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Danielle Fletcher
• Wednesday, 21 October, 2020
• 9 min read

Below is a brief story about how my hunting season has turned out so far, why it’s lead me to seek new options, and a list of the best tree saddle kits currently available on the market. I began doing some e-scouting one morning during another slow sit in my tree stand spot, but my options on the other public land in my area are pretty limited without having a solid hang-and-hunt setup.

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Determined to find a spot with fresh sign or at least a palpable sense of deer in the immediate area, I went out scouting that afternoon. I found sign in the form of four scrapes along the edge of an AG field, and setup shop in a ground blind later that evening.

I had heard about them in some videos years ago, and read a handful of articles with people raving about saddles being the ultimate light weight, mobile hunting solution. I plan to add one of these saddle kits to my lineup in the near future, so look back here for a full review later on.

Trophy line appears to offer the best bang for your buck saddle kit options. The Tree Saddle is distributed around your body making it virtually unnoticeable as you move through the woods.

Patented Hammock style design Separate Lineman loops 24” Web Bridge Two rows of Molly attachment system. It features a lightweight brushed strict fabric with great stability and comfort.

It’s ideal for long walks into your hunting area and meant to be totally mobile. Patented design Separate Lineman loops 24” Web Bridge Two rows of Molly attachment system.

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Square Mossy Oak Bottom land Tree Tether Accessory Pouch. The Hawk Helium Hammock Tree Saddle is another preferable option, as this kit includes a back band for additional support.

Chaos Camo Pattern Ultra Packable; entire kit fits into an 8” x 8” x 10” carrying bag Padded and removable seat Secure Setup; includes climbing grade rope and attachments Lightweight; entire kit weighs less than 4lbs. Aero Hunter Merlin tree saddle made specifically for fall prevention while tree hunting, rated 5000 lbs Saddle bridge is 1 heavy nylon webbing rated at 6500 lbs.

Tree strap made of All Gear 24-strand climbing rope rated 6300 lbs, in brown, for adjustable tree anchor, with Fusion double-locking carabiner Lineman’s belt made of All Gear 24-strand climbing rope, in green, with Fusion double-locking carabiner Eye-and-eye Prussia cord is Sterling 8 mm Flex Hitch cord, made of Techno/Polyester, strength 29 kN (6519 lbs) for secure and adjustable connection to the ropes Aero Hunter Back Band for positionable back support if and where you want it. Focused on creating gear that is high quality, light weight, comfortable, and mobile to enhance your overall hunting experience, Cruz saddles simply cannot be left off this list.

The company offers a wide range of saddle hunting equipment, but also sells two different kits if you prefer to go that route. The S offers a solid mesh seat and is also equipped with quick release buckles, fixed static rope bridge, and two rows of Molly loops.

The top row of Molly loops are loose for ease of clipping in carabiners and other gear. The BC boasts a pleated mesh X mansion Ch amber that when opened adds a whole new level of comfort and cupping for your backside.

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The BC is also equipped with quick release buckles, fixed static rope bridge, and two rows of Molly loops. The top row of Molly loops are loose for ease of clipping in carabiners and other gear.

I added the Method Saddle from Latitude Outdoors after a reader steered me in their direction. The Method saddle features a unique dual panel design for supreme comfort to get you through even your longest days of hunting.

Without having any experience with this saddle, I like the idea of being able to adjust those panels on the fly based on how my back is holding up while on stand. The Method starter kit contains everything needed to get started saddle hunting and it is rigged and ready to go out of the package.

Choose either the Method Saddle with Australia D-Ring buckle for a redundant safety system or a featherlight, deadly silent,Op lux rope belt. Components includeBlack Diamond carabiners, tender, and manufacturer recommended 6 mm TRC schwabisch hitch cord.

You will get a different feel to hunting being in the air verses on the ground, and it is more adventurous than using a tree stand. You should carefully check and inspect each strap to ensure it has no sign of wear or tear.

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Saddle hunting requires getting familiar with the equipment and learning how it works properly. If you don’t know how to fix and wear the lineman’s belt then you are essentially risking your life.

If you are in search of an ergonomic saddle for hunting, then you should consider the Notch Sentinel Harness. It comes with a touch of green on an otherwise black design, which makes it more attractive and not overly visible.

Irrespective of your level of expertise with saddle hunting, Notch Sentinel Harness is effortless to use, and you can be assured of your safety while in the tree. Also, the Notch Sentinel Harness is constructed with the desire that users enjoy it, which is why it is made from light-weighted materials.

Lightweight Adjustable for a perfect fit User-friendly Comfortable and easy to customize to suit your style of hunting The hunting saddle safety harness is certified , and it comes with a perfect fit specification for different sizes which you need to look into before choosing.

