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James Lee
• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
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Searching for the best road bike saddles for long rides and sports touring? We have selected six of the best saddles that we could find in the market based on our research and testing.

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Among the top six saddles, we came up with the PROLOG Scratch 2 Pas as our number one choice for long rides and touring. It has the perfect shape for providing ultimate comfort to all types of riders (Men & Women).

For relatively long rides such as Touring, Racing or Triathlon type cycling you need a strong durable saddle at the same time you must check if the saddle is able to provide enough comfort while cycling. It is very important for casual as well as professional riders that they get the best suitable saddle for themselves for long-distance cycling.

Weight(gm): 215/217 Dimensions (L × W) : 278 × 134 mm Best for: Road, MTB, TT (Tourist Touring) Cut-out: No Color: Hard Black It provides the opportunity to choose from Back or Tirol as rails options.

Weight(gm): 225 (Small)-285 (Large) Dimensions (L × W): 270 × 135 mm (Small), 270 × 152 mm (Large) Best for: Road, Off-road, Long Distance Touring Cut-out: Yes Color: Black, White Not neglecting the performance, ensures comfort with the help of a generous amount of gel padding.

Presents the shape of first Ariane saddle handmade in Italy. Slightly longer, thinner nose, wider wings, but maintaining the dimensions of the original Ariane.

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Both sides along the lower edge are threaded together to maintain the saddle ’s shape and provide comfort in long rides. Taken the basic front 5 inches off the traditional saddle and removed it, so it can reduce chafing and excessive friction.

Features soft arm system that supports Pubic RAM Bone, so there is no pressure on the soft tissue area and offers 100% blood flow. A newly shaped saddle with tapered-edge mold design for incredible comfort.

It offers superb thigh and hamstring clearance by allowing free movement around the seat. The front is relatively narrow, as a result of some cycling category it doesn’t provide much aid.

It might be troublesome for some users to find the best sitting position as the rider needs to be sat further back on. Choosing the right road bike saddle for long-distance touring fulfilling your demands can be a daunting task.

There are many options available in the market, you will need both time and effort to find out what is the right saddle for you. First, it is always a good idea that you adjust the saddle properly before a long-distance outing.

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Try to properly adjust the clamp that is used to mount the saddle to the post. You don’t have to worry, the specific mounting tool or wrench will be provided with the saddle.

As long-distance touring usually consist of racing, touring or even track racing like Triathlon; the preferable position is the forward position which is by placing you back inclined with 45° angle where the saddle is usually higher than the handlebar or at an equal level. This will help to absorb impact when you hit a hole or bump on the road.

This will lead to a position for easier turning of your head and looking around and eventually helps you to stay more alert. Well, that is probably happening because you are unable to find the “sweet spot” on the saddle.

This position can be measured from a line that bisects the top and center of the seat post. The saddles that we have chosen are all ergonomic in design, and they are very conscious about the right adjustment of your sit bones.

I hope you will easily find your perfect sit bone position and enjoy a super comfortable ride. For long-distance cycling such as road racing or touring the user is always concerned about the weight of the saddle.

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If you really feel the lack of suspension springs especially on uneven roads or when you hit a bump, you can use a trick. The trick for solving this problem is to stand up on the pedals when you are cycling over bumps or over uneven roads to avoid shocks.

This will keep your private parts cool by providing much airflow if your saddle doesn’t have a center cut-out. Since road bikes are used for many continuous miles, there are important characteristics that we should pay close attention.

For road touring you are not supposed to ride your cycle in an inelegant way. When we talk about the cover material, we can look for saddles made from synthetic leather or microfiber when you are not looking for an expensive one.

Now come to talk about other stuff for a road bike saddle, we can discuss the rails. It is always better to go for Titanium rails as they are stronger, and they contribute a lot on a continuous ride.

They take off the pressure from the perineum area and keep sensitive parts comfortable. If you are keen on road- cycling, it is your key responsibility that you have to get yourself the correct saddle.

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For female racers, it is better to go for a wider seat and moderately padded with a center cut-out or groove. From research, we have found that people who are less flexible should go for a more rounded saddle.

The very flexible cyclist will be benefited from slightly curved saddles. For this position, you are putting much pressure on the forward part of your pelvic area.

