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Or I guess that’s kinda subjective, but what saddle has the most carry weight/capacity Fine saddles cost more and weigh a bit less, so if you can find one with 4 bags that would be better.

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Seb3108 February 25, 2018, 5:51pm #4I have the same one, but I’m the kind of guy who wants to be able to pick up everything, so I have basically all my stuff on my horse XD. Yes, but it’s identical to the four bag noble saddle you can buy the normal way, as Dragon said above.

Saddles in KingdomCome Deliverance can be equipped on your Horse. Saddles also provide extra max carry capacity as well as modifying speed when equipped to your horse.

For example, the following changes were observed on Bayard with no bridle equipped: “Plain Saddle has a -7 speed penalty and +10 bonuses to capacity.

“Fine Saddle (4 saddlebags)” has a -5 speed penalty and +150 bonuses to capacity. “Noble Saddle has a -5 speed penalty and +160 bonuses to capacity.

“Noble Saddle (4 saddlebags)” has a -2 speed penalty and +200 bonuses to capacity. “Noble Saddle (4 saddlebags)” has a -6 speed penalty when used with Pebbles (the starting horse).

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Saddles are a type of horse tack in KingdomCome : Deliverance. They increase a horse carrying capacity at the cost of speed.

It is worn by your horse, increases their weight capacity (but decreases their speed), and comes in five different sizes. A well-made saddle fits not only the horse, but also its rider.

It's important to remember that some saddles are heavier than others. The original noble saddle decreases the speed of your horse by 5, while the noble saddles with bags only decrease its speed by 1.

They can increase the load capacity of your horse, meaning they can carry more weight, but decreases their speed. Head Armour is worn by your horse and increase its defensive stats, but may occasionally decrease speed.

Saddles increase the load capacity of your horse, meaning they can carry more weight, but decreases their speed. Bridles in KingdomCome Deliverance can be equipped on your Horse.

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All stats aside from price and courage increase on bridles are identical. A Woman's Lot has three trophies that can be missed without directly interacting with the DLC's content and all three are part of Johanna's quest line.

The trophies Cleric's Pet and Full House Sinner are also mutually exclusive with Virgin. This means 100% can be achieved in one play through, but it's still recommended planning for two runs, given the complexity of A Woman's Lot kissable trophies and their mutual exclusivity with Virgin.

Familiarity with the game's world and its quests makes obtaining these trophies much more straightforward during a second (non-Virgin) play through. The DLC consists of two (unrelated) parts: a standalone quest line in which you play as Theresa, and The Madonna of NASA, a quest line taking place in and around NASA Monastery, in which Henry tries to help Johanna, who's been having strange dreams.

You will, however, have to play through part of the main quest line and complete nine side quests in preparation for the latter, which takes something between 20 and 30 hours. While not technically difficult, the many kissable and mutually exclusive trophies make A Woman's Lot's trophy set the most complicated among the DLC. Theresa's quest line is started by talking to her at the Rattan Mill, and asking How did you manage to survive? This can be done from the main quest Awakening (#4) onward, and is covered in Stage 2 of the Roadmap. Johanka's quest line is started by speaking to her at NASA Monastery.

Note: This quest must also be completed (in any way) to have Nicodemus join you for Hamburger. Location : NASA Monastery Given by: Johanna Availability : From Awakening (#4) onward Time limit : Three days, until the first patient dies; clock starts ticking upon quest start Skill check: Custodian Sir Sebastian 14The quest will be pretty straightforward if you gather what's needed the day before.

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Optional objectives are colored green and can safely be ignored. Requirements: Completion of A Man of the Cloth recommended, but not critical (see Cleric's Pet for a walkthrough). Optional: First Aid II (Main Level 8 perk) to bandage Hannes yourself (or ask Nicodemus).

Optional: First aid III (Main Level 10 perk) to set Thomas' broken leg (or visit the Rattan Executioner). Optional: Bard Potion when speaking to Sir Sebastian (speech level 11-14) during a cutscene, and again to convince him to offer more supplies.

