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• Friday, 25 December, 2020
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The best time to introduce your child to the love of riding is when they are young. Youth saddle sand large enough to fit around an adult horse.

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Use this time to bond with your child while you help guide them towards a saddle that will work for them. Children learn a lot through visual and sensory experiences.

In order to select the correct saddle size, you need to have your child sit down. The length of the upper leg is one of the main factors in determining what size saddle your child needs.

You want to choose a saddle size that is about 10% longer than your child’s upper leg. That way you can judge how long the saddle you purchase may last your child and how much you should invest in it.

Everyone grows at different rates, and the age range listed above may not be accurate for your child. One of the main causes of discomfort for young riders are stirrups that are too long.

Make sure that they can be made short enough to fit your child comfortably. If your child’s legs are really short, you can purchase a stirrup helper.

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A stirrup helper generally consists of nylon webbing that you can wrap around the saddle horn in order to adjust the stirrups to fit your child’s legs. If your child is really young, start with teaching them to wipe down their saddle after they ride and how to hang it up correctly.

If your child loves horses, be sure to involve them in the process of choosing their first youth western saddle. Teach them to appreciate and take care of their saddle and their horse at a young age.

We hope this article has helped you with top information about buying children youth saddles. To guide our kids toward safe, comfortable rides and peak performance, we want to start them out with dependable saddles tailored to their seat size and height.

If you are attempting to locate a good bargain, do not fall into the trap of a saddle that is poorly or cheaply made. This will take some effort on your part since many times a youth saddle might lack proper construction and will not have a balanced seat.

Make sure the stirrups have a wide range of adjustments which will provide flexibility as your child grows. It is not unusual for older boys to need a smaller seat size than girls in the same age group.

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If you are choosing a trail or working saddle, then comfort and security take priority. Many barrel-racing saddles for kids and adults alike will be designed for a snugger fit.

If your child prefers a saddle that makes a statement, then have fun with unlimited choices of colors, materials, and “bling” available in the marketplace. Then base your selection on seat size and saddle design that fits your budget.

Finally, the time comes when children outgrow their youth saddles, as they near or meet an adult’s measurements. Learning to ride in a saddle that’s too big puts a child at a disadvantage.

What We Liked: This saddle gets our vote as the best choice for competitive hunter riders. The traditional styling and color are perfect for the hunter ring, while personalized fit and comfort are possible with features like moveable knee blocks and easy-change options.

A low-profile jumping saddle, this has all the bells and whistles for superior performance over fences. What We Liked: From a company known for innovation, this serious jump saddle gets a rider closer to his horse without sacrificing comfort.

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Outstanding multidimensional silver trim including does, corner plates and ponchos. Shower Sale1233 View Bob’s Ranch style Racer In stock in 16 and 16:5”-Latimer, AF, and McQuay trees.

Built on a By tree; gorgeous antiqued finish with sterling over iron ponchos and does. Ride and work at home with the saddle that will give you the balance and comfort you need to make the most of your workouts and excel in the show ring.

Narrow, deep pocket; elegant, well appointed, but simple enough for ranch classes. CowhorseFor Sale1227 View Tim McQuay model from Bob's Custom Saddles- 15.5", 16", 16.5” in stock!currently our most popular seller- attractive square skirt, darker color, square silver ponchos- silver scroll over iron.

Deep pocket, narrow seat, close contact rigging and great styling. Reining Sale1221 View Bob's Custom Saddles Tanya Jenkins Deluxe Racer 16Shown with a silver trim package including gullet ponchos and silver does, full basket stamping with corner ETZ pattern, just how Tanya likes hers.

Narrow seat 16" Larson tree in stock- but can be built to your specs too-ReiningFor Sale1219 View Bob's Custom Saddles Bob Avila Hard Seat Cow horse- Copper! At cowdogsaddles.com we continually apply innovative finishes to the finest performing saddles available today! In stock in a 15.5”- but available in any size to fit your needs. ReiningFor Sale1215 View Bob's Custom Saddles Hard State've had very favorable response on this one.

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Full basket with corner floral; brown iron silver trim. Same close contact rigging; in stock with smooth out seat; can be custom ordered in any tooling and silver, and in any size.

CowhorseFor Sale1213 View Bob's Custom Saddles Square Skirt Hard seat 16Brand new- exclusively in stock at www.bobssaddles.com. Jordan Larson's racer in a hard seat with an attractive intricate tooling pattern on the skirts.

Reining Sale1212 View Bob's Custom Saddles Futurity Cow horse Modeled from Bob's- the Futurity Cow horse shown here with square skirts, corner acorn tooling and medium oil finish- In stock in a 16"- available from 14-17.5” on orderCuttingFor Sale1210 View Bob's Custom Saddles Lightweights! Perfect for the Select rider- the budget conscious-or those preferring a simpler, smaller saddle. Built on a Latimer tree with a 3.5” castle- full forward swing in the stirrups with a close contact ride.

