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Maria Johnson
• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
• 10 min read

Below is a brief story about how my hunting season has turned out so far, why it’s lead me to seek new options, and a list of the best tree saddle kits currently available on the market. I began doing some e-scouting one morning during another slow sit in my tree stand spot, but my options on the other public land in my area are pretty limited without having a solid hang-and-hunt setup.

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Determined to find a spot with fresh sign or at least a palpable sense of deer in the immediate area, I went out scouting that afternoon. I found sign in the form of four scrapes along the edge of an AG field, and setup shop in a ground blind later that evening.

I had heard about them in some videos years ago, and read a handful of articles with people raving about saddles being the ultimate light weight, mobile hunting solution. I plan to add one of these saddle kits to my lineup in the near future, so look back here for a full review later on.

Trophy line appears to offer the best bang for your buck saddle kit options. The Tree Saddle is distributed around your body making it virtually unnoticeable as you move through the woods.

Patented Hammock style design Separate Lineman loops 24” Web Bridge Two rows of Molly attachment system. It features a lightweight brushed strict fabric with great stability and comfort.

It’s ideal for long walks into your hunting area and meant to be totally mobile. Patented design Separate Lineman loops 24” Web Bridge Two rows of Molly attachment system.

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The Hawk Helium Hammock Tree Saddle is another preferable option, as this kit includes a back band for additional support. Chaos Camo Pattern Ultra Packable; entire kit fits into an 8” x 8” x 10” carrying bag Padded and removable seat Secure Setup; includes climbing grade rope and attachments Lightweight; entire kit weighs less than 4lbs.

Aero Hunter Merlin tree saddle made specifically for fall prevention while tree hunting, rated 5000 lbs Saddle bridge is 1 heavy nylon webbing rated at 6500 lbs. Tree strap made of All Gear 24-strand climbing rope rated 6300 lbs, in brown, for adjustable tree anchor, with Fusion double-locking carabiner Lineman’s belt made of All Gear 24-strand climbing rope, in green, with Fusion double-locking carabiner Eye-and-eye Prussia cord is Sterling 8 mm Flex Hitch cord, made of Techno/Polyester, strength 29 kN (6519 lbs) for secure and adjustable connection to the ropes Aero Hunter Back Band for positionable back support if and where you want it.

Focused on creating gear that is high quality, light weight, comfortable, and mobile to enhance your overall hunting experience, Cruz saddles simply cannot be left off this list. The company offers a wide range of saddle hunting equipment, but also sells two different kits if you prefer to go that route.

The S offers a solid mesh seat and is also equipped with quick release buckles, fixed static rope bridge, and two rows of Molly loops. The top row of Molly loops are loose for ease of clipping in carabiners and other gear.

The BC boasts a pleated mesh X mansion Ch amber that when opened adds a whole new level of comfort and cupping for your backside. The BC is also equipped with quick release buckles, fixed static rope bridge, and two rows of Molly loops.

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The top row of Molly loops are loose for ease of clipping in carabiners and other gear. I added the Method Saddle from Latitude Outdoors after a reader steered me in their direction.

The Method saddle features a unique dual panel design for supreme comfort to get you through even your longest days of hunting. Without having any experience with this saddle, I like the idea of being able to adjust those panels on the fly based on how my back is holding up while on stand.

Although this saddle was not initially on my radar, it may have leapfrogged up to my number one pick to get started saddle hunting ! The Method starter kit contains everything needed to get started saddle hunting and it is rigged and ready to go out of the package.

Choose either the Method Saddle with Australia D-Ring buckle for a redundant safety system or a featherlight, deadly silent,Op lux rope belt. Components includeBlack Diamond carabiners, tender, and manufacturer recommended 6 mm TRC schwabisch hitch cord.

Saddle hunting is a great concept for hunting above ground level that flies against the grain of conventional tree stand that most hunters are familiar with. This is a system that gives hunters a wide range option or platform to hunt on the tree with the opportunity to move into position and shoot in multiple directions.

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Also, from the picture, you will see clearly that the lineman’s belt is one of the two channels that connect the hunter to the tree. It is the device that connects the tether to the string of the tree stand to ensure your saddle is in a good position.

With strong stitching, wear resistance, stronger load bearing and high tensile strength. Tension 25 KN : There are 3 adjustable buckles on the waist and leg ring, make the waist and leg ring can be adjusted according to your actually size. Allow the harness to be donned while wearing mountaineering or ski boots, can easily adjust the size for different clothing : Half body harness, traditional buckle, harness construction distributes pressure to keep you comfortable while climbing, which is perfect for mountaineering and rock climbing, outward band, fire rescue, working on the higher level, caving.