Optional: 100 x Meat to give to Johanna, can be bought from the Butcher just south of the Monastery (completing this objective doesn't seem to add to your reputation). Important : Learning to read will void the Form the Ashes DLC trophy Trial-and-Error.

Skill check: Straw 9 13, Daniel 2Before starting this quest, you'll want to visit the Units scribe to complete Mightier than the Sword. Don't forget any villagers when distributing the cure. Requirements: Completion of Mightier than the Sword 2 x Thistle 1 x Valerian: both herbs can be bought from Nicodemus; buy extra in case you make a mistake brewing the potion.

Optional: a Bard Potion, a cutscene will play if you enter Straw's house early in the quest, and another after you've questioned the bandit. A quicker way to brew Aid for Method (you only need one) is: Water > Add 2 x Thistle + 1 x Valerian > Bellows x 4 > Add Charcoal when it stops boiling > Finish Sleeping with Lady Stephanie at the end of At Your Service, My Lady is required to unlock Full House Sinner and Casanova.

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Important: This quest must be completed before entering the hill fort of Rank as part of The Die is Cast (#20). If you want to unlock Virgin in the same play through, do not complete the quest until you've reached the point in Johanna's quest line where she confronts Henry with his sins. Given by: Lady Stephanie or a Bamberg guard Location : Bamberg Availability : From Awakening (#4) onwards Items Needed: 150 Gr., Bard, Armor, Nighthawk and Pad foot Potion, Lock picks, Stealth gear and a bow Skill check: Old Such 5, Washed 7 4 Objective: Put on the shirt Lady Stephanie offers youths can efficiently be combined with the prerequisite quests The House of God (Bamberg to NASA) and Waldensian's (Rattan to Units).

Items Needed: Lock picks, Nighthawk and Pad foot Potion, Stealth gear If you want to play it safe, travel to the objective area west of NASA to find a cart by the side of the road.

Knock them out and pick the easy lock to open the chest which contains the Moldavia. Now return the stone to Master Jerome. Drink a Pad foot Potion of needed. Alternatively, talk to Konrad Hagen to be directed to the archery contest, which can be won at any bow level, if you make use of Bowman's Brew.

Note: Telling the Head Groom “I can handle it” will lock you out of speaking to Washed. You can tell the Head Groom the horse is giving you trouble to have him direct you to Washed.

The earliest you can start Johanna's part of the DLC is during Questions and Answers (main quest #15), after completing (or failing) Pestilence. The earliest you can meet all six objectives for Cleric's Pet is after completion of A Needle in a Haystack (#19).

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The first two objectives for the following main quest, The Die is Cast, aren't time-limited, so you're free to take your time at this point. Be aware that entering the hill fort of Rank as part of The Die is Cast is a point of no return (of which the game will warn you).

Finish quests related to kissable trophies before this point, as it's unclear which of them are available post-game (unless stated otherwise). The DLC itself can safely be started (or continued) after completion of the main story's Epilogue. When speaking to Johanna, she may rebuke you for not saving everyone during In God's Hands, and for failing Pestilence.

See Woman's Lot for a number of tips to help you complete Theresa's story. Main questSidequestTrophyOrdinary Routine Bad Girl Swordplay Death By Splinter Matchmaker Wolf! The Family SilverUnexpected VisitThicker Than Eateries That BindAftermath Woman's Lot Angel of Mercy Savior This guide assumes you save the game at critical points, and are carrying save potions at all times.

Similarly, if a trophy's guide mentions skill checks, make sure to drink the relevant potion before speaking to NPCs. Once you've found your feet in the game, its good practice to have your horse carry a steady supply of any potions used regularly.

Having Pad foot Potion handy will alleviate much of the frustration you'd otherwise experience when first leveling these skills. Take care to track your current quests to avoid confusion.

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When the guide's quest walkthroughs mention “Items needed”, don't take this literally. The red hand icon won't show up on stolen items inside your storage chest, but you can still tell them apart by selecting them, as they will say Steal instead of Take. Stolen items can be sold to fences, who only have so much Gretchen to buy from you.

