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= Base Class = Orderly/Purity = Super Class = Chaotic/corruption = Ultra Class = No Alignment = Uber Class WARNING: XP does not count if you attack a decomposed Screwy or a house member. Uber Classes are the next step of progression after Ultra Classes, and can be obtained in Khan.

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The basic skills of every class excluding Bard can be utilized. There are currently 4 subs- classes in Gaia, and 2 in Khan.

Samurai is a melee class with a lot of utility for a super. It has multiple ways to avoid damage, and has potent combos.

While it can be obtained with any alignment, the ultra, Robin, requires orderly. Talk to Turn at Sentinel Obtain the first skill, then get more EXP with the Katina.

Because of a nerf that took place at 12/27/2020, you can no longer turn into a bey blade if something like lethality hits you since Astoria added a denounce to the skill which makes it so that if it gets triggered, there will be a set amount of time before you can reflect damage / do the AOE attack again. Flowing Counter is basically Tempest Soul on steroids, and a projectile is always a good thing to have.

You could miss every hit and go into every blind spot and your enemy will only be able to land one damn swing before you just walk away. Even Billy can use this class: Due to the lack of stun, you are hardly punished if not at all for being trash.

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This damn class better have been nerfed: It has basically ranged between Sword and Spear and the windup to attacks is less than half a second, WTF. Not only are the individual attacks fast as light but the speed in which you can make another swing is similar to dagger.

If Katina were something you could buy as a Fresh then Dagger, Spear, and Sword would be nearly FUDGING USELESS. This literally does not belong in Rogue : Not only does it handle like a Dagger, Sword, and Spear combined, but it has some scary damage with a WIDE HATBOX.

You will get hit by these attacks unless you aren't spaced 12 feet from your opponent, let's see... You have Blade Flash, a move that compliments the brain dead play style this class is revolved around. Not only will you be untouchable but if you want to be touched (no homo) or you know your about to be touched, just click Flowing Counter and LET THE MOVE DO THE REST FOR YOU and then follow up with a painful and quick combo.

This move has a very wide hitbox, and you will hit what you are facing 80% of the time if it's somewhat close to you. This does not give the Samurai a real disadvantage and just means you'll be knocked down more often.

You will repeat this question after every fight with a Samurai: “Was that mono hacking!?” In a game of swinging blindly, a Samurai wins 100% of the time.

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Very Expensive: Considering you need Lords Training and Warrior before this, this class costs 680 silver to get, 780 including the Katina. (but this is hardly a weakness considering the payoff) Very Grind : Requires 12 Zombie Sc rooms to unlock, then an additional 8 to max.

Straightforward Game plan: Powerful combos don't solve every problem. Smart players might deduce your simple rush down and counter it with multiple options: better armor, using spells to keep you away, breaking your legs, etc.

You can go to Khan as a non-Hybrid Samurai but if You die, You cannot get Your Katina back from a Blacksmith. You can not do M1s or M2s while in the Blade Flash animation, I'm saying this here since it seems a lot of people think you can, which leads to people who think samurai's M1 combo can be extended by it, it can not, you can however use Blade Flash while dashing with Dash Mastery passive.

You can cannel Flowing Counter by using Triple Slash or Blade Flash, this does do the attacks of the ability. If you are going for Robin, you should consider getting the Knight Lord's Outfit for the time being if you feel unsafe without a health boost.

If you can afford to be squishy, it is recommended to go for Assassin armor for +5 speed. Obtained: Found in any trinket spawn.

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Effects: Teleports the user to The Rift, where Ya'Alma resides. Have at least one Ultra skill (which counts as you being an Ultra) or at least two Super skills from separate Supers (which counts as you being a Hybrid).

The player you're carrying will be “Ya'Alma tagged” for two minutes, and if they decide to combat log in that time to escape getting sent to Khan, they will be sent to Khan the next time they log in. It emits a subtle purple glow that provides for, if absolutely necessary, a light source.

This means that it may be easier to adapt to a situation that involves fighting against varying weapons. Pommel Strike is a great move to hit an enemy with after they get up from being rag dolled, as it is very fast and hard to block.

Mercenary Carry: A very useful skill to have when working in groups or needing to transport an entity. Master of None : Outclassed by specialists; Thieves and Fist users have faster attacks, while Pit Fighters and Scholars outrage you.

Pressing N with a sword over a knocked player will give them the Cut injury, making them take more damage from all attacks. Gains have to still pay for plate training bruh moment You can move stack an M1 hit and Pommel Strike to ensure Pommel Strike hits.

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The first 2 skills you can buy with warrior only require 2 shrinkers worth of sword XP, while the next 2 require 3 shrinkers worth of sword XP. Andehl mains this, so you know its good It takes 302.2 (303) hits with any sword to get the base class.

((340(zscroomhealth) x 8) / 9(copper sword damage)) For your own sanity, if you are going to Khan, please get this base class. When Pommel Strike goes through MANA shield, the recipient of the damage will not be knocked.

Castellano are a humanoid race, they have pale skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. Late game : 2 snaps spells is a godsend, saving HP and money.

Faster MANA charge and scholar's boon : They charge MANA faster, making it easier to run away and with the improved scholar's boon, you can very easily cast spells, fast. Going any non mage class without homeless is essential faceless level if you omit the x1.25 MANA charge speed.

Going Abyss Walker with this class is the worst possible option as none of your racial abilities have any effect except for faster MANA, which is pretty useless, so if you have this race, you basically cannot get Abyss Walker. Dragon Sage, as your extra MANA charge compensates for being a MANA hungry class, as well as 2 snaps being useful since Dragon Sage is somewhat reliant on homeless.

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If you are Castellano, it's best to go any of the Mage Classes or aim for Homeless since their passives are more oriented to spell casting. Going to Khan and evolving into Syrian seems to be the only way to receive any kind of racial progression, as there has yet to be added.

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