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• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
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Among other things, you’re going to need to bring a spare tube, CO2 and inflation, dyna-plug, tire levers, multi-tool and a few other bits and pieces, all to make sure you aren’t left walking back to the trailhead or stuck on the side of a dirt road with no phone service. Read on to discover everything you need to know to make the right choice when buying a saddlebag for your mountain bike.

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At the very least you’re going to want to carry a 29er tube, CO2 canisters and an inflation, a small multi-tool and some tire levers which makes for a bit of a Tetris-like packing exercise. Because they can be made to fit any wheel and tire size except for fat bikes.

Of course, every brand in the bike industry is continually searching for a point of difference, and thus, options that use a bracket on the seat post or saddle rails also exist. These are often a bit heavier, and we have seen a few hit the eject button over drops and through rock gardens, but they make swaps between bikes painless.

Regardless of how they attach to your bike, most bags will utilize a zipper to keep everything inside, while others will be more of a roll type which may use buckles or even Boas. When it comes to carrying spares, there is no reason to restrict yourself just to strapping a tube, multi-tool and a couple of CO2 canisters under your saddle ; there are a heap of great options that utilize the front triangle of your bike for storage.

The exterior is made from the same PU coated rip stop nylon used in the brand's backpacks, offering plenty of durability and a bit of weather resistance, too. Inside, there are mesh pockets to keep your gear organized and the bag is held in place with three Velcro straps, making for faff-free mounting.

Beyond the quality finishing, we love the VOC seat pack because it comes in bright colors rather than the stock standard black or flash yellow. (Image credit: Making)The Making Hot Laps gripper is a compact spares pack that uses a Velcro strap to secure your emergency kit somewhere on the bike ; whether that be under the saddle or inside the frame.

(Source: www.newstyle-bags.com)

There are slots for CO2 canisters and a small inflation which are protected from trail grit by a closing flap. It takes a bit of practice to pack the Hot Laps Gripper properly, but it securely hangs onto your spares and keeps them mostly dirt free.

The Rutherford is best used inside the front triangle and can grab onto a frame with tube circumferences ranging from 1-9in. Made in Bozeman, Montana, the Rutherford will hang onto a tube, a couple of CO2 canisters or a mini pump, tire levers and a multi-tool.

Silva is known for its extremely high-quality (and expensive) gear and the Seat Roll Premix is no exception. Made from waxed canvas, the Silva Seat Roll has three internal pockets, with enough room for a tube, tire levers, a multiroom and a Dyna-Plug.

The pack rolls up and is attached to your bike using a Boa dial, with the cable looping through the seat rails. Outrage’s range of seat bags extends from those which can carry an expedition's worth of gear down to those that only hold a single tube.

The Elite bag leans towards the latter, with a capacity of .95l it can hold a couple of tubes and everything you need to change a flat one. What we really love about this bag is the way it attaches to your seat post using a rubber band instead of hook and loop.

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The Speedster is not your traditional saddlebag ; instead, it's a Velcro compression strap with slots for all your essentials. It all lays out flat for easy access to everything and comes with a rain cover, to keep your spare tube grit-free.

(Image credit: Colin Levitt) The ski strap we take on every ride Made from UV-resistance tested rubber these things are tough, and neither the strap nor the glass-filled nylon buckle scratch carbon or paint work.

The Plan B pack attaches with a single strip of webbing which runs through the saddle rails and wraps around the clamshell-style bag. The Frame-Pack Top tube offers four liters of space and the high quality, fully waterproof design you expect from Outlier.

It has lots of adjustment for fitting and makes a good option for riders looking to keep their bottle cages accessible. The Ventura Frame Bag Max is a waterproof bike packing bag at a keen price point, offering five liters of carrying space in one main compartment and two smaller zipped ones, solidly built and at a price point that is seriously competitive.

It's a simple design that's stable, functional and easy to fit and remove, though the straps can be a bit of a faff. The Outrage Adventure Frame Bag is really well-thought-out, offering plenty of useful features without being fussy or pointless.

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It’s also properly waterproof, impressively rugged and hard wearing, and stable no matter how hard you ride or how rough the terrain. The Alp kit Possum is a half-sized frame bag, meaning it leaves space for easy access to water bottles on both mountain and gravel bikes.

It really doesn't carry very much, however, and it’s a tad pricey considering it isn’t waterproof and has a rather basic system securing it to the frame. The Lifeline Adventure frame bag fits 2.1 liters of storage beneath the top tube.

It's a simple design with a single zip and one large storage area, while its 300D rip stop nylon fabric and welded seams mean it's both light and impressively waterproof. While the notion of carrying luggage on your bike for adventures has long been the norm the traditional panniers and saddlebags are being replaced with frame packs like this Topeka Mid loader, a well-built, sensibly designed load carrier.

Narrative has also managed a couple of wide elastic straps to secure a mini-pump. With a rigid top and bottom, and sides that concertina, this 98g bag feels larger than its 0.8l capacity.

This easily takes a couple of tubes and all the usual nubbins. It’s very tidily made, has a loop zip-pull and our experience of Dexter bags suggests it should last for years.

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Velcro straps secure it to seat post and saddle, and there are reflective details. VOC’s little fella is a weight weenie-friendly 78g, with a 0.7-litre volume that’ll take a pair of inner tubes at a push, tire levers and a multi-tool, and there’s a small elasticated pocket inside too, ideal for keys.