Should you choose to take him along on your journey, you won't have to worry about feeding him, though doing so will raise his obedience as well as the associated Hound master skill. It's unknown whether having Mutt kill NPCs voids Merciful , so it's recommended not to learn the related perks if you don't want to kill anyone. Mutt can be told to return to Rattan Mill at any time, after which he can be picked up again at some later point.

The guide attempts to list the highest relevant skill level a NPC will have during any specific conversation or quest, as they will vary, sometimes significantly. Skill checks can fail even if you match the NPC's Speech, Charisma or Intimidation level.

This is because there are other factors at play; mainly your reputation with the person you're talking to. Charisma can be increased by equipping (clean and undamaged) gear with a high Charisma rating. ItemCharismaPurchased or stolen from (Lock picking 15)Taken from Nobleman's hat 20Tailors Brocade Outer JacketQuartered Combat Jacket 20TailorsRattay Bailiff, Armour smith and Trader;Rattan Weapon smith Shop guard (he sleeps on the upper floor of the shop) Dragged coterie or Green Doublet 12-15TailorsGamekeepers, Rattan Tailor Nobleman's hose (green, yellow-green, red)16-17Tailors Nobleman's boots 20Cobblers Treasure maps IV, XIII, XXIII; Ancient map III Golden spurs 20Horse traders Necklace 20Treasure maps (many) Silver ring 14Treasure maps (many)Only wear these items when needed, as their Charisma rating will drop when dirtied or damaged, and they're expensive to repair.

Using Intimidation to pass skill checks isn't recommended for this DLC, as it comes at a cost to your reputation (depending on context). Instead, consider learning perks that give you a Speech bonus, as shown in the table below. PerkSkillLevelDescription Burgher Main Level6In towns and villages and their immediate vicinity you have a +1 bonus on Strength, Agility, Vitality and Speech.

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Troubadour Speech8You have a +1 Speech Bonus when talking to women and you can avail of bath wenches' services for free. The truth is your failures are largely down to your skill level being low, even if it seems like you're doing something wrong.

Just select the required herbs from your inventory when starting the alchemy process. Turning the hourglass (= ten seconds) isn't necessary: Boiling for one turn equals four pulls of the bellows Boiling for two turns equals five pulls of the bellows Boiling for three turns equals six pulls of the bellows. Some of the best perks are: Witcher (level 3): Makes potions less nutritious, meaning you can drink more.

Included below is a list of all the potions mentioned in this guide, along with their ingredients and recipe (sometimes shortened). Note that distillation is always followed by two pulls of the bellows. After using the bellows, always wait for the cauldron to stop boiling before adding the next ingredient or completing the potion.

You're free to start grinding the next herbs while the cauldron is still boiling, so you can add them as soon as the brew stops bubbling. At higher levels, you'll still get two potions if you don't follow the recipe to the letter. See the section on Herbalism below if you'd like to know where to find rare herbs.

Nighthawk Potion: Cave mushroom, 1 x Belladonna, 2 x EyebrightSee better in the dark for 10 minutesFull: Water Add 1 x Belladonna Grind 2 x Eye bright Bellows x 6 Add Cave Mushroom Distil Armor Potion: Antlers, 1 x Marigold, 1 x Chamomile, 1 x WormwoodCharisma +5 for 10 minutesFull: Add Antlers Bellows x 4 Add 1 x Marigold + 1 x Chamomile Bellows x 2 Grind 1 x Wormwood Distil Note: The distillation step isn't mentioned in the game, but is required to get three potions.

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Lazarus Potion: 1 x Valerian, 2 x ComfreyFully heals over 5 minutes and removes HangoverFull: Water Add 1 x Valerian Bellows x 4 Grind 2 x Camera Bellows x 4 Distil Chamomile Brew: 2 x Chamomile, 1 x Satchels slowly over 5 hours (real time)Full: Water Add 2 x Chamomile Bellows x 5 Add 1 x Sage Digestive Potion: 1 x Mint, 2 x ChamomileNutrition -20Full: Spirits Add 1 x Mint Grind 2 x Chamomile Bellows x 3 Finish Lethe an Water: Fly Alaric, 2 x Wormwood, 1 x BelladonnaResets and gives you back your perks points Short: Spirits Add 1 x Belladonna Bellows x 5 Grind 2 x Wormwood Add Fly Alaric Note: You can only ever get one Lethe an Water per brew.

