which you are permanently considered Wanted Dead or Alive across the eastern edge of the map, you later play as John, who from then on gets those same privileges.

The Lemon Raiders are a neo-Confederate militia that relies on robbery, moon shining, and gunrunning to finance their ongoing war; they all wear Confederate uniforms. Angelo Bronte's gang are all Italians in nice suits, almost certainly an early Mafia family (though never named) or possibly Camera.

The Durfee Brood are severely inbred yokels who torture and cannibalize their victims; they rarely wear shirts. The Night Folk wear primitive clothes and only use bows and melee weapons, they never talk and many wonders if they are fully human.

The Laramie Gang serves as hired thugs for wealthy ranchers to bully poor homesteaders, they all wear fine clothes and red neckerchiefs. The Skinner Brothers are a multiethnic gang of sadists who torture their victims much like the Durfee Brood.

Gentle Giant : Large game including Elk, Moose, Buffalo, and even Black Bears are entirely non-hostile. Genre Shift : The first half of Chapter 5 turns the game from a western sandbox to an Uncharted rescue jungle adventure.

It's a hilly forested area with mountain streams, peaceful lakes, plentiful wildlife, and is relatively untouched by man. Clearance is a small community that was hit with the double whammy of a mass murder followed by a plague outbreak.

While you can simply ignore them or choose not to give them the item, you'll generally take a hit to your honor. A high Honor Arthur gets several of the “Good Smoking” exemptions, including being a badass and (depending on who you ask) being sexy.

Also Played Straight in one instance; one mission requires you to help give birth to a foal, and Rock star thankfully realized that showing it on-screen would be a bit much. I've to Catch Them All : Several Stranger missions involve locating/collecting large numbers of items like dinosaur bones, rock carvings, specific perfect condition animal specimens, legendary fish, etc.

Several Challenges have requirements in this vein, such as taming one of every kind of horse or picking one of every type of plant. Grave-Marking Scene : In the end credits, Mary visits Arthur's grave (which has a Celtic cross headstone signifying his Welsh heritage), and demonstrates that despite everything that happened between them, she still cares for him.

If he was played honorably through to the very end, then his grave is also adorned with a bunch of flowers to add a bit of cheerfulness to this otherwise bittersweet scene. John Mars ton can also visit the graves of his fallen comrades, including Arthur, for the “Paying Respects” achievement.

If the player reaches 100% Completion, John also visits said grave and writes on Arthur's journal as “Crash of Worlds” plays in the background, and says, “Guess we're just about done, my friend.” Great Escape : An early Chapter 2 mission has you breaking Micah out of the Strawberry jail.

Green Aesop : Killing too many animals in quick succession results in honor loss. Green Hill Zone : The gang's first two camps at Horseshoe Overlook and Clemens' Point qualify.

Grim Up North : The northern areas of the map are covered in deep snow bounded by tall mountain ranges. Naturally, the Downer Beginning Chapter 1 and the Bittersweet Ending final epilogue mission take place up here, book-ending the story.

Groin Attack : One side quest features a pair of brothers trying to prove their manliness to a woman by having Arthur punch them to see who has the higher pain tolerance. You start with their faces, go down to their stomachs, and end the section by kicking them in the crotch, which causes both of them to collapse.

The only advice the game gives you in regard to disguising yourself to avoid gaining a bounty while committing crimes is to wear a mask, neglecting to mention that depending on the situation there are several other steps involved. This can bite players in the ass hard during the story and land you with at least one pretty hefty bounty.

This Reddit post covers some finer details that even the official guide doesn't mention, but the general gist is this: disguises and masks help keep witnesses from giving a good positive ID, as lawmen that witness you will ID you no matter what, and the time it takes a witness to report to the law giving you the time to either run, hide, or change your appearance in any way before they show up to investigate. Hanging around an investigation site makes the lawmen suspicious of you, with a good chance of them Riding you as the culprit and likely either firing on you or trying to arrest you.

In comparison, the stable menu tells you that the draftable alligator saddle has the stats of 20/24/22 and a 50% slower stamina drain, with no mention of the +2 bonuses that would come with the stirrups. The game thankfully hands you a map early on of Legendary animal spawns and reinforces these with a pop up letting you know that you've entered their territory.

Some smaller animals can be an even greater challenge due to a combination of their size and infrequent spawns, such as the badger. Log in to the Rock star Social Club, and open the “Wheeler, Rawson & co.” page, which includes every purchasable item in the general store catalog and uses Arthur's money as currency.