Gorgeous sterling overlay trim package including silver horn, wrap gullet, 8 corner plates, castle, stirrup trim; tiny, highly detailed tooling, with great color. Shower Sale1203 View Bowman Reiner-NEW from Bob's Sits low and close to your horse- and gives you the maximum feel.

For Sale1201 View Bob's Custom Saddle Jordan Larson Square Skirt Reinterpret look at a moderate price. The Jordan Larson Reining Saddles from Bob's are becoming a favorite with this clean, modern appearance.

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Shower Sale1199 View Bob's DL Deluxe Show Racer 16"Built on the Avila tree- but with closer contact in skirt rigging. Fresh look with sterling overlay trim, lite oil basket combination tooling, and cream colored smooth out seat.

CowhorseFor Sale1196 View Bob's Custom Saddles Racer- 15.5Built on the AF tree, it is available in two different looks- butterfly or square skirt- and in stock for immediate delivery. Both with double padded narrow seat and close contact skirt and rigging.

CowhorseFor Sale1191 View 16' Avila Cow horse Show SaddlesChoose from three different looks, all in stock for immediate delivery. Basket with corner hand tooled floral accents and sterling overlay ponchos.

CowhorseFor Sale1189 View 16" Avila Cow horse Several Avila Cow horse models in stock; this one temporarily sold out- but on reorder in 15.5”, 16, 16.5"; CowhorseFor Sale1188 View Randy Paul Hard Seat Show Racer 16"Randy won the NRA futurity with this seat and tree- and you can get this outstanding look for immediate delivery here at www.cowdogsaddles.com Full sterling overlay trim; unique sterling overlay rear cinch “d"; Reining Sale1186 View 16" Bob Avila Square Skirt Cow horse by Bob's Custom SaddlesGorgeous square skirt Avila Cow horse model with oxidized iron/sterling overlay scrolls. Double padded smooth out seat, close contact skirts, PRE twist fenders, basket corner wild rose hand tooled pattern.

CowhorseFor Sale1185 View New Bob's 16" Oxbow Cutter Bob's introduces its advanced competition cutter. Cutting Sale1184 View Bob's Show Hagerstown with rough out seat and two sets of sterling overlay corner plates.

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Shower Sale1182 View Bob's Full Silver Show Saddle ! Available in all sizes and oil finishes. Shower Sale1181 View Bob's 16" Teddy Robinson Horseback in stock- padded, smooth out seat; sterling overlay ponchos; close contact rigging disperses cinch strain and provides security for those challenging runs down the fence! CowhorseFor Sale1180 View 15.5” Bob's Custom Saddles :”DL” Vanderbilt with a slightly narrower seat and close constant skirts and rigging, this is available in all sizes- in stock in a 15.5" -16.5"; hand carved basket with corner “Till” pattern.

Reining Sale1179 View 16" Bob's Square Skirt Cow horse/All-rounder's the Avila tree with a rough out seat. Square skirts, hand carving, saddle strings and sterling overlay trim.

Full Sterling overlay trim, fully hand carved in the popular ETZ pattern, close contact seat, rigging, and fenders; this one has it all! ShowFor Sale1177 View Square Skirt Racer/All-Around 16Distinctive look for racers- square skirts, square sterling overlay ponchos, attractive combination tooling- high performance! ReiningFor Sale1176 View 16" Duane Latimer Ranchers's the same saddle as 1126 but in the lite oil finish. Reining Sale1175 View Bob’s Custom Saddles 14” Youth Racer/all around Built on the DL tree for adult performance in a youth saddle, this one features full silver accents and hand tooling.

Sterling overlay ponchos and tips; basket with corner ETZ hand tooled carving pattern; Flank included; Available in other sizes- 14-17"; CowhorseFor Sale1159 View Bob's 16" Base Modeler's the perfect seat in a plain saddle. Sharp! ReiningFor Sale1149 View Bob's 16" Narrow Seat Show ReinerFANCY ornate silver overlaid on iron trim.

Full trim package includes deluxe “d's”, corner plates, silver ponchos and tips. Reining Sale1148 View 15.5" and 16" “DL” Square Skirt Show Saddles truly distinctive look works for all around, trail, reining, and horsemanship.

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Close contact cutaway skirts and rigging, with sterling accented iron ponchos, tips, “d's”, and corner plates. Flank available for cow events too! All Around Sale1144 View Bob's Cow horse- All AroundBuilt on the “DL” tree with the taller horn for deep cow horse action.

All Around Sale1135 View Silver Racer! Back in stock- this sold out immediately last fall- new tree works for the anyone interested in open level performance with a wider swell (not a wide seat) and deeper pocket.

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