Artemis Potion (only need one): 2 x Wormwood, 1 x SageStrength & Warfare +5 for 10 minutes Short: Spirits Add 1 x Sage Bellows x 3 Grind 2 x Wormwood Lullaby Potion (only need one): 1 x Poppy, 1 x Thistle, 1 x Herb Parishes Energy to 0Short: Oil Add 1 x Poppy + 1 x Thistle Bellows x 3 Add Herb Paris When starting Alchemy, you'll be able to find most herbs around the town of Rattan. Some herbs, like Belladonna, are more difficult to find, and it's worth buying them from the Rattan Apothecary in the early stages of the game.

You don't need to worry about it being located in a private area. Note that the local Herbalist doesn't sell Antlers, Cobwebs (found in trunks and chicken coops) or Fly Alaric. Charcoal can be bought from the Samples blacksmith, and Nettles can be found growing inside the town.

It's shown on the map above inside objective area D. You'll need to have spoken to Johanna during Ordinary Routine to be able to get lock picks from Fritz. If you helped Bushes at the start of Unexpected Visit, you'll be able to heal Holbein using the First Aid II perk.

If you have a Bard Potion, you can convince Jamila to run away, but the Human will chase her if he sees her. He moves in a circle from northwest to southeast and back again, stopping just in front of the shed.

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If you're honest with him he'll reward you with 2 x Bandages. If you're not carrying any lock picks, follow the road you found Marsh on eastward until you come across a large basket. Otherwise, head straight to C. You'll find Julian standing inside a burnt out camp.

Agree to help him and either pick the very easy lock or unlock the door using the key you found earlier. If not, go in for a stealth kill or attack him as you see fit. The trophy will unlock as soon as the looter's been dealt with.

You'll have to draw the wooden sword at the start of the fight. Defeat Henry by being the first to get ten hits. Once Aftermath ends, you'll be back at Rattan Mill as Henry, talking to Theresa.

The trophy will unlock at the end of the conversation. Below the map you'll find some tips that may help you complete the story. By selling unneeded items found inside the chests and the pantry to the Trader and Grocer, respectively.

It's recommended to use the money to buy the following: 12 x Bandages from the Trader; save six for Ties That Bind, two more for Angel of Mercy and the rest for yourself. 2 x Marigold herbs from the Ointment Peddler near Johanna; you'll need them for Ties That Bind.

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If you want to complete the quest, you can try convincing Matthias 1-6 11 12 (his skill levels can vary greatly). Should you choose to pick the very easy lock on the chest in Matthias' house, be aware that you're likely to be caught.

Pick the easy lock to gain another Bard Potion, Bowman's Brew, a Lock pick and 54 Gr. There's treasure inside a sack behind a large hollow log that lays across the stream (see the map above).

When making your way to the objective inside the mines, you'll find Pad foot Potions at the base of the first ladder you need to climb. If you choose to give him some bandages, you'll unlock the First Aid II perk, which you can use to help Holbein during Angel of Mercy (see Savior).

Should you want to do your chores this time around, you can find Chicken feed on a small table in a corner of the house next to the northward facing window. Entering the inner wall in front of Schlitz' castle acts as a point of no return. When the quest starts, you can ignore the Human ransacking your home (though he carries bandages) and escape through the opening on your left.

After getting water from the mine, drink the Nighthawk Potion and pick 8 x Marigold in the area marked on the map above. Quest: Bonus Commune (Johanna subquest #4) Items Needed: Torch, Stealth gear, Bard, Nighthawk and Pad foot Potion Skill check: Pavel 13 Objective: Don't alert the Humans in the campJohanka will take you to the Wagoner's Inn to meet an older gentleman called Pavel of Colin, who will ask you to retrieve a treasure he hid in the woods long ago.

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Optional: Once near the camp, you'll start finding the bodies of a mercenary squad hired by the Custodian. It's not recommended going up there as the Humans are likely to hear you. When you've found the camp, save the game and move in a large circle around its east and north sides to enter it from the northwest.