Unlike weapons, the outfits are not tied to story progression and the only reason they are normally inaccessible is that the player cannot physically enter these stores as Arthur. The game prevents you from obtaining certain collectibles until you activate the mission related to them, so you won't have them all the first time you meet the person who wants them.

While this makes sense with the main collectible such as rock carvings or bones note Certain rewards for these side quests are tied to the post office system, this also extends to plants. You can restore your horse's stamina by clicking the left analog stick, although with a ~20 second cool down.

Guns Akimbo : Borrowing from Rock star's earlier work on Max Payne 3, you can dual-wield pistols for extra firepower. When entering camp, your long guns will typically be left on your horse, but you still keep your sidearms and knife on your person.

Hair-Trigger Temper : NPCs can be rather irascible and don't appreciate it if the player (almost) bumps into them or, if they're even grouchier, stands too close to them for more than a moment. Those of a generally violent disposition are definitely this trope, being more than willing to start an (armed) fight over the smallest things.

Even if you never antagonize a single person, he still has moments throughout the game (especially with Kieran) where he comes off disproportionately angry. Zigzagged with Arthur's satchel, gun belt, bandoleer, and saddlebag, which each act more like a Bag of Holding.

They can also carry all of your weapons, with guns just appearing and disappearing when you take them out and put them back. Note that once you buy an upgrade to your satchel, gun belt or bandolier, their effects are permanent, even if you don't actually wear them.

In free roam, killing enough of the lawmen sent after you following a crime will stop them from coming after you. Played straight in and around Blackwater until the Epilogue, where federal agents will spawn infinitely if you're spotted.

Handicapped Badass : Despite being terminally-ill with tuberculosis, Arthur still manages to hold off many Pinkerton agents and later fights the healthy Micah to a draw. After the deaths of his biological parents, Arthur was a street urchin scooped up by Dutch and Hosea who raised him together before they started their gang.

Even twenty years on, Arthur still sees them as his family, and writes in his journal that he loves both of them dearly. Hate Sink : The kids in Saint-Denis involved in robbing Arthur's satchel.

The Durfee Brood are inbred Hillbilly Horrors who torture their victims and launch sneak attacks. The Skinner Brothers are a loose collection of criminals who engage Cold-Blooded Torture for its own sake.

The Hero Dies : Arthur, already terminally ill with tuberculosis, performs a Heroic Sacrifice at the end. Heroic Rod : Arthur is told that he can slow the progression of his illness by going someplace warm and dry, but he chooses to stay with the gang.

The second example is when Arthur decides to stay and hold back the Pinkerton's while John escapes with his family. Unlike John in the original Dr, Arthur manages to successfully hold off the attackers without losing his life in the process, only dying when Micah intervenes.

He constantly brushes off people whenever they compliment him or tell him how he's a good person and that they like him, and he even calls himself an “ugly bastard” when he looks at himself in a mirror. He's Back : The Epilogue opens with John, now going by the name Jim Milton, working at Pronghorn Ranch for David Geodes, who's being hassled by the Laramie Gang.

Perhaps you're sneaking through a wooded area hunting when, suddenly, you hear a growl and see a red dot appear on your mini-map. Hidden Depths : Arthur engages in some surprisingly deep and interesting philosophical discussions with various characters over the course of the story, quite an accomplishment for a gun slinging outlaw with no formal education.

Hillbilly Horrors : There are a lot of creepy folks hanging around the woods and swamps in various areas of the map. In this game, Arthur does the same so that John can leave his outlaw days behind, only for the latter to ruin it by attacking Micah's gang to avenge the former and putting himself back on the law's radar.

In the final mission before the Epilogue of the first and second game, Edgar Ross leads an army of government men to kill members of the Van her Linde gang at their respective home/hideout. In the first game, it's the U.S. Army attacking Beecher's Hope to kill John with Uncle being an added collateral casualty.

In the second game, it's the Pinkerton Detective Agency attacking Beaver Hollow to kill any gang members that haven't already fled or have been executed already. Hoist by His Own Petard : Thomas Downs coughs on Arthur while the latter is beating him to recover a debt.

The music that plays in the ride back to camp clues the player into something major having just happened. There is a professor in “The Mercies of Knowledge” mission series who wants to use a criminal as a guinea pig for the test of the electric chair that he has invented.

By the end of the mission series, however, the professor gets killed by his own electric chair he was trying to use on the criminal, who is already in pain from getting tortured by it. Hollywood Darkness : Night is always brightly lit by the full moon, so it's never more than a little dim, and shadows are still strongly apparent.

Hollywood History : Rock star took great paints to Avert, Subvert, or at least Downplay, many classic-but-inaccurate Wild West tropes. Blacks, Mexicans, Asians, Native Americans, and many European nationalities (Irish, Scots, Poles, Germans, Italians, and even an instance of Scandinavians) are represented.

