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Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
• 12 min read

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Not only will you buy a quality saddle at a great price you have peace of mind that all of our saddles are in good condition and have been checked by our saddler. FIND OUT HOW We strongly advise that the trial of any saddles that you purchase from us is arranged to coincide with being able to have them checked by a Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter.

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Mustang Contoured Boron 3rd SHIM Fit Pressed Wool Now: $244.99 Superb construction, great price (daily special) and fast shipping.

I use it on an City Space Horse for my daily commuter and weekend distance rides. I like how the saddle flexes slightly when I hit bumps then returns to its shape.

I should have switched to a Brooks leather saddle sooner, using it I have not experienced hot spots from sitting or saddle sores, and with foam to hold in the heat I feel cooler. Caused very sore butt first couple rides then better.

The leather material gives it a different feeling while riding your bike. Brooks makes the best saddles for long rides.

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I'm using it on a Riven dell Hill borne build, which seats me pretty upright with albatross bars. I appreciate that the leather is smooth, so it won't erode my pants like saddles with stitching or perforated surfaces have done in the past.

I got the Special for the look of the copper rivets and the tapered edge, figuring that I'll have the saddle for at least 10 years, so cost is not an issue over time. The saddle does look great, and very appropriate for a bike with classic lines.

The Most Comfortable and Stylish Saddle You Will Own I've owned five other Brooks saddles (B17 standard, Team Pro, Team Pro Special, Cambium C17) and have not found one better than this for my commuter touring bike.

The copper rivets set it apart from others and get better with age with a beautiful patina. I've had one B17 for 3 years and only got rid of it because I sold it with the bike.

Honestly, the B17 standard is as comfortable and durable, just less beautiful. Buy a cover or use a plastic bag if you have to.

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If you don't want the hassle of covering it when parked in the rain, buy a cambium, but you will sacrifice on comfort. This saddle is great for commuting and touring.

For sports cycling like road biking and mountain biking, I would prefer the narrower Team Pro, Swift, or Cambium C17C15. And I never had a comfort issue from day one, no break-in needed.

Small price to pay for most riders. Classic appearance, quality saddle, but hard on your butt for first a couple of hundred miles.

It changes the look of your bike instantly to a classic style. This saddle is fine in quality, however takes some breaking in.

It has been a month of riding 100 miles a week and it is just beginning to feel tolerable. Several club members have the same saddle and love them.

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One needs a good pair of bike shorts with good padding to reduce the hard surface until the saddle conforms to you. I rode on a Brooks Professional for many years but the B17 is that much better.

Don't leave it outside in wet weather and never ride it in the rain. These seats will last indefinitely and if anything, become even more comfortable over time.

Takes some time to get it broken in, but once you get 1000 miles on it, you won't go back. Need to upgrade the 4th because I always dread riding it.

There's a reason there are so many other saddles out there They're all uncomfortable and keep trying to get the right geometry for each rider, and mostly fail. There's a reason there are so few Brooks models Get the right width, and the saddle will conform to your backside.

Repeat until it stops soaking it up (you'll be surprised how much it will take). Will definitely darken the lighter colors, but your backside will never regret spending the extra few bucks.

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After putting 6000 miles on a B17 on my gravel touring bike, I broke down and purchased one for my road bike, a Carmelo RS. It replaced a Sell Italy Flight Ti, which is a pretty comfortable lightweight saddle.

The Brooks beat the Flight hands down on comfort, and the added weight doesn't bother me as I don't race. The copper rivets look great on the black saddle too.

The second ride was almost two hours, after about an hour I started feeling my backside, after standing for a bit when I sat back down the saddle was comfortable again, worked every time. I rode for about 90 minutes this morning and still good.

One of the reviews recommended putting the saddle in the oven, I didn't do that but I did put it in my car with the windows closed while I mowed the grass, don't know if it helped or not. I may need a setback seat post to get in the same position as I used to, I can't sit as far back as I would like.

The Brooks B17 is already the standard to which all other leather bike saddle makers aspire. Add these large copper rivets and you have something truly special.

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I look forward to many years of comfortable riding on this beauty. I have a B17 Special and a Standard B17 the leather is the same on both models.

The difference from Special and the Standard is just the copper rivets and on the Special they are hand hammered and the leather is chambered on the skirt on the saddle. The Brooks are on my road bikes and I've done double century's with the B17's.

Just finished sitting on a B17 Special, 8 hrs a day for three months. See more reviews The B17 Special offers a little extra flair over Brook's classic B17 model.

Unique mid-sized hammer copper rivets, copper plated steel rails and chambered sides are sure to add a touch of class to any bike, new or old. Like all Brooks saddles the leather will eventually conform to the riders body for an unmatched level of comfort.

B-Stock units were returned from other customers and may have missing or damaged packaging materials. Saddle rails may have minor scratches.

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