You'll find the treasure in the northwestern house, inside the fireplace. Now leave the camp without being spotted, heading north some way, after which you can fast travel back to NASA Monastery. Don't use the southern NASA fast travel point as it might lead you straight past the Humans. Donate the money to whomever you want.

Important : Successful completion of this quest is needed for Angel of Mercy. Quest : Casting Lots (Johanna subquest #2) Items Needed (for Angel of Mercy): 1.000 Gr., Bard Potion, Pad foot Potion, Loaded dice, Perfect Throw perk (Agility level 12) Skill check : Ambrose 8, Gut 4 Note This trophy is highly kissable, as it's impossible to pass out (when drinking with Ambrose) if your Drinking level is higher than 12.

Potions like Savior Schnapps and Armor (among others) are alcoholic and will raise your drinking level slightly (press when highlighted in your inventory to check the percentage). Perks that make you get drunk more quickly don't seem to make a difference so far as this trophy is concerned. As Casting Lots is only the second quest in the DLC, consider getting this trophy early if you're at risk of exceeding level 12.

The game will save automatically the first time you talk to Ambrose (but not in Hardcore mode). Once inside the tavern, you'll want to choose the dialogue options with the most 'beers' in the icon next to it: It's safer since we drove the bandits out of Pribyslavtiz.

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If successful, Henry will suggest drinking to Ambrose's wife at this point, after which he'll pass out, and the trophy will be yours. Now reload your save and complete the quest as intended. Important : Successful completion of the related quest is needed for Angel of Mercy.

Quest: Go, and Sin No More (Johanna subquest #3) Items Needed: 100 Gr., Bard, Armor and Pad foot Potions, Lock picks, Stealth gear, Combat gear and potions Skill check: Madam 11 8 12, Henson 16 18 17The third subquest tasks you with convincing Adela, a Ledetchko bathhouse girl, to leave her profession. Walk into the bathhouse to find the madam sitting in front of a house from which people can be heard fighting. Save the game, drink a Pad foot potion and either convince the bathhouse madam to give you the key to the room, or pay her 100 Gr.

If needed, you can level it up quickly by pick pocketing sleeping people in places such as the Rattan refugee camp, using Pad foot Potions and saving regularly. You can then load an earlier save once the trophy unlocks. Note that At Your Service, My Lady does have to be completed before continuing with The Die is Cast (main quest #20).

Quest: Between Bonus Commune and The Wicked Gate (Johanna subquests #4 and # 5) Items Needed: 1-4 x Moonshine (or any alcoholic drink), 1-4 x Digestive Potion, Aqua Vitals, Buck's Blood Potion Skill check: Johanna 12 Objective: Complete the seven prerequisites and have the three (DE)buffs active when talking to JohankaJohanka will give her second sermon in a meadow northwest of the Monastery. You can also equip armor. The NPCs may start chasing after each other as soon as one of them runs away, causing the objective to fail.

Consider activating the Released Prisoner buff beforehand instead. If you want to unlock Virgin, do not complete At Your Service, My Lady until right after Johanna's second sermon. Once you've slept with Lady Stephanie, travel back to NASA and activate the three buffs (see video) before talking to Johanna.

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You'll have to sleep with bath wenches three times since you've never paid for their services before. Load an earlier save after unlocking Full House Sinner, to avoid compromising either Merciful or Virgin. These three buffs will need to be active You may experience difficulties unlocking the trophy if you've never committed any/some of these sins before. The quest that follows, The Wicked Gate, has a kissable requirement for Angel of Mercy.

Embedded below you'll find a video showing how you can efficiently activate the three buffs, and the conversation with Johanna, including her mention of six sins (which don't have a set order). Drunken buffs: Infernal Justice The punishment fits the crime.

Talking to him will always lead to a fight, so come prepared. If you're doing a Merciful play through, use stealth and knock him out, then loot his Bandit's trunk key and open the chest in the small hut to prompt the next objective. This won't count as a kill. Alternatively, you can reload the game after unlocking the trophy, and ask Sir Radio to deal with it after obtaining the objective: Put an end to the murderer's reign of terror.

