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Ava Flores
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
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A good throne will support you physically and provide the platform you need to perform at your peak on the drum set. Nowadays drum thrones come in many shapes and sizes and with lots of optional upgrades too.

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In this article we’ll look at some of the most comfortable, reliable and best value drum thrones around as well as give you some insight into what you should look out for when purchasing. Roc-N-Soc is an American company with a reputation for providing quality seating to artists all over the world.

As we know, seating is tremendously important for drummers and luckily Roc-N-Soc take that issue seriously. Their Nitro hydraulic throne brings an added level of comfort to drum seats as it has the ability to absorb shock and reduce fatigue on the back.

Most drum thrones focus on the seat itself and the foam padding without taking into account any other shock absorption. These seats will fit most standard throne bases such as those made by other brands including Gibraltar.

Also, they have made the throne so that it can sit freely on the base for easy swiveling. Compared to certain other thrones the Nitro will provide hours of comfort while you play.

The DWCP5120 has a height range of 8 inches, from 21 to 29, so that makes it on the taller side of a lot of drum thrones. This is a solid and sturdy yet comfortable throne and will suit many players down to the ground.

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Gibraltar are well known for creating sturdy and reliable drum hardware and the 6608 represents one of their budget products. While the throne has a similar finish to the DWCP5120 it has identical height options to the Roc-N-Soc Nitro.

Image credit: Gibraltar Hardware Check Sweetwater Memory lock height adjustment. It lacks a lot of the finer features of the more expensive drum thrones but it gives great bang for your buck.

The height adjustment design means that changing height positions is not as easily done during performances (as you’ll need a drum key to loosen and tighten the memory lock) but this is one way Gibraltar have come up with to keep the overall costs down. Ahead are an American company who started out making baseball bats and arrows from space-grade aluminum.

After a period they decided to enter the drumstick market, producing durable and consistent sticks for professionals and amateurs alike. Now they are entering into the drum hardware market and this throne is an example of the new ideas and technologies that Ahead are bringing to the table.

Ahead tell us that this is one of the best drum thrones for reducing fatigue and minimizing back problems. Image credit: Ahead Check Sweetwater 18 inches of memory foam.

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The Ahead Spinal-G Drum is a heavy-duty drum throne which will suit players of all sizes, from small to extra-large. The velour seat top will also keep bare legs from sticking to it, something which can be an issue with traditional vinyl coverings.

The seat itself is padded with comfortable foam which has been contoured to accommodate players of all sizes. Image credit: Pork Pie Percussion Check Sweetwater Flashy finish.

This allows you to switch up the height easily during performances, with no need to get your drum key out and start fiddling with memory locks. Image credit: Roland Check Sweetwater Quick and easy to adjust the height.

The Roland RDT-SHV drum throne is a nice piece of kit and a considerably good drum stool. The limited height range might mean that it will lose a few customers, namely low-riders and drummers that like to sit ‘on top’ of the drums.

This D790 drum stool is a lightweight throne which won’t break the bank. The seat is covered in a vinyl finish which houses the tightly-packed foam interior.

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This drum throne has what is sometimes referred to in marketing speak as, ‘infinite’ height adjustment options. It’s quite sturdy but lacks in the more advanced features that make the top-end drum thrones so sought after.

It would be ideal for a parent looking to equip their child with a decent standard drum stool. We’ve taken a look at the DW 5000 Series drum throne already (at #2 on our list) and now it’s time to check out what PDP have to offer.

The saddle is bigger on certain other budget thrones, such as the previously mentioned Pearl D790. The throne, folds up neatly, has a memory lock for height adjusting and is also fitted with double-braced legs.

Image credit: PDP Check Sweetwater Seat padding is quite thin. The PDP 700 Series PDDT720 drum throne is a great beginner or entry-level drum stool.

First thing that is noticeable about the throne is the impressive Wretch logo emblazoned across the seat face. Fans of the alternative tractor seat or bicycle seat-style throne will likely be disappointed here.

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It has a height range of 19 to 25 inches, so it favors the drummer who likes to be a bit closer to the ground. This seat is a little firmer than the Wretch but perfectly comfortable to sit on for long periods.

The seat is comfortable and stable, with a firm cushion, although we would have liked to see it priced closer to the DWCP5120 or the Wretch GR9608-2 drum throne. This may seem irrelevant but if you play 3-4 hour practice sessions, then you’re going to need a top-quality drum throne.

If, on the other hand, you play as a hobbyist and for a max of 30 minutes at a time, then the chances are that you don’t need a pro-level drum throne. The bigger person will be doing themselves a big favor by investing in quality when it comes to sitting at the drums.

