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• Saturday, 09 January, 2021
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As with every other aspect of web design, there are color schemes that tend to trend more than others. This dark/light combo is an evolution of black and red in many minimal designs of a few years ago with a more modern touch.

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Get unlimited downloads of 2 million+ design resources, themes, templates, photos, graphics and more. With a bright blue background, it’s hard to miss the fun color combination for Zoe Pepper.

Bright accent options bring the color palette to life and work exceptionally well with the animation on the homepage. The saturation values of the color choices add depth and almost feel like looking from a matte shade (teal) to a bright with an almost neon-value to it (red-orange).

The distinct color trio has a somewhat feminine vibe and feels kind of light at the same time. Studio Simpatico takes navy and red to the next level with additional accent colors for a wider palette that’s striking.

Rich black provides more depth to the visuals and is great for wide swaths and backgrounds. The deep emerald with yellow and black are easy to read, create great eye flow across the screen, and make you stop and look because of the unusual nature of the color scheme.

Bright and brilliant might be the best ways to describe this website color scheme from I Weigh Community. The three- color scheme explodes to six great options with the use of tints of each shade.

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Soviet Design uses a classic trio of colors with a more deeply saturated feel. White space pulls the darkness and sober nature of this color scheme together so that it doesn’t feel too heavy.

The simple color background is fun and makes the rest of the design easy to read and understand. It’s also a distinct look that differs from a proliferation of white or photo backgrounds and hero headers among many website designs.

The combination of yellow, blue and Kelly green work together to explain the different facets of the group that helps nonprofits. Farm Food uses a simple, natural palette with a white minimal style background with bright olive greens to draw attention.

Note that the palette is not only part of the website design, but also extends to the product packaging as well. They have a pretty wide palette with primary colors as the base and a rich black and white background.

Sunny Street Café is bright with a color palette that perfectly matches the images and language in the design. Greens and yellows together are an unusual combination, but it feels friendly and just right to the design of this breakfast and lunch spot.

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Pulling together these colors with a funky geography style is trendy, modern, and just plain fun to look at. The more subtle color palette helps create visual interest for a website that features a lot of colorless images.

Balboa features a fun gradient in a monotone color scheme. This style of color palette is ideal for new brands or product identities or if you are looking to make a lot of impact with a bold hue.

The color choices are high in contrast and easy on the eyes and in terms of readability. Jean-Baptiste Malaya turns probably the most popular color in website design into a monotone palette of its own with varying degrees of blue.

While most sites use black only for text, this design actually incorporates it into the bright, monotone palette. It creates just the right focal area and amount of contrast, which is why this is a trending color scheme option.

Quartz uses one of the most unexpected trending colors of the year in a way that mimics many other projects. Shelling By RTX uses a modern gradient and bold coloring to bring attention to its product.

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Loïc Champagne’s portfolio uses one of the best combinations of blue and yellow you’ll find. On paper, using this trio of colors on a dark and light background might seem awkward, but here, it’s actually seamless and lovely.

Niche & Cult uses soft hues for a beauty brand with a more feminine feel. The soft pink is reminiscent of some skin tones and a blank canvas for makeup while the bright purple matches the mood of the site.

Everything from the 1980s seems to be trending and that includes the colors used for Blast Galaxy, a commonly observed combination of blue, purple, and pink with a neon glow. Kyle Decker’s portfolio is another website with a color scheme that shines because it is so simple.

Wink Web solutions also uses a monotone color schedule with varying hues of blue. Plus, dark and light screen areas almost play an optical illusion, making you think there are more colors here than there actually are.

The simple color, paired mostly with gray and white, adds a modern tough to the design and helps direct users through the content. The contrast between the deep maroon and baby blue establishes great eye movement across the split screen.

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When someone arrives for the first time on your website, color plays a significant role in what they think. Between 62-90% of consumers’ initial impression is based on color choices alone, research says.

In this article, we’ll cover 25+ fantastic website color schemes for landing pages, e-commerce, and personal sites, and how you can pick your own without wasting time. With that many choices, you can’t evaluate all the shades and hues individually and pick the most suitable ones without a reference point.

In a sense, it’s a way to start building your brand in the mind of the consumer before using a single word or sentence of copy. That’s the guiding question that should help you identify your primary color for your palette.

Industries that rely on emotions and impulsive decisions (like restaurants and fast food), often use red as a primary color. Red is thought to stimulate hunger, so it’s a favorite choice among international food brands.

Most people associate the color green with nature, plants, and vibrant, restorative environments. Black: Confidence, Sophistication While some companies might default to black instead of making a dedicated color choice, as it feels safe, it’s also a leading choice in industries where the consumer’s confidence or sophistication is a key factor.

