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• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
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Every mountain bike has a saddle and every rider will spend a large portion of every ride sitting on it. Finding the bestMTBsaddle for you is not easy, and we are not going to pretend that you can read this article, buy a mountain bike seat and guarantee that you will be happy with it.

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Our guide and comparison table of the top-rated bike MTB saddles will help you choose the right one for you. Web Rocket Race Saddle Race Face Affect Bike Saddle Argon SMC4 Sport Gel SaddleCover: Durable, breathable microfiberDurable, breathable microfiberDurable, breathable microfiber Rails: Commonly alloyTitanium alloy railsCro-Moly alloy Shell: Flex-Tuned shell for just the right amount of stiffnessHoneycomb Flexion compositeDesigned to be a great budget all-rounder, the Rocket Race MTB seat is at home on any kind of mountain bike, in all sorts of conditions.

The synthetic cover is durable and has reinforced corners where saddles often get cut up in crashes. The padding is orthopedic foam and gel, which ensure comfort and support for many long hours.

While it is comfortable to sit on, the wide rear end can get in the way when moving your weight back. If you need a comfortable saddle for some serious endurance riding and can put up with the slightly higher weight, then the SMC4 will serve you well.

With just the right amount of gel for cushioning, this is probably the most comfortable mountain bike seat you can buy. The flat shape and relatively solid padding on the Affect make it suitable for experienced riders with good flexibility.

The shape makes it easy to move across, and is therefore ideal for blasting through technical terrain, where you will be shifting your weight around often. Surprisingly for a saddle of this quality, durability and weight, it does not come with a hefty price tag.

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Available in a huge range of sizes, materials and budgets, the Volt is a popular saddle not just because there are lots of them, but also because it performs fantastically. The central cut out reduces pressure and you can find a model with just the right amount of padding for you.

Like the Web Rocket Race above, its one the best mountain bike saddles in its price range. The Sell SVP Try saddle is another reasonably priced, high quality model.

This seat is ergonomically designed to prevent any pain, discomfort, and numbness by removing pressure on the perineum with a cut-out section. The firm padding is slightly thicker at the rear to support high pressure areas.

It has a medium width and an average length, offering comfort at a reasonably light weight. The medium width and slight curve, combined with a reasonable amount of padding make the Charge Spoon a comfortable choice for many riders.

At a bargain price, I would give the Charge Spoon the nod as the best mountain bike saddle for its cost. Despite the low weight and slim design, this is a surprisingly comfortable saddle for long rides and races, assuming the narrow shape suits you in the first place.

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The size and width of these play an important role in deciding whether a mountain bike seat will be comfortable for several hours of riding or akin to torture. These are made of aluminum alloy or titanium if you want to save weight and can afford the extra cost.

A narrow saddle will also weigh less and weight-conscious racers will often sacrifice some comfort to shed a few grams. A long nose on a saddle allows the rider to shift their weight further forward when climbing, giving them a more efficient position.

A longer nose means more weight, which is why you do not see ridiculously long saddles on BC race bikes ! A thick layer of padding will compact during a ride and eventually leave the rider sitting on the shell.

This is not about saving weight, but relieving pressure on your “sensitive” areas to prevent numbness when riding. It is not a simple process, but once you have found your perfect saddle, you will no longer shy away from big rides.

I hope this guide was helpful in picking the best mountain bike saddle to fit your needs. If you want to comment or recommend a saddle I didn’t include, please use my contact form to get in touch.

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Every season we publish a fresh MTB saddle roundup to show off the latest places to rest your butt while pedaling. If you live in a rural area, away from major bike shops, borrowing saddles from friends and neighbors can be a good way to gauge your fit.

The cover material looks and feels like the seats in a luxury car, and somehow it has handily endured a number of slides across the trail. Under that layer, the widest points are designed to flex on impact, making for a comfortably cush sensation on rough trails.

The useable area stays a little wider as you slide forward which allows for additional climbing positions when the trail tilts up. Given this maneuverability, I was able to run the Gravity Alpaca a little further back on the rails and select my position based on the trail’s pitch.

If you dig a flat platform to push against, and plenty of places to put your sit-bones on the way uphill, this saddle is worth a try. Most mountain bike saddles have two separate rails molded into the plastic or fiberglass body at either end.

The “S-Alloy” rails on this new model from Fiji are shaped similarly to a large staple, connected at the back side to increase strength and distribution of the load. Like others in this saddle roundup, the third generation SDG Bel Air has been updated to reflect progressive mountain bike geometry with a shorter overall length and the same slight rear rise for support when it’s time to lay down the watts.

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This saddle has a cutout. The Bel Air V3 features a hidden cutout and an average amount of padding that most riders should find more than adequate. The base is made of a nylon material that offers great support while still providing a decent amount of flex.

At 140 mm wide, the saddle should fit most riders’ sit bones while in a neutral mountain biking position. That is, it might not be the most comfortable for pedaling in an aggressive BC racing position or for sitting completely upright like on a cruiser bike, but for most applications and for many riders, it’ll be just right.

Buyers can choose from a number of Bel Air V3 models featuring steel, alloy, or carbon rails and in multiple colors and finishes. With mountain bike reaches stretching longer and seat posts heading toward vertical, SDG was able to hack 10 mm off the overall length of the latest Bel Air saddle to an even 260 mm.

At 252 mm long, the 612 Ergo wave is on the short end of the saddle spectrum which helps it stay out of the way when the trail drops and the seat post does likewise. The nose of the Slab 612 Ergo wave appears elongated, but really the saddle doesn’t flare out toward the back as quickly as others on the market.

Slab says the medical specialists on staff “place a strong emphasis when developing products on the need for ergonomics and health aspects in cycling.” Clearly a lot of thought has gone into creating the 612 Ergo wave, from design to materials. Photos: Matt Miller Sense Wilson is Veto’s first-ever, dedicated mountain bike saddle.

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The Wilson keeps padding minimal for a firm feel and is designed with a flat profile, although not quite as plank-like as some other saddles featured. It feels like the saddle has some flex to it, like the Veto Angel Fly we tested last year, allowing it to conform to the rider’s sit bones.

When looking for a proper fitting mountain bike, the saddle is the next most important part. For the most part, once you know the distance of your Site Bones, then you can find the right width of saddle.

The length, padding, and angle of the saddle can be huge factors in proper fit. A women’s Site Bones are not always wider than the average man’s and getting a proper fitting for the measurement is important.

Many brands and models are unisex with a variety of widths to appeal to many bodies. Ultimately, it will depend on your size and riding style whether a wider or narrower saddle is for you.

Foam comes in various levels of firmness, depending on the saddle or price range. Remember, a softer saddle doesn’t equate to personal comfort.

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With many riders, a too-soft saddle will create deeper pressure in the fleshy parts (instead of the bone). The shape of the saddle ’s transition from seat to nose can make a difference in fit.

Trying several models with different curvatures in your width will be a good starting point for finding the best fit. If you are having pressure points, numbness or pain in your soft tissue regions, double-check the height of the saddle.

If the height is correct and you're still having pain, then a saddle with a cutout or deep channel might be a good option. The cutout or channel can relieve pressure down the center of the saddle, where valuable anatomy resides.

However, some people will not find a cutout comfortable because they will feel like they are sinking down or unsupported.

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