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Saddles increase speed and reduce drain rates on cores and stats. Saddles in Redhead Online differ from the ones in the single player portion of the game.

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At the base level, saddles are necessary for riding and calling your horse. If your horse is not saddled, it cannot come to you from the stables, and you’ll be left to ride shamefully across the wild west with Scrawny Nag.

Every 15 seconds on a fully bonded horse, you can press the soothe key to regain some stamina bar. If you have the hooded stirrups and a higher tier saddle, you will have nearly unlimited stamina.

The only saddle that adds three bars of speed and acceleration, reduces the stamina drain rate by 35%. It is not the only saddle that adds a drain rate reduction, but the only one that can also have the stirrups added.

Considering how early it is unlocked and that it does not cost gold, it makes it the best saddle available in Online. There are a couple of downsides to the Nacogdoches Saddle : the core drain rates are pretty poor.

The second is a matter of opinion: the saddle is ugly, and the few good color options it has done not make up for the terrible pattern and design. On average, the core drain rates are very good, and their stamina regeneration remains one of the best.

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They are not the Nacogdoches Saddle and will not decrease the stamina drain, but you will not notice it with the use of Hooded Stirrups. They’re all top tier saddles, regardless and, depending on your preference, worth the cost.

Paired with the Hooded Stirrups, it is a worthy contender to the Nacogdoches Saddle. It only adds the standard two speed to your horse, but it is a beautiful saddle that happens to be very good.

Once the Hooded Stirrups are added, the stamina is still nearly unlimited with most saddles. While the Nacogdoches Saddle is the best in Redhead Online, if stamina is your main concern, worry about the stirrups more.

This saddle is one of the better-looking ones, preferring a scenic design over an unusual pattern. It is one of the best -looking saddles in the game with an understated black, red, and gold design.

As with all the saddles, the stamina drain rate is negligible when paired with the Hooded Stirrups. It does have the best core drain rates of the saddles, saving some money on horse feed.

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It looks great on every horse since it relies on accessories more than color or design. Like the horse for the Trader role, the saddle is well-rounded but doesn’t excel in any particular area.

It’s also a good-looking saddle that doesn’t clash with any particular horse breed or coat. However, Special Saddles are preset, cannot add stirrups, and already have them equipped.

The Bear Dakota Saddle is good if you have the gold for it and like the design. It is slightly worse than the Fletcher Saddle when it comes to stats, but you will save money by not needing to buy stirrups to go with it.

It doesn’t have the best design of the Special Saddles category but has a good regeneration rate for the price. Its drain rates are comparable to the higher priced role saddles.

It still falls short of the role saddles, but only by about two percent for the lowest stats. Redhead Online's emphasis on your horse and the way you treat it means that sooner or later you'll need to choose a new saddle.

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If you're choosing a new saddle, the kind you go for will depend on your level, your wallet, and to some extent what you want to boost about your horse, whether it's health, speed, stamina, or just how it looks. And, of course, they impact your general look as you mosey about from New Austin to Lemon, whether you're mounted on a seat of black leather or leopard skin.

| Joel Franny/US gamer, Rock star North/Rockstar Games If you want a new seat for your horse, head to any stable (they're marked on your map with an icon of a horseshoe) and wander in through the open doors. That's not to say they can't be useful, but if you want to get a saddle that has a really significant impact on your horse's performance, they don't unlock until you're a very high level cowboy hero.

Not only that, but there's a lot of items we'd recommend you get first before you start looking at saddle options: new weapons, new clothes, ability cards, unlocking specialist roles, or just getting a better horse overall. OK, now it makes a lot more sense to start thinking about saddles, when you've maxed out everything else and have money to burn.

These are animal hide seats that give the biggest stats boosts in the game, and while they're all pretty similar, we recommend going for the Beaver Roping Saddle. It has some of the best stats in the game, doesn't look too bad, and is actually reasonably priced, considering that there are similar saddles that cost 20 gold bars and aren't meaningfully any better.

It also comes with built-in stirrups that boost your horse's speed and acceleration by two stages, and reduces stamina drain by half. You can view the Best Horses in Redhead 2 based on their speed and or acceleration.

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We will also include the saddles you can equip to your horse which will provide players with Gameplay Bonuses. The Redhead Redemption 2 Best Horses Tier List is based on the speed and acceleration stats.

There are various ways in Redhead Redemption 2 you can increase Horse Bonding Levels. Thanks to the Horse Bonding Levels your ride will gain new functions and ability you can use.

Horse Bonding LevelFunctionsControls For PS4 & XBOX1Level 1 N/AN/Level 2RearWhen stationary press R1 + tap Square / RB + tap X Level 3Skid Turn Skid Stephen moving hold R1 + X / RB + A = Skid Turns When moving hold R1 + Square / RB + X = Skid Stopover 4Piaffe Driftwood Square / X When Stationary = Staffing When Moving = Drifting Players can use Saddles in Redhead Redemption 2 to store Weapons, Outfits, Masks, and Hats.

Taking care of your horse is essential in Redhead Redemption 2. Part of taking care of your horse is getting a good saddle for them.

Saddles can improve different stats for your horse like HP and stamina. The stamina drain and stamina regent rate have 16% boosts while the core drain rate for health has a 14% boost.

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The saddle is designed to be fairly well-balanced between all the available stats and is good for all-around use. If stamina is a big problem for you or if you haven’t done much in the way of bonding with your current horse, this saddle is a solid choice.

The Garden Trail is best with core stamina drain, but the Stinger Roping is ideal for Core HP, and all three are about right with stamina regeneration. As you make improvements, however, their performance will nearly double in all areas.

Screen grab via RockstarIf you’re not ready to invest in these types of saddles, there are others available through Stables. Also, keep in mind that the saddle isn’t the only thing you can modify on your ride.

You can also equip your ride with a saddle horn, ranging in price between $7.50 and $18.75, depending on what you think looks best. They vary in price, with different types, ranging from COTOREP to Millennia to Not Rock.

Guides Q&A Trophies Reviews Media Images Videos And the combo-stats are not as good compared to the special built-in saddles (at low level).

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Once you get into the high 60s/low 70s, the improved saddles unlock, and that's when you can really go to town buying the best saddle with the best stirrup (the covered shoe one, whose name escapes me ATM as well). It makes little difference which one you want: the most important stat is stamina drain rate, and they all have 50% which is as high as it goes.

The other stats are small changes, -2% here, +4% there, picking the one you like the look of is honestly more important. I think it’s called the high plains cutting saddle, that or the alligator ranch cutter.

The core drain stats aren’t really that important, eating may be annoying but hay is cheap and you have to do it anyway. As you rank up you can get stirrups that have up to +2 bonuses on speed/acceleration and up to -50% stamina drain improvement.

I’d get one when it lets you get +1 speed and then wait til you can get the best one with the -50% stamina drain. The prices, even on these special saddles, aren’t really that high, by the time you get to that level it won’t even notice.

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