If you’re a fan of a drum throne with a backrest then you’ll find that most of the top thrones on our list are compatible. On top of that, you can often shop around and find that you can purchase after-market backrests to fit on any stool.

Bear in mind that when mixing and matching products, you may miss out on what made the throne so desirable in the first place. You can, for example, purchase a Gibraltar base for a Roc-N-Soc but maybe you’ll have to forego the hydraulic element.

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this drum throne review and finding out about some best drum thrones out there. Keep within your budget and have a good idea of how many hours you intend on sitting on the throne.

By sitting correctly, you can actually play more complex patterns than you would with poor posture. Once you train your body to keep good posture, you won’t have to think about it anymore and you can focus on playing.

Investing in a higher quality throne will minimize these squeaks and get you focused on playing. Aside from basic considerations like durability and comfort, there are a few other key features you should consider during your search for the best throne.

Thrones should be made out of a material that is both soft and firm, and they should be foldable so you can travel with them. Here at Drum Center of Portsmouth, we know quite a bit about what makes a good drum throne.

That’s why we’re bringing you the ultimate buyer’s guide of our top 6 drum thrones for 2019. We’ve categorized our review by priority, so you can find the throne that suits your unique needs.

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Unlike other products, this ergonomic throne features a hybrid seat. You won’t get tired of playing on this throne and you’ll notice that you stay comfortable for longer without developing body fatigue.

It provides maximum support so you can play with ease without experiencing any pain from extended sitting. The oversized feet make it ultra-stable so you can play as expressively as you want without the risk of tipping over.

Why We Love It: This best -selling throne is a solid option for any drummer who lives and breathes drums. Without a drum throne like this one to keep you centered, you’ll find yourself stifling your creativity.

While functionality should be the driving factor behind any throne purchase, this product also delivers on design quality. The front cut-out lets you maintain full control of your thighs so you can use your body as expressively as you please.

Available in a blue/olive colorway, this saddle -style throne is incredible for drummers who want something simple that still has a cool factor. The thick, high-density foam makes this throne our top pick for support because of how it helps eradicate back and leg fatigue.

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This throne is an especially good pick for drummers who anticipate long performances. Extended periods of sitting can hurt your posture, leaving you with a full-body ache that makes it difficult to play your drums properly.

Embroidered block logo Blue/olive colored vinyl High-density foam Height adjustability Locking spindle Why We Love It: If you’re most concerned about how your body feels during and after a performance, this throne will serve you well.

This hybrid throne will keep you cool in the summer while still providing good support. Arguably our most luxurious pick, this throne has a pneumatic lift system that lets you make fast and smooth adjustments to the seat’s height.

Its quad-leg folding base provides added protection from wobbling, and the thick cushion keeps you ache-free for as long as you are using it. Another unique feature of this particular throne is the option to purchase and attach a backrest.

Why We Love It: This throne is a reliable option that won’t disappoint when it comes to adjustability. Without the added support that it provides, you may suffer from back pain while playing.

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You’ll know you’re ready to invest in a high-quality throne when you notice yourself experiencing pain or fatigue from your current seat. You can find a good throne at any price point, but if you want something of exceptional quality, you can expect to spend a bit more.

Manual drum thrones are controlled by a metal pin placed into holes that are spaced around two inches apart. Thrones usually arrive in 3 separate pieces: the base, seat, and shaft.

Height adjustability is one of the most important features of a drum throne because it allows you to customize the throne in whatever way you desire. To find your perfect height, place your feet where you usually do on your drum set’s two main peddles.

Portability If you’re playing in a band that performs at venues, you’re going to need to move your drum throne around frequently. If you’re only going to be playing in one location, you can get away with a heavier throne that doesn’t have a transport functionality.

If you’re an expressive drummer who likes to move their body quite a bit, a backrest will actually make it harder for you to do so. If you plan on staying fairly still, a backrest can be an effective way to maintain the proper posture.

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Choosing the right drum throne can be daunting, especially if you plan to spend quite a bit of money. Thrones are more than simple chairs, and the one you pick should serve a number of purposes.

All of these offer some unique features that may or may not appeal to you depending on what your main concerns are. In order to make the best choice possible, we recommend deciding on your priorities before you begin shopping.

If so, you need to adjust your seat’s height to ensure your knee rests below your thigh. Ultimately, you should study the way you play drums before deciding on a throne.

This will give you a clear understanding of what is most comfortable to you depending on your body shape and height. It varies between people, but we mentioned a few common mistakes that may be causing those issues.

Understanding what that pain stems from will aid in your search for a drum throne that can prevent those problems. We hope our guide helps you understand how essentially a good drum throne is and how much of a difference it can make in how well you play.

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