Angel of Mercy Help save Johanna from the most grievous charge of heresy! This won't be a problem if you maintain a supportive attitude towards her. There are three subquests in particular where your choices may come back to haunt you later.

He sleeps on the top floor of the house opposite the Rattan Baker's. You'll want to play three games of dice, losing the first two (by Passing each turn) and winning the third. Whichever method you choose, the next morning Ambrose will be sitting by the cart parked outside the tavern.

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They will fight you in full armor, so equip your gear before telling Adela you're ready to go. Note: Killing Henson in front of Adela at the bathhouse will fail the quest.

ATER reporting the outcome of Go, and Sin No More to Johanna, she'll mention how some people have been causing trouble at the Monastery. This isn't actually a quest. Respect Johanna's wish of not involving the Custodian and head over to the main entrance where you'll see three Loudmouths standing in front of the bridge.

Skill check: Johanna 12 Objective: Pray at all sacred sites to receive the Matthew of Jan ow Manuscript At the end of the conversation that unlocks Full House Sinner, Johanna will suggest you do penance for your sins. You'll be given a Penitent's robe and the objective to visit a number of shrines before praying at the Units church. If you stopped by each shrine, additional lines of dialogue will trigger where Godwin offers to lend you the Matthew of Jan ow Manuscript. Follow him into his house to receive it.

Time limit: Three days; clock starts after conversation with the Inquisitor Items Needed: 1.300 Gr., Bard Potion, Armor Potion, Pad foot Potion, Stealth gear Skill check: Inquisitor Jaroslav 16 16, Kara 8 5, Jail Guard 6 5 Objective: Defend Johanna before the fourteen returning from your trip to Units you'll find a stranger standing guard in front of Johanna's quarters. Speak to Nicodemus, who'll inform you an Inquisitor has travelled to NASA to investigate the events of the past days.

Boost either Speech or Charisma to pass the associated skill check, which will come up naturally during the conversation. Speak humbly to avoid losing reputation, and don't question the Church.

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When he asks about Johanna, you need to tell him everything you know, not just the good things. At the end of the conversation, he'll hint at Cleric's Pet. Decide in which of the following two ways you want gain access to Johanna before proceeding.

Note: Being seen doing this will cause your reputation with the Inquisitor to drop significantly. These papers can then be presented to the sailor. Method 2: Bribe Johanna's sailor Speak to the Guard sitting inside the jailhouse and select the bribery option.

Head to the infirmary and talk to Nicodemus, who will despair at her having no close relatives left who could make her see reason. Telling Johanna Matthias is feeling better, and giving her the die you got from him, will finally convince her.

Don't forget to ask him to testify; you'll have to talk to him again. Will suggest you flee with Johanna, hinting at the retinue's papers as a means of freeing her. In the cutscene that follows, Johanna should repent of her sins, and be given a lenient sentence, unlocking the trophy.

You can talk to Nicodemus and Sir Sebastian who will reward you with the Chamomile Brew recipe and a short sword, respectively. Note: Climbing up the bell tower with Godwin after getting drunk with him during Mysterious Ways, and/or completing Playing with the Devil will void Virgin .

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Playing with the Devil can be completed (or continued) after finishing the Epilogue and unlocking Virgin. Except Nasty Habits and Mysterious Ways, you can complete them in any order you want, but they'll definitely be available during these main quests, which have no time limit to worry about (unless stated).

Playing with the DevilMysterious Ways Man of the Clothe House of God Investigate the devil's skull Mysterious Ways will start automatically after completing the Ginger in a Pickle main story quest.

You'll travel to Units, where, ultimately, you'll be required to speak to Father Godwin to further the quest. Since both the finale of that quest and drinking with Godwin take place in the evening, it's recommended to complete Playing with the Devil before asking Godwin about Mysterious Ways, as the following main quest has a time-limited element.

Important: When talking to Godwin about Mysterious Ways, you must fail the skill check to have him invite you to the tavern. Nest of Vipers is started when speaking to Sir Radio in his camp northwest of Method, after you've informed him of the events of My Friend Timmy (#12).

