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Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Of loot space, but I heard there are saddlebags that give you 170 kg. Not changing this SIG until Lao Huey is added to the Dynasty Warriors cast.

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Or if you don't want to buy it you can win it via the horse races quest line. I bought mine from a vendor in NORAD. You can buy the 100 weight bag from a merchant in the Bits, which is the place where the King of Beggars resides in NORAD. The Official Master Bear Clan Witcher of the Witcher3 Boards...

Blinders : increase Roach's fear level limit, so they won't panic as easily Saddle : increase Roach's stamina so Gerald can gallop further before having to rest Saddlebags : increase Geralt's inventory weight limit, so he can carry more Trophies : provide certain effects when strapped to Roach's saddle The lists below include all items from LCS (which are free) and both expansions.

Zerrikanian saddlebags 100 1.76 350 Main article: The Witcher3 trophies are special monster parts that can be placed in the trophy slot, and thus strapped to Roach's saddle. They provide bonuses such as additional XP for killing certain enemies, or a chance of finding extra gold or herbs.

Using this method it is possible to quickly obtain high tier horse equipment for Roach. Which in fact will be the best in the base game excluding a few that are obtained in Blood and Wine expansion.

After that do the final race from The Heroes' Pursuits: For the Goddess' Glory! If you have Hearts of Stone then instead do Races: Swift as the Western Winds (although suggested level is 32 the quest can be done at any level as it's only a race) if you win you will obtain the Offer stock saddle which is even better than the Zerrikanian saddle.

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Add a photo to this gallery These Horse Upgrades will let you carry more items, increase overall speed on horseback, and decrease chance of panicking when near enemies.

Upgrades can often be found in guarded loot chests, or purchased from merchants, and each item has several tiers of effectiveness. Roach is a faithful companion in the Northern Realms.

Just like Gerald, you can buy several upgrades for your horse. Horse upgrades help reduce Roach’s Fear Level during a fight, increase his weight-carrying capabilities, and Stamina.

Following is an overview of Roach’s upgrades that you can acquire in The Witcher3 : Enhanced Racing Saddle This saddle costs 225 and increases Roach’s total Stamina by 45.

Superior Racing Saddle This saddle costs 250 and increases Roach’s total Stamina by 50. Racing Horse Blinders This Blinder costs 125 and decreases Roach’s Panic speed by 40.

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If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within The Witcher3 : Wild Hunt.

The Best Merchants / Traders / Places to sell your Stuff (Base Game, v.1.30) A list & screenshots of the best places to sell certain classes of goods and loot in the base game @ version 1.30 + some tips how to safe money.

Most of the info you find online is outdated since the prices and best locations were changed repeatedly during the first patches. I finished the base game at 40.000+ gold and I left most of the Kellie loot and some Helen locations untouched and maxed out all Witcher gear sets (pretty costly).

So here are the main Tips with the specific locations for traders to follow. Sell all your loot in cities (NORAD and Erfurt), except food and drinks.

Sell weapons and rune stones to blacksmiths, alternatively to armorers (slightly worse). Never sell flawless gems, deuterium ore / ingots / plate or cured draconian leather.

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Those are rare and very expensive to buy and you need quite a few for high level Witcher gear. Having to buy them back for 5-10 times the price later on is never a good deal.

If you run out of rare metals consider disassembling looted armor or weapons instead of selling them. Disassemble jewelry, shells and deuterium junk at the armorers instead of selling them.

Best places to sell armor, weapons, glyphs, rune stones, crafting supplies and horse equipment Prices for crafting material are the same for armorers and blacksmiths as long as you take one from the list below.

NORAD, near the southern gates Master Blacksmith once you have finished the Quest “Of Swords and Dumplings” Note that the Inn keeps is often missing when you get there and you may need to meditate for an hour for him to return.

The best place to sell junk (pelts, ladders, chandeliers, etc) is a specific merchant in NORAD on the main square. Since he has a limited amount of crowns you may have to sell some of your junk to the merchants for books described below at 2.

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We hope you will be happy with your purchase, but if you need to return any item, please send it back to us within 28 days of receiving your order. We hope you will be happy with your purchase, but if you need to return any item, please send it back to us within 28 days of receiving your order.

Featuring a sleek design with a compact capacity, the bag is ideal for storing light, compressible items over vast distances. It’s designed to fit ergonomically under the saddle, minimizing sway and reducing drag.

Light attachment points are laser-cut into the fabric, increasing rider safety without adding unnecessary weight. A roll-top closure provides adjustable capacity, and tailored webbing, straps and buckles shed extra weight, while ensuring the simplest setup for ease of use, when every second matters.

The Racing Saddle Pack is made from Hexagon, a bespoke laminated fabric developed specifically for Epidural. Designed to fit the demands of ultra-distance cycling competition and audio, the material is waterproof and lightweight, with strong tear and abrasion resistance.

The attachment points of the seat bag are reinforced with Halon, a durable rubberized nylon that provides extra protection against friction and puncture. Rebel Shams in Oman was hands down the hardest climb I’ve done to date.

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