Front center belay loop is made from a high-strength stainless steel alloy. Unique design: Perfect frame construction guarantees excellent weight.

Double back buckle allows quick and easy adjustment of the waist belt. Front center belay loop is made from a high-strength stainless steel alloy.

Unique design: Perfect frame construction guarantees excellent weight. Double back buckle allows quick and easy adjustment of the waist belt.

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Spectra strands are used in the waist belt and leg loops to give optimal load distribution without the use of foam. LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: The extremely thin waist belt and leg loops offer a sleek design, with compactness and lightweight pushed to the maximum.

COMFORT AND DURABILITY: The use of bonded fabric in the waist belt avoids pressure points and gives optimal wear resistance. The lack of through stitching eliminates chafe and pressure points in the waist belt.

EASY ADJUSTMENT: Doubleday HD buckle in forged aluminum has a slim, rounded design that offers good handling and smooth strap glide for quick and easy waist belt adjustment. Petal Women's Selena Climbing Harness Tailored to a woman's physique:.

Leg loop to waist belt proportions suited to a female physique. Weans Professional Full Body Safety Climbing Harness Outdoor Rock Climbing Harness Half Body Harness Safe Seat Belts for Mountaineering Fire Rescuing Tree Climbing Rappelling (Blacked) Safety certification: CE Certified.

When used as a component in a personal fall arrest system, or a personal restraint system, the Palmer Safety harnesses provide workers with the full body harness system designed to allow the body to help absorb the impacts of a fall should one occur. TECHNICAL SPECS: Full body harness with 5 point adjustment, dorsal D-ring for fall arrest, hip D-rings, heavy duty back support/positioning pad with removable tool belt, tongue buckle leg straps.

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Palmer Safety Full Body Harnesses are designed for use by persons with a combined weight (clothing, tools, etc.) PHYSICAL PARAMETERS: Webbing: Polyester, Width: 1.73 in, Breaking Strength: 5000 lbs., Stitching Thread: High-tenacity polyester | Metal Component: Alloy Steel, Finish: Silver or Golden Yellow Galvanized | Weight: 5.28 lbs.

For 1 Minute | Dynamic Performance: Free fall from 6 feet height done to a test dummy weighing 220 lbs. Malta Dynamics Warthog Comfort Max Construction Harness with Removable Belt, Side D-Rings and Additional Thick Padding (X-Large-XX-Large), OSHA/ANSI Compliant Comfort with Functionality: Our full body safety harness has a removable waist belt that is not sewn into the harness.

Perfect for Construction & Roof Work: This full body construction harness is the perfect roofing harness specifically designed with premier fall arrest gear to meet OSHA and ANSI guidelines. We offer unmatched safety harness fall protection and you can feel confident with features such as the alloy steel side D-Rings, break away lanyard keepers and quick disconnect chest buckle.

Guaranteed for Peace of Mind: We are so confident that the Warthog Comfort Max is one of the best on the market that we extend a Limited Lifetime Warranty on each purchase. Whether you are using the Warthog Comfort Max as a construction harness or as landscaping safety equipment, rest assured that you have made the right choice.

Or more above lower levels & usually consist of a full body harness, a declaration device, a lanyard and a anchor point. Construction, Arborist, Window Washer, Gutter Cleaning, Roofing, Search and Rescue.

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User capacity ranges from 130-310 lbs (including worker weight, clothing, and tools). Most hunters wouldn’t leave a conventional hunting stand for tree saddle if not for some benefits and that is exactly what you are about to find out.

One of the things you can’t do away with totally when hunting with tree stand is the sound and noise from it gives whenever you want to move or change your direction and that can easily catch the attention of your prey and make them flee. On a final note as regarding the importance of a tree saddle, it is lightweight and can be carried about easily.

The spike will help you have solid grip on the tree while you climb up to your desired height for hunting. You have to be steady with your movement due to the fact that some tree has bark, and they can easily peel off.

Tips and tricks don’t mean you can find yourself on the tree without climbing. A tree saddle is not a device you will want to constantly invest your money into and that is why you should get yourself the one that will last longer.

Another important factor that you need to consider is the weight capacity of the tree saddle. So you decide how you want it to be tight as you can easily detect your comfort zone while strapping it around you.

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However, with the importance on this page, I hope I’ve been able to convince you on the use of a tree saddle for hunting, and we have the lists of the best for you to consider.

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