The law, while still corrupt in places, is portrayed as more well-meaning and competent than in most media centered around outlaw main characters. While in the gang's camp, Arthur can sleep, play mini-games, change clothes, shave his beard and socialize with the other members.

As many of the enterable houses in the wilderness have beds on them yet their owners never appear, it's possible to take over any of them and treat them as one. Jack refers to the adult male gang members as “Uncle” including Arthur and Hosea.

Hooker with a Heart of Gold : Several of the female members of the Van her Linde gang contribute in this fashion. Abigail is retired from this life since having Jack, but a few others still actively engage and, based on the conversations you can have with them, are quite lovely people.

Part of an early Chapter 2 mission has you rescue Karen when one of her Johns reacts angrily to her attempting to rob him. Climbing on stage and taking the challenge will inevitably result in you getting your ass beaten unconscious and thrown out the back door of the show.

Even if you are skilled enough to knock her down it makes no difference; once you've done that, her next attack on you is guaranteed to be a One-Hit KO. While this can be an effective way to hunt, going after human enemies armed with actual firearms requires some real skill.

You can give inputs on body parts to wash and make small talk. Its only downside is that it isn't centrally located, being at the far southern end of the map which can make trekking there tedious.

He gets some “attractiveness points” for being polite and courteous towards women, compared to others who are dismissive and speaks to them in a condescending or derogatory way. Many are found as random encounters, such as trappers with their leg caught in their own traps and hunters in the wilderness with their fresh kills on a horse in tow.

Find perfect animal specimens, kill them in the least damaging way possible (typically a varmint rifle or bow/arrow), skin them, and then sell their hides. Hyperactive Metabolism : Consumables take effect instantly, and you can chow down hundreds of pounds of edibles or gallons of liquid at once if you choose.

Arthur is also apparently the only gang member providing food and, if you choose to do so, will contribute by far the majority of funds to the camp. Hyperspace Mallet : All the guns not currently equipped to your person are stored on your horse, though only two (plus the bow) will be visible at once.

Cue a Roaring Rampage of Rescue by the gang which results in the deaths of all the Braithwaite sons and their mansion burned to the ground. I'm Dying, Please Take My McMuffin : Just before his Heroic Sacrifice at the end of the main story, Arthur passes his hat and satchel on to John.

Improperly Placed Firearms : The U.S. Army, just like in the first game, are seen wielding a different weapon instead of what should be the standard service rifle at the time. Incredibly Conspicuous Drag : Charles Chateau dresses up as a woman to escape Saint-Denis in his final mission.

Indy Ploy : In terms of the narrative, despite all of his reassurances that he “has a plan”, it becomes more obvious over time that Dutch has devolved into this. By Chapter 6, several gang members including John and even Arthur himself begin to call Dutch out on this.

You can count on one hand the number of missions which actually go according to plan in the main story. Inelegant Blubbering : Millikan, a Silica Penitentiary guard, is reduced to this when hers used as a hostage in order to bust John out of prison.

Inexplicably Preserved Dungeon Meat : You can come upon campsites and homesteads which have been explicitly abandoned for several years in some cases, yet still contain consumable items. This is arguably Justified in the case of canned goods and alcohol, but is not for items like bread, crackers, and cheese.

For example, the coyote scout jacket looks almost identical to those found in stores, yet talking to people while wearing it will still cause amusement in NPCs. In-Game TV : Like its predecessor, you can go to theaters and watch short projected films with narration.

Injured Player Character Stage : During a Chapter 3 mission, Arthur is captured and tortured by O'Driscoll. Toward the end of Chapter 6, Arthur gets ambushed and injured by Micah while in his final stages of TB.

You have to fight off Micah for as long as you can, and if you went with John, you'll have to crawl over to Micah's revolver in the final part of the fight while he's chasing after you ; if you went for the loot, you'll have to dodge his Finishing Moves via knife attack (though, depending on your honor, Arthur will either get a few more cuts and stab wounds (low) or none at all (high)). Install Took : Cougars and Panthers have a pounce attack which, if it lands, will instantly kill the player character regardless of health.

For a few examples: The most western point of Grizzlies West has a pile of rocks blocking a path to an avalanche (that can even be seen with photo mode), a road/dried riverbed that goes near “Mt. Mars ton notes The one that John is saved from in the 2nd mission and even some unused valleys that follow the same rules as other playable areas and may or may not have been intended to be part of the map.