Lastly, Nasty Habits, can only be done while inside the monastery as part of A Needle in a Haystack. Cleric's Pet is unlocked by reporting on all six quests towards the end of The Madonna of NASA quest line. After The Wicked Gate, you'll be required to speak to the Inquisitor as part of the story.

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Note: When reporting the events of Nasty Habits to the Inquisitor, there will be a skill check (7 8), after which you'll have to name Took as a novice (see video at 8:47). Important: Playing with the Devil has no time limit and can be started, or completed, after finishing the Epilogue, which you'll want to do if you're working towards Virgin.

This will take a few days, but the next time-limited main quest event won't be until Godwin invites you to the tavern. Learning to read will void the Form the Ashes DLC trophy Trial-and-Error, so wait if you don't have it yet. When you're ready, talk to Godwin.

Choose to talk to her, as you won't need to pass a skill check to convince her. Tell her Gertrude sent you and “Try the soft approach” to find out where the women meet. Wear stealth gear, ready your combat gear and potions and follow the road west out of Units, until the point where it enters the woods.

Stand in the fields and make sure the entrance to the woods is within view, and skip time till 21:00. Should you fail this part, you can try again the next day. When they reach their destination, you'll be given the objective to Watch the women from a distance.

Doing this will actually fail the quest, so put on some armor, save the game, drink Aqua Vitals and step in. Important: If you're going for Merciful , you'll want to run away from the enemies that spawn at the end of the following sequence. Tell the women you'll give them what they want, and make any choices you see fit.

Don't mention the events of the quest to Gertrude as this will cause you to lose more reputation. Important: Should you want to unlock Virgin in the same play through as Cleric's Pet, you'll have to commit a crime after the drinking cutscene to get out of following Godwin and the women up the bell tower.

The reputation lost this way will make King Charming more difficult to obtain. Video Time Stamp: 0:41 Given: Automatically after Ginger in a Pickle (#9) Location: Units Items needed: Armor or Bard Potion, Hair o' the Dog Potion, Charisma gear, Prepare for a brawl Skill check: Father Godwin 10 8 10, Units villagers 6 6 7, Units Bailiff 8 8 11 Note: You have to fail a skill check during your conversation with Father Godwin.

After saving your game, ask Godwin about Lubosh, and he'll tell you he can't share what he knows because of the confessional seal. Choose “There has to become exception” and fail the skill check that follows to have Godwin invite you to the tavern.Before meeting Godwin, make sure you're carrying all the items you need, including a Bard or Armor Potion (depending on which of the two skills you can raise higher), as you won't be able to leave Godwin's side until the quest ends.

Store any stolen items you don't want to lose, if you plan on committing a crime in order to avoid voiding Virgin. Godwin will be at the tavern until midnight. You can apologize the next day and ask for a redo, but you can do this only once.Head to the tavern at around 21:00 and talk to Godwin after sitting down opposite to him.

The dialogue options available after this line will depend on whether you saw Godwin practice with his sword, and spoke to his concubine. You can exhaust the dialogue options related to preaching if you want to, or tell him: I'd say that's a good plan (a cutscene plays).

Reminder: If you want to unlock Virgin in the same play through, you'll have to commit a crime after the cutscene ends, but before following Godwin into the bell tower, as it's the only way to fail the objective. Note that this will cost you reputation in Units, which will make unlocking King Charming more difficult. After the brawl, you'll find yourself on a staircase leading to the bell tower.

Fail to pickpocket the Alehouse maid standing in front of you, and then wait for the Bailiff to show up. Fine, or pass the skill check if you're carrying stolen items you don't want to lose.

Note: When asking the Rattan scribe about the quest objective, you'll need to give him an Embrocation, which you can buy from the local apothecary. As you've now drunk with Godwin, the Cleric's Pet objective has been satisfied, but it's worthwhile to make the most of what comes next, as you can gain a lot of reputation, and you still need to complete the quest objective. When the cutscene that follows ends, there will be a brawl.

Beat up the three opponents (be careful you hit the right NPCs or the objective will fail), and then follow Godwin up the bell tower. Save the game, then drink a Bard and a Hair o' the Dog Potion, or just an Armor Potion, equipping gear that boosts your Charisma, depending on whether you plan on using Speech or Charisma to pass the sermon's skill checks.

