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Taking care of your horse is essential in Red Dead Redemption 2. Part of taking care of your horse is getting a good saddle for them.

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Saddles can improve different stats for your horse like HP and stamina. The stamina drain and stamina regent rate have 16% boosts while the core drain rate for health has a 14% boost.

The saddle is designed to be fairly well-balanced between all the available stats and is good for all-around use. If stamina is a big problem for you or if you haven’t done much in the way of bonding with your current horse, this saddle is a solid choice.

The Garden Trail is best with core stamina drain, but the Stinger Roping is ideal for Core HP, and all three are about right with stamina regeneration. As you make improvements, however, their performance will nearly double in all areas.

Screen grab via RockstarIf you’re not ready to invest in these types of saddles, there are others available through Stables. Also, keep in mind that the saddle isn’t the only thing you can modify on your ride.

You can also equip your ride with a saddle horn, ranging in price between $7.50 and $18.75, depending on what you think looks best. They vary in price, with different types, ranging from COTOREP to Millennia to Not Rock.

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Original guide by Adelaide Weiss, update by Davy Davison Improved stirrups will increase your horse's speed and acceleration, and provide a reduction in Stamina Drain Rate.

Red Dead Redemption 2 lets you live out your fantasy of being a cowboy in the Old West, putting you in the shoes of the outlaw Arthur Morgan. Outside the main story you’ll be able to explore, rob trains, hunt wild animals, play poker, and much more.

In Red Dead Redemption 2 there are quite a few things that play into how well your horse performs, including taking care of it as well as getting new saddles and upgrading them. Saddles can improve your horse’s core regent and drain rates, so you’ll always want to be on the lookout for the best one in Red Dead Redemption 2.

By taking pelts and skins to Pearson, the chef at your camp, you can craft upgraded saddlebags that will let you carry more on your horse. Make sure to check back in with Twin finite for any other help you might need, and take a look at our extensive Red Dead Redemption 2 guide wiki.

Entering your birthday is optional Members Joined: 02/04/2016 2,272 This article is about the tool called lasso in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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(Remember you can’t be to far away from the target or else it won’t reach and it fails.) Once you’ve lassoed a target, you can quickly approach them and press Circle or B to hogtie and keep them still.

Select your lasso with L1/Left shoulder button and right analog stick. Aim with L2(and Keep it held down) and move the cross-hair until it is over a wild horse.

You may also pick up the hogtied victim and put him on the back of your horse before you get on. Red Dead Redemption 2 promises to be Rock star's richest, most expansive open-world yet, and having been hands-on with the game this week, we learned a lot of new things that we simply didn't know before.

Lock on to an NPC and you'll bring up a list of context-sensitive actions, from 'Greet' enabling you to say hello to whomever you like, to 'Antagonize' allowing Arthur to start some shit. Should things escalate at any time, you can even 'Defuse' a situation, holstering your weapon while attempting to calm whomever you managed to enrage.

In fact, you'll have a range of allies who will have your back in Red Dead 2, like Lenny or Bill who you can send out ahead of you, have coordinate synchronized stealth attacks, or get to do your dirty work. Back at camp, you'll also see your gang going about their daily routines, meaning you might find Uncle drunk, fully-clothed and passed out on the floor, or Mars ton wandering around in his PCs.

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While riding solo, Arthur can explore a diverse open world, help out Strangers, go hunting, skin animals for their pelts, start a bar brawl, put in some time bounty hunting, set up his own makeshift camp for a night under the stars, or go on an unprovoked rampage. Your prior actions will also have an impact on relationships with certain characters, an earlier heist of kerosene magnate Leviticus Cornwall's money train during the story meaning you can't venture into his territory without instantly arousing suspicion, and in all probability, a violent gunfight.

Upgrades like iron sights and improved components can also be fitted to your weapon, which then needs to be regularly maintained and cleaned to avoid it jamming or getting dirty. You can also blast the limbs off your enemies with a powerful enough weapon, and blow heads off like overripe watermelons.

At camp, Arthur can also slick back his hair with a dollop of pomade, and wear any combination of clothing he likes, mixing and matching individual items from his wardrobe. Develop the bond with your horse by brushing it, patting it, feeding it and generally being very nice to it, and you'll be able to gently canter around, do that little tippy-toes thing and even 'power slide' it around sharps bends.

The Grand Prize consists of an Intel® Core™ i7 powered CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Extreme VR Gaming PC. The Second Prize consists of a Pendleton Blanket, Barking Irons Saddlebag, RDR2 Hippo lighter, RDR2 bottle opener, the Music of RDR2 Original Soundtrack and Original Score on Vinyl, RDR2 pin set, T-shirt, collapsible shot glass, and domino set (ARV: $575USD).

Kieran is ready to talk and tells Dutch where Cold O'Driscoll is hiding. Dutch's men set out to find the camp and put Cold in the ground.

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Idle threats won't work so how about castration instead? Bill runs to get gelding tongs and Dutch gets Kieran in proper attire.

Valuing his assets, Kieran says Cold and the O'Driscoll are at Six Point Cabin. Mount your horse and follow John who has Kieran.

The game reminds you to set your loadout using weapons from your horse since you can't take them all with you. As they approach the camp three O'Driscoll return from a failed hunting trip.

You have the choice to kill them at range or get up close for a takedown. John left Kieran up the hill since he shouldn't be an issue.

Sending the gang results in John yelling hello and the gunfight begins. If you lead and keep things quiet, the next closest O'Driscoll is on the left.

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Another is patrolling back and forth and can spot you are the body of this one sitting so be careful. The last two outcasts are facing each other guarding the entrance to the camp and one will alert the others as soon as you make a kill.

There is no way to get assistance from John or Bill until the guns start blazing. Your fellow gang members may get caught in a struggle so help them out.

Arthur opens the door and gets surprised by a rifle-wielding man. To earn his keep Kieran tells them to check the chimney for cash.

Arthur will take a look and the others head back to camp. Sparing the last silent kill, you can also try to line up around 3 headshots at the campfire using Dead Eye.

Otherwise, take your time and wait for O'Driscoll to peak their heads out from behind cover. Conserve Dead Eye by aiming high, activate Dead-Eye, come down to the head, shoot, deactivate.

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To increase your accuracy count, use a pistol and aim for non-lethal hits before going for the head. If you have extra Dead Eye you can paint their arms and then head.

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