The cliffs directly to the east from Fair whale Shanty likewise are just a thin wall of rocks hiding some unfinished-yet-detailed map. Interface Screw : Drinking several alcoholic beverages in a short time will cause the screen to blur and your movements to become slower and more clumsy.

Those with keen eyes may notice that John's equipment is stored in the exact same places as Arthur's. If you browse the items that a Fence can craft, you will see that a lion paw trinket is available, which gives away a huge surprise in the “He's British, Of Course” side mission.

In the Chapter 2 mission “A Quiet Time”, you can walk in on a couple having sex twice while looking for Lenny. Invisible Wall : While Rock star is known for avoiding them, if the player tries to swim across the rivers that serve as map borders, they will eventually hit one of these.

Irrelevant Side quest : Most Stranger missions, but in a positive way since it's up to the player to decide which quests they want to complete. The game even justifies it by having it explicitly recommended to you to go do things outside the main missions in order to earn money for yourself and the gang.

It's Always Spring : No matter how much time actually passes in-game, it will always be May 1899 until the main mission is complete. While the northern areas of the map are covered in snow, it's specifically stated to be from a late-season storm.

Little do they know, women would gain the right to vote twenty years after the main story of this game. Its downsides are its slow speed, stamina drain, and the requirement that most of said special ammunition has to be crafted.

John Mars ton Is About to Shoot You “Join the Army,” They Said : Pearson is a former Navy cook and will make complaints to this effect in his camp dialogue. High Honor brings rewards like increased payments for hunting, cleaner kill cams, and discounts at merchants.

For a particularly twisted example, a number of random Stranger encounters on the road have the local criminal gang robbing passers-by, a stage coach, or a stopped train. You can kill the rival gang members, which will earn you thanks from the townsfolk, then immediately turn around and rob them yourself.

In the game's final chapters, particularly the epilogue, John struggles with the choice Arthur gave him: to live peacefully with his wife, or fall into the life he left behind. He nearly loses Abigail and Jack to it, and has to work hard to build his life back up again... but when the choice to finally kill Micah in Arthur's name comes back into his life, he can't help but take it, even as his wife is sobbing, trying to prevent him from possibly throwing their new lives away.

She turns out to be right: this choice to become the gunslinger one last time, get bloody retribution and steal the windfall Micah took from the gang, despite not needing it, is then what leads Ross directly to him, spurring the plot of RDR1 to happen and ultimately destroying his family. The Last Dance : Arthur if you decide to help the Mars ton family escape at the end of the main story.

After holding off waves of Pinkerton's, Arthur will either be killed by Micah or succumb to his tuberculosis depending on your honor level. Sure, John Mars ton breaks his retirement to help his boss, but we all know the real meaning of the title.

If they are not killed, you'll be shot on sight once the hideout repopulates even if you show no hostile intent. After Agent Milton is killed, Edgar Ross descends upon Beaver Hollow and the surrounding mountainside with the full force of the Pinkerton's to eradicate the Van Her Linde gang once and for all.

Lightning Bruiser : While toned down a bit from the first game, cougars are still fast moving, hard-hitting killing machines that can also survive multiple shots to anywhere but their heads. Bears trade a little of the cougar's speed for more raw power, but are still (realistically) quite fast moving.

Limited Loadout : Downplayed but present in terms of the amount of firearms you can carry on your person. Averted for other types of weapons, you are free to carry a lasso, throwing knives, tomahawks, sticks of dynamite, fire bottles, etc.

However, you pay for it up front if you bought a physical copy, as the game has to be installed off of a separate disc before it can be played, a process that takes a few hours. There are also at least 25 “encounters” which pop up randomly as you travel, almost all of which can spawn repeatedly even if you've already completed them.

It's fairly simple in that you slowly rotate a joystick in the given direction until you hear a “click”, and then repeat until the safe is cracked. Logo Joke : The game shows gun smoke and two shotgun shells being loaded upon launch.

Long List : If you buy one more newspaper after completing the Epilogue, you come across an article called “President Signs 1907 Immigration Act”: President Taxman signed an immigration act in order to prevent unsavory persons from entering the United States. While he struggles helplessly, you can walk to the required distance and toss tomahawks until you hit.

Similarly, the final Bandit challenge requires robbing five trains without dying or being caught. He makes no effort to hide the fact that he's a drinking', shooting', Robbin' outlaw, whose introduction to the gang was attempting to rob Dutch, but he's just so charming.

And even after this, if you die or a stray bullet hits the carcass on your horse, it'll be lost or damaged respectively. Lured into a Trap : Happens during a Chapter 3 mission where the O'Driscoll invite Dutch to discuss peace.

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