It is made from quick-dry nylon webbing, high-quality sewing thread which makes it durable and safe to use. The construction of the safety harness comes with traditional buckle, waist belt, and leg loop both lined with breathable mesh to ensure it is comfortable to use and the design helps to distribute pressure as a means to keep you comfortable.

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Next, we have the Sequoia, Tree Care Seat Harness, a product made by Petal. The seat harness for saddle hunting integrates seven reshaped equipment loops with a protective sheath, two retainers for a carbine to hold chainsaw or handsaw, and five slots of the cartoon holder.

The saddle hunting seat harness is built for comfort as it comes with semi-rigid, wide waist-belt, and leg loops for better tree standing. For extra comfort, the safety harness has sculpted and lined with perforated foam to ensure you are safe during suspension on the tree.

Every tree climber needs a reliable seat harness to ensure they have an excellent performance while hunting. The construction of the seat harness incorporates an innovative mobile bridge system from a 10.5 mm semi-static rope covered with tubular webbing for durability.

Perfect for saddle hunting Comfy and safe to use Durable with adjustability options Extra padding for great comfort The design of the tree saddle is fantastic, as it is made of high-quality materials without sacrificing comfort for the users.

It has padded foam on the leg strap for you to remain comfortable while hanging on a tree. This combination is very hard to get in terms of bow hunter gear but this company has done their job.

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Lightweight Portable The material is very tough and of high quality Safe to use Adjustable and versatile for all kind of tree climbing adventures The safety harness kit comes with five rings which makes it an excellent tool for people to work efficiently on the tree while they float.

It allows smooth movement on the tree, and it keeps the user’s mind at rest to ensure there is no casualty. The design integrates a strong waist widen and thicken waist pad that is made from breathable foam to ensure that the user is safe and comfortable for as long they remain on the tree hunting.

This tree climbing device has a dynamic style that is reliable and safe to use for hunters. It comes with high-grade climber pads that offer maximum comfort to anyone using it, either for short term hunting or an extended period.

The design integrates Neoprene nylon straps to ensure it lasts longer and serves you well. Using the tree climber is easier to do if you can carefully follow the instructions and guidelines given by the manufacturer.

It boasts of a steel split ring, which helps to secure the ankle strap and serves as foot support. The safety belt that comes with it gives you all around support and protection, which means you can move to any angle of the tree while trying to get a perfect shot at your target.

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Not to be used for serious hunting Can only be considered for training and practice A lot of things are not ideal with the design It conveniently fits on almost any tree so it can be considered a great option to take your hunting experience to a greater height (literally).

The padding is put in just the right spots helping you avoid any form of pain in common parts of the body, like the hip and lower back. However, the biggest problem with Ben tree stand is that it can be tough to keep snug at all times.

The build materials of this Ben Tree stand are all durable while still maintaining its lightweight (the polyester mesh’s gets the glory for this). It’s a tremendous first tree stand choice for quite a number of individuals, but those who delight in a consistent snug fit might not consider this product ideal.

The patented hollow “V” spike let gives you a deep grip on living trees. It’s an aesthetic tree stand that will serve effectively hunters who want to go as high as possible in their desired strategic area.

In addition, this tree stand provides a unique chance to reach a very tall height without always having to change spots. Despite the intriguing features, this tree stand packs, you’ll still get it at a very cost-effective price in the market.

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A foldable frame that can be nested together Easy to carry Lightweight Durable Padded cushion seating for those long hunting hours Excellent price point The browning camping Stutter Hunting Tree stand is no doubt one of the most comfortable chairs you can get in the market.

The Bench master Shooting & Hunting Chair is absolutely a unique brand of all other tree stands and can be gotten at a fairly reasonable price. The tree stand also allows for extensive adjustments, including the bow or gun rest.

The swivel function is an excellent bonus Reasonable price for the style of chair Extremely comfortable Gun rest makes long hunts a little easier Adjustable legs A lot of considerations were put into work to ensure comfort and the patented comfort-max construction plays a significant role here.

The millennium 300 is made for durability and features aluminum construction that offers more than just support and stability, it’s also lighter. Every part is welded firmly to ensure that the stand can weather extra weight without failure.

To top it off, the tree stand has a powder-coated finish that is known to last longer than normal paint. It features a cross-beam construction on the underside of the chair to provide more strength and stability when aiming at targets.

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Unfortunately this chair is not intended for anything other than ground use without additional purchases, and it does not come with a ladder or fully system. Hunters that prefer rifles will love this product as it allows for easy aiming.

Easy to use Comfortable Made of sturdy material Spacious seat space Because there is less hardware and weight, it’s also easier to find a suitable tree for a saddle than a stand.

You can add some extra gear, such as a Says hauler or mantis recliner, which both play a major role in enhancing your comfort on long hunts for those who stay longer on the tree. Each of the products is picked based on research and reviews with a focus on the features, quality, and comfort without leaving out the safety of the user.

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