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Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 07 October, 2020
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A rear mounted bottle cage is generally a good aerodynamic place to carry an extra bottle. For long distance riding, it is a good option, though a little awkward (and aerodynamic) to get from behind saddle.

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One challenge with 100 mile time trials is working out how to carry enough fluid. I’ve done 100s on two bottles, but often felt it was insufficient and suffered as a result.

I’ve seen quite a few aero tests and suggestions that the optimal position for a water bottle is in this order Some claim that having a bottle between the arms on the tribes reduces aerogram.

On the down tube, aero drag could cost 45g for a standard water bottle (according to tri-radar) Testing water-bottles depends on how the bottle interacts with the frame and rider.

I think I threw away in disgust and have never revisited rear bottle mounts until a few years ago The difficulty I had is that with the Adam saddle, there is limited room to fit.

I chose a Gorilla X-Lab water bottle cage and ditched the Outrage because it has extra gripping power. I think this is important for rear mounted bottle cages at an angle.

saddle bottle cage wing xlab mounted kit mini
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I have used the Gorilla X-Lab bottle cage for many races and it is very reliable in having a strong grip. I have also been testing this Lab Delta 400, hoping it would be better than the cheaper Outrage version.

You need a suitable sized spanner to hold locking nut in place. (possibly due to shape of long Dash saddle. Unfortunately, compared to the Outrage it holds the bottle lower down, exposing more of the water bottle to the air.

Source: Rear mounted systematic has a different design and works well with the popular Adam saddles. You’re better off choosing a standard sturdy bottle cage rather than a 17gram special lightweight.

In triathlon community, the X-Lab rear mounted bottle system has good reviews. But, if you are going to be doing a lot of long distance cycling, this may be a good option.

It’s not 100% secure and I had to buy alternative water bottle cage (Gorilla). Yes, they are recommended if you don’t want the extra weight of aluminum alloy bottle cages but still want that durability.

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Here is a list of 6 of the best bike bottle cage reviews that are lightweight, will hold anything that you put in them and are reasonably priced. On top of that, the build quality of the product makes it corrosion resistant.

The upper part of the cage is extended slightly to add to the stability of the contained bottle. Even on bumpy roads, you can expect this product to hold your water securely.

With the high amount of utility, you get out of this product; you would expect it to have a big price tag. On the contrary, this is a very affordable holder that you can count on to keep your water bottle safe.

Simple and aesthetic Black color Corrosion-resistant Very reasonable price Protruding head to firmly grip your bottle Bolt-hole designed perfectly Due to the full carbon fiber construction, this product is very lightweight.

With soft and smooth edges, you can reach for your container and take it out without any problem. The manufacturers recommend you install this product on the standard 30-40-degree slant on the down tube.

bottle cage saddle rail mount rear acor bracket twin seat triathlon adaptor bottles accessories
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Available as a pack of 2 Designed for bottles of 2.9 inches in diameter Includes two installation screws Requires drilling of holes Two splendid color combinations But this water holder made a name for itself because of the utility it provides at such a fantastic price.

This device is made using durable non-deformable carbon fiber material that is also resistant to corrosion. Two wrapped arms hold your bottle steady, and a protruding bottom rest provides added support.

Whether you are a recreational cyclist or professional, the usability of this device is hard not to acknowledge. And when you take the time to consider how affordable the price tag is, it seems like a product that is too good to ignore.

Compact and lightweight Firm grip on the bottle Beautiful black design Bottom rest for added stability Affordable Whatever the case may be, this water bottle cage from To seek will make sure you stay hydrated and full of energy in your activities.

Made using more than ninety percent carbon fiber; this useful tool will serve you for a long time. The construction of the product is durable, allowing it to resist any deformation or corrosion.

cage bottle saddle mount co2 tri topeak rail backup angled elite
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Due to the firm hold of this product, slopes or rough roads are not a challenge. Furthermore, it comes in a number of contrasting color options to satisfy your aesthetic sensibilities.

This cage can house oversized bottles effortlessly and always maintains its firm grip. This product is a low-cost solution for those who do not want to spend a lot of big bucks for a way to carry their water bottle with them on a bicycle.

Made using Japan Today 3K Carbon Fiber, this product is highly superior to its competitors because of its material choices. Add that with the extreme lightweight of only around 25 grams, you can take this product with you on long rides without feeling any extra pressure.

The simple black color choice gives the cage a cool and stylish look. Even on bumpy and rocky roads, this cage can keep the bottle steady without any trouble.

Attractive black matte finish Low price Easy to set up Durable Japan Today 3K carbon fiber Smooth edges Roundel is a company that focuses on creating quality bicycle parts that people want to buy.

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The water bottle cage is just one of their many bike accessories like seat bags or bar tapes. Considering the reputation of the company; their flagship product, Mandible water bottle cage is not to be taken lightly.

With an incredibly lightweight design of only 28 grams, this product still manages to be pretty durable and long-lasting. To further reduce weight, there is a foam core with the full carbon fiber construction.

This minimalistic water cage will not add any extra baggage for you to carry on your long rides. Though the bolts are exposed, the clean lines in the unit keep your bottle free from getting caught when you want to take it out.

Though a bit higher on the price range, this product is one of my personal favorites. I personally prefer the Uni-weave glossy orange finish, but you can choose the one that goes well with your cycle.

Since their core material is carbon fiber, they are generally lightweight, and so you don’t have to worry about that one. For example, the Roundel Mandible cages have a solid design that can hold bottles even when things get rough and tough on the road.

bottle cage saddle fizik mounted delta xlab tritone cages
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That’s why you need something that has a solid design, lightweight material, and is able to retain your water bottle no matter how rough the terrain gets. Whether you want to fit the bottle from the side or on the top, the design should make it easier to do so.

Probably the main reason most bikers opt for carbon fiber is that the cages look cool. Also, a mismatched bottle holder will surely ruin the aesthetic of your bike.

Not only do they have an elegant form, but they also have a solid grip while keeping the weight at a minimum. Because smaller frames have tight clearance which forces you to use a side-access bottle holder.

For instance, some will hold the bottle by the collar area while some features a wrap-around design. To provide a secure grip, some will give you an additional zip tie to properly hold your bottle in place.

For long races, professional bike riders prefer to keep their bottles on the front bar. They don’t want to risk reducing the aerodynamics of their bikes, and because of that, they opt for the rear mount system.

saddle clamp bottle tacx cage mount cages
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Whatever the position you choose to mount your holder, make sure it’s in a place that will be easily accessible. Your hands should be able to easily grab the bottle without you pulling over and stopping for a drink.

If you mount your cage on the down tube, find a position that makes it easier for you to grab the bottle. Make sure to choose one that has the right combination between mounting position and size.

Whether it’s stainless steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber, you need a bottle cage if you want to stay hydrated. But if you want to travel light and still want to keep yourself hydrated; bottle cages are the perfect solution.

Speaking of light travel, carbon water bottle holders are way lighter than your regular stainless-steel ones. So, if you want to carry water bottles, shave off some extra weight and increase the overall look of your bike, you should get one.

Some are cheaper, but there is a high chance that you will get carbon fiber wrap on a plastic cage. Finally, what you should look for in a bottle holder that has a tight grip, super strong and lightweight.

mount cage carbon tacx
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And that’s why you should stick to popular brands because they are the only ones on the market that know how to make the best water bottle cage. For example, Roundel Mandible is a trustworthy brand, and while they have a different variation of water bottle holders, their carbon version is super strong.

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