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Also, check out our full line of English horse tack for all your evening needs! The answer really depends on the level the rider is competing at and the amount of disposable income available when it comes to equipment in general.

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For an amateur rider competing at their local event and where every penny counts a good general purpose saddle may be the best option. But for riders taking part in British Evening competitions and where riding is a serious hobby a specific dressage and jumping saddle will help overall performance when every mark counts.

When budget is limited, the Society of Master Saddlers recommends that you should never compromise by buying ‘cheap’ inferior saddles that may be made with poor quality materials and low standards of craftsmanship that could impact on welfare, safety, comfort and performance. They are designed with a higher pommel and castle for a deeper seat and pronounced knee blocks to help keep the rider’s leg from moving too far forward.

I'm no expert on saddles but I have really liked Persons and an M. Toulouse I have ridden in. I'm sure other people will agree with me when I say get a used, nice branded saddle.

I ADORE my Collegiate Senior Event, and the used one I tried was absolutely amazing for being 20 years old! The only blemish was saddle leather rub marks.

I would go with a close contact saddle Posted via Mobile Device I got a like-new but 30-year-old Stubbed saddle from my neighbor when her horses passed away.

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(I tried to track down the buy history of mine but it's too old) Granted, if you go to their site they are crazy expensive. I would suggest definitely getting a used one or getting one from their cheaper line, Philippe Fontaine.

These are common questions, especially for those new to evening or competing in the novice, training and preliminary levels of the sport. Three-day events need saddles that compliment three different and challenging equestrian disciplines: dressage, cross-country and show jumping.

First, you need a saddle that enables the right frame and position for dressage. The cross-country rider spends a good amount of time standing up in the saddle to cover ground at the gallop and to aid the horse in negotiating the variances in terrain and fence heights.

Let’s take a look at good quality, affordable evening saddles that span different price ranges. It’s the right fit for horse and rider, plus good workmanship that make a great saddle.

Lower priced and very affordable saddles offer good solutions for beginner, novice and training level competitors. Beginner, novice and training level events are NOT inexperienced riders.

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And with a less expensive yet well-fitting saddle that you and your horse are happy with, the money saved can be significant. Experienced events must negotiate more challenging cross-country and show jumping courses, plus upper level dressage tests.

Horse and rider must once again negotiate diverse jumps, this time on level ground, with bursts of speed, continued stamina and utmost control and obedience. Additionally, the eventingsaddle might come equipped with thigh blocks, and a long “twist” that accommodates a rider standing up in the saddle for extended periods.

Shorter stirrup lengths are usually preferred by the evener for the extended gallops in between fences for cross-country. The flaps usually have a generous forward cant to accommodate varying stirrup lengths.

At this level, jumps stay within the lower 3-foot height range and shorter widths, and the deep seat centers the weight appropriately and also assists in correct positioning for dressage tests. The Iconic cross-country saddle with monoflap is made with the best french leather and give the rider and the horse a perfect comfort.

The reinforcement of the down part of the flap allows to prevent the wear engendered by the friction of the stirrup leather. The skirt is made of vegetable leather and is very resistant, he prevents also the wear engendered by the stirrup bar.

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As we use natural leathers, they must be treated regularly with appropriate maintenance products with a cleansing and moisturizing effect in order to preserve their beauty and suppleness. For all our saddles with lined flaps, we advise not to oil excessively; it is preferable to use cleaning cream or our glycerin soap, as an excessive nourishing with oil of supple leathers makes that the fiber “swells” and the supple leather loses his patina and resistance to wear.

Shop our best horse tack and change the way you enjoy your rides. Rear Riser Anti-Slip Gel Pad$109.99 Improve your riding experience and protect your horse’s back with our quality full saddle pads.

Ride in Bliss with Valerie Half Pads Rubs and sores happen when your horse wears ill-fitting saddles. They leave ugly marks and bruises on your horse's back.

Correct this with Valerie Half Pads! Designed to evenly distribute pressure on your horse’s back while absorbing impact, Valerie Half Pads are an equestrian's best companion.

Read More To maintain your riding partner's exquisite mane and sturdy stance, a horse must be groomed regularly, and may we say, even lovingly. Learn new ways of keeping your animals looking A+ with these tips.

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From just starting out with your very first riding lesson to looking for your next competition partner and everything in between, Are has got you covered. Jersey has since been responsibly retried by his owners and is now a resident ambassador for equine non-profit Thoroughbred Athletes, Inc based out of Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Jersey has been with Are since this past February in preparation for the 2019 Thoroughbred Makeover, which will be held in October at the Kentucky Horse Park. Elliot is Jockey Club registered and has wonderful bloodlines in his pedigree, some of them showing in several past 4* competitors.

We plan to compete with him this season in the Future Event Horse series and some local schooling shows. In February of the same year both Emery and Hi were accepted into the Retired Racehorse Project’s Thoroughbred Makeover.

Since then Emery has gone on to compete in the 2018 TB Makeover, which was held this October at The Kentucky Horse Park. This event hosted around 500 off track Thoroughbreds which traveled from all over the country and North America to compete.

Stay tuned for results from this upcoming spring show season. Hi Rasmussen is an upper level evener and trainer with 20 years of riding experience.

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In 2009 Hi started her career exercising racehorses for a private thoroughbred breeding and training facility based out of New Jersey. During that time she also began giving riding lesson at two local farms.

Watching horses and students improve and grow together proved to be very rewarding, and she knew it was an avenue she would continue to pursue. Then in 2013 Hi opened her own boarding and training facility out of Fleming ton, New Jersey.

During that time she had more than 25 horses in boarding and training along with a great group of dedicated students. She believes that patience and building a correct foundation will result in a confident and successful partnership between horse and rider.

After years of training and riding, Hi enjoys sharing her knowledge with students and watching them achieve success. At a young age Hi fell in love with the sport of evening, She began training and working under 4* riders Kali Encamp and Sinbad Hatpin with her Otto Bing.

With the numerous years spent training under some of the best in the field, Hi still feels her education is most important and continues to lesson regularly since a true horseman is never done learning.

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