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That is also called bike seat pain in males and it is one of the common condition we experience as a biker/cyclist. As you know, the saddle is the most pressured contact point between your body and your bike, so a correct adjustment is greatly considered.

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Picture Saddle Best UseTypeRailWeight Biker Road Cycling / TouringComfortstainless 453 grams Fiji Ariane K:IBM Road CyclingPerformanceK:ium225 grams Fiji Ali ante CyclingPerformanceK:IBM 259 grams Brooks C17 TouringComfort Steel415 grams Brooks Saddles B17 TouringComfort Steel540 grams Best Use Road Cycling / Touring Saddle Type Comfort Cutout Seat Yes Saddle Cover Material Leather Cushioning Material Thick foam padding Rail Material stainless steel rails Dimensions 11.4 × 5.9 inches Gender Unisex The Biker saddle is value for money and one of the most comfortable saddles you can find on Amazon. The Biker cycling saddle, specially designed for men unique anatomy.

Due to its narrow design, ideal soft padding and a deep center cutout, our ergonomic bicycle saddle will relieve pressure points in your sensitive areas and will allow you to pedal longer without experiencing chaffing, soreness, and pain. The Best Use Road Cycling Saddle Type Performance Cutout Seat None Saddle Cover Material Leather Suede/Synthetic Cushioning Material None Rail Material K:IBM rails are stronger than titanium and also lightweight Dimensions L=300 mm W=132 mm Weight 225 grams Gender Men Fiji Ariane K:IBM Saddle is a race proven saddle and one of the most comfortable and versatile saddles by Fiji, ideal for long distance road cycling and mountain biking.

K:IBM Saddle gives a comfortable and easy feel while you pedal. It fits easily on your sit bone area and it absorbs any road vibrations.

According to bike review on Amazon, the Fiji Ariane has zero complaints and it’s one of the most comfortable in the market. As they say, it’s the best saddle to prevent numbness in cycling and worth your money.

According to one review on Amazon, this saddle solves numbness problem while riding. The steel rail is designed to absorb a lot of road vibration.

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The Brooks seat has a fabric texture that grips the material of the cycling shorts and keeps it firmly planted. The cutout in the seat makes riding in the handlebar drops much more comfortable.

A hard saddle at first, but when it’s past the break-in period, you won’t complain anymore. This saddle is the top choice for bike touring due to its comfortable leather that will conform to your pelvic anatomy.

If you’re having doubts of getting a new saddle you might consider getting the comfortable then try this awesome bike Sit Cover. Best gel material: You cannot enjoy your bike ride when you are suffering numbness in the groin or any saddle discomfort.

With Macro bike gel you can enjoy the long ride. Explore new trails and enjoy longer rides on your bike Easy Installation: Easy to mount, low-cost solution will make your saddle feel much better Common Dimension: This gel seat saddle dimension is 11* 7inch The bike seat also fit for Spins Class and Indoor Cycling.

The numbness in the groin area is experienced after or during a prolonged period spent in the saddle. One common issue that it can cause pain and also it can severely reduce the enjoyment of riding a bike.

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Just like a lot of other numbness that you might experience in your body through your ride, it is caused by a lack of blood flow to that particular area. So in this case, a prolonged period spent in the saddle can compress the nerves and blood cells in that area.

One thing to consider is the saddle with a cutout down the middle or some kind of channel. This is designed so that the majority of your body weight is perched upon the two sit bones on either side as opposed to the soft tissue in the middle.

Finally, you want to make sure that when you’re out riding, get off the saddle for 15 to 20 seconds every 15 minutes. If you’re sitting on your saddle for a long period of time, the blood in your legs going to the groin area is kind of restricted.

This will help your muscle relax and the blood circulation to flow allows you to feel more comfortable on your saddle. Give your leg muscles and your back some time to stretch and relax.

Also, you have to raise your self from the saddle slightly before anything like a speed bump or a pothole which you can’t avoid. If you stay seated in these situations your saddle is going to slam against the body (balls) and that’s not going to help things at all.

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So having a comfortable breather cycling bib shorts is recommended especially during an endurance ride. You’ll be able to run them at a lower pressure in which your tire absorbs more of the bumps and the vibrations from the road.

Make sure your tire pressure must not be more than 25 to 35 psi when on a bumpy gravel road. It is extremely painful to your body if you’re riding on a gravel dirt road and your tire pressure is above 35.

According to research bigger tire often tend to lessen road vibrations by 30%. You might end up dehydrated during the ride and might cause a serious problem so drink up and hydrate yourself.

Having a numbness in the perineal area may affect your riding performance. The saddle is the huge factor in the prevention of numbness during long rides.

You can go to the Amazon website or REI where you can find reviews of your desired Saddle. Visit individual manufacturer pages, read the product description for more in-depth knowledge.

