Best Saddle Mount For Remington 870

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• Friday, 06 November, 2020
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To get you started, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a list of five of the best scope mounts that are considered the best on the market. It’s important to find the right one for you so you can be able to add this onto your rifle and fire it off the same day at the range.

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Before we get to the list, let’s talk about whether scope mounts are the same and how you can choose one for your own Remington870 rifle. Includes mounting hardware and accessories for easy installation.

View The Latest Price Read Customer Reviews Resists all kinds of shock from recoil. View The Latest Price Read Customer Reviews Pica tinny rail for easy scope attachment.

View The Latest Price Read Customer Reviews Two locking pins for easy secure installation. Low profile so it won’t block off any iron sights.

View The Latest Price Read Customer Reviews Best 20 gauge mounts for a Remington 870. To give you a longer answer, not all scope mounts are the same when it comes to the design aspect.

But regardless, they serve the same purpose in supporting your scope and preventing it from losing zero after so many rounds or repeated amounts of shocks. Scope mounts that will be available for review will mostly be made from high-quality materials like steel or aluminum.

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These materials are proven to be durable and for the most part, withstand all kinds of abuse. If you find a scope mount that’s made from either or, then you should be in good shape.

Leapers UTG M87 Tactical Scope Mount is machined from aircraft aluminum with maximum strength. At this point, it’s a waste of time to consider enlisting the services of a professional gunsmith.

In order to choose the right height, please be sure to take the right measurements to ensure that your scope’s crosshairs are aligned with your target. Your shots may be too high or too low due to choosing the incorrect height.

This way, you’ll get a good idea of what to expect once you install a scope to better improve your accuracy. It’s built to withstand heavy hitting shotguns, so the recoil won’t be able to knock off your scope’s zero even after multiple shots.

This is an easy to install mount that can be tacked on and ready to go in minutes. Once installed, attach your scope of choice and you’ll get right to work.

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This has the ability to work with Weaver style scope rings. If you have a pair handy, these will have no problem working with this scope mount.

This is made from high-quality aluminum and is finished with an anodized hard coat to make it even tougher. It’s easy to fit and can handle the heavy hitting of the recoil the Remington870 produces.

What impresses us is the ability that it can handle all kinds of temperatures ranging from the freezing to the sweltering heat. Plus, you have all kinds of slots available to ensure that you can position your scope to where it can be comfortable on your end.

Bottom Line Not all scope mounts will be able to fit a 20 gauge shotgun. If you’re unsure about whether the other four mounts are going to be a good fit on yours, then this might be the fail-safe option.

If you don’t have a Weaver compatible scope once you’ve chosen this mount, you’re going to need one. But nonetheless, it’s an excellent mount that can hold all kinds of scopes and optics that will make sure that every shot counts.

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Some have had Issues With the Installation, More Specifically, the Screws May Get Easily Stripped If you’re on a budget, odds are you’re looking for a scope mount that won’t break you financially.

And it’s built like a tank to ensure that no shock from recoil will throw off your scope’s zero. To ensure the best in strength, this is crafted from high-quality aircraft grade aluminum.

This will allow for easy installation of any optics or scopes that are compatible with this kind of rail. This is an easy to install scope mount that requires no gunsmith.

Just the right kind of tools and you’ll be in business in a matter of minutes. This has a lock-in feature that ensures that your mount is locked in and stays secure until you have to uninstall it and replace it on a new shotgun.

So if you’re looking for a scope mount that will last you a long time but has a ridiculously affordable price tag, then the Leapers UTG M87 Tactical Scope Mount could be just what you need to add onto your shotgun. This goes above and beyond the Call of Duty in protecting your scope and easily accommodating it to give your shotgun even better accuracy.

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This is as close as you’re going to get to a tactical style mount without having to deplete your bank account. The Leapers UTG is designed to handle all kinds of heavy hitting.

We bestow this honor to the Sniper Tactical Saddle Scope Sight Weaver/Pica tinny Rail Mount. One of the things we notice right away is the two locking bolts that are suitable replacements for the trigger pins.

This is a low profile design that won’t get in the way if you’re intent on using an iron front sight. Included on this is a 14-slot Pica tinny rail that is designed to allow ample space for your favorite shotgun scope.

If you’re looking for a scope mount that will work great on your 12 gauge Remington870, the Sniper Tactical Saddle Scope is the mount you may rely on if any of these features and functions check off your wish list. Plus, the low profile design is excellent if you plan on using an iron front sight.

Whether you’re using an iron sight or a scope, this is a worthy addition to your shotgun. This is a flat surface design that is thin, lightweight, but tough as a rock.

