Best Saddle For Andalusian Horse

Danielle Fletcher
• Tuesday, 27 October, 2020
• 8 min read

Cave paintings across the Iberian Peninsula of Spain feature these horses running and working with humans, dating back as far as 30,000 BC. In this article, we’ll explore the history of Andalusian horses as well as characteristics to consider when tacking these beauties.

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If you’re looking for the best saddle for Andalusian horse, stick around to the end where we will highlight a few options that work well for this breed. They trace their lineage to the Iberian Peninsula, where cave paintings depict herds of Andalusian horses that date back to prehistoric times.

The Andalusian is a pure Spanish horse (PRE: P Urey Gaza Espinoza) that originated in the Iberian Peninsula. When most warm bloods were still pulling carts, Andalusian horses were excelling in classical dressage.

The docile temperament of Andalusian's make this breed excellent for pleasure riding. In the United States, Andalusian horses are popular for competitive riding and events.

Portuguese bullfighters rode in Baroque saddles with a Portuguese presentation. One of the most common characteristics of these saddles is the ornate designs they feature, accentuating the noble carriage of Baroque horses like the Andalusian.

Andalusian horses also tend to need saddles designed to allow for more freedom over the withers to accommodate a greater range of movement for their large shoulders. This tree construction features a wider shape and a more narrow angle.

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The Easy-Change gullet system is helpful for horses like the Andalusian because this option allows you to select a gullet plate that works best for your horse, and the system’s bullet gauge makes it easy to measure for the correct size. Because Andalusian typically benefit from a wide gullet, The Winter Pro Saddle Care is a great option because you can ensure the tree fit your Andalusian no matter how wide his shoulders are.

Wide shoulders on an Andalusian are generally accompanied by low to no withers, so the saddle tree angle is just as important. This system allows a wide range of adjustment options within the saddle panel for optimal balance and customized clearance no matter the size of your horse ’s withers.

This Raise flexible tree design allows for optimal movement through the shoulders, which is an important consideration for Andalusian horses. Position can be adjusted, as well as rigging with a flat plate and a rear angled Dee.

This style is popular because it accommodates wider width and minimizes pressure along an Andalusian ’s spine and back. It creates a more customized fit to provide a greater range of movement through the shoulders.

Extra padding on the seat is meant to enhance rider comfort. The seat’s outer covering is made from water-repellent microfiber suede to enhance durability and perform well in a variety of riding conditions.

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I recently purchased a 5-year-old Andalusian and need to find a saddle that fits him correctly. A: Saddle length has become more of an issue over the past few years, as breeding seems to have concentrated on making somewhat more compact (i.e., shorter) horses.

In order for a baroque horse to develop to his full potential and work willingly, happily and without pain, it is crucial that he have a saddle with panels that are the correct length for his back and that do not impinge on the kidneys or the ovaries of a mare. With a piece of chalk, outline the edge of your horse ’s shoulder blade (as shown in pictures 4 and 5 below).

To do this, find where his hairlines come together in the area of his flank and draw a line straight up to his spine. Particularly at the canter, a saddle that is too often long will get driven forward into the shoulder.

Beyond making movement difficult and painful, this can produce a buildup of scar tissue on the scapula. This is extremely uncomfortable for the horse, as it puts pressure on his lumbar region.

A horse ridden in a saddle that is too long will often tighten his lower back muscles. In some cases, you can see the horse hollow and drop his back in an attempt to get away from the pressure of the saddle.

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Finally, he may have difficulty moving forward into the canter or may simply be persistently off for no apparent reason. If these are issues you have been facing and have been unable to attribute them to a specific injury or illness, then perhaps it could be that the saddle is too long for your horse ’s back and is making him extremely uncomfortable, which is why this acting out occurs.

An ideal solution is to have a saddle with a shorter panel to accommodate the horse ’s back, even if the rider needs a little bigger seat. Here is a skeletal diagram showing the proper saddle support area with respect to a horse ’s rib cage.

The red lines represent the changing directional pattern of hair on the horse ’s body relative to the last supportive vertebra (notice the panel of the saddle does not extend past this point). My left hand is pointing to just behind the shoulder blade, where the saddle ideally should be placed and not extend past the last vertebra outlined.

I am drawing what I call “pain lines” from pinched nerves that appear on some horses when they have an ill-fitting saddle. John Cheese, CMS, CSF, CSE is the author of The Silent Killer and Suffering in Silence–The Saddle -Fit Link to Physical and Psychological Trauma in Horses.

My gorgeous mare has just turned 5 and changing shape by the week. I have a non-adjustable saddle for her at present, which fits fine, she is a medium/wide fit already and a GP girth of 54" :shock: I was wondering if there was somebody more familiar with the breed, who could give me any advice on suitable saddles for these types of horses.

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A saddle fitter might be an option, but I know in my area they are impossible to find. Even if you decide to get a treed saddle in the future, the treeless could off the flexibility now for her changing back.

I have no experience with Andalusian but I love them I just wanted to say congrats, I bet she is gorgeous I'm totally jealous of you having an Andalusian, I would love to add one to my collection, but I don't think that will happen.

I'd suggest posting some pics of the horse (shoulders and back). Thanks for your kind remarks, thankfully I missed the rude one :lol:The problem I have is that not living in the UK, saddle fitters are not in abundance and the one that is here tends to try and sell you their own selling brands, which are good quality but again expensive for a temporary saddle.

I know she is a medium wide fit already as I have had her checked and measured by a professional but unfortunately that person does not sell saddles here. I bought a Shires GP adjustable off eBay a few weeks ago and I also have a GFS dressage saddle that fits her but not me so well.

I have read that the “IDEAL” brand saddles are good for wide horses (Luciano's & Andalusian's) where the shoulder muscle extends further back than most other horses. It fit a very wide, very straight Standard bred, and when I changed horses, it also fit a narrower Anglo Arab. Wintec 500 dressage is also a very straight saddle and is adjustable.

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The Isabel is a HUGE saddle for the size it rides, and mine is older style so it's a snugger fit, and I'm riding a half-size up from where I should be simply because otherwise I wouldn't be able to adjust my position AT ALL. Hey thanks for that, after hours of research this afternoon I had settled on either a Bates In nova or Isabel in leather, I am so pleased that your feedback relates. Thank you.

I'm assuming you ride dressage so all of these suggestions may not suit you. I personally LOVE the Toulouse, however that one does not fit my boy, so I'm leaning towards the bates for myself... So I thought of a Winter Wide, (the synthetic type for now, to continue repacking her in), I know there are a few Andalusian owners, and other flat backed (cob and Arab) owners, around on this wonderful forum, so just wondered what everyone else used.

Yes they do work, I am just not a fan for pure dressage TBH, as I said, they are OK if you are on a budget. My friend who is a Master Saddler and who also owns Iberian's (so fully understands their anatomy and physiology) made them both before the company changed hands and became Strata. I cannot recommend them enough.

Personally wouldn't touch a treeless saddle even if someone gave me a million quid to do so, would rather go bareback! I have a HM Phoenix dressage, been used on three Lusts from rising 4 to 10 yrs.

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