It also means it’ll take a wide 27.5in inner tube, tool, levers and canister. It’s a doddle to unclip the Caddy, which is chock-full of features for such a diddly bag : external multi-tool pocket, internal dividers and a water-resistant zip.

The flip side is that the roll-top design with elastic drawstrings keeps everything inside bone dry. It’s easy to clip and unclip and there’s a large rear reflective patch.

The ‘water-repellent’ polyester lived up to its name, although we’d have liked reflective details as well as a light loop. With The Aero Caddy’s 1.1-litre capacity you could carry an extra energy bar or two.

Our small 98g buckle-on bag has a 0.66-litre capacity and is made from tough Cordoba coated with Teflon. We’d have appreciated reflective details on the sides as well as the rear, but that’s the only downside on a sturdy bag that’ll take two tubes, a multi-tool and more.

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From huge bike packing seat packs designed for touring expeditions, to tiny aerodynamic saddlebags for road bikes, from dropper post compatible for MTB users, to stylish and roomy seat bags for commuters… every type of cyclist has his/her needs, and manufacturers know that. In this article, we’ll try to help you figure out what kind of bicycle saddlebag is the best for you, by featuring a comprehensive list of products for different uses.

Like all Outlier bags, the Micro 2 is 100% waterproof, and made with heavy-duty PVC-free, PU coated nylon fabric, extremely resistant and long-lasting. The roll closure, together with the elastic drawstrings, allow you to collapse this saddlebag down to the most compact size possible.

The clicking systems allows for one-handed attach and detach, making this seat bag a masterpiece in usability and performance. Topeka’s constant innovation effort cannot be ignored, they really make some best bike gear out there, indeed they are featured twice in this list.

While the smallest is probably what you’ll want for your road bike, the larger versions are versatile enough to be used for commuting and credit-card overnights. The Quicklime version costs a few dimes more and adds an unnoticeable weight, but it sure is nice to attach and remove your saddlebag so easily.

It features three internal mesh compartments to keep your essentials tidy and nicely separated, with enough space to hold your mini pump, CO2 cartridges, tools, and keys. Although you can still fit your flat kit, tools, and wallet in the 0.3L version, this is really tiny and will not be enough to keep a tube larger than a road bike one.

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The Pod Caddy is made from a water-resistant semi-rigid EVA foam and features a weatherproof zipper to protect your gear from rain and splashes. The compartment of the Levine Pod Caddy is equipped with a mesh divider for tidier organizing and works well also with a dropper seat, for those minimalist mountain bikers.

You might need to carry a few more essentials with you, for example a first-aid kit and more snacks, that’s another reason for you to buy a larger bag. The medium version has already enough volume to allow adding a change of clothes to the basic essentials for your MTB ride.

The Rev elate Shrew is their smallest seat bag yet and works with just two straps, on any bike and any seat post (including of course dropper and suspension posts). The stays are reinforced with fiberglass to add stability and compression, while the RevX-PAC panels are twice as abrasion-resistant compared to standard Ex material, increasing the bag ’s durability.

This compact saddlebag is especially designed for day rides on full-suspension rigs with dropper posts (and not much room), but it also works great with any kind of bike. Bike packing seat packs are large enough to store essential camping gear for a solo trip.

Make sure it is packed tightly, or otherwise you’ll risk it sagging down and wearing on the rear tire. We’ll talk more about bike packing saddlebags in our buying guide at the bottom of this article, for now, let’s dive into the products.

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Ideal for bike packing, and bicycle touring Maximum capacity: 11 lbs/5 kg Note: In order to meet IP64 waterproofed standards the closure must be rolled 3 – 4 times After a few years ignoring the bike packing market, Outlier dove straight into it with a line of products whose quality stands firmly in the top category.

The Outlier bike packing seat-pack has a variable volume that can be adjusted from 8 to 16.5L thanks to the roll-top closure, an air-release valve easily purges the bag of trapped air, allowing for tighter compression. The materials are a lightweight yet abrasion-resistant polyurethane-laminated rip stop nylon, reinforced with extra heavy-duty fabric near the mounting points.

The hooks and straps have a tough grip on the seat post surface, they are stable and do not let the bag sway if properly packed. A great bike packing bag that stays in place on rough trails, is pretty easy to pack, and features an impressive volume.

The usual elastic cord is provided helping you to attach extra gear on the top of the bag. The t6061 aluminum wing bolts steadily clamp to the seat rails ensuring your cargo won’t move around even on the roughest trails.

A saddlebag is a great solution for bike commuting, you can store all your essentials tightly and secure them from rain and splashes without even feeling they are there. The Bandleader is a large capacity seat bag specially designed for everyday commuters and occasional bike packers.

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It comes in three different sizes: the smallest is 6 liters that would be enough for commuters needing to carry maybe a change of clothes and some more essentials. The construction is lightweight, durable, and highly water-resistant but this is not a totally waterproof bag, it won’t withstand a long thunderstorm, keep in mind that.

The saddle mount system, in conjunction with compression straps, reduces the swaying effect associated with heavy loads. This amazingly cheap and versatile bike seat bag is a real bang for the buck.

The Linda saddlebag features a roll down-closure system can shrink the bag down to 3L for daily use, or expands to 10L for multi-day trips. The rip stop nylon fabric with CPU lining ensures reliable waterproofed to protect your items from water and mud on rainy days.

An interior board gives the bag a strong enough support to avoid it rubbing with your back tire, while the external elastic cord are useful to secure extra items on the fly.

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