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Apparel Accessories Internet & mobile service providers Department stores Hotels Click to Tweet To identify every color used on a website, down to the exact shade and hex code, you can use a Google Chrome extension or Firefox add-on like Colorfully.

With Colorfully installed, you can simply hover your pointer directly over any design element on any site, logo, or image, and it will show you the exact HTML hex or RGB color codes for that pixel. You have to take a screenshot of the website and upload it and the generated palette won’t necessarily be 100% accurate to the actual shades used in the design.

So for now, the best way to identify the exact colors used in web design is still to use a color identifying plugin or extension, or taking a screenshot and doing things manually in a photo editing tool like PhotoShop. We use a dark purple (#5333ed) as our primary color, turquoise (#2cd4d9) to juxtapose and create catching, yet balanced gradients, and a subdued gray for text (#6E7076).

We’ve scoured the web for great examples of color schemes and even separated the sites by category, so it will be easy for you to find inspiration from relevant websites. Below we’ll cover excellent e-commerce examples of color schemes that match their brand and industry.

Skin Care Product: Bright & Playful Bliss choice of colors is on point when it comes to its brand. The colors are bright and playful, perfectly accompanying the company’s message of body positivity and inner happiness.

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This approach can be an excellent alternative for e-commerce sites that want to let the product speak for itself, rather than creating a punchy design to tell the story. The site uses a simple color scheme of dark blue, light brown, and gray to convey a sense of professionalism and reliability, with notes of sophistication.

It uses a mix of softer colors like turquoise, light blue, and beige, to instill a sense of natural ingredients. There’s also an appeal to emotion and impulse decisions with red and orange, excellent use of accent color.

Watch: Sophistication and Luxury Prime Ambassador is a Swedish brand of timepieces, with a classy e-commerce site designed to highlight the products. The color combinations of an almost golden light brown hue on a dark gray background and wooden accents in the picture bring a sense of sophistication and luxury to the visitor.

The colors are perfect for promoting a high-end product like a bespoke watch but would feel out of place if you were selling regular consumer goods. The website is creative and playful, with vibrant color combinations that make it feel accessible to the visitor and potential customers.

The black background and the yellow personification of ripe mango accentuate the simplicity of the design, leading to an elegant final product. Custom Fit Denim: It’s Alive Spun uses bright red and orange to bring the website to life.

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Grayscale with a Splash Ali Right is a creative art director, and it shows in the concept of the website. By using grayscale with only a dash of color, your attention gets drawn to the right keywords and critical areas of the design, the word “original,” and the charming smile.

One with Nature fly 50 is an online magazine released by KLM to celebrate its 50th anniversary. It shows how much value you can get from a single color in a design when you use it in conjunction with white space and the right concepts.

Light and dark Love for Iceland is a great example of how the colors in a highlighted picture can set the mood. With the bright blue of clear ice, lit by sunlight, in the top left, to the cave-like darkness at the bottom, it sets an ominous and adventurous mood for the visitor.

Below we’ve highlighted different landing pages with unique or effective color schemes. Sharp contrasts Only uses sharply contrasting colors to highlight the actual functionality of the live map app (BTW, this how you embed Google Maps on WordPress sites).

For a landing page, you don’t have to overcomplicate the design, and that also applies to colors. The combination of colors and shapes makes the visitor feel like it is 2020, and that they can trust the company to be cutting-edge.

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The color palette strikes an exciting balance that conveys a modern feel. Conservative colors, playful design Plink’s landing page is based on a relatively conservative shade of dark blue but balances it out with a playful and fun animation and design in general.

Instead of highlighting CTAs or key content with an attention-grabbing color like red or orange, the green functions as a promise of rejuvenation instead. The color clash works with the shapes to highlight the modern/futuristic approach they used to tackle the challenge.

If you don’t want to manually pick out adjacent colors, gradients, or shades for your scheme or palette, you can use online tools to help. There are a number of free color schemes or palette generators available online.

The only issue is that you can’t set a primary color to extrapolate a palette from, you have to randomly generate it every time. Colors.co is a web and mobile app that helps you generate palettes from scratch.

There are three different main types of color blindness : deuteranopia, protanopia, and protanopia. With such many the population affected by it, it’s worth considering when designing and/choosing a WordPress theme.

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Blue-yellow color blindness is much rarer and affects men and women equally. Because they can’t separate red, green, and purple, but rather see them as different hues of yellow and blue, you want to avoid using contrasting colors that will end up looking too similar.

For example, Kinsley’s purple is still a dark blue to red-green colorblind consumers, conveying a message of reliability and trustworthiness. Click to Tweet The human eye might be capable of separating millions of different shades of color, but you don’t have to comb through all your options to find a color scheme that works for your site.

By focusing on your brand and your ideal customers, you can narrow down your choices of primary colors. If you enjoyed this article, then you’ll love Kinsley’s WordPress hosting platform.

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