So choose a saddle that can lighten the pressure on the crucial parts of your body. As usual, you should also measure your sit bones for choosing a saddle for road cycling.

If you have stretched out to reach the handlebars or you don’t have the flexibility in the hip you will see that pressure is now placed along with the RAM I where the nerves and vessels can lead to dysfunction as it will create pressure on the arteries or more commonly pain and discomfort along the nerves. If you sit forward and stretch out to reach the bars, you will feel that pressure is now placed along with the RAM I and can give you significant discomfort.

Our first step in determining the correct sit bone position is to find the width between the sit bones and also find the saddle where they are properly adjusted on top of the soft spot towards the rear of the saddle. Place a piece of tinfoil wearing thin shorts or underwear on lower ground.

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Sit down on the foil and bend forward as though you are in a cycling position raising your toes slightly. But as for Road Bike saddles, they are not much padded as they focus on performance over comfort.

But as they are very expensive, thankfully there are plenty of saddles made from artificial leather or cambium. Despite the fact that they will not provide 100% comfort as leather saddles, but they are the closest.

The trend toward short-nosed performance saddles, which originated with riders looking to optimize soft-tissue comfort while leaning forward on aero bars, is now reaching the mainstream. Reducing the saddle length up front means you can ride the drop portion of your bar for longer periods.

But the newest saddles aren’t just short; they’re also wider up front, allowing riders to shift forward without compromising power. And good news for riders who never plan on racing: Everyday bike seats are becoming more comfortable, lighter, and more able to withstand the weather.

Saddles come in various widths, and most manufacturers say that the right size supports a rider’s sit bones, the bony part of the pelvis where your butt and your leg join. “Every saddle manufacturer has a tool to measure sit bone width,” says Jeff Serve, head of marketing and customer experience at Argon.

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The saddles that made this list were researched and recommended by staffers, and backed up by a majority of positive online reviews. An extremely affordable comfort saddle with firm foam padding and a pronounced relief channel, Planet Bike’s A.R.S.

Comfort saddle is an upgrade for many budget bikes, one that keeps riders’ sit bones from feeling bruised and gives the nether regions plenty of breathing room. The cover doesn’t feel as nice as those on saddles that are four times the price, but it does have abrasion-resistant patches to prevent excessive wear.

This is the cheapest (and heaviest) version, but if you’re a weight weenie we suggest checking out the Antares Versus Eve 00 Adaptive, a flyweight saddle with carbon seat rails and bed that tips the scales at a scant 163 grams. We couldn’t test blood flow to determine the veracity of that claim, but our testers did find the saddle to be comfortable for everything from mountain biking to road and gravel riding.

The padding is minimal and provided a firm pedaling platform that felt extremely efficient but not uncomfortable. The seat features injection-molded foam that is more supportive under the sit bones and softer along the full-length cutout nose to relieve pressure against soft-tissue areas.

Specialized filled the Power’s cutout with a flexible thermoplastic elastomer (CPU) “hammock” to prevent tissues from pushing through the opening and swelling (a painful problem for some women). It also incorporated three different foam densities: firm under the sit bones, memory cushion down the center, and soft on the nose, to provide better pressure distribution.

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The PL 1.0 takes a bit longer to set up and has a different position than traditional designs, but it’s worth trying if you’re experiencing saddle discomfort. The durable high-performance race saddle is all-day comfortable, even when that day includes the Dirty Kana double century gravel ride.

Trekbikes.Comte Montrose Elite features hollow titanium rails and a carbon-fiber-reinforced shell, which will no doubt warm the hearts of riders who don’t want just any old seat on their five-figure road or mountain bike. It features a full cutaway and, in keeping with today’s market trends, is offered in two sizes, curiously dubbed “Large” and “Medium.” The Starbucks approach to product description aside, this is a solid piece that offers modern tech at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Argon’s take on a women’s MTB saddle offers the severe and considered contours of an Games chair or mid-century-modern couch, but there’s comfort to match the style. Available in two sizes, the SM Sport Gel isn’t particularly light at 275 grams, but it is durable, which on a mountain bike is often a much greater concern than an extra ounce or two.

This all-around off-road saddle is definitely that, but it’s also designed to be supportive when you’re seated, making it a good choice for gravel grinding as well as single track shredding. The steel rails damp chatter, providing a smoother ride through rough lines.

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