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All you have to do is drill a few holes and cinch down on the subplate and you’re set and ready to go. Once complete, you’ll be able to attach a scope and head on to the range to give it a test drive.

If you want something that will definitely increase your shotgun’s accuracy it all starts with finding the right kind of scope mount. No matter which Remington870 scope mount you choose, you’re almost guaranteed a better chance at hitting your targets more accurately.

Once you find a decent mount that pairs well with your scope, you can’t wait to give it a try out at the range. Before you make a decision, please be sure to do your due diligence to see whether the mount you’re interested in is worth your hard-earned money.

Such an actively used shotgun requires an appropriate tactical accessory to prove its mettle under stressed and unprecedented situations. A side-saddle is an amazing add-on for the shotgun, with other benefits than just increasing the ammo capacity.

It is a strip made out of metal, plastic, or fiber that is mounted on the side of the shotgun, and holds some extra cartridges into it. Side saddles are used to carry extra ammunition in a more convenient and easy to access manner.

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When using a side-saddle, you can quickly pull out and reload new rounds into your shotgun, without the need for reaching your ammo pouch or crate. These saddles are extremely useful in self-defense and competitions, where a quick rate of fire is crucial, and you can’t waste time reaching out your ammo pouch for finding new rounds.

In simpler terms, a side-saddle is an accessory for a life or death situation. Here are some astounding benefits of a side-saddle, to make even the most stubborn wits agree.

As is obvious from the design of a side-saddle, it lets you carry some extra ammunition, which can be of extreme importance. A side-saddle is a tactical accessory that provides quick access to ammunition.

You don’t have to reach out your pockets and waste your precious time, while you can still spew some shots on your target. A side-saddle is undoubtedly the quickest option for reloading your shotgun, either in a competition or when SHF.

A good saddle must be easy to mount and must not require any gunsmith or permanent alterations to the weapon. The shells must have enough friction to hold the rounds in place, so they don’t fall out under swift maneuvers.

870 remington mount saddle scope shotgun tactical profile low quick release 20mm gauge rail base sight aluminum sights flashlight hunting
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All the saddles reviewed here fit exceptionally well over the criteria of the ideal product, as mentioned above. The saddle has been manufactured from 6061 T6 aluminum and features a military type III anodized coating.

The saddle has an ‘enclosure’ sort of design, which covers the top part of your receiver. The saddle mounts using existing screw holes on the top of the receiver, which helps it stay in place.

Coming to its main feature, the saddle has a modular design for adding extra shells. The package includes six separate shell holders, which can be mounted or dismounted from the saddle, depending on your needs.

Another astounding feature of this side-saddle is the detachable top mounting rail. The 6-inch rail has ample space to let you mount longer scopes and other accessories.

The ATI side-saddle features a modular design to let you mount and manage your bullets the way you like. The Lyman side-saddle holster features an amazing mix of flexibility and strength.

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The plate mounts on the receiver using existing screw holes, so that no permanent alterations are required. The nylon shell holders are soft enough for the cartridges easily slide inside, and firm enough to keep them in place, even under strenuous maneuvers.

The mounting plate has a convenient window, which keeps the serial number visible at all times. This feature is useful for armorers, shooting range owners and law enforcement agencies, who have to keep track of firearms.

The mounting plate has been made from a non-marring material, so it doesn’t damage the finish of the receiver. Additionally, the side-saddle itself features a type III mil-spec anodized coating to resist any wear and tear.

The holders have been angled at 15 degrees, to facilitate quick reloading of rounds, even under the most strenuous situations. This shot shell system is also resistant to oil, which means that it works really well under wet conditions.

The angled design lets you feed rounds quickly into the mag tube or ejector port. The shell holders also have lightning cuts for a significant reduction in the overall weight of the side-saddle.

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The baseplate of the side-saddle has been made from metal, whereas the shell holders are soft plastic. The Tatar side-saddle has a capacity of 4 rounds, and a compact design for convenient use.

Rubberized inserts for shell holders Curved baseplate with opening for serial number The side-saddle from MESA features an innovative design that is meant to deliver convenience and durability at the same time.

The baseplate of the side-saddle has been made from aluminum, whereas the shell holders feature a hard plastic construction. These holders have rubber inserts mounted on top of them, to provide optimum retention to the shells.

The baseplate of the saddle is a bit curved and features a gap in the rear end so the serial number of the shotgun is visible. The side-saddle features a non-glare matte finish, which can be helpful in hunting or home defense situations.

The side-saddle is also available in a variant featuring a top-mounted Pica tinny rail, that can be used to add scopes and other accessories to your shotgun. Now use a rubber hammer and the included screws of the saddle to push out the trigger replacement pins.

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