If you leave Godwin's side at this point, or even make him wait, the objective will fail and you'll either have to ask the local Bailiff for help, or load a previous save. Regardless of whether you choose Speech, Charisma, Intimidation, or a combination of the three, the dialogue options following the skill checks will always be the same, and you will always gain a total of 19 reputation, if successful. The example below uses Speech, but any successful skill check is valid. Video Time Stamp: 2:29 Given by: Rodney villager Location: Rodney During: Nest of Vipers Items needed: Spade, lock picks and Pad foot Potions if you want to visit some treasure locations Skill check: Tramp 1 1 13 Notes Finding Father Simon is kissable if you don't follow the obvious objective and instead travel to NASA to recruit Father Francis.

This is to save time completing the latter, though you can ask Father Simon about the In God's Hands objective as soon as you meet him. Don't use Fast Travel west of Rodney if you have any doubts about your survivability, or your horse's courage.

Walkthrough Talk to the villager sitting in front of his hut to start your search for Father Simon. Take note of the stream near the next objective marker, which runs from west to east.

Any of the dialogue options will convince him to move to Rodney. Travel back to Rodney to complete the quest, and feel free to accept the monetary reward. Should you need Father Simon in the future, you'll find him sitting in front of the house north of the church at any time of day. Notes: If you haven't started At Your Service, My Lady yet, consider doing it now and combining its objectives with those of the following two quests.

Be careful not to start In God's Hands unintentionally by asking Johanna “Can I help in any way? Video Time Stamp: 3:02 Given by: Sir Dovish Location: Bamberg During: Nest of Vipers Items needed (for At Your Service, My Lady): Lock picks, Nighthawk and Pad foot Potion, Stealth gear Time limit: Can be bypassed by not speaking to ZmolaTalk to Sir Dovish and ask him how things are in his fiefdom.

You can complete the NASA objective by talking to Master Jerome, and heading out at night to retrieve the missing stone. You'll find two bandits asleep inside a camp at the 'D' objective marker west of NASA.

Investigating the devil's skull happens to be the quickest way to conclude the quest. He lives next to the church south of the river. After you've confirmed the skull is a fake, head over to the mill southeast of the monastery, where Lesser has gone into hiding (5:13).

Choose to take Lesser to the Overseer, after which you'll be able to complete the quest by talking to Sir Dovish. Video Time Stamp: 3:49 Given by: Sir Hands Location: Rattan During: Nest of Vipers Items needed: Bard Potion, 150 Gr., Lock picks, Pad foot Potion Skill check: Mistress Bauer 11, Old Such 5, Washed 7 4Sir Hands can be found praying at the eastern Rattan church between 09:00 and 11:00 in the morning, unless main quest objectives place him elsewhere.

He'll give you a cryptic set of directions as to the supposed location of the heretics. Either figure out the location for yourself or head straight to the small forest west of the lake northeast of Units. When you've found the heretics' gathering place, pick up the wooden cross sitting on top of one of the tree stumps there and return to Units. They live on a farm southeast of Units. Once there, climb up the ladder on the southern side of the house to enter their loft.

Important: If you want to unlock Virgin in the same play through, you'll want to hold off on completing At Your Service, My Lady until after Johanna's Bonus Commune quest. When completing the quest, be sure to accept Lady Stephanie's gift by choosing to put it on.

Note: A Needle in a Haystack is kissable if you don't follow the objectives during the main quest prior to it, where you try and access the monastery: Poverty, Chastity and Obedience (#18) .There are actually three ways to start the quest: Walk in on the Circa tors drinking at night Head down to the cellar during the day Get locked up in the cellar after breaking a rule Completing the quest can be done quickly, though, and will increase your reputation inside the Monastery.

You can do this by heading to the church (where you pray), picking up a torch from one of the cabinets (if you don't already have one), and then either using the lock pick laying on top of the altar (behind the triptych) or the Monastery keys to open one of the very hard lock doors. The keys can be found on top of a shelf in the pantry, three doors past the dining hall.

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