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Some saddles are not different from each other so have your bike to fit perfectly to your body for correct height and angle. Upright positioning is very important to avoid saddle sores which have less impact on you bum bones.

You might check these handlebars that offer a good upright positioning design for comforts and long rides without experience any pain. Here are at adventure gear hub we have done research of why we experience saddle numbness in the groin or in the perennial area.

They have been in the road for so long and bike toured travel the world by bicycle and yet saddle numbness is just a small issue for them. Adventuregearhub.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, and also we get a commission on purchases made through our links.

While biking has well-documented cardiovascular benefits, riders are often forced to put up with some terrible symptoms such as pain and numbness in the groin. Their special design limits perineal pressure, significantly reducing the incidence of poor positioning which is the number one cause for biking-related numbness.

An ill-fitting saddle, poor positioning, and failing to switch between standing and sitting while riding primarily cause numbness in private parts for most cyclists. The zone grows numb and you no longer feel the usual exciting sensation when you touch it.

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Medical professionals have discovered several triggers of perineal numbness, one of the commonest side effects of bike riding. Although the statistics are still hazy, it’s believed that many men riders experience testicular pain after cycling, especially for long distances.

This is because as you pedal, the bike seat applies pressure on the sensitive perineum zone. This eventually squeezes blood vessels and the many nerves which provide feelings to your manhood or the vaginal area, causing numbness and discomfort.

There are other helpful measures (more on this later) but the best bike saddle to prevent numbness is a great start. Riders who shift around a lot wrongly may notice that tingly feeling as they change positions since, as I mentioned earlier, some posture affect circulation.

If you lean forward too much, there will be more pressure on the perineum because you transfer your weight to the wrong areas. To correct this, aim at ensuring your arms always remain perpendicular to the torso, your elbows slightly bent while resting on your bike’s handlebars.

Again, if you have set your saddle ’s height incorrectly, you will be in for a rough ride seeing the amount of pressure that lands on the perineum. Unknown to many, the ‘innocent’ seams in your biking shorts can provoke saddle sores, pinch nerves or worse still, the blood vessels in your crotch.

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Besides male and female numbness after cycling, perineum zone compression can set off multiple other symptoms including… The saddle will conform to your body shape and ensure that it supports your weight on the sit bones sparing the soft tissues and your perineum.

Advanced engineering studies have led to the development of various seats to prevent and/or limit numbness -related disorders… The outstanding feature for this group of bike saddles for numbness is the ideal soft padding.

Their tailored cushioning protects you against prostate problems, numbness, and chronic back pain. Most have a deep center cutout and will distribute pressure away from the sensitive areas and back across the saddle ’s surface.

The cushioning also enhances their anatomic support helping in preventing sit bone pain. The silkier Gel pad covers also don’t stick on bare skin so chances of friction as you pedal are greatly reduced.

Now, Macro is one company that seems to have mastered the art of making premium Gel bike seats. One of their modes, the Macro’s Gel Bike Seat has repeatedly outshone most of the competition because of its wider design and excellent support for your butt and the crotch.

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All women saddle for numbness hence have more width to ensure the required balancing of weight on your resilient sit bones. And the majority, including Away’s saddles have a contouring shape to match women’s unique anatomy.

Saddles built for men intentionally feature either the all-important vertical split between their left and right-hand segments or a detailed middle cut out. This design is charged with reducing the strain on your perineum on top of preventing nerve compression and/or numbness in your genital region.

Proper seat design will minimize the risk of biking-associated perineal numbness and possibly reduce related symptoms. Since the saddle design that may fit my anatomy may not necessarily support another rider, you should take time to sample the available options.

It’s true the standards may not be that different but a saddle specially made for your bike type is likely to be more effective. Some discomfort is normal in the early days of your bike saddle as you try to locate the best fit.

For the best results, the best bike seat for numbness should allow proper adjustment angle-wise, height-wise, and any other needed fine-tuning until the stress on your perineum ceases. No evidence has been published as yet that gel saddle covers help diminish perineal symptoms.

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Even so, a gel covered seat may be better for short rides like running errands or commuting. Many of the models considered in the best bike saddle for numbness class are purpose-built to shield your perineum.

However, you and I probably have different anatomies meaning that you may find awesome relief in a saddle that has a perineal cutout. Well, whether you will rediscover feelings in your nether region depends on the real cause of the condition.

Unfortunately, hurting balls are a painful reality with poor saddles and riding styles. When pedaling, the friction or pressure applied on your testicles and the scrotum by the saddle can trigger pain.

Conclusion The road to the best bike saddle for numbness can be long and winding but very rewarding on arrival. The conventional wisdom is that you should wash, rinse, and repeat until you get to the saddle for numbness that suits you.

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