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Saddlebags refer to the extra fat on the outer area of your thighs and right under your butt. Even though it is possible to improve the appearance of saddlebags with exercise to lose some fat on the legs, the shape of your thigh is largely genetic.

Therefore, the most effective way to hide the saddlebags is to dress properly to camouflage your big thighs. The best way to hide saddlebag thighs is to wear the A line silhouette, whether it’s A line dress, skirts or coats, because the flare shape can cover up the thighs and make the saddlebags much less noticeable.

If you have thick thighs, you should avoid skinny jeans because they highlight the saddlebags instead of hiding them. Thanks to the gentle angle of an a-line it masks saddlebag thighs creating an elongated effect to the area.

Choose a-line skirts with a mid to high rise to draw the higher on the torso giving even more length to the bottom half of your body, hiding saddlebags. The reason is they are fitted on the top through the waist and flare out under your hips, creating the shape of a capital letter A.

This is the most forgiving shape for women with heavier bottom such as wide hips and prominent thighs. Wearing garments that add length to your body is a styling trick that hides saddlebag thighs instantly.

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Similar to the concept of longer cardigan, a tunic can also disguise the saddlebags easily because of the length. Tunics are normally not too tight, so they are a wonderful choice to cover up your wide thighs without drawing any attention to them.

Women with saddlebag thighs should make tunic style garment a cornerstone of your closet and have something to wear throughout the year in different temperature. Added volume at the bottom of the pants gives the perfect amount of balance to your body shape.

The reason is the diagonal angle of bias cut brings all the attention to the hip and thigh area of the body. This also applies to any bias cut dresses, because generally, the placement of the diagonal lines point directly to your problem area.

For women with saddlebags, any bottoms that are too short can be problematic, because they do not serve any function of hiding your thighs. If you have saddlebags, you should stay away from any skirt that is too short in order to avoid drawing attention to your thighs.

While tapered pants have been trending this year, they don’t flatter saddlebag thighs. Because skinny jeans fit so tight on the lower part of your leg, they emphasize saddlebag thighs.

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If you already own skinny jeans in your closet, instead of throwing them out all together, you can still wear them with a longer top such as long cardigan or tunic as I mentioned earlier. Please provide input concerning the best leather conditioner for seats/saddles.

I have searched the site and the following products have been mentioned: Level Leather Conditioner Picard Leather Dressing Biltmore Back 4 Brooks Proof ride Has anyone tried more than one of these to compare which is better? I have some seats that will be ridden in the future and other that are just show saddles.

If those were all mine, believe me, they'd be beautifully displayed on a piece of cardboard! Your butt will harden and the seat will (eventually) soften.

However, upon a friend's staunch recommendations, I've tried Nikkei on a brand-new Brooks B17 Special that I mounted on my Surly ECR. It sinks into the leather and really looks nice after buffing.

Some guy had an old Fuji Special Racer hanging in his garage for like 40 years, and it had one of those Belt saddles on it. The wife was doing her typical, “If I won't use it, I am going to toss it” exercises, and she had a box of stuff for me to take to the dump.

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I slathered it onto the BELT saddle, and by golly its working. Exceptions To The Rule Although building the hoof from the inside is always the base of a hoof-care program, there are situations where extremes of environmental conditions (very wet and very dry conditions) can have effects that are too much for even a perfectly healthy hoof to handle.

Moisture/mud may also strip protective oils from the hoof, sole and frog and predispose them to infections like thrush, even white-line disease. Bruises are more likely because the excess moisture over softens the sole and the outer protective layers tend to slough off.

We don’t tend to think of hooves as being resilient, but the fact is they do expand and contract with weight bearing, and this requires a minimal amount of moisture. Without it, chipping and cracking of the hoof wall may occur, heels crack and split, frogs may become overly dry and less elastic, excessive sole will build up (making proper trimming difficult) and hoof growth often slows.

There are also some horses that, despite your best efforts at maximizing nutrition and proper hoof care, just have poor quality feet that are thin-walled, chip easily, won’t hold shoes, don’t grow at a normal rate, or are prone to bruising and heel/sole soreness. Extra attention to regular visits from your farrier and use of the proper hoof care product may help horses.

We don’t recommend you go below the coronary band of a healthy hoof at any time, especially if the product is an oil. When you want a shine on your horse’s hoof wall for competition, use only what you need to get it shiny and then wipe off excess.

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They will form a thick, waxy layer over the hoof that helps block moisture loss but also leads to buildup, traps dirt and may excessively soften if present in too great an amount. Turpentine: True turpentine (not the stuff you buy to clean paint brushes) is a natural resin obtained from pine trees by tapping into them with hollow tubes (same procedure as used to collect maple syrup).

Another advantage of turpentine is a mild anesthetic quality, which makes it useful on tender soles and painful cracks. In fact, we had more favorable comments across the board for products with these ingredients than those concentrating on moisturizers, heavy oils or waxes.

Picky, But Important Differences Our testers’ primary concern was whether the products helped the hooves. The thick liquids that brushed on easily, being neither too thick/goofy nor so thin they tended to run, were preferred.

Especially common were negative remarks about products that tended to just sit on the hoof without sinking in and would attract and hold dirt, dust and straw. Bottom Line Although we didn’t find a really “bad” product, some hoof dressings had drawbacks or precautions, while others clearly stood out as superior.

As an all-around hoof dressing, for use on horses that didn’t have any severe problems, we looked for a product that would work equally well on the coronary band, heels, frogs and soles. We wanted correction of minor problems with dryness and cracking and help in sealing out excess moisture.

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It was an extremely close race between Equine Hoof Dressing from Animal Legends and Farnham’s rainmaker. If you like a hoof dressing that also darkens and you are a pine-tar fan, Hawthor né’s Sole Pack is the product for you.

The Brooks England Provide saddle dressing for leather saddles keeps the leather supple as it is specially formulated from natural ingredients to condition, preserve and shower proof your saddle. A leather saddle treated with Provide dressing will have a quicker breaking-in process.

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