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Saddles increase speed and reduce drain rates on cores and stats. Saddles in Red Dead Online differ from the ones in the single player portion of the game.

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At the base level, saddles are necessary for riding and calling your horse. If your horse is not saddled, it cannot come to you from the stables, and you’ll be left to ride shamefully across the wild west with Scrawny Nag.

Every 15 seconds on a fully bonded horse, you can press the soothe key to regain some stamina bar. If you have the hooded stirrups and a higher tier saddle, you will have nearly unlimited stamina.

The only saddle that adds three bars of speed and acceleration, reduces the stamina drain rate by 35%. It is not the only saddle that adds a drain rate reduction, but the only one that can also have the stirrups added.

Considering how early it is unlocked and that it does not cost gold, it makes it the best saddle available in Online. There are a couple of downsides to the Nacogdoches Saddle : the core drain rates are pretty poor.

The second is a matter of opinion: the saddle is ugly, and the few good color options it has done not make up for the terrible pattern and design. On average, the core drain rates are very good, and their stamina regeneration remains one of the best.

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They are not the Nacogdoches Saddle and will not decrease the stamina drain, but you will not notice it with the use of Hooded Stirrups. They’re all top tier saddles, regardless and, depending on your preference, worth the cost.

Paired with the Hooded Stirrups, it is a worthy contender to the Nacogdoches Saddle. It only adds the standard two speed to your horse, but it is a beautiful saddle that happens to be very good.

Once the Hooded Stirrups are added, the stamina is still nearly unlimited with most saddles. While the Nacogdoches Saddle is the best in Red Dead Online, if stamina is your main concern, worry about the stirrups more.

This saddle is one of the better-looking ones, preferring a scenic design over an unusual pattern. It is one of the best -looking saddles in the game with an understated black, red, and gold design.

As with all the saddles, the stamina drain rate is negligible when paired with the Hooded Stirrups. It does have the best core drain rates of the saddles, saving some money on horse feed.

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It looks great on every horse since it relies on accessories more than color or design. Like the horse for the Trader role, the saddle is well-rounded but doesn’t excel in any particular area.

It’s also a good-looking saddle that doesn’t clash with any particular horse breed or coat. However, Special Saddles are preset, cannot add stirrups, and already have them equipped.

The Bear Dakota Saddle is good if you have the gold for it and like the design. It is slightly worse than the Fletcher Saddle when it comes to stats, but you will save money by not needing to buy stirrups to go with it.

It doesn’t have the best design of the Special Saddles category but has a good regeneration rate for the price. Its drain rates are comparable to the higher priced role saddles.

It still falls short of the role saddles, but only by about two percent for the lowest stats. Taking care of your horse is essential in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Part of taking care of your horse is getting a good saddle for them. Saddles can improve different stats for your horse like HP and stamina.

The stamina drain and stamina regent rate have 16% boosts while the core drain rate for health has a 14% boost. The saddle is designed to be fairly well-balanced between all the available stats and is good for all-around use.

If stamina is a big problem for you or if you haven’t done much in the way of bonding with your current horse, this saddle is a solid choice. The Garden Trail is best with core stamina drain, but the Stinger Roping is ideal for Core HP, and all three are about right with stamina regeneration.

As you make improvements, however, their performance will nearly double in all areas. Screen grab via RockstarIf you’re not ready to invest in these types of saddles, there are others available through Stables.

How to get it: Purchased at gunsmiths after Chapter 2 mission Blessed are the Meek, or via robbing the Valentine doctor's practice. This boasts a very high rate of fire and reload speed, albeit at the cost of accuracy and a little damage compared to others.

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There are also several unique, and rather beautifully decorated revolvers you can pick up as part of the Gunslingers quest There are fewer pistols in Red Dead Redemption 2 than there are revolvers, from our experience, but there are still a couple of very useful options.

There are a decent number of shotguns in Red Dead Redemption 2, but just the one unique model, as far as we know. Customizable: Yes Details: Just like the Semi-Auto Pistol above, there's a semi-automatic shotgun too, and it's a bit of a monster, dealing high damage at by far the highest fire rate of any shotgun we know, with a good reload speed too.

Other strong, unique or rare sniper rifles in Red Dead Redemption 2 Alternatively, the Mariano Rifle has a much higher rate of fire and reload speed compared to the Rolling Block, but it actually does a bit less damage on hit, and isn't available until much later on in the game, so we don't see it as being quite so valuable.

Other strong, unique or rare throwing weapons in Red Dead Redemption 2 As we said, most throwing weapons do pretty identical damage, but another unique option is the Viking Hatchet, which is found in an old viking ruin just to the north of Johannesburg, in the forest on the western side of the river.

Improving your holster, or adding a Wrap to your weapon, will reduce the rate at which it 'degrades', basically meaning you have to clean it less often, which always helps and is probably worth the investment just to save your time. Gunsmiths will also have things like Gun Belts and Bandoliers, to increase your ammo capacity for revolvers and pistols and rifles, repeaters and shotguns respectively, and speaking of which, it's the Gunsmith that you'll need to visit in order to purchase those upgrades above.

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