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• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
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This list includes top sellers, customer favorites and styles recommended by our golf footwear experts. Using heatmaps, adidas analyzed the ways golfers distribute and shift their weight during the swing in order to determine where traction is needed most.

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The unique multi-layer mesh enhances durability and breathability while film layers are made to keep water out even in the soggiest conditions. As for support, Codecs utilizes adidas’ popular BOOST technology throughout the midsole along with a stability bar to help keep your feet comfortable and energized throughout your round.

DICK’S carries adidas Codecs golf shoes in sizes for men, women and kids. The latest Pro/SL outsole features 30% more traction elements and covers 17% more surface area, giving players greater control in all conditions.

Featuring the same technology found in the Sketchers GO walk Max shoes, these golf shoes are made for all-day comfort. Responsive cushioning located in the midsole and insole can help put a little bounce in every step you take on the course.

The stylish upper is made with synthetic mesh to promote airflow, helping to ensure cool comfort throughout your round. The shoes are water resistant but not fully waterproof, so keep that in mind if heading out to play in rainy conditions.

First released as a running shoe in 2012, the Rose captured massive attention for its minimalist design, incredible comfort and affordable price point. In 2018, Nike brought these qualities to the golf world with the launch of the Rose G, which continues to be a popular choice on courses today.

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The updated mesh upper on the 2020 version offers even more of the Rose’s trademark breathability, along with a fresh, modern look. Foam is injected throughout the midsole to help cushion every step you take on the course, while the pressure-mapped, spineless outsole provides added support and traction where it’s needed most.

Available in both men’s and women’s styles, the Foot Joy Flex is a spineless golf shoe that really can be worn anywhere. The Tech Response has a low-profile design to give you a grounded feel on every swing, and the six spikes on the outsole help ensure maximum stability in all conditions.

The Max Air technology is designed to enhance comfort and reduce fatigue, while the synthetic leather upper offers a timeless look and water resistance in wet conditions. These stylish-yet-affordable shoes feature an incredibly light, mesh upper to promote breathable comfort throughout 18 holes.

This boasts 30% more points of traction, with PowerHarness to wrap your foot in comfort, and a carbon-fibre inlay for added stability and to increase power into your golf swing. All this marketing jargon means that, although spineless, these shoes offer outstanding grip thanks to the 189 points (basically small spikes) of traction and 17% more surface area in the heel to provide the perfect grip and ground contact, in every sort of ground conditions.

What Under Armour call its Dual barometer EVA footed aims to provide lateral support and medial softness to harness power when you’re swinging hard. They have a lightweight, durable CPU outsole with carbon insert for added support, and like other Under Armour golf shoes we’ve worn, grip was solid with lower profile UA Rotational Resistance (RST 2.0) ‘spikes’ for improved traction on the ground.

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They might look like trainers, but they feature a waterproof leather upper, Ultra Flight technology in a cushioned midsole and Yoga Mat comfort insole. They’re very lightweight and were a pleasure to wear for 18 holes, while the new Grip Flex spineless traction that covers the entire outsole ensured our feet remained planted when swinging.

In fact, our test pair needed a couple of rounds to loosen up to shape to our feet. The shoe’s Twist grip proprietary traction system was developed by studying heat maps and how golfers shift their weight throughout the swing, enabling Adidas to determine where traction was needed most and what lug shapes would provide the best grip.

We can confirm all this Chaos Train R&D has worked and the Code chaos shoes always gripped and never slipped when we were playing, even during horribly wet weather. The new one-piece upper is made of multi-layer mesh, giving the shoe a radical texture while remaining durable and breathable, and still lightweight and waterproof.

The sole might look like polystyrene-packaging, yet we felt this offers good underfoot support with a Torsion X stability bar to produce a stable stance and responsive feel. Adidas proudly says these spineless Code chaos shoes are built with the modern golfer in mind, and it's true that they could easily pass as regular trainers inside the clubhouse.

They’re also worn by some of the World’s best pro golfers, including John RAM and Dustin Johnson. Designed and worn by American PGA Tour golfer Matt Char, the Sketchers Go Golf Pro V.4 shoes have a more classic-than-modern design, with replaceable Soft spikes and Sketchers H2GO Shield waterproof protection when rain doesn’t stop play.

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We tested the traditional white pair of the Sketchers Go Golf Pro V.4 spiked shoes, although they are also available in gray with a blue sole. They have a smooth ‘full-grain’ leather upper on top, and a dynamic diamond-design traction outsole for maximum grip whatever the surface underfoot, aided by a heel-lock feature for a stable and secure fit.

After two rounds our feet felt fresh, and we didn’t need to break them in at all, unlike some other firmer golf shoes on test. Despite coming from style innovator Nike, the Air Zoom Victory Tour are golf shoes with a premium leather outer and classic look.

Don't be fooled however; Nike has packed in plenty of the tech it uses in the best running shoes and street sneakers. The lightweight Fly knit construction on the upper quarter has a thin, stretchy skin that helps keep out water, while Nike React technology creates a lightweight, durable foam for added comfort when you’re on the course.

What makes the Nike Air Zoom Victory Tour really stand out is that they have a hybrid outsole, with a mixture of spiked and spineless grip. The design combines integrated traction under the ball of your foot, with removable spikes on the lateral sides and heel for ultimate gripping power.

If they’re good enough for the big-hitting, fast-swinging top golf pro Rory McIlroy, then you can be confident that they’ll be comfortable with great traction however hard you’re smashing your driver off the tee. In a choice of smart-looking colorways, the older version of the Foot Joy Pro/SL is a stylish shoe indeed, but its real star factor lies in its stability.

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It uses two types of special foam to give you all the support of a much higher-end shoe on all sorts of lies and slopes, but with superior comfort both underfoot and around the ankle. However, for support, grip, and softness underfoot, it’s a real winner, for a reasonable investment especially now the Pro SL Carbon has come along, and this shoe can often be found at a reduced price as a result.

Following the rest of the sportswear world’s cues, these spineless shoes from Puma are lean and light for sleek style on the course and effortlessly comfortable play. The slightly weird DISC closure system gives you a consistent fit, the leather saddle offers support in the mid foot, the foam midsole, and the upper features waterproof, four-way stretch mesh.

Reasons to avoid When it comes to a shoe that can take you through your next match day, to the pub, and out for walks on the weekend, the Echo Golf Casual Hybrid is a winning choice. With all the casual good looks of a leather trainer and the performance of a golf shoe, it offers the best of both worlds: the CPU outsole gives great traction, the nu buck upper is comfortable and durable, and overall, it’s a great investment if you don’t want to shell out for one-use shoes for occasional play.

For lightweight golf shoes that won’t weigh you down over the course of a long match day, look to Milano and the Elite SL. If your feet tend to get tired soon into your practice, these are a great buy, with their breathable waterproof construction (the ‘Sofina SK upper’ here is the secret to the shoes lack of heft) and impact grip system, ensuring stability throughout your swing and a